Celebrity love island

6 sexy girls start off at the Vila and later on they get coupled up with a hottie, who will decide? If you want to find out start reading ��


1. interviews 1

Hello, my name is Ariana grande I'm 21 years old and I'm from America.

I signed up for love island because I want to find some fun and to find someone that I could hopefully settle down with.

My favourite thing about me would have to be my arse and tits, aha. Every weekend I like to go out and get smashed.

I've had recent boyfriends but they were all boring so got rid of them, c'mon what's the point of having a boyfriend if you don't really like them?

I'm a singer and I've done many covers with different music artists and I hope to carry on my passion towards music.

Many people tell me I'm very open minded and that I have problems with my anger but I just tell them to fuck right off.

I would have to say I am very loud and I do speak my mind. I can just tell there's going to be beef in the house when I get there.

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