Callidora Black: A Witch's Tale

The night that Lily and James Potter died it was understandable for Remus Lupin to be in a state of shock and grief. What he didn't expect was a bundle on his doorstep with a note from the man who allegedly betrayed him and their friends. As the child grows, strange things other than usual wizard magic beings to happen and leaves Remus to wonder just what the child's heritage was. Will he ever find out? Will Sirius be able to tell him? Will Sirius ever get to be a father to his daughter? Read to find out


6. First Day

Remus swallowed the lump in his throat and responded "It's nice to meet you, Harry. And please try to refrain from calling me will make me feel old." 

He gave the small child a wink causing him to smile slightly as Callidora giggled at her daddy's antics. Remus smiled at his adopted daughter's giggles and watched as Hermione and Harry did the same. His werewolf sense of smell picked up the magic that surrounded his daughter's bushy haired friend and he knew that this was going to be a close knit group of friends when they got to Hogwarts. 

Remus looked at Callidora and then her friends "I think we can stay until their parents arrive, we have time sweetheart." 

Callidora grinned broadly and sat down and continued building with the blocks while Remus sat down with the group and listened as his daughter and Hermione babbled about their tower and all the features it would have if it was a real life tower. 

Remus noticed that Harry was quietly observing and he whispered quietly "Sometimes I think my daughter has a really overactive imagination that gets ahead of itself...she hasn't even said where she would put the door to get in and out of the tower with." 

Harry giggled quietly and Remus nudged him slightly with his shoulder with a small grin. He internally smiled as he saw the trust in Harry's killing curse green eyes and he would never have guessed how much that would come in handy later. 

A few moments later a couple walked over to their small group and Remus immediately got to his feet and stood in a slightly protective stance in front of the group behind him, not that anyone would notice.

He only relaxed his stance when he heard Hermione from behind him say "Mum, Dad!"

She rushed into her parents' waiting arms and Remus smiled at the family moment, even though his heart ached slightly at his own missing and broken he wished Sirius was there to complete the picture. Her parents introduced themselves as Daniel (Dan) and Maria Granger and were happy that their little girl was making a new friend, they were rather worried that her bookish tendencies would leave her friendless and an outcast. Remus smiled and reassured that as a bookworm himself that his daughter was bound to befriend her sometime that year because she was starting to become quite the little reader herself. 

They left with pleasant goodbyes and even worked out a carpool schedule for Callidora and Hermione...with thoughts on how to include Harry's guardians in the loop. Not that they would want to, but Harry wasn't going to reveal that knowledge. 

After the Grangers left Remus turned his attention to the black haired boy sitting across from his daughter. He looked around the half full classroom and wondered where Harry's Aunt and Uncle where. 

He asked "Harry, where are you guardians? Aren't they coming to get you?" 

Harry looked at the floor and answered quietly "No sir...I mean Remus. I walk home from school. I just wanted to stay with my new friends before I left." 

Remus sensed the 'while I still have friends' that was left off the end of the sentence and wondered why his honorary godson would be thinking that way. He looked at the seemingly sad little boy and he wondered just what was going on with his Prongslet. 

He said, "Why don't Callidora and I walk you home." 

Harry instantly looked up at him and started to protest but Remus cut him off "I want to make sure you arrive home safely." 

Harry bit his lip but nodded reluctantly as he and Callidora stood from the floor. Remus explained the situation to the teacher so that she wouldn't get concerned about a stranger walking away with Harry and started the journey to where his honorary cub was staying. 

As they walked to Number 4 Privet Drive, Callidora babbled to her father all about her first day of school and how she had met Harry on the playground where some meanie named Dudley (her words) was picking on him. Then they met Hermione under an oak tree where she was reading a book instead of playing. Remus noticed that Harry was unnaturally quiet for a 5-year-old and he started to wonder that maybe there was something more going on with the little boy. He didn't protest when he felt Callidora grab his hand on the side she was walking while Harry walked next to them in a quiet contemplation. 

He asked, "Did you tell a teacher about Dudley?" 

Callidora nodded while Harry shook his head "It would be pointless Remus. He is my cousin, he would just pick on me at home even more so if he couldn't get the job done at school." 

Remus frowned and answered, "That's not right."

Harry didn't comment so Remus decided to go with happier topics and asked Harry about his first day of school. He pretended not notice the shocked glance that Harry gave him about an adult who seemed to care; before Harry shyly talked about his first day of school and his thoughts and perception of it. Remus felt a small amount of progress when Harry shyly slipped his hand into Remus' bigger one.

When he was about to yank it back as an after thought Remus gave it a gentle squeeze and said "It's fine Harry. I don't mind."

All to soon it seemed, they arrived in a preppy suburban neighborhood and Remus frowned at the rows and rows of snobby houses on every street and city block. It didn't take long for Harry to lead them to the pathway leading up to the door of Number 4. Before anyone could react the door was wrenched open in a severly angry fashion. 

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