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6. 1|Lily Anna

Cover (Individual Rating: 10/10)

Oh my goodness, I LOVE it! It gives off a mysterious vibe (which I’m assuming is what you were getting at) that almost gives off chills. I like how you made it like the people were walking into an unknown space, like a cave or something. I wouldn’t change a thing!


Blurb (Individual Rating: 8.5/10)

I think what you were trying to do here was make it like Kira’s thoughts at the beginning of the story. 1 is all she remembers herself as. What I’d do is add a little more. Play up Kira’s confusion and how she doesn’t know what happened to her or who she is, maybe.. Other than that, I found it interesting, almost creepy in the way that it goes with the mystery of your cover.


Story (Individual Rating: 9.5/10)

This was so creepy to read! I read in the comments that you’ve published this before and all I can say is that I hope you keep going this time! First of all, I found myself saying from the very beginning that something wasn’t right with Kira’s problem. I love how you played up the creep factor of Dr. Stevens, I have all kinds of theories about his involvement in Kira and Asha’s problem. When readers are able to make theories and feel uneasy about certain characters then it makes them want to read on, and honestly I’m interested to see what happens next! Finally, I love the repetition and how you played up the fact that what’s happening to Kira isn’t “normal”.

There were a few grammar issues (i.e., occasionally using ‘to’ when ‘too’ would have been more appropriate), however they didn’t affect the story too much. This was super interesting to read (and I’m not usually someone who takes an interest in sci-fi) to be truly honest.


Overall rating: 9.3/10

I hope this review was helpful (sorry it took so long!!), good luck writing your story! :)

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