Anna Wealsey

What if Ginny Weasley had a twin meet Anna Kendrick Weasley age 11. Anna Kendrick Weasley is like no other witch ( other than than the fact she's a Metamorphmagus ) still has no idea why she is made fun of. Follow Anna through her many adventures in just her 1st year at hogwarts.


4. Tug of war

Anna ran and ran as Ron chased after her. Anna ran into the fire place she came from and screamed " THE BURROW !"Ron ran back to Mrs.Weasley to tell her what happened " Okay " she said " You, Fred, Geroge, and Ginny go and look for her, oh and best bring Harry with you, as for me I will finish getting school supplies" she added .

Fred, George, Ron, Ginny and Harry went to the burrow to look for Anna. They searched for her until Ginny remembered her spot she liked to go when she gets sad. " Everyone to the Willow tree " Ginny said 

When they got there they found  Anna sitting on the highest branch red eyes and blue hair " Anna Kendrick Weasley get down here right now" ordered Fred " no thank you"she said as her hair turned a dark red "Then we will have to do this the hard way"added Ginny as she climbed up the tree and grabbed Annas foot and tuged Anna wouldn't budge." " Ginny told the boys in between breaths. Soon the boys and Ginny were pulling with all there might as Anna pulled away" when did you get so strong"George said as he pulled. Finally the boys and Ginny got her down as landed with a thud , " finally "Harry said out of breath Anna s hair was a blood red as she ran off to her room and lock the door behind her.

After a while Mrs.Weasley knock on her daughter s door and ask her to unlock it" No "Okay then, alohormora"


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