Callidora Black: A Witch's Tale

The night that Lily and James Potter died it was understandable for Remus Lupin to be in a state of shock and grief. What he didn't expect was a bundle on his doorstep with a note from the man who allegedly betrayed him and their friends. As the child grows, strange things other than usual wizard magic beings to happen and leaves Remus to wonder just what the child's heritage was. Will he ever find out? Will Sirius be able to tell him? Will Sirius ever get to be a father to his daughter? Read to find out


9. Harry Lies

Remus entered Gringotts and looked around for an open teller. He saw one and instantly made his way over to the window. The goblin stared at him with his normal sneer and Remus paid it no mind as he stated politely "I have come in hopes of speaking to the Black account manager." 

The goblin glared down at him and replied: "Key please." 

Remus handed over the key and Sirius' letter stating complete control of the vaults went to Remus until the Ministry had him released. He saw the goblin reading over the letter and then searching the key intently; flipping it this way and that. He handed the items back and looked at Remus with a curious glance.

He said, "Wait here a moment and I will see if Gorgit is available at the moment." 

Remus nodded politely and stood patiently waiting for the goblin teller to return. It didn't seem like long before the goblin returned with the usual scowl in place on his face. Remus looked at him politely and sincerely as he asked, "Is Mr. Gorgit available, or would it be better to come back at his earliest convenience?"

The goblin stared at him a moment before he answered "He can see you. I trust you know your way?" 

Remus nodded and thanked the goblin before quickly heading to the office of the account manager to the Ancient and Most Noble House of Black. He traveled through the hallways quickly before arriving at the door of the account manager he was looking for. He knocked softly and waited until a firm 'Enter' was spoken before he entered the office that was full of bookshelves over filled with thick account books. He shut the door behind him and prayed to any higher power that was listening that this would go his way. 
Callidora was itching to play with her two friends instead of sitting in class working on their reading skills. It seemed that Harry and Hermione were in the same bored state that she was in since all 3 of them were big readers...each for their own reason. 

It seemed like forever before the teacher dismissed them for recess much to Callidora's excitement. She raced over to her friends who were lucky enough to sit next to each other...though they didn't sit near her, unfortunately.

She bounded over to them and asked: "What do you guys want to do today?" 

Harry looked at them shyly and said: "I think Hermione should pick today." 

Callidora grinned broadly and answered, "I think you are positively brilliant Harry." 

Harry blushed and Callidora smiled fondly at that while Hermione thought hard on what all 3 of them should do that they would enjoy. She seemed to come to a decision before looking at her two friends nervously. Callidora and Harry stared at her patiently as she seemed torn between staying quiet and telling them her idea.

She shyly said, "I thought maybe we could play Scrabble...I know it's highly intellectual and more of an adult game..but..."

Harry cut her off with a small smile "I would like that."

Callidora grinned at them and answered "As long as I'm playing with you two, I am fine with anything. Plus we all read; so it won't be like we will be completely lost for words...and my daddy and I play all the time. It's a fun game." 

Hermione grinned and ran to the teacher to ask for the game while Callidora and Harry went to a picnic table off the playground where they could set the game up. As Harry took a seat, the sleeve of his shirt slid up and Callidora noticed fresh finger shaped bruises on his arms. 

She blinked them and was about to ask when her teacher's voice cut through the silence "Harry, dear where did you get those nasty bruises?" 

Harry rushed to slide down his long sleeves as he said: "I was falling out of a tree and my cousin caught me to keep me from falling and I bruise easily so his fingers left bruises." 

The teacher stared at him a moment before she set up the board game for them and left the trio alone. Callidora and Hermione shared a look before Callidora spoke what they were thinking "Harry, where did those bruises really come from?" 

Harry seemed to fold into himself before answering "I already answered that question...I told the teacher that I fell out of a tree and Dudley caught me because he didn't want my Aunt and Uncle to get mad that he let me fall." 

Callidora knew he was lying and after what she and her father talked about and what she witnessed of his uncle, she had a sneaking suspicion of where those bruises came from. Yet she didn't push it because she wanted Harry to trust her enough to let her and her daddy help him. So they played Scrabble and chatted about things that normal kids do but Callidora kept her attention on Harry knowing that she had to help him, or the alternative was too scary to think about. 
Remus sat across from the Black account manager and said, "I was hoping that I can get an inventory and search done of the Black vaults. I want to see if there is something in there that I can show Callidora her heritage with or even tell her more about her father. I also want it searched just in case there is something in there that shouldn't be, I don't want any harm to come to her when she inherits the vaults or if she comes to visit them for her Hogwarts years." 

Gorgit answered "It will be done. Would you like to wait for the results?" 

Remus looked at the time and said "I would. I have a couple of hours before I need to pick up my adopted daughter." 

The goblin asked, "Is there anything else Gringotts can help you with while you wait?" 

Remus bit his lip before answering "Actually there is my understand that you are also the Potter Account manager correct?" 

Gorgit nodded curiously before the werewolf continued "I don't know if it is possible but as a close friend of the Potters and honorary godfather of Harry James Potter, I was hoping that the Potter wills could be unsealed and read. I would like to know who has custody over Harry as he is with his muggle Aunt and Uncle and Lily would never allow that...I also have my suspicions that Harry's home life is less than pleasant." 

The goblin snarled at that implication as children were precious in the goblin nation as the weren't common. The goblin answered "I will see what I can manage. I wish to get the assistance of bank manager Ragnok if that is alright with you?" 

Remus nodded and the account manager called for his assistant and sent for Ragnok. Gorgit said, "The will unsealment might take longer than your time allotment." 

Remus answered "That is fine. I can come back." 

Gorgit frowned in thought before saying "We will give you a portkey that will warm when it's activating and will only activate when we have unsealed the wills and will have a reading." 

Remus nodded in acceptance as a goblin came in with a stack of papers and a message from the bank manager. Gorgit talked to the goblin in gobblygook before the goblin bowed and left them alone with the stack of papers. 

Remus didn't say anything as the goblin turned his attention back to him. He was polite with the goblins as he knew that not many wizards were so it was a good way to stay on their good side. 

Gorgit handed the stack of papers to Remus and said: "This is the inventory and search results of the Black vault and Ragnok has agreed to help with the Potters' wills." 

Remus nodded and answered "Thank you. I will take my leave and let you get down to business." 

Gorgit nodded as the wizard stood, bowed respectfully and left...leaving behind a stunned goblin. 
Callidora waited impatiently for the end of school to arrive so she could tell her daddy what she found on Harry's arms. It seemed like the day dragged on before the final bell rang, signaling the end of the school day. Callidora went over to Harry and Hermione to wait for her father. She turned to Harry and told him her idea from that morning.

He looked nervously at the floor and said, "I don't think my Aunt and Uncle would like that." 

Callidora answered "We figured that much. That is why we wouldn't tell them and they wouldn't have to know. We would pick you up far enough away from them that they wouldn't suspect a thing." 

Harry bit his lip and Callidora could see the fear and uncertainty in his striking green eyes and she wondered if had to do to whatever caused the bruises on his arms.

She said "You can think on it and let me know when you have decided. Until then, we will just do what we normally do."

Harry nodded before looking behind them with a slight smile on his face. Callidora turned and saw her father approaching her and her two friends. She grinned happily and ran to him as fast as her little legs would carry her. He caught her in his arms and lifted her on to his hip to hug her close to his chest. She hugged him tightly and inhaled the familiar scent of her adoptive father. She leaned in and whispered her suspicions in his ear and noticed the tenseness that flooded through his body as he leaned back to look into her silver eyes. He nodded and set her down to shake hands with the other two like he normally did. He stared intently at Harry and cast wandless and non-verbal magic over the boy and used his werewolf senses to see what the damage was. 

Remus held back a growl when he got the results of his scan. He knew that the little was treated poorly at home, but he didn't know that it was this bad. He knew that he would have to make a call when he got back to his flat, but until then, he knew what he had to do. 

He kneeled in front of the little boy and said, "Harry, I am going to take you over a friend of mine's with Hermione and Callidora. I want to talk to your Aunt and Uncle about something and I don't think you should be present for such a boring conversation." 

He saw the panic seeping into the killing curse green eyes and put a calming hand on the boy's shoulder and didn't mention the flinch that ran through the little body underneath the palm of his hand. He said "Don't worry Harry. They won't punish you, I will make sure to tell them that it was all my idea." 

Harry reluctantly agreed and Remus signed the 3 children out with the teacher before leaving the school. He drove to a familiar residence that was not that far from his own flat...part of the appeal when he bought it. He pulled into the drive and Callidora said excitedly "We get to visit Aunt Andy?"

Remus grinned at his daughter and answered "Yes. I don't think she would mind...and I am sure she would love to meet your friends." 

They got out of the car and Remus didn't comment when Harry instinctively grabbed his hand with shyness at meeting a new adult. Callidora took his other hand and then took one of Hermione's hands so she wouldn't feel let out. Remus didn't even have to knock before the door was opened in a friendly and gentle manner. A tall aristocratically beautiful women with soft light brown hair and wide, kind brown eyes opened the door. She grinned and pulled Remus into a tight hug. 

Remus smiled at her mothering, it made him miss his own mom, but he was glad to have met Andromeda Tonks. She looked at the children next to him and then into his amber colored eyes. He glanced at Harry and then the peaking of a bruise on his arm and then looked back at her to make sure she understood. Like the intelligent witch she is, she did as she nodded and stepped back saying warmly "Come in. I would love to have some company." 

Remus entered the house and knew that he was going to need to contact his only trust worthy contact in the DLME....Amelia Bones. 

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