Anna Wealsey

What if Ginny Weasley had a twin meet Anna Kendrick Weasley age 11. Anna Kendrick Weasley is like no other witch ( other than than the fact she's a Metamorphmagus ) still has no idea why she is made fun of. Follow Anna through her many adventures in just her 1st year at hogwarts.


3. Diagon Ally

The boys finished and they were about to leave to go to diagon ally they got there by using floo powder ,Harry got lost and we found him in a bookshop. There was a man who grabbed Harry and pulled him up. Smile he whispered to Harry . The man's name was Lockhart and would be our new dada profesor . As we were leaving we ran into a kid named draco malfoy "Potter can't even go to a book shop without making the frount  page "he said Ginny stood up for him as my hair turned bubble gum pink. Oh look potters got him self a girlfriend,get a look at her twin her hairs pink, purple, yellow,green"he listed colors on and on Ron said"Anna stop it now "" sorry " I squeaked  "cant she control it" "no "Anna mumerd  "what did you say " draco  asked my whole body turned red I ran and ran as Ron ran after me 

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