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Do you want your story reviewed? Fill in the form on the first page and I'll read your story and give you a review!


1. Form & Instructions!

Hey everyone, here's the form I'd like you to fill out for a review! 


Title of Story:


Author name(s):

Number of chapters:

How long would you like the review to be? (long, medium, short):

                    *Short reviews include just a review on the story.

                    *Medium length reviews include a review on the story and blurb.

                    *Long reviews include a review on the story, blurb and cover.

                    **Medium & long reviews will get individual 1-10 ratings and ALL reviews will get an overall 1-10 rating (these will be an average of the 2 sections in a medium review, and an average of the 3 sections in the long review)**

Since this will take time to do, I won't be doing it for free, all you have to do is like the review store :) Reviews will not be posted until this has been done!


*You might also want to favourite the store so you know when your review has been posted! I will         comment on your request when it has been uploaded though :)* 


A waiting list will be posted on the next chapter, I will reply to your request to acknowledge that I've seen your request, however if your name doesn't appear on the waiting list then please do let me know! 


Thank you & I look forward to reading your stories! :) 

- Catherine


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