The Little Mind Reader

Ash has a gift that makes him.. different from most others. Despite all the good it can do, it can also lead to hardships in a harsh, narrow-minded world. Watch as Ash starts his journey to find a place he will truly be accepted and grow stronger. Inspired by the anime 'Kotoura-san'. Smart/Psychic Ash.


1. Start of A New Life

New Story, yay!

In this one, as said before, Ash will have a very special gift, the gift of ESP, or telepathy.

It's a work in progress in my head so please be patient. This is based off an anime I saw a while back.

Anyways, let's get started


It was a special day in pallet town, one that many 10 year olds look forward to every year.

It was the day that a new group of trainers would be ushered into the world, ready to start their life-long journeys to find themselves and become great.

For some residents of Pallet Town, it was a special day for another reason, because it was the day that he was leaving. Finally, the small town would be rid of that freak, Ash Ketchum.

The boy in question stood with three other trainers outside of Professor Oak's lab, waiting for when the time came to receive their starters and official trainer IDs.

Ash was a quiet, somewhat short ten-year old with short, unruly black hair. He was wearing a blue and white jacket over his black shirt, along with a pair of blue jeans and a red and white League hat, all that he had left of his former family.

While most of the gathered crowd cheered and congratulated the future trainers, some were whispering negative comments amongst themselves about the boy that had been deemed a freak by the town.

Why was Ash treated this way? Because he was different. Because he had a ..'gift' that made him drastically different from everyone else. And in a small town, new and different ideas were rarely accepted, especially if they upset everyday life.

As Ash and the other trainers waiting, the depressed boy adjusted his cap to cover his eyes as he took a trip down memory lane. Needless to say, he would not miss this town...

\-\-\-\-\-\Flashback, 7 years ago and up/-/-/-/-/-/

Ash knew he was different almost from the get go, when he was in Pre-school and he noticed something odd. He could hear his classmates talking even though they weren't working their mouths. When he asked them how they did that, they all just looked at him weird and moved away from him. When he asked the teachers, they glared at him and told him to stop messing around.

Not, getting any answers at school, young Ash asked his parents.


"Yes sweetheart?"

"Sumting weerd happen at school today.." He said in a three-year-old's dialect.

'Oh Arceus, what did he do now?' Delia thought as she looked at him, "what honey?"

However, Ash, hearing that thought somehow, backed up and waved his arms around, "I- I di'n't do anyting a swear!"

Delia blinked in confusion at his actions, 'What in the world?' She kneeled down to him, "honey, I didn't say you did anything.."

However, the three-year old wasn't convinced, "Yes you did, but your mouth di-'n't move when you said it.. how do you do dat? can you teach me how?" he said with sudden excitement

Upon hearing that, Delia froze.. speaking without her mouth moving? It seemed like Ash had reacted to her thoughts, but... that was impossible, right?

"Honey.." she said as she grabbed his hand gently, "tell me what you hear.."

'We're having homemade pizza for dinner'

As soon as the thought was done, Ash's eyes got as wide as dinner plates and he had a happy smile on his face, "Homade Pizza?! YAY! my favrite!"

He didn't even notice that Delia had frozen in shock. her son... her little boy.. could actually read minds? and thoughts?

Unsure of what to do, the mother waited until her husband Matthew came home from work. As soon as he was home, she told him what happened.

"What?!" he yelled, not believing her, "stop saying such lies Delia! That's impossible!"

"Then how do you explain him knowing exactly what I was thinking?" she refuted

Matthew just snorted, "knowing you, you probably had some of the ingredients out already, and the boy made a lucky guess. Ash is a smart kid, if not a little flighty. But there's no way in hell he's able to read someone's mind."

Delia just crossed her arms, "fine! Then why don't you go talk to him if you're so sure. Have one conversation with him" the woman insisted, causing her husband to groan, "fine.. the perfect way to spend time with my son I guess.." he said as he went upstairs towards Ash's room.

Matthew was a handsome man, with black hair like Ash's, and stormy grey eyes. He was a usually kind man, and a doting husband and father, but he wasn't perfect. Matthew was a perfectionist and didn't like to be wrong. He also had a very short temper. One of the things he wanted most was a perfect family, and he got that in Delia and Ash.. or had he..

As he got to his son's room, he saw Ash coloring in a book on his bed. Upon hearing the door open, Ash turned his head and smiled brightly, "Daddy!" he said as he jumped off the bed and gave the man a hug. Matthew could only chuckle at his son's enthusiasm, before he knelt down on one knee in front of him. "How was school, son?"

"It was fun!" Ash said, "I think a found a new trick!" he exclaimed excitedly

As the boy went on about school, Matthew thought to himself, 'I need to test this out somehow.. I don't see why I'm even bothering, I already know it's not possible..'

He stopped his thoughts short when he saw Ash looking at him strangely.

Then the boy asked, "tesht what out, Daddy? And what's not poshi..poshible?" Ash stuttered out, not used to saying the word.

Matthew's heart stopped as Ash said that.. His eye constricted in shock, causing his son to step back in fright, "...Daddy?"

Matthew blinked himself out of his shock and stared at his son incredulously, 'can you hear this?'

Ash smiled and nodded his head, "that's cool! You can do it too! Can you teach me to talk without moving my mouth?"

Hearing this, Matthew let out a groan. It was amazing yet scary at the same time. His son.. could read minds? This was getting complicated.

\-\-\-\-\fast Forward 3 years-Age 6/-/-/-/-/

After his parents explained to him about his gift, and that he couldn't tell anyone or let it slip what he could do. If someone did find out, there would be a lot of trouble.

Ash constantly kept this in mind as he tried to keep his 'gift' under control. There was one problem though... He couldn't

Try as he might, Ash couldn't stop his mind from reading people's surface thought. All he had to do was look at them. If he concentrated, he could go much deeper to see their inner most thoughts and feelings, but that rarely happened. it gave him frequent headaches, especially in large crowds.

School was a bit of a hassle. In order to keep himself from slipping up, he decided to just keep his mouth shut until he got it under control. This quickly earned him the name the quiet kid, or the mute. The only time he would really speak was when spoken to, or to answer a question in class.

Kids can be cruel, no matter where you go. To bullies, Ash was an easy target. A quiet nerd tht had to take medicine whenever he got a bad headache. In other words, a wimp. This led to his lunch money getting taken on more than one occasion.

Ash was fine with being the weird, quiet kid in class though. It was much better than if they found out about his secret. Then, there was no telling what would happen..

He did have one friend though. His name was Gary Oak, the grandson of a Professor in town.

For some reason, the auburn-haired boy always liked to talk with him and hang around him more than anyone else, whether it was to just talk, or gloat, or even make light fun of him.

Ash didn't mind though, for he could sense Gary's inner thoughts and feelings. He was actually very self-conscious and needed a confidence booster every now and then. Being the grandson of a famous Professor put a lot of pressure on someone, even at so young of an age. Even when Gary was making fun of him and being obnoxious, Ash could tell that he was just feeling lonely and wanted a friend, a real friend that didn't just hand around him for his status.

So yes, Ash would talk with Gary, and even pretend to get riled up at his jibes. It was all in good fun.

One day, Ash was walking home from school with his friend, who was tooting his own horn as usual, when something fluttered across his mind, making him stop in his tracks. Seeing this, Gary stopped as well, confused at his friend's behavior, "what's wrong Ashy boy? You gotta pee your pants or something?" he said with his usual sneer.

Ash just glared at him before looking ahead of them. Around the corner behind a house, he sensed several lines of negative thoughts. He recognized the signatures as some bullies from their school, at least three of them from one grade up. They were going to... uh oh.

"H-hey Gary, c-an we go to your house another way today?" he asked, trying to hide the fear in his voice.

"Huh? why?" The auburned boy asked, truly confused.

"W-Well.." Ash started, thinking of a half-truth, "it's such a nice day out today! And I bet if we run to the field right now, we can catch the Nidorans fighting for turf. What do you say?"

It was actually true, as this was the time of year when Nidoran and their evolutions fought for turf and mates. So there was little surprise when Gary bought it, "sure, we can go look, and it is a nice day"

So, they started running towards the fields..

"Hold it, you little shrimps!"

Both boys turned their head to see three boys from their school run from behind the house they were hiding, "where do you think you're going?! We got plans for you two. Especially you, Oak!" The leader yelled. The boys were slightly older than Ash and Gary were, around age 8. The leader was the largest and fattest, making it easy for him to push his weight around.

"Gary, run!" Ash yelled as he urged his friend towards the fields.

And they ran, and ran until their little legs could barely carry them. Luckily they had lost two of them in the long grass of the fields. The leader, however..

"There you are!" the older boy exclaimed as he burst from the grass, right in front of Ash and Gary who were resting.

"W-Why are you after me?!" Gary yelled as tears came to his eyes.

The bully just smirked, "cuz' loud mouth know-it-alls like you need to be shut up!" he said as he stepped forward..

..Only to get wacked in the face by a large stick, causing him to fall to the ground.

"Leave him alone!" Ash yelled defiantly as he held the stick out in front of him, while Gary looked on in slight awe.

The bully recovered in almost no time, and sneered at Ash, "fine! You'll go down first, nerd!" he said as he charged at Ash...only for the six-year old to dodge out of the way at the last minute. The bully righted himself and tried again, with the same result.

To the outside eye, Ash was just very agile with quick reflexes, but in reality the young boy was just using his gift in a new way. He could sense every move that the bully was about to make, giving him ample time to dodge and parry his attacks. In a way, he was using the pokemon move, Detect.

After the fifth failed punch attempt, the older boy backed off to catch his breath, and look at his tiny opponent. Ash didn't even look winded, and Gary still looked awestruck.

The boy growled, and was about to strike again, when he saw something that made his blood freeze over. Ash's eyes.. were glowing? It was the faintest hint of blue but it was still visible in the fading light of the day.

Next thing he knew, he had been punch in the face and sent to sprawling to the ground. When he looked up, he saw the quiet one standing over him, eyes blazing blue...he looked like a demon!

Seeing this, the boy backed up, visibly shaken, causing Ash and Gary to both look perplexed.

"H..His eyes.. they're glowin'.. he ain't human!"

The boys looked at each other in confusion as the bully continued to sputter and back away, "h-he ain't human! He ain't human!"

As he started to back away more, Ash couldn't help but wonder.. had his eyes been glowing? That had never happened before.. but this kid had to have seen something to act like this..

The bully then took that moment to get up and run away, screaming at the top of his lungs, "he ain't human! He a MONSTER!"

That word.. it made Ash's blood run cold.. him? ... A monster?

He was knocked from that train of thought when Gary placed a hand on his shoulder, giving him a look of thanks and confusion, "come on, let's get out of here.."

Nodding in agreement, Ash followed his friend back to his house, surprised that his friend had no questions about what just happened.

\-\-\-\Flash Forward 1 year-Age 7/-/-/-/-/

Since that day a year ago, things had gone downhill for young Ash.

The bully he had scared off had started spreading rumors around town, saying that Ash was a monster that tried to steal his brain, how his eyes lit up like a psychic pokemon's and tried to kill him.

At first, the rumors were just that, rumors, and no one bothered to think twice about him. However, over time, the initial rumors multiplied and became more elaborate. One said that Ash could steal your thoughts and replace them with his own, thus brainwashing you. Another, and probably the most damaging, said that just being around the boy would allow him to steal your mind.

At first, many of the rumors didn't stick. However, when the bully, the boy that was originally 'attacked' by Ash's so called powers, started getting therapy from a near nervous breakdown, people started truly wondering.

As a result, within a year, poor Ash had been almost completely ostracized at school. The other students would either run from him in fear, or throw things at him and call him a monster.


That word haunted the poor 7-year old day and night. It made him wonder if he was truly everything they said he was.

The torment didn't end at school either..

At home, his parents had become very subdued. They barely talked to each other or him, and he had no idea why, though he wondered if it was his fault. Their thoughts brought no clue as well.

Their strange behavior started when he told them about what happened between him and the bully. Although he didn't mean to use his 'gift', it was an emergency. While his father wanted to punish him for the slip-up, his mother protested against it, which led to a huge fight between the two. Since then, things haven't been the same.

It only got worse when he told his mother about the bullying at school, and what people were saying about him. When she asked his father for help in the situation, the man only said that it was her problem to take care of since she was the mother, and the mother raises the child. In other words, he had washed his hands of him..

Right now, Ash was in his home watching the rain outside as he colored. He loved to color and do artwork, that was one of his only sanctuaries in the harshness of the world. That and playing with the Pokemon at the corral of course.

Lately, without even wanting to, he had been accidently peering into his parent's minds, reading their thoughts and feelings. Maybe it was just his 'gift' wanting to fix everything, he didn't know. But what he found was ..unsettling...

His father was having fantasies and thoughts about a woman that was not his mother... some blonde girl he met at work, and some of the fantasies were not something that a seven year old was supposed to see..

His mother.. no longer had the cheeriness that she once had. He knows that she wants to put him in a new school in Viridian, but they didn't have the money or the transportation for that. He also sensed that she was constantly worried, if not about him, then about her marriage falling apart and daddy leaving.

As Ash continued to color, he contemplated all of these thoughts in his head. What could he do to fix this? Not only did he feel like he was the main cause for all of this turmoil, but he was only 7 years old, and unable to really help. Maybe if he used the right words..

He got up from his seat on the floor and walked over to his father, who was sitting in a laziboy chair and reading the newspaper.

"Daddy?" Ash said in his meek voice

"Hmm?" the Matthew said, not looking from his newspaper.

"Yo-You're not leaving out tonight, are you?" he asked, although he already knew the answer. Still, the question caused the man to put down his newspaper and look at his son strangely. After seeing that he had his mother attention too, Ash placed a hand on his father's knee and continued, "Mommy's making Beef and veggie stew.. that's your favorite right?" he said, causing both adults to blink. Dinner hadn't even been started yet.

Delia just let out an exasperated sigh. She knew of her son's talent, and that he couldn't control it, and let things slide, "You never cease to amaze me hunny.." she said with a half-smile.

Matthew, however, looked furious. His 'son' had looked into his mind again! And if he saw that he was planning on leaving tonight, then that means he saw..

"Excuse us for a moment, Delia. I have some things to discuss with our boy.." he said quickly as he pulled the seven year old behind him into the next room.

It didn't take a mind-reader to see that Matthew was mad, but when Ash saw his thoughts and what he planned on doing, he freaked out, "no, NO! Let go of ME!"

Before Delia could protest, then door to the room was slammed shut and locked.

That done, Matthew slammed the boy up against the wall and looked at him with fury in his eyes, "What have I told you about using your freaky power on me!"

"I-I'm sorry!" Ash said as tears started to stream down his face, "I ...I wanted to make everything better.. I wanted mommy to be happy, and she's so sad when you leave and stay away all night.."

"The reason she's miserable is because of YOU, you little snit!" he said as he punched the wall right next to Ash's head, causing the boy to yelp and curl into a ball.

"Now..." Matthew said as he calmed down and straightened himself up, "consider yourself grateful that you didn't tell your mother everything you saw.."

It was at that point that the door busted open. Neither male had even noticed the loud banging and pushing on the door, until it finally broke.

In ran a frantic and crying Delia, whom had easily heard the banging and the screaming from outside, though she was unable to hear most of the conversation. She ran over to her still crying and shaking son and picked him up in her arms. After calming the poor boy down, she sent Matthew a deadly glare, "What is the meaning of this?! Why are you beating our son?!"

"I haven't laid a hand on him!" the so-called father refuted, "I was just reminding him of what happens when he uses his powers, even if it's on us. We have to protect each other, Delia"

"I do NOT need protection from my own son, Matthew!" she yelled in reply.

The man just sneered at her, "pfft, fine. You'll see what I mean eventually.." he then left the room and grabbed a coat, "I'm going out.. I may or may not be back tonight.."

After he was gone, Ash and Delia comforted each other, as neither wanted to believe what had just happened.

"Honey.." the worried mother whispered as she lifted up her son's head, "What happened? What did you see when you read his mind a moment ago.."

Ash just shook his head as he sniffled, "he.. he told me not to tell you.."

"Please honey.." she said with a light smile, "I need to know.. so we both can be happier.."

Taking his mother's word for it, Ash nodded and told her everything.

Needless to say, things only more chaotic after that..

\-\-\-\Flashforward 2 years- Age 9/-/-/-/

After the particularly messy divorce between his parents, Ash thought that things would get better.. but he was sorely mistaken..

His mother eventually pulled him out of school when the bullying got too great, and began homeschooling him. it temporarily dampened the problem , and ash was able to be a normal kid for a little while. Unfortunately, this didn't last.

After his parents split, more rumors started to circulate, not just in school, but around town as well. Kids do talk to their parents after all.

As the rumors spread, they only intensified among the adult crowd. They talked about how Happy Delia and Ash seemed after the divorce, which was unusual. They talked about how all of their kids were afraid of one little boy that didn't even seem like he could defend himself, let alone attack anyone. How was that possible?

The main person spreading the rumors among the adults however, was the mother of the bully that had attacked Ash and Gary and originally started this mess. She was convinced that Ash was a monster of some type that was capable of raping people's thoughts and minds. How else could she explain what happened to her son. He still had nightmares!

Delia and the Professor tried their best to refute them and calm everyone down, but with little success.

After a while, poor Ash found that he couldn't walk down the street without at least one person giving him a glare or an evil eye. Delia fell into a deep depression, out of grief for not being able to help her son as well as her family falling apart. She would drink almost every night until she felt better or passed out. There had been many times where Ash had called Professor Oak in a panic after finding his mom on the floor.

The only place Ash found he could be himself and be happy was playing with the Pokemon at Oak's corral. He found that he could read the creatures' thoughts and communicate with them on another level, which was beyond cool to the 9-year old.

Sometimes, he would be joined by one of the only people who stuck by him, his friend Gary. The young Oak was forever grateful for what Ash did for him that day, and vowed to stick with the dark-haired boy no matter what.

Today was one of those days.

"What's it saying?" Gary asked as he and Ash were taking care of an injured pidgey. The little guy had gotten a bit too daring in its flying and took a tumble.

"It's saying that.. it can't wait to fly again.." Ash said as he fed the tiny bird, "it wants to show its brothers who the top flyer in the family is!" he said happily. He loved communicating with the pokemon. Maybe it was because they never judged him for his 'gift.' In fact, they thought it was pretty cool.

"You know Ash.." Gary started, "I bet if you left Pallet Town and went to a bigger city, you'd find people that are more accepting of you and what you can do"

"what do you mean?" Ash asked, slightly confused

"What I mean is, Pallet Town is a very small town filled with old fashioned, narrow minded people who don't like the idea of change or introducing something different, even if it's a good idea" Gary explained as he pet the Pidgey, "but if you left and went to a bigger city like Cerulean or Vermillion, they might be more accepting of your talents"

After thinking about his friends words for a moment, Ash nodded, "makes sense.."

"Hey, you know what?" the young Oak asked as he stood up, "I think Grandpa said.. that there was a lot of psychic pokemon and people with special abilities in Saffron city!"

"Saffron? Isn't that where the Marsh Badge is?" Ash asked, recalling his studies

"Mhm.." Gary answered, "they specialize in Psychic type pokemon. So you may find some answers there!"

It was then that Professor Oak came into the infirmary, with a grim look on his face.

Both boys turned towards the older man and frowned when they saw his face.

"Grandpa, what's the matter?" Gary asked, while Ash stayed silent.

The Professor just bent down and looked at the young dark-haired boy, "Ash.. how would you like to stay with us for a while.."

Ash merely stared at the Professor for a second, then looked down with tears welling up in his eyes, "She left me.."

Hearing this, Gary adapted a shocked look on his face, "..Gramps?"

The Professor sighed and looked at Ash again, who nodded solemnly before going into the next room. Oak then looked down at his grandson as tears started to form in his own eyes, "Ash's mother..has disappeared..." he said carefully, "All she left was a note, telling Ash that she was sorry.."

After that day, the world got much darker.


But now, it all ended today. All of the hardships he had suffered since the age of 5 would end today. He was finally old enough to leave this hick town full of narrow minded idiots.

Beside him stood three other trainers to be..

First one was his only human friend, Gary Oak.

Second was a girl that he used to go to school with, but now appeared to be afraid of him, Leaf.

Third was a tough looking boy that helped start the hell that had been Ash's life for the past 5 years. The bully, whom they now knew was named Jake, had been given the OK to go on his journey by his doctor after a 2-year delay.

He just glared at the others, including Ash, though one could tell that there was a healthy dose of fear there.

After a few more minutes of waiting, the good ol' Professor made his appearance, "Ah, welcome new trainers! Please come in!

Once inside, the trainers were given the run down about how to start their journeys on the right foot. They were then each given a Pokedex to record their journeys and captures with. Then, they were led to a the Pokeball room, which had a table in the middle with six pokeballs on it.

"Two sets of starters," the Professor explained, "that way, everyone gets the one they want...unless you all want the same thing," he said jokingly, "So who wants to go first?"

"Let the freak go first!" Jake yelled out, "the sooner we're rid of him, the better!"

"Yea.." Leaf said meakly, not even looking up.

While the Professor had a deep frown on his face, Gary looked like he wanted to pummel the boy into the ground. Ash, however, just shrugged, "fine with me.." he said with a sigh. He had no qualms about getting his pokemon first.

He stepped up to the table and reached for a pokeball..

..only to stop and freeze for a moment, then bring his hand back.

"Hmm? Something wrong, Ash?" The Professor Asked worriedly.

The dark-haired boy didn't respond, but instead just turned his head towards a shelf that held multiple pokeballs in it. He sensed something.. was it.. a cry of despair? Anger? Someone who wanted out as much as he did?

Without thinking, Ash let his power guide him towards the particular pokeball that the cry came from. As he picked it up, he heard the Professor yell, "Careful, Ash! That pokemon is still very wild! I just caught it a week ago!"

Ash just continued to stare at the pokeball, then smiled a warm, gentle smile, which was as rare as a blue moon for him, "its fine, Professor, I'll take it." he said as he clipped the pokeball to his belt.

Seeing his resolve, the elderly man just sighed, "very well. I wish you luck with that one.."

Gary chose a Squirtle, Leaf chose a Bulbasaur, and Jake chose Charmander.

Afterwards, three of the trainers presented themselves to the endearing crowds of Pallet Towners. Ash just decided to stay inside. Obviously there would be no cheers for him anyway.

"So where will you go from here, Ash?" the Professor asked him as they waited for the crowd to disperse.

"Well, I first want to try and form a team of pokemon, then I'll try for the Indigo League."

The Professor nodded, "will you come back to Pallet Town?"

After looking out at the crowds, Ash quickly shook his head, "no.. I'll find a home somewhere else.. somewhere that I'll actually be accepted...maybe Saffron.."

Oak nodded, "yes..they actually have a school there for psychics. Your gift is a type of telepathy, so it may be the best thing for you."

Ash just nodded and looked at his new pokeball with a fond smile.

"I'm gonna head out the back way Professor.." He said as he looked up at the man who had been a surrogate father to him for the past few years. The professor smiled and nodded, "Understandable.. and please.." he said as he place a hand on the boy's shoulder, "keep in touch. Let me know how you're doing. Maybe Gary and I can come visit you once you've found a place to settle down."

Ash flashed one of his rare smiles and nodded, "Of course Professor. I'll never forget what you and Gary have done for me over the years.."

The old man nodded, and starred at the pokeball Ash was still holding, "and let me know if you have any trouble with that one. Like I said, it's still wild, and may be hard to control."

The young rookie nodded as he stared at the ball, 'I think we'll be able to come to an understanding, Professor. Don't worry"

With that, the young trainer gave the Professor a nod and headed out to the traveling roads via the back door of the Laboratory. As he walked away, Professor watched with a sad frown on his face, "Please stay safe, Ash.."


It didn't take long for the young new trainer to make his way to Route 1, just outside of Pallet Town. As he walked, he couldn't help but smile as he watched all of the Pidgey flying and chirping. Sounded like they were looking for lunch.

"Lunch sounds good right about now.." Ash said to himself as he walked. It was nearing noon and the sun was reaching its peak, though it did look like it was going to rain later with how dark the clouds were at the edge of the sky.

As he spotted more pokemon scurrying about, Ash paused, stopping mid-step as he pulled out his own pokeball, his first pokemon. He hadn't even let it out yet..

"I think it's time we get to know each other," he said as he threw the pokeball in the air.

From the pokeball, in a flash of light, emerged a pokemon that the boy had only seen in books. It was a tan and brown pokemon with a fox-like head and a brown torso with shoulder pads. It had three digits on each hand and foot and a tail that was a little more than half the length of its body. its eyes appeared to be closed and it almost looked like it was sleeping.

Needless to say, Ash was in awe at the little pokemon in front of him, a huge smile breaking over his normally somber face, "Woah..."



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