When A Mermaid Loves A Man

a horrible tornado whips through the ocean one day and throws a mermaid onto land where she see's the man who she falls so easily in love with. She will follow him wherever he goes even if he doesn't love her back. But if a man loves the mermaid back he will hear her thoughts.
but a problem is looming. Their gruesome fate has been placed with them repeating history of their past lives. will they find out in time? and will they be able to change the course of events?


3. 3.

Jae's POV: (this is the man. name pronounced Jay)

I hear a loud clang from inside my house and I dart back indoors from where I stood on the balcony. I slowly make my way forward looking for any sign of life that may be inside my house. I do live alone with no pets of anyone. I step on a wrapper. A lolly wrapper? what kind of thief is this? The more I look around me i find a trail of wrappers, so I follow them knitting my eyebrows together in confusion of what this was. I always keep my house clean. 

The wrappers lead to my room. After taking a deep breath I push the door open to find nothing but a bunch of mess.. My clothes all on the floor, my bed was messed up. And again with the wrappers littering the floor. But wait. Something is off. I can feel a presence. I scan the room and it comes to a stop on my wardrobe. there was a jumper which was hanging right. I shake my head and walk over to it pulling it aside to reveal the intruder. 

It was a girl? and what was on her face? chocolate cake or something. Disgusting.

I grab her hand and try to pull her from my wardrobe but she pulls me back and hides again in the wardrobe.

"Ah What are you doing? get out of my house. you are the worst intruder ever. what was even your point in coming into my house?"

I watch her as she looks down and stuffs more chocolate cake into her mouth.

"come on. let's go"

I try grabbing her hand again but she rushes out of he wardrobe by herself the hanger still hanging of the back of my jumper which she was wearing. I cover my mouth and avert my eyes as I try not to burst out laughing and maintain a serious face. 

Eventually I had to call the police to come and arrest her. they'll be here in 10 minutes. During that time I sat down with her asking her questions which she didn't reply to. Suddenly I notice something glinting on her wrist. It's a bracelet. A jade one if i'm correct. I lean closer trying to read the imprints on it. 

"Property of Kim Dam .. Ryeong"  I whisper to myself. Kim Dam Ryeong was an ancient king. But how does she have it. Is this even real. It must be. 

Suddenly the police are knocking on my door before i can take a closer look and I get up to let them in. Immediately they Handcuff the girl. She didn't try to run or anything, why? she never took anything. Does she really need to go to jail..

"Wait" I call to the police but they ignore me as they shove her into the back of their car and drive off. I scratch the back of my head as I watch her smiling face slowly turn sad in the window of the car as she''s leaving me.

ah what should i do? I can't just leave her. She looked like she had nowhere to go. 

Eventually I jump into my own car and take off to the Police station to collect her. I'll just wait a while to see if anyone comes for her.

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