The Little Mind Reader

Ash has a gift that makes him.. different from most others. Despite all the good it can do, it can also lead to hardships in a harsh, narrow-minded world. Watch as Ash starts his journey to find a place he will truly be accepted and grow stronger. Inspired by the anime 'Kotoura-san'. Smart/Psychic Ash.


2. Red Headed Headaches


Ash could only stare in disbelief for a moment, before a huge smile took over his face.

An Abra...a rare and potentially powerful pokemon... as his first? Awesome!

It was then that the young trainer was taken by surprise again, when a young, and surprisingly female voice entered his head.

"Ahhhh!... finally I am out of that accursed ball!" said the voice as he watched Abra stretch out its lanky limbs and look around, "Now where am I...?"

That was when Abra's supposedly closed and slanted eyes landed on him, "What's a child doing here, and why is he.. oh no.." The Abra placed its... or her from what Ash could guess.. paw on her forehead in a sort of facepalm.

"Don't tell me that old man ended up giving me to some newbie trainer.. why I oghtta.." She growled and shook her head, making Ash sweatdrop, "Oh well.. Nothing a quick teleport away from can't fix-"

"Wait! Don't go! You haven't even given me a chance yet!" Ash said frantically as he tried to stop the little psychic type.

"Hmm?" Abra said as she turned him with sleepy yet surprised eyes, "hold on.. human, can you understand me?"

After a quick sigh of relief, Ash nodded, "Yes i can, I can also read minds.." he admitted, only because she was a pokemon. The poor boy would never openly admit his gift to a human.

The little Abra stared at him for a moment, before letting out a snort, "Alright.. say that you can read my mind and understand me. That alone, though remarkable, won't convince me to stay. Why should I give you a chance?"

"Umm.. well.." Ash muttered as he thought a moment, "well..for starters, we're both looking for a way out," he said, causing her to tilt her head. Ash smiled sadly, "I've had a tough life.. And there is nothing I want more to get out of this place." he then looked to Abra, "And from what I could read, you're looking for a way out too, right?"

"Yes, away from the old man that stuffed me in that pokeball for a whole week," She grumbled and crossed her arms, "your point?"

"My point is, we can help each other," he said, watching her body language, "You help me get a team together so I can succeed at being a pokemon trainer, and I'll help you get to where you want to go. How does that sound?"

"I can get there by self without human help, thank you" she said curtly, making Ash frown.

"Ok, and where is that?"


"Where are you trying to get to?"

"Home, of course.." she said curtly, as if it were obvious

"Ok, and where is that?" Ash urged on

"Its..." Abra paused, It was then she realized. She really had no idea where her home was. When she tried to go through her memories, they were scattered. She remembered her meema, then men in black, then fire, then water, then being captured by the old man. It was then she realized.. she may not have a home to go back to.

Tears suddenly came to the little Abra's eyes. When she looked up at Ash, she was surprised to see that he had tears in his eyes as well, "you've been through a lot.. just like I have.."

Taking a chance, the young trainer reached out and gently picked up the little psychic before putting her into his lap, and giving her a small hug. Abra didn't move, too shock and sad from the revelation of her scattered past. Eventually, she realized where she was and looked up at her supposed trainer, who smiled down at her, "It's alright.." he said comforting, "I'm here.. I may not be your mother, but I'm here.."

Abra just nodded slowly, appreciating the comfort. She laid her head on his torso and sobbed, until she eventually fell asleep.

When Ash looked down and saw that his starter was asleep, he smiled. It didn't surprise him. Not only was that conversation draining, but Abra were known for sleeping 18 hours a day, as any Pokedex will tell you. Speaking of which..

Abra: The Psi Pokemon

Abra needs to sleep for eighteen hours a day. If it doesn't, this Pokémon loses its ability to use telekinetic powers. If it is attacked, Abra escapes using Teleport while it is still sleeping.

This Abra is Female and knows the moves: Teleport.

Ash nodded as he looked at his Pokedex. That was typical of an Abra. He then pushed a few more buttons.

Abra has a the ability: Inner Focus

Abra has the egg move: Fire Punch, which has not been unlocked

The new trainer smiled and nodded. IF they could get Fire Punch unlocked early, then that would be a huge boost for them. Another thing they could do was get Abra a TM move. They were expensive, but worth it.

Seeing that his new friend was still asleep, and would probably stay that way for a while, Ash held her in his arms as he stood back up. They needed to get going and continue on their journey, maybe even make some new friends.

With that mindset, Ash continued his trek along Route 1.


About an hour and a half later, Ash And Abra had made their way to the Route 1 River. It was a well known place and was a common fishing spot.

As the young trainer approached the river's edge, he saw a young girl, about his age, fishing. She had orange hair, short that were waaay too short, and red suspenders over her yellow shirt. She looked to be concentrating pretty hard, so he decided not to bother her and go down stream.

As he left, he heard a female voice, 'good, last thing I need is some noob messing up my fishing spot'

Ash froze and turned to throw the girl a withering glare. Luckily she didn't see him, but it still pissed him off.

'What a bitch..' he thought to himself.

"I agree.." another voice that he recognized as Abra, said.

Slightly surprised, he looked down at the sleepy pokemon, with a smile, "so you're awake, eh?" he whispered.

"mhm," she mumbled before looking at the water, "You want to do some fishing?"

"Yea I was thinking about it," he said, "I know you really can't battle with just teleport, but.."

"Maybe we'll get lucky," she said, finishing his sentence.

Chuckling to himself, the young trainer set down his back pack and took out a folded Good Rod. Once it was ready, he threw his lure into the clear blue water.

The girl looked towards him, then snorted and glared at the water, 'great.. just great..'

Ash had to hold back another chuckle at that. It was kinda funny. When he looked to see where Abra went, he saw that she had already fallen back asleep next to his backpack, and smiled. It was a good idea, since there was no telling how long it would take to get a bite.

After about fifteen minutes of waiting, and listening to the red headed girl's angry thoughts, Ash noticed that something had changed. The water wasn't as calm as before, it was almost churning.

"Something's coming.." Abra said as she popped up from her nap.

No sooner than she said that, Ash felt a strong tug on his line.

"I got a bite!" he yelled, drawing the attention of Abra and the girl.

As he reeled in the catch, he noticed that, although whatever it was, was moderately heavy, it wasn't putting up much of a fight. Had he hooked some river junk?

"No, it's alive.." Abra said as she answered his mental question, "Just.. has recently been in a fight."

Ash nodded and reeled it in quicker. As the slightly struggling pokemon finally came to the surface, the first thing he noted was a large red gem.

As the young trainer fully pulled the exhausted water type onto the shore, he got a better look at it. It looked like a giant brown star, with a red gem in the middle surrounded by what appeared to be gold. Its body was littered with small cuts and bruises, and the gem appeared to be flickering.

"Woah, a Staryu.." Ash said in shock as he pulled out his pokedex, 'what's a Staryu doing in a river?'

Staryu: the Starshape Pokemon

Even if its body is torn, it can regenerate as long as the glowing central core remains intact

Ash nodded at the information and looked to Abra, "can you bring me my backpack please? I should have a potion in there that will help."

"sure thing" the little Psi Pokemon said as it waddled off.

During that moment, Ash gently rubbed over the Staryu's center gem and whispered, "Everything's gonna be alright, we'll get you healed up and better in no time."

In response to this, Staryu's gem seemed to blink faster. The young trainer wasn't exactly sure what that meant, but he could only hope that it meant it was happy.

Within a few moment, Abra had waddled back over with her trainer's backpack in hand, "here we are"

"Thanks," Ash said as he pulled out a red and yellow spray bottle, "Strange.. I can't understand it or read its thoughts.." he said softly as he slowly sprayed the potion over Staryu's wounds, then turned to Abra, "can you?"

The little Psychic shook her head, "The Staryu species have their own unique language that only they can understand. Once it evolves into a Starmie, it becomes part Psychic type, and thus easier to read."

Accepting the answer, Ash nodded, then smiled, "you sure do know a lot," he said, causing Abra to just shrug, "I've picked up a few things in my short life. And my species is born with an inbred intellect that only gets larger with evolution."

Once again, Ash nodded. He had heard that Alakazam have an IQ of 1000, so it made sense what she was saying. He then turned his attention to the water type and frowned, "still, though.. I wonder how Staryu got into this state.. or better yet, how it even got here. Staryu swim in the sea, not in the river.."

Meanwhile, the girl was sending him heated glares for stealing her potential catch, and that it was a pokemon that she really wanted. Granted, she already had its evolved form, but she wanted a set. As she glared at him, her own rod began to pull.

"I got a bite!" the girl downstream screamed. Funny, he had forgotten she was there.

As the girl tugged and pulled on her line with seemingly all the strength she had, Ash and Abra watched with curious faces. It was then that the Psi Pokemon noticed something...large in the water, and jumped backwards from the river's edge, "Umm.. Ash? I think it's best if we take evasive action!"

The young trainer blinked, before deciding to take her word for it, and pulled out an empty pokeball. Although the potion had healed a majority of Staryu's wounds, the water type was still injured and weak, leaving only one option.

"Staryu, I'm going to capture you. You're still too hurt and tired to go back into the water, and it's not safe, ok?"

The Star-shaped pokemon seemed to turn its body towards the enlarged pokeball, before giving its own version of a nod. With the ok, the young mind reader tapped the ball onto the tired pokemon and watched as it was sucked in without a fight. And not a moment too soon..




As the beast of a Gyarados emerged from the depths of the river, enraged that someone had dared to catch it with a simple fishing rod. Its presence made both trainers shake in fear.

Seeing as he only had two pokemon at the moment, with one injured, and the other only knowing teleport, Ash only had once choice, "RUN!"

With that thought in mind, the new trainer quickly grabbed his belongings along with Abra, and ran in the opposite direction.

"Wait!" the girl yelled out, "Aren't you going to help me?!"

Ash gave her a look that said 'are you kidding?' and shook his head, "I'm sorry! Staryu is hurt, and Abra only knows teleport! I'm gettin' outta here and you should too!" he yelled as he ran down the road.

The angry red head glared at the retreating trainer before turning back towards the huge water type and, with shaky hands, reached for a pokeball... dumb move..


After running for what seemed like hours, Ash finally slowed to a stop. Abra had taken refuge in his backpack during the run, which was now securely on his back. He placed his hands on his knees as he bent over to catch his breath.

" what was a Gyarados doing in there?" he asked himself.

Abra peeked her head out from his backpack and answered, "well one, there are probably Magikarp in that river, so it's not too farfetched that one would evolve. Second, that river is more than likely fueled directly from the sea, going bay how close to the Coast Pallet Town in, so the occasional Sea pokemon may make its way in there."

Ash nodded as he stood up straight, "well, that would explain Staryu, in more ways than one.."

"You mean by how it was injured and in a freshwater river in the first place?" she asked, to which Ash nodded.

"Still, we can think about all this later. Right now, we need to get Staryu to a Pokemon Center. Viridian shouldn't be that far away.." he said as he took out his Pokedex and activated the map option. He then threw a smile to his starter, "you probably want to some to actually rest, too, right?"

As if on cue, the little Abra nodded, "way ahead of you.." she said before disappearing back into the confines of his backpack."

Chuckling silently, Ash continued his trek. He was hoping to get to Viridian before it got too dark. The sooner the better, for Staryu's sake.

In their haste, neither of them noticed the beautiful rainbow legendary in the sky. The benevolent being merely chuckled as it sent them a silent blessing and flew off towards Johto.


Thanks to the brisk, fright-filled run from earlier, Ash had indeed made it to Viridian city just as the sun was setting.

"Phew.. finally here.. he said as he approached the city.

"Hold it!" said a loud, demanding female voice.

From a small station right on the boarder of the city popped a male and female officer. The female that had called out to him was a tall woman with teal colored hair in a spiky ponytail, red eyes, and black stiletto heels. In other words, a typical Officer Jenny. The male officer was unremarkable, save for the electronic tablet he seemed to be carrying.

"Sorry young man, but everyone entering the city must check in here," Jenny said to him, "we've been having an issue with thieves lately and we are trying to crack down on them."

"That's fine," Ash said, "Whatever you need."

"Just hand me your I.D. or Pokedex and place your hand on the scanner here.."

Nodding and complying with the Officer's orders, Ash handed her his Pokedex and placed his hand on the tablet/scanner that the other officer was holding. Within moments, the tablet had scanned his hand and fingerprints, and displayed his entire life profile, along with his non-existent criminal profile.

"Woa, that's pretty cool." the young trainer said in slight awe.

"yup! Top of the line technology." The female officer said as she finished checking his Pokedex, then handed it back to him. As the young trainer waited the scan to end, he stole at glance at the male officer holding the tablet, he had to bite his tongue to keep from laughing at what the man was saying in his head.

'Arceus I hate this job, I could've been out looking for those pokemon thieves and kicking ass but noooo.. I thought being a cop was supposed to be exciting..fighting Team Rocket bandits..taking out smuggling rings.. how'd I get stuck with this shift!'

Ash couldn't help but feel sympathy for the bored cop, obviously he was still young and itching for action.

"ok, you're all set. I hope you enjoy our fair city, Mr. Ketchum." Jenny said as the scan completed.

"Thanks" Ash said as he took his I.D. back, "See you around officer."

With their exchange done, Ash quickly ran for the pokemon center. Even though Staryu was relatively ok, it still needed medical treatment.


It didn't take long for Ash to reach the Pokemon Center, out of breath from running the whole way.

When the young, pink-haired nurse behind the counter, she was curious and slightly worried.

'uh oh.. Is someone hurt? He certainly is in a hurry..'

"Nurse Joy!" Ash said as he came to a top in front of her, "I caught this Staryu after it was attacked by a Gyarados. Can you help it?"

"Oh! sure! Just hand it to me.." she said with some urgency in her voice. Wild Gyarados were potentially dangerous, due to their aggressive tempers and destructive power. The injuries from their attacks could be life threatening.

"Thank you Nurse Joy," Ash said in relief as he finally took a moment to breathe.

As the nurse disappeared into the back, the young trainer took a moment to look around the Center Lobby. There were tables with chairs scattered around, couches that lined the walls, a couple TVs in the top corners, and about ten or so Vid-phones lined up next to the nurse's station. Other than Ash, there were about ten or so trainers scattered around the Center, either waiting for their pokemon to heal, or talking with other trainers about various subjects.

Ash decided that, instead of just idling, he would call the Professor, to let him know he was safe.

Ring...Ring... Ring...

"Hello, this is Oak Laboratory, Professor Oak Speaking.."

"Hey Professor.." Ash said happily, if not tiredly,"I made it to Viridian.."

"Ash?" The old man said, slightly surprised, "I wasn't expecting to hear from you.. so you're in Viridian already? My, you work quickly" Oak said with a smile on his face.

"Mhm, and I caught a Staryu too!" the boy said with a little more excitement

"Really now, well congratulations! Remember to take good care of it! It may benefit you to ask the Cerulean Gym Leader about their care."

"Thanks, Professor. I'll do that."

'Will Ash Ketchum please report to the front desk!'

"Oh! I gotta go Professor, I'll call you another time!"

"Alright Ash, take care!" then man said with a wide smile before the screen went blank.

That done, Ash once again walked up to the front counter where Joy was waiting for him. Joy had a smile on her face, 'This one was lucky..' she thought. "Your Staryu is as good as new, young man."

"Thank you ma'am.." he said as he took the pokeball back. His first capture.. safe and sound..

As a wave of relief, pride, and happiness washed over him, Ash took a seat on one of the Center's vacant couches. As he sat there, he took off his backpack and opened it up, revealing his still sleeping starter.

The young trainer couldn't help but smile as he closed the pack back up. Best to let his friend sleep as long as possible, she deserved it.

"There you are!" A shrill, slightly familiar voice, called out.

When Ash turned his head, he went wide eyed as he saw the red head from the river earlier. Her clothes were slightly damp, her face was twisted in anger, and on her back was a ruined bike and a bright red bag.

Her was settled squarely on Ash as she marched forward on tired feet, "You're the coward of a so-called trainer that left me high and dry at the river! With a Gyarados of all things!" she said, with her thoughts just as loud as her mouth, 'I'm gonna make him pay.. 'I'm gonna make him PAY!'

A bit shocked, and slightly scared, Ash put his hands up and said, "I-I just started today, and I don't have a pokemon that could've helped! The Staryu I had just caught was injured, and my starter only knows one move!" he said, defending his decision to run, "besides! I figured you would've done the same thing!"

"NO! I didn't! I'm not a coward like some people!" She said as she dropped her ruined bike on the floor, "Because of you and your selfish actions, that Gyarados destroyed my bike and completely soaked me!" She had somehow completely convinced herself that it was his fault.

"Coward? Selfish!" Ash yelled back as he glared at the girl, all nervousness forgotten, "It's not my fault you stupidly decided to take on a Gyarados when you could've easily run like I did! And like it I said, I don't have the pokemon right now to take on a full grown, raging Gyarados! "

"Well then Maybe you should've thought of that before you PREVOKED IT!" She yelled, getting increasingly louder. By this time, all of the other trainers were staring at them. While some were irritated at the noise, others were listening into the conversation.

"PREVOKED IT!?" Ash yelled, he couldn't believe the nerve of this girl, "You're the one that-"

"Excuse me," both turned to see a very irritated Nurse joy, "I'm going to ask you both to either calm down or leave. This is a place for healing, no for fights."

"sorry, Nurse joy.." the boy said softly as he bowed, ashamed that he had let this girl get under his skin. Still.. she was insufferable..

'Yes Nurse Joy," the red head said, "Sorry this boy interrupted your work.." She said with a small smirk, causing Ash to growl lowly.

"You both are to blame!" The nurse said, frowning at the girl, "Now I want you both to shakes hands and go to opposite ends of the Center."

"wait!" the girl said, 'Now's my chance to get the nurse on my side' "This so called trainer is responsible for destroying my bike!" she said as she brought tears to her eyes, "Can't you please do something? Justice needs to be served!"

Ash growled, 'what a liar..' he thought, then addressed calmly, "Joy, Her bike was destroyed when she was attacked by a Gyarados."


"ENOUGH!" The nurse yelled, shutting the red head up. The poor woman then sighed to calm her nerves as she looked at them both, "take this outside please!"

Ash nodded, "I promise not to yell anymore, Nurse Joy. I have a sleeping pokemon in my bag anyway.." he said as he walked outside to cool off, while thinking, 'I'm surprised she didn't wake up..'

'I am awake actually..' a familiar feminine voice said in his head

'Oh? When did you wake up?' Ash asked her mentally

'A few moments ago, hard to sleep with a banshee in your ear..' Abra said irritably

'Heh, I know right? All of her angry thoughts are giving me a headache..'

"HEY! Are you listening to me?!" The redhead yelled, breaking through their mental conversation. Apparently she had followed him.

"Huh?" Ash said with a jump, " What do you want now?" he said, trying to keep his voice as level as possible.

"I WANT Compensation! Since it's your fault that I wasn't able to salvage my bike!" she said as he held her hand out, as if expecting something.

"Miss.. I do NOT...owe you a bike" he said as his eyes flashed, which went unnoticed by the girl as she continued

"And I think.." she said as an almost evil smirk made to her face, "I'll take that Staryu you caught earlier. It's only fair anyway-"

"NO WAY IN HELL!" he said growling, his eyes now solid blue. Her thought were all angry and selfish.. disgusting!

"Ash, calm down.." Abra said as she popped out of his bag and placed a hand on his shoulder, "she has no grounds for her claim, if she takes Staryu from you, you can report her to the authorities."

Hearing this, the young boy calmed down and smiled, "Like I said. There is no way in hell I am giving you Staryu or any of my pokemon. Your claim doesn't have a leg to stand on. And if you do try to take my pokemon from me, I'll tell Officer Jenny that you stole it-"

"How about a battle then?" she said with a frown, knowing he had a valid point. At least this way it was legal.

"Huh?" Ash said, confused, though he started to grow angry again as he read her surface train of thought.

"You heard me, a battle. You win, I drop the whole matter. I win, I get Staryu. Deal?" She said, putting on a smile to hide the deviance in her plan. She knew he was a newbie, so she had the advantage. Beat him down in a battle and Staryu would be all hers, and she wouldn't have to bother fishing for one.

Of course, Ash saw right though her, and simply said, "No"

"Huh?!" she said, looking flabbergasted.

"You heard me, I said no. Not because I'm afraid of losing. My pokemon aren't betting chips. They're my friends and family. I may have just caught Staryu, but that doesn't mean I think of her any less!" he said with a passion. Some trainers from the center that had come out to watch the fight, applauded him for his valiant statement.

The red head, however, wasn't impressed, "humph! Whatever.. You're just a noob who probably doesn't know a Charmander from a Bulbasaur.. another typical bratty novice trainer.." she said as she went walked away a bit and then turned around, pokeball in hand. As she threw it up in the air, a large, purple double star-like pokemon appeared. It was similar to Staryu except bigger, and more impressive looking. Its center gem was an octagon-shape instead of round as well.

Recognizing the pokemon, Ash took out his Dex:

Starmie: The Mysterious Pokemon

Its central Core glows with the seven colors of the rainbow. Some People value the core as a gem.

Now Ash was perplexed, "If you already have a Starmie, then why do you want my Staryu?"

Of course, reading her thoughts, Ash already knew the answer. Still, the girl said, "I'm just showing you something you'll never see again. That Staryu will never evolve, not while under the care of a wannabe pokemon trainer such as yourself!" She said with a sneer. She then flared herself around as she twirled around, "They need a water pokemon master, like me, to reach their full potential!"

"WRONG!" Ash said, interrupting her, and breaking her out of her self-centered daydream, "They need good training, and a Water Stone, to reach their max potential and evolved form," he said with smile, "Besides, we both know that you're not even planning to evolve Staryu if you get it. Not if you want a complete set!"

Ash's accusation caused the girl to look at him wide-eyed, "How did you-"

"How did I know? Because I've seen it done before!" he yelled, not revealing how he really knew, "Lots of trainers try and get a complete evolutionary set! its common!"

The redhead just growled. This kid was smarter than she thought. And he was also right about taking the pokemon by force, even if she did feel she was entitled to it. He could easily have her arrested.

Ash just sighed, he was tired of this, "Listen, Misty, why don't you just leave me alone! Alright? You're not getting any freebies from me!" He yelled, before freezing as he realized his mistake.

"Hey! How did you know my name was Misty! I never told you my name!" The girl, now known as Misty, said, slightly shocked.

Now Ash was sweating bullets while Abra just sweatdropped, "w-well, I uh..."


'Talk about timing..' both Ash and Abra thought as they heard a loud noise come from inside the center. Sensing trouble, he and the other trainers made their way inside.

In the center, glass and debri rained from the broken roof and onto the floor. Behind the front desk, two people and three pokemon surrounded and gripped Nurse Joy, who now appeared to be tied and gagged, her eyes wide with fear.

The first human was a woman with long, red, scythe-like hair, and piercing blue eyes. The second human was a Man with shorter blue hair and sharp green eyes. The three pokemon surrounding them were Meowth, Ekans, and Koffing.

"What the.."

"Whats going on?"

"Are they theives?"

"Hey! Let Nurse Joy go!"

The thieves just chuckled and went into some.. weird rhyme..

"Prepare for Trouble!" The Woman started

"And Make it Double!" The man followed

(Skipping the rest because it makes my head hurt!)

All of the trainers in the center just stared and glared at the group that had announced themselves as Team Rocket. Some were angry and shocked at how they had the nurse. Some were just shocked to hear a talking pokemon.

As Ash stared at them, he read their thoughts. They were after the pokemon, of course, but their methods for getting them and their intentions were downright despicable. Growling, he turned to Abra as they silently began forming a plan.

"Now.. as for why we're here.." the woman named Jessie started, "All we want is for you nice, cooperative trainers to give us all of your pokemon"

"Yes," the man, James said, "Follow our instructions, and we'll let Nurse Joy go free, unharmed."

"Resist us.." The Meowth said as he unsheathed his claws next to Nurse Joy's throat, "'nuff said."

All of the trainers, including Misty, growled, but complied, as they reluctantly placed their pokeballs in a bag that the large snake Pokemon had in front of it.

"That's right, keep em comin'" The Meowth said, ignoring the tears and whimpers coming from the poor nurse.

Just as the bag got to Ash who had a pokeball in hand, Abra suddenly disappeared off his shoulder

"Huh?" The theives all said at the same time.

"Hey! What is this!" Meowth said as his claws came closer to the nurse's neck.

"I-I'm sorry!" Ash said in a sort of whimper as he put his hands in front of him in a prayer-like gesture, "I just got that Abra and it doesn't like to listen to me!" he lied, though no one could tell. As he said his lines, he continually read the cat pokemon's mind for its intentions with the nurse. When Abra disappeared, its thoughts became more hostile, but thanks to Ash's statement, it was more relaxed.

Jessie just snorted, "so you can't even control your own pokemon? How pathetic. All the more reason for us to take it-"

She was cut off when Abra reappeared... on her head.

"Wah!" she yelled, losing her cool almost instantly, "get it off, get it off! It's on my hair!" she flailed around as she tried to get the Psi pokemon off her.

"Stand still, I'll get it," James said as he attempted to grab the psychic, only for it to disappear, and reappear on his head, "What the- hey!" He yelled as he grabbed for the pokemon.

Abra once again teleported, and reappeared right in front of Meowth, who was still guarding Nurse Joy.

As the fox-face creature stared with unblinking, squinted eyes, the Cat glared back and growled. "That's how you want to play it huh?" he said as he took his claws away from Nurse Joy's neck, causing her to sigh in relief.

"Then take this !" the Scratch Cat said as he swiped at the Arba, who only, once again, teleported..

..right behind him.

As soon as Meowth looked back, he received a kick to the back from the Psi pokemon, who immediately grabbed Nurse Joy's arm and teleported them both away.


"OH NO!" The thieves yelled as their plan was thwarted. With their hostage gone, they had no leverage, and no defense against the pissed off trainers.


As Ekans desperately guarded the bag of pokeballs already collected, it was knocked back by a powerful stream of water, courtesy of Ash's newest pokemon, Staryu.

The boy smirked as he gave his first official orders as a trainer, "Alright! Take it out with Rapid spin!"

With no hesitation, the Star Shape pokemon took off as it spun in the air, scoring a powerful direct hit on the large snake, sending it backwards with the bag still wrapped in its tail.

"Ekans, fight back with Poison sting!" The female thief yelled, commanding her pokemon. Ekans hissed as it got back up and fired off a wave of poisonous barbs and pin-like projectiles.

"Counter that with swift!" Ash yelled to his pokemon, who began to spin vertically as it shot out dozens of bright yellow stars, which successfully stopped the incoming attack and continued to hit the Ekans directly, pushing it back against a wall and away from the bag. The other trainers looked on, slightly impressed. He said he had just caught that Staryu, and they were already in perfect sync? Incredible..

Even the flaming red-head Misty was slightly impressed.. only slightly.. She still believed that a newbie trainer like Ash didn't deserve Staryu, and that it would be better off in her hands.

"Now finish it with Water Gun!" he said with a huge grin on his face. The Starfish's gem flashed once before shooting another strong stream of water. The purple snake had nowhere to go as it was hit straight on and knocked out and back to its trainer. With the Ekans out of the way, the bag was unguarded, and the trainers eagerly dived for it to get their partners back.

"Hey! That's our bag!" James yelled, "Koffing, attack them with sludge bomb!"

As the Koffing roared its name and readied its attack, Ash and Staryu got ready for round two. They were cut off as a water gun, almost twice as strong as Staryu's rammed into Koffing and knocked it backwards, cutting off its sludge attack.

When Ash and Staryu turned towards where the attack had come from, they saw Misty and her Starmie. Aparently she had gotten it back rather quickly from the bag. Of course, the red head had a smug grin on her face, "And that's what a true Water Gun looks like!"

Ash just glared at her. Not only had she stolen his thunder, but she had threw it back in his face. From her thought, the boy knew that she was just trying to, not only help, but show him up ad show who was stronger.

'Well, of course she's stronger. For one, her pokemon is evolved, and she's probably had it for years..' he thought to himself as he turned his head back to the fight. He wouldn't let her rile him up.

Within moments, Koffing was back up, injured, but still able to fight. James smiled, "That a boy! Now take those Starfish out with Smog!"

The oversized bag of gas shouted its name as it released a cloud of poisonous fog.

"RAPID SPIN!" Both trainers shouted out as their pokemon cut through the smog with their spinning, continuing on to hit the Koffing simultaneously. The force of the double hit was enough to knock the poison type out.

Just like that, it was now just Jesse, James, and Meowth, against the still angry trainers in the center, now all reunited with their previously stolen pokemon and ready to fight.

They nervously looked at each other with one shared thought in mind..

"Retreat?" Jessie said fearfully. Her comrades nodded quickly as Meowth took out a remote and pushed a button.

Within moments, a rope ladder appeared from the roof as the Trio eagerly grabbed for it. The trainers wouldn't let them leave that easily.

"Flamethrower!" "Water Gun!" "Leaf Storm!" "Hyperbeam!" "Psybeam!"

All of the attacks hit the trio dead on as they tried to escape via the roof, causing a huge explosion. Once the smoke cleared, the thieves were nowhere to be seen, and the hole in the roof was even bigger.

Even though the Rocket Trio had somehow escaped, the trainers cheered. They had successfully defeated Team Rocket and no one was hurt.

Once the noise died down, a few of the trainers, including Misty, approached Ash with praise, or in Misty's case, contempt.

"Hey, your Abra was really something" The first trainer said

"Yea, I've never seen a Pokemon so smart!" a female trainer said next

"No telling where we would be without it!" a third trainer said with a smile

"Oh please!" Misty said with a snort, "You heard him, he didn't do anything! Abra acted on its own," she then smirked, "He's just a noob that has no control over his own starter."

Ash just smirked as Abra returned to his shoulder in a small flash of light, "are you sure about that, Misty?" he said as he gently scratched his pokmon behind the ear.

The other trainers looked on, confused, until the liberated Nurse Joy came reappeared , "is everyone alright in here?"

"Nurse Joy!" all of the trainers said as they sighed in relief

"Are you ok?"

"where were you"

"Are you hurt?"

"I'm fine!" the nurse said with a smile, before turning to Ash, "thanks to this young man and his pokemon. They had a brilliant plan."

As some of the trainers still looked confused, Ash cleared his throat and explained, "You see, Abra and I had everything planned. We used her uncanny ability to teleport to our advantage, and by saying that Abra just didn't listen, it made it seemed less like a retaliation and more like just disobedient pokemon. Thus, they let their guard down."

The other trainers looked at him, impressed with his and Abra's simple yet calculated plan.

Misty continued to glared. So it was all an act? She scowled, "And what would you have done if your plan hadn't worked huh?!" she yelled, causing everyone to look at her, "what would you have done if that Meowth had decided to slice Nurse Joy's throat open the moment your psychic disappeared, huh?!"

Ash glared at her. Yes his plan had some slight risks, but with his gift, the risks were nearly nullified. But he couldn't tell her that. Next best thing, blame Abra. 'sorry girl'

'No biggie..'

"My Abra has the unique ability to read the intentions of others, and I trust her judgment completely. If she believed that Nurse Joy was safe, then so do I" he said, crossing his arms defiantly while Abra stuck her tongue out at the girl and made a raspberry.

As Staryu hopped over to join its trainer, Misty fumed and turned away, 'grr.. nothing's going my way! At this rate I'll never get that Staryu! Its Water was pretty strong for a pokemon freshly caught. I'll have to figure out another way..' These were her last thoughts as she left the room in a huff.

Somehow, Ash knew that this wouldn't be the last they saw of her, or the Rocket group.

'Great.. two more pains to possibly add to my journey..' he thought bitterly

'Isn't there an old saying that goes, "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger"? Maybe these little obstables will prove to favor us eventually..' Abra said optimistically as she patted Ash on his shoulder, making the boy chuckle, "I hope you're right Abra.. I desperately hope you are right.."


Chapter 2 done!

Did I make Misty too much of a bitch? I Hope so! LOL!

I swear, I rewrote that Rocket scene at least 3 times before it made sense. But I think it was worth it!

And also, I KNOW that Misty already had a Staryu and a Starmie in the series, I just rewrote it a bit so that she only had a Starmie so it made more sense.

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