Anna Wealsey

What if Ginny Weasley had a twin meet Anna Kendrick Weasley age 11. Anna Kendrick Weasley is like no other witch ( other than than the fact she's a Metamorphmagus ) still has no idea why she is made fun of. Follow Anna through her many adventures in just her 1st year at hogwarts.


1. Out of trouble

As Anna sat their eating and waiting. What was she waiting for, well she had overheard her brothers making a plan to take their dad's car on a trip to save Harry potter and just then she heard the car land. Anna ran outside to greet her brothers. " Anna Kendrick Weasley what are you doing "all three of them said at the same time "well"I said in a matter of fact tone " I maybe overheard your conversation"not again, well anyway Harry meet Anna Kendrick she is a twin with another one of our sisters. " hi I'm Harry "he said with his hand stuck out but then before I took it my hair turnd

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