When A Mermaid Loves A Man

a horrible tornado whips through the ocean one day and throws a mermaid onto land where she see's the man who she falls so easily in love with. She will follow him wherever he goes even if he doesn't love her back. But if a man loves the mermaid back he will hear her thoughts. but a problem is looming. Their gruesome fate has been placed with them repeating history of their past lives. will they find out in time? and will they be able to change the course of events?


1. 1.

Mermaid POV: (Italics is her thoughts)

What is that?

I slow my swimming pace and look at the glinting of light coming from down inside an underwater cave. Slowly making my way down towards the light surrounded by darkness I am not afraid. I smile as i find the source of light coming from a jade bracelet with some weird marks on it. I flip it around in the sun admiring it's glow, placing it on my head. looking through it. 

where does this go?

Eventually it slips onto my wrist. a loose fit but will not fall off. I smile at it another addition to my collection of found goods. 

The water picks up its current pace and I have to steady myself on a rock. Glancing around. 

I've never seen the waters like this before

Swimming upward towards the surface, poking my head above the rippling water threatening to burst into crashing waves within the click of a finger IYou couldn't tell where the grey skies ended and the grey seas began. Grey clouds swirled in a tumult of stormy air above, blue-grey waves swirled below, crashing into the shore.The other mermaids are nowhere in sight.

where am i supposed to go now?

In the corner of my eye i catch a glimpse of a cave in the side of a cliff face. about 500 meters away. can i make it?

The water swirls unforgiving, as it sweeps me away from the cave but I muster all my strength and push against the waves diving down trying to go under them but it's no use. I am still being pushed back away from it. I try harder, my thoughts frantically thinking about the worst possibilities.

I can see my vision blur with bubbles from the impending storm that has come out of nowhere. and i feel my arms and tail sting with hurt from the water lashing against them. Ever so slowly I feel myself drowse off and flowing with the current. It felt good. It felt right. And darkness engulfed me.


hey everyone. that was my first chapter! sorry it was quite short. if you like it please remind me to update and share with your friends :)

Also don't worry because it gets better.. i'm just bad at writing this storm part XD

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