How I deal with Things

Bianca has just moved to a knew school. She has no friends and deals with her abusive stepdad. She catches the eye of the school football captain. How does she escape all the crap with her stepdad?


2. Let's start from the beginning

So here I am in a car with my boyfriend being chased by my stepdad. How did this happen? Let's start from the beginning. 

Hi I'm Bianca and I just moved schools. I guess it could be alright in a way but I get to be the new girl. I live with my mum and stepdad. Mum works a lot, she's either at the office, at home in her office or away on business trips. My stepdad abuses me but mum doesn't know that because she's always working. Anyway so yeah, new school same old parents. But hey what could go wrong? Well besides the fact that I'm being abused.


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