Callidora Black: A Witch's Tale

The night that Lily and James Potter died it was understandable for Remus Lupin to be in a state of shock and grief. What he didn't expect was a bundle on his doorstep with a note from the man who allegedly betrayed him and their friends. As the child grows, strange things other than usual wizard magic beings to happen and leaves Remus to wonder just what the child's heritage was. Will he ever find out? Will Sirius be able to tell him? Will Sirius ever get to be a father to his daughter? Read to find out


10. An Encounter of the Century

Remus sat down for a moment to gather his thoughts while Andromeda and the 3 kids sat around him. He introduced the two new guests to Andromeda "Andromeda this is Callidora's friends from school, Hermione Granger, and Harry Potter." He stared into her eyes and nodded at the shock present when she heard the last name. 

He turned to the children "Hermione, Harry, this is my friend and Callidora's second cousin, Andromeda Tonks. But you can call her Andy, Dromeda, Mrs. Tonks, whatever you can pronounce that is easier for you."

Andromeda smiled warmly at all of them and said "It is so nice to meet you guys. You are welcome here anytime with Callidora."

Remus stood from the table and said "I will leave you guys with Andy, she will take care of you. She is nice, so don't worry, she won't let anything happen to any of you."

He kissed his daughter on the forehead before giving Andromeda a hug and whispering quietly in her ear "Sneak a way when you get a chance and send a Patronus to Amelia to meet me at 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey, and hurry."

Andromeda kissed his cheek and whispered, "Be safe." 

Remus nodded before he turned and left the house to a hidden and disclosed place near the woods surrounding the property to Apparate to the neighborhood of Vernon and Petunia Dursley. 

He arrived in seconds and looked around the wooded park. He sighed and wished that Sirius was there in his dog form to make it look a little more normal and discreet. Remus shook the longing feelings and thoughts away before heading to the pristine neighborhood of Privet Drive. 

He arrived at the snobbish house of Dursley and knocked on the door. The door was swung open harshly and Vernon snarled when he saw him. Remus grinned at the anger on his face and asked: "Can I come in, I want ttalk about Harry." 

Vernon glared but answered, "Better be quick." 

Remus stepped inside the pristine home and Vernon slammed the door behind him. Vernon turned to him and glared his beady eyes at the wizard standing calmly next to his staircase with a blank look on his face. 

Vernon asked, "What about the boy?" 

Remus glared at the large man and answered: "I think you must have forgotten our chat because I noticed something strange about Harry today." 

Vernon swallowed but hid his fear with a glare and sneering tone "And what was that?" 

Remus said "I saw the bruises Dursley. I saw the large hand prints that belong to you marking that skin of his. It stops ends now." 

Vernon sneered "Who is going to stop me? You?"

Before Remus could react a large first was connecting with his mouth causing his lip to split in protest of the force behind the punch. 

Remus felt rage hot and white flow through him and he snarled an animalistic and wolfish grin while the blood dripped from his lips. Vernon backed up as the rage darkened Remus' amber eyes to an almost black color causing the werewolf to grin even more sadistically.

He sneered harshly "Is this the fear that Harry gets every time you yell? Every time you raise a fist? Does he scream when you punch him, beat him, whip him?"

Vernon stuttered "The boy lies...we never touched him."

Remus snarled "I had a friend in his situation...his parents beat him, cursed him, whipped him, burned him...until he was unconscious from the pain. I know what I'm talking about Dursley, I know the signs in Harry. You can spout that lie to your neighbors or the teachers, but not me."

Vernon backed up against the wall and was trembling with fear when the door burst open with curses causing Petunia to come running from the kitchen. She stopped immediately when she saw the group of Aurors standing in the foyer with their wands drawn and her husband backed up against the wall with Remus glaring up at him. 

Amelia asked "Remus?" 

The werewolf turned to her and she gasped in surprise when she saw the blood dripping from his lip. He snarled "These people and I use the term loosely, have been abusing and starving Harry Potter who is a charge in their care." 

Amelia gaped at him and asked, "Are you sure?" 

He nodded and answered, "I saw the bruises and did a magical scan myself." 

Amelia sighed and said "I believe you, Remus. Let's get this investigation under way and get the poor child away from them." 

Remus nodded and answered, "Of course Amelia."

She gestured to the Aurors and they started to search the house while Moody limped over to Remus. He pulled out his wand and healed the split lip before gathering up Petunia and Vernon and taking them into custody every wizard in the house knowing that this was going to be a unique case. 

Amelia walked over and said "There is going to be a custody hearing for Harry tomorrow. Then there will be a trial pending the investigation results of the abuse at the hands of the Muggles." 

Remus nodded and answered "I will take care of him tonight and have him at the Ministry tomorrow for the hearing." 

Amelia said "That is fine Remus. Just know that there is definitely going to be a battle tomorrow."

Remus nodded and answered "I will fight like hell Amelia. My pronglset is not going to be placed with complete strangers after everything he has been through." 

Amelia nodded and answered "I know you will Remus. Go, take care of your family." 

Remus gave her a warm smile and a squeeze on her shoulder before Disapparating from the house and to where he started at Andromeda's house. He arrived at the entrance to the woods and walked back to the house and where his kids were. He entered the house and smiled when he saw Harry, Hermione, and Callidora sitting at the table with Andromeda drawing pictures and eating some home made cookies. 

They all grinned up at him and Andromeda rushed over to him and started mothering over him causing Remus to smile fondly at her. He said "I'm fine Andy. Just a split lip that Moody already healed, nothing major." 

She sighed in relief and shooed him to go change so he didn't scare the kids causing him to roll his eyes fondly at her antics. 

When he came back he sat down with the kids and Andromeda looked at him and nodded once with approval at his clothes that were clean of blood. It was then that Harry asked "Were Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon mad?" Remus grinned at the little boy and gave his small hand a comforting squeeze before he answered.

He replied "We didn't talk about you actually. But you don't have to go back there ever again Harry." 

Harry stared up at Remus with wide eyed wonder and asked "Never?" 

Remus shook his head and answered "Never." 

The werewolf was pleasantly surprised when the raven haired boy launched into his arms crying with relief and to let out all the emotions that he wasn't allowed to show at home. He whispered soothing words in the boy's ears as he rubbed comforting circles on his back. 

He noticed Callidora and Hermione grin at each other before going back to their drawings. Andromeda looked at Remus and asked "What will happen to Harry now?" 

Remus answered "He is going to have a custody hearing tomorrow." 

He looked pleadingly at the witch across from him and she nodded at his unspoken question. Callidora and Hermione turned to look at him as Harry asked him "Are you going to be there?" 

Remus answered "Of course Harry. I am going to be the one contending for custody of you." 

Harry brightened and asked "Really?" 

Remus nodded "Really. I know it may shock you, and I am sorry to be telling you at a time like this...but I was friends with your parents. Your mother was my best friend, and your father was a good friend too." 

Harry grinned in awe as Remus told him that and he said "Maybe later, I can tell you some stories about them." 

Harry nodded excitedly causing Remus' heart to warm at that, suspecting that Petunia never mentioned the poor boy's parents at all, if ever since they had him in their care. 

Callidora looked at her dad and asked "Daddy, can Hermione spend the night with us, so that we can support Harry tommorrow before we leave for school?" 

Remus looked at Hermione and nodded shyly to make sure he knew that she did actually want to and Remus nodded and said "That's fine with me." 

Andromeda answered "You are all more than welcome to stay here with me for the night. I can take the kids to school tomorrow and meet you at the hearing." 

Remus smiled and said "I think that would be fine. I think it would be nice for Harry and Hermione to be better acquainted with us." 

Andromeda nodded and grinned at the excited children in her midst, causing her to miss her own daughter who was off to school. Something that both worried her, and made her proud that her daughter was an excellent witch just like her. 

Remus was lost in his own thoughts about how to tell Harry about his magical parents, because he knew that Vernon and Petunia probably would never have told him or would have lied to him about it. He was broke out of his thoughts by Andromeda's move to make dinner and Remus offered to help since Ted was working late that night. 

The two chatted quietly about the hearing tomorrow, knowing that it was definitely going to be a battle for custody as the Ministry would want to bring in Remus' lycanthropy against him, but Andromeda was willing to fight too, and was worried that her family's past was going to be a barrier. 

The children on the other hand were enjoying there night as kids and not noticing the thick air surrounding the two adults about the upcoming custody battle tomorrow that was sure going to cause some feathers to be ruffled and some people in high positions to be very upset and was however going to be worth it to see Harry happy, safe, and most of all loved. 


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