Anna Wealsey

What if Ginny Weasley had a twin meet Anna Kendrick Weasley age 11. Anna Kendrick Weasley is like no other witch ( other than than the fact she's a Metamorphmagus ) still has no idea why she is made fun of. Follow Anna through her many adventures in just her 1st year at hogwarts.


2. Out of trouble?

I am so sorry I did my mean to publish the last chapter,so let use from where we were.

Her hair turned a bright pink sacred whispered "not now Anna " then I turned around to look strata in her mums eyes "HOW DARE YOU , YOU STEAL YOUR FARTHERS  CAR AND DRIVE TO SURRY AND BACK AND DIDN'T THINK TO TELL ME!!!!!!" Mum I'm sorry but they had bars on his window ! " " YOU HOPE I DON'T OUT BARS ON YOUR WINDOWS!  NOW THEN I WILL HAVE ALL 4 DEKNOM THE GARDEN Harry dear why don't make your self at home" she said (more like scremed) " mum you said 4 of us I did not do anything" Anna said with a smile " DON'T YOU oh well then you and Harry go eat breakfast " then she left I guess Anna got out of trouble.


Hey how are you liking it so far (still sorry.) I need some new and for Annas hogwarts friends


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