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5. Catlike Features|Claire Densmore & lilacey

Cover (Individual Rating: 9.5/10)

I like the black and white effect on the girl, where the only splash of colour is her green eyes, it’s very catlike which I’m guessing by the title is the vibe you’re trying to bring across! I wouldn’t change a whole lot (in fact it looks like a cover I’d probably make too!) except, try adding more “catlike” features, like maybe subtle fangs or something.


Blurb (Individual rating: 6.5/10)

I liked how you tried to create a bit of mystery in the blurb, but it didn’t really wow me. You were off to a good start describing Ashley’s life, however I don’t feel like you gave much context with ‘then this happened’. My first question was, “what happened?”. While this did draw me in to read more and find out, you may benefit from saying something along the lines of what happened to change Ashley’s life. For example, you mentioned an accident at the beginning of the chapter, so I’d give a brief mention of the accident in the blurb. The blurb is meant to give a brief description of the story without giving too much out so I recommend putting a little more!


Story (Individual Rating: 9/10)

I’ll be very honest, I really enjoyed reading this. I found myself relating to Ashley, especially when she points out her distaste for the outdoors (“mould, dead animals and rotting wood, lovely”) – I HATE camping so this quote made me chuckle a bit because it sounds like something I’d definitely say. When I can relate to a character I can really get into the story, which is great! I don’t get that very often. Other than a few grammar and spelling errors I wouldn’t really change anything.

In your request you mentioned certain things that I will cover! First of all, I definitely would be interested in reading more of the story. I got a bit of a ‘Cabin in the Woods’ (please tell me you’ve watched tat movie) vibe from the one chapter I read which makes me super interested in what’s next!! From the very first line I found myself super engaged and drawn in. I really liked how descriptive you were, from talking about Ashley’s earphones to the very end. Overall, I can’t wait to see how far you take this story!


Overall rating: 8.3/10

Overall, I really liked this!! I hope you continue on because you’re an awesome writer!! Good luck with your story, I really hope this review was helpful!


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