The Little Mind Reader

Ash has a gift that makes him.. different from most others. Despite all the good it can do, it can also lead to hardships in a harsh, narrow-minded world. Watch as Ash starts his journey to find a place he will truly be accepted and grow stronger. Inspired by the anime 'Kotoura-san'. Smart/Psychic Ash.


5. Moonlight Madness



"Hello? This is Brock"

"Brock, this is Officer Jenny from the Pewter City Police Department."

Upon seeing the lady cop, a bright blush instantly made its way to the young Gym Leader's face, "Well hello Jenny.. are you finally taking me up on that offer for dinner-"

"Can it, Casanova.." the woman said with a glare, "we have a situation."

"Huh?" He responded, putting on a serious face, "what is it? Did something happen?"

"Yes, actually. As you know, we've had scouts in the area for the past few days tracking down and looking for leads or anything that would lead us to those rockets that escaped during the Museum heist."

Brock nodded, "Yeah.. and what? Did one of them actually find something?"

"As a matter of fact they did! A scout just returned saying that they managed to pick up pieces of a suspicious conversation through use of his Zubat and laptop. Of course, he called it in right away, but by the time a unit got out there, the area was clear." The woman explained, "we've been deciphering the conversation and found some very interesting and worrisome information.."

"Really?" Brock asked as he moved closer to the screen, "what did you hear?"

"The parts we managed to make out say, 'Fail... g- leader.. fossils..cowards...Emmers..."


"One of the grunts we apprehended was named Emmerson."

"Ah.." the Leader replied, "Continue"

"Anyways.. it goes on with a lot of yelling, and then something about a second chance. But here's the kicker, the last part we managed to make out was referring to the moon."

"The Moon?"

The officer nodded, "Yes, the moon. We're not sure if they're referring to the actual moon or to Mt. Moon, but we don't want to take any chances," she explained, "which is why I'm calling you. You know Mt. Moon better than anyone. We're going to need your help for navigating while inside."

At her request, Brock nodded. Mt. Moon was a huge maze of tunnels and levels, made from years of constant digging by the resident Pokemon that made the place home. As a result, it was very, very easy to get lost if you strayed from the main path at all.

He would know, as he remembered getting lost multiple times in that dark, dank place. And he had literally lost count of how many times he's had to pull out and rescue trainers that got lost to the point of near starvation and death... yeah, not good times.

The funny thing was, that most of those trainers had the same reason for going off the main path.. looking for those Arceus damned Clefairy. The thought made Brock chuckle and groan at the same time. What's the point of chasing a legend? Maybe he should take that display down at the Museum...

That's when it hit him.. trainers.. Museum.. Mt Moon...

..Oh no..

"I-I'll be ready as soon as possible, Officer!" the rock trainer said with a surprising amount of urgency in his voice, "when do we leave out?"

"As soon as we have a squad together," she responded, "it took us a little over a day to decipher what he have from that recording, so we're already way behind, and need to make up ground. And there's also a chance that those three grunts would've gotten back-up by now, so we need to be prepared for anything."

"Right," Brock said with a nod, which Jenny returned

"Right, meet me in front of the police station in twenty minutes. We'll move out then."

"Got it. See you then."

That said, the connection ended.

Brock sighed and looked down with a deep frown, deep in thought, "Ash... I hope you're ok.."



That was all Ash could utter as he looked on in awe at the majestic and mysterious landmark known as Mt. Moon. Seeing it up close, the boy could definitely see how the mountain earned its reputation. It was huge! Supposedly big enough to separate eastern and western Kanto. How was he supposed to make his way through that?!

"Well," the young telepath said to himself before stealing his resolve, "this mountain is considered the first true test for beginning trainers for a reason! And if thousands of other trainers have made their way through, then so can I!" he said with a smile as he clenched his fist, 'and hopefully, I'll find my myself a new friend and team member while inside.'

With that dose of self-encouragement, the young trainer made his first few steps towards Mt. Moon..


Only to be stopped in his tracks by a scream, "what the.."

Upon following the sounds, Ash saw something that was both worrisome and humorous at the same time. A man.. a researcher going by the lab coat he was wearing.. being chased around a clearing by a bunch of Zubat.

Wait a minute.. what are Zubat doing outside during the day? .. Oh well, now is not the time for that..

"Skye, come on out!" Ash yelled as he called his bug type, "help me get those Zubat's attention!"

"Free Free!" ("Right Away!") The Butterfree chirped excitedly as it appeared, before using her Confusion attack on the Zubat, forcing them to stop mid-flight as well as diverting their attention from the man to the young trainer and his Pokemon.

"Hey Zubat!" Ash called out to the blue poison types, "come over here a sec, I wanna talk to you!"

After staring at the boy and his Pokemon for a moment, with a collective shrug, the Bat Pokemob flew over to him, leaving the man, who had cowered into a tight ball, alone.

"Can one of you tell me what's going on? And why you guys are out here during the day" he asked him as he turned an eye to the man to make sure he wasn't listening, "and don't worry, I can understand Pokemon."

"Men in black ruin homes!" One Zubat shouted

"Put up Lights and remove our darkness!"

"Dark makes us happy and comfortable"

"No more dark, no more home!"

"Men in black, you say?" Ash asked as he put a hand to his chin. He had an idea of who was in the cave, but he needed more info, "How many men?"



"Snakes and gas everywhere!"

"Rats too!"

"Toxic! can't breathe!"

"Snakes eat us!"

Ash nodded as they threw clue after clue at him. Although it wasn't much to go, it told him that whoever was in the cave was putting up lights and possibly using poison types to attack or drive off the Pokemon inside. But why?

"Ok, then why did you attack that guy?" he asked as he pointed towards the shaky scientist, who was just starting to regain his wits, "He's not dressed in black."

"Saw him snooping around" A Zubat answered

"Yes, lots of snooping, everywhere!"

"Sneaky Snooper!"

Tilting his head in slight confusion, Ash looked over at the man and concentrated slightly...

'Arceus damned rats with wings! Come on now, pull yourself together! You have an assignment! ..Or else...'

Other than the hard language that made the boy flinch, the man's thoughts really didn't give him any clues as to if the man was good or evil. An assignment could mean anything. And what did he mean by 'or else'...

As the man recovered, Ash nodded in thanks to the Zubat, before stepping forward towards the man, his Butterfree right behind him, "excuse me sir, are you ok?"

Upon hearing Ash's voice, the man turned towards him and immediately regained his senses, 'Oh great.. another trainer.. doesn't look that least he got rid of those Zubat.. actually, I can work with that.' the man mused inwardly before jumping up and enthusiastically hugging the boy.

"Oh thank you! Thank you Thank you SOOOO much! I thought those Zubat were gonna eat me for lunch, but you saved the day!" The man said excitedly as he continued to tightly hug Ash the entire time, until Skye finally had enough of it and used a weak Confusion to separate the two.

"Woah.." the man said as he adjusted his glasses on his head, "That was Confusion, right? not bad! They say that a man's best friend is his Pokemon, and looking at you two, I believe it!"

"Uhhh.. yeah.." Ash responded with an uneasy chuckle. The mix of thoughts and emotions he was getting from the man confused him. he knew than some of them were fake, which put him on edge, but they were also so jumbled that he couldn't tell what from what.. not yet anyway. He tried to get a clearer picture during that hug, but the man's heavy lab coat and yelling distracted him.

"It was nothing, Mr..."

"Seymour!" the man said 'proudly,' "I am Seymour the Scientist! No Mr required, please!" he said as he held his head high in the air.

Even though it was possibly an act, Ash couldn't help but chuckle at the man's outward enthusiasm. If it was an act, the man was pretty good.

"Nice to meet ya, Seymour!" the young psychic responded with the same amount of enthusiasm as he held out his hand to shake.

Unfortunately, the man didn't bite.. cause next thing Ash knew, Seymour was kneeled down in front of him in an almost prayer stance

"But please! You must help me!" the man said with 'sadness' and 'worry' in his voice, "Evil men are taking over the mountain and upsetting the Ecosystem! You have to help me stop them! You're a strong trainer, right?"

"Uhh.. well.." Ash hesitantly uttered as he backed up and looked over the man, once again confused. Part of those emotions felt real, as if the man wanted to save the famous mountain and its inhabitants. But then again, other parts of the man's thoughts felt fake and rehearsed.

It didn't help that during all this, the man's thoughts were opposing each other as well, 'come on.. follow me.. or better yet, don't follow me! Run far far away and get help! But no! Don't run! If you do that, then they'll just.. grrrr..'

Oh yeah, definitely confusing, and just not right...

'I need contact..' Ash thought, before looking down at the man's praying hands and inwardly smirked before grabbing ahold of both of them.

"Don't worry Seymour! I'll help! I may have just started as a trainer, but I have some tricks up my sleeves," he said with a bright smile, 'like this one..' he thought to himself as he was brought deeper into Seymour's mind.. scary place as it was.

Still, despite the chaos and potential mind scarring, he was able to get a clearer picture of what was going on..

Seymour WAS a legitimate scientist that focused his studies on Mt. Moon, its structures, and its natural inhabitants. He also had a strange, lifelong dream of finding the Clefairy that are said to live here and going to the moon...

That was.. until men in black..Team Rocket more than likely, invaded the mountain with their own ill intentions. They set up lights, upset hundreds of Pokemon, and.. was that a drill? And pokemon that weren't driven out were captured in cages and shipped off to their headquarters.

The whole situation made Ash's blood boil, but he had to keep that buried for now.

How was Seymour involved? Simple.. The man was weak, unarmed, and very knowledgeable about the mountain. Easy prey for lowlifes like Team Rocket to ..'persuade' into helping them and doing their dirty work. Right now, his job was to either scare trainers away from Mt. Moon or lead them right into a Team Rocket trap. How lovely..

"You will?!" the scientist said with false excitement, unaware of his thoughts and memories being picked apart piece by piece, "Oh, thank you thank you thank you!" he yelled as he suddenly started sprinting towards the mountain with Ash and Skye in tow, "right this way! we haven't a moment to lose!"

Within moments, they were inside, with Ash still holding onto Seymour's increasingly sweaty hands as the man practically dragged him through the tunnels.

As they got deeper inside, the scenes he saw almost broke his heart. The pokemon were suffering. Either mourning the loss of a loved one to evil hands, or sweltering under the increased heat and light from all the lamps that were up, no pokemon was spared. Parases were planting mushrooms like crazy, Sandshrews were either passed out or halfway buried in the ground, and Zubats were either flying around confused or in an exhausted heap on the ground.

Seeing all this made it hard for Ash to keep his emotions in check. All he wanted to do now was send Team Rocket packing the hard way, Seymour included for giving in so easily, 'cowardly wimp'.

That's when he felt it.. a flash of doubt, deceit, and regret within his so called escort's mind. Then, a continuously growing feeling of ill and malicious intent a ways up ahead of them.

The combination of these two signs made Ash stop in his tracks, causing Seymour to almost fall on his butt.

"Wha-hey! What's the big deal?" the man asked the young trainer, who was now glaring him down with a look of pure contempt.

Imagine his surprise when he saw his latest potential captive glaring at him, "Sorry, Seymour, but I'm not fallin' for it. Right, Skye?" he asked with a small smirk as he looked over to his Butterfree who nodded and immediately started to gently flap her wings, releasing a light blue, sparkly powder over the would-be researcher.

"Hey! What's...going..." that was as far as the man got before he slumped to the ground, asleep.

After checking to make sure that the man was indeed out, Ash nodded," Ok, hopefully he'll be down for a while. Let's go and see if we can find and stop those Rockets," he whispered before standing up and slowly moving forwards through the lighted cave system.

After a few minutes of near silence, Ash and Skye finally came to a place where the tunnel opened up into a larger room. From around the corner where they were peaking, the boy and Pokemon saw and heard several things: more lights, obviously; several pieces of expensive, high tech equipment; what sounded like a piece of heavy machinery being turned on and off, the voices of several people; and, what made his blood boil the most, the sounds of several different kinds of distressed pokemon. But he didn't just hear their grunts and bleeps of native tongue, oh no.. he heard what they were saying loud and clear, crying, begging for help.

"Let us go!"

"Evil humans!"


Just hearing them made his heart hurt and his teeth clench...

"Shut up, you worthless creatures! Or i'll assure you that your trip to base will be neither pleasant nor painless!" came the voice of a human.. a somewhat familiar voice now that he thought about it..

'Where have I heard that voice before, ' Ash thought to himself as he surveyed the scene, wincing slightly as he forced his mind not to wander out. As tempting as it was, he didn't need a headache now..

'Ahem, If I am not mistaken...' came a familiar, welcomed voice in his head, 'I believe these are the same Rocket morons from the Pewter Museum..'

That insight and revelation caused Ash to let out a silent gasp, 'you're right, Sage..' he said mentally as he started to glare at the room's inhabitants, 'these are the same creeps!'

At that thought, said Abra popped her head out of his bag, 'Yes, and I have a bone to pick with that Tentacruel creep..' she said with a grumble before expanding her limited psych, 'huh..there are other trainers here too..'

'There are? Where?' Ash asked her, curiously

'They're huddled in a back corner, tied and gagged. I can't tell how many..' she informed before looking down at him, 'open up your mind more, you might be able to read them or the Rockets and gather more info.'

'I can't do that..' Ash mentally grimaced, 'there are too many minds here, i'll get a killer headache. It's taking all of my self-control to not let go and do just that..' he explained as he winced again. With the amount of living beings in the small space they were next to, he was surprised he didn't have a headache already. If he let his mind go, no doubt the following headache would put him out of commission, at least for a while..

"Hmm.. that does pose a problem.." his Abra said contemplatively, before snapping her stubby fingers, "I know! Maybe I can help you! I can help keep your mind centered and concentrated enough so your ESP power wont spread all over the room at once!"

'You can?' Ash thought to her in surprise, before looking at her in concern, 'but wont that be tiring for you as well?'

In response, Sage just shrugged, 'maybe, maybe not. Can't say for sure.. though judging on my theory of what may happen, I believe that the worst side effect will be a mild headache for you and some slight fatigue for me.'

Upon hearing her explanation, Ash could only nod. It was worth a shot.. and if they succeeded, not only would they have more knowledge about the current situation, but they would also have a very useful strategy for gathering information in the future.

'Alright, let's do it!' the young trainer thought with a nod and a smirk.

With that confirmation, Sage placed a hand on her trainer's shoulder and concentrated. At the same time, Ash slowly but surely allowed his mind to expand outward..

'Woah!' The young Abra internally yelped

'What?! What is it?' Ash asked, concerned

'N-nothing.. I just.. really underestimated how strong your abilities were.. no wonder you have so much trouble with control..' she explained as a drop of sweat formed on her head, 'this will be tougher than I originally expected.'

'Will your idea still work though?'

'Should.. will be harder..but not impossible. Just do what you need to do and I'll guide you the best way I can.'

'Well..ok..' the young telepath said with obvious uncertainty in his voice. This last thing he wanted to do was accidentally hurt his starter and friend. But desperate times call for desperate measures. With that in mind, Ash once again slowly let his mind's influence spread.

As he concentrated and allowed his psych to touch the many minds in the room, he felt Sage's influence bring his power back to just focus on one and two at a time.

First was the Rockets. From what he could tell from his mind and his hiding spot, there were at least seven to twelve of them, with three of them being vaguely familiar, 'Yup..same ones from Pewter..' From what he could gather, this was their last chance to impress their boss. Capture the pokemon and some moonstones to get on his good side..riiight...

Next were the trainers that his Abra had alerted him to. There were at least five of them tied up, and possibly gagged. Their minds ranged from tired and exhausted, to blind panic, to having a sense of hopelessness. Still...

'One of those trainers feels really familiar to me.. could it be-'

'Ash! Hurry up!' Sage warned him, the strain in her voice evident.

'R-right..' he said before moving onto the panicking Pokemon in the cages. There were dozens of minds here.. way too many..

"Gah!" Ash quietly yelped as he stumbled backwards, holding his head as a sharp, stabbing pain pounds through it. Through blurry eyes, he could see Sage on the ground next to him, panting and holding her head as well, "You ok?" he asked her in a whisper

"Yea.. but let's not do that again for a while.." she responded as she sat up


That's when they heard footsteps coming their way, 'Uh oh..' they thought simultaneously as Ash grabbed his starter and held her close, frantically looking around for a place to hide.

"Psst! Over here!" a little voice called out, gaining their attention.

..Just as a rocket grunt came around the corner.

"what the.." the grunt murmured as he looked around, only to see the same thing he had been seeing for the past couple days.. rocks.

With a rough grunt, the Rocket went back to the room with the others, "I've been in here too long, I'm hearing things now.."

Meanwhile, in a small crevice that anyone would've easily missed, sat a young boy, an Abra, and their unexpected but welcomed savior

"Phew, that was close.." Ash said as he looked down at the one that helped them, "thanks for helping us back there.."

"No problem! I can tell you're nice people!" The little pokemon said, "Oh! are you trying to free the others from the bad men?! I wanna help! Let me help! Please!" it said excitedly, hopping up and down in front of them.

"hmm.. I don't know.." Ash said uncertainly

"We could use the assistance though.. she obviously knows these caves better than we do.." Sage said

'Are you sure? She seems kinda young..' the boy asked telepathically with a raised eyebrow

'True.. but I don't think we have much of a choice in the matter considering our situation..' the Abra reminded him as she pointed out towards where the Rockets were working.

Seeing that she had a valid point, the trainer bit back a groan. He felt like he was bringing a baby to a fist fight. Still, like Sage said, if they wanted to get out of here and free the captured pokemon and trainers, they would need all the help they could get.

"Alright little one, you can help. Just stand still while I scan you and see what you can do, ok?" he said as he pulled out his Pokedex

"Ok!" the young pokemon said happily, excited that she would get to help her family.

Cleffa: the Star Shape Pokemon

Because of its unusual, star-like silhouette, people believe that it came here on a meteor.

Ash nodded at the information the Pokedex gave him, what little it was. He wouldn't be able to get any more info unless he captured the little girl, which was something he didn't really think was wise to do right now.

"So tell me, how can you help us? Do you know any moves?" he asked with a smile

"Uhh..." The little Cleffa hummed, "my memma said that I have the best singing voice in the family! Almost every night I sing to the moon to help everyone sleep better!"

Hearing this, Sage's ears twitched as she perked up and placed a claw on her chin, "actually, that may come in handy, if used correctly."

"I agree," Ash said with a nod and a smile, "anything else?"

"umm...OH!" the little Cleffa yipped, "My sister once said that I'm a really good charmer! Does that help?"

"Maybe.." Sage replied as Ash pushed a few more buttons on his Pokedex, "Charmer huh.."

*beep beep*

Charm- The user gazes at the target rather charmingly, making it less wary. The Target's attack is harshly lowered.

Ash nodded as he digested the new information, "That probably won't be as useful since it's a big group we're dealing with, but it may come in handy if you find yourself cornered." he said as he put the little machine away.

"Ok, now that we have a new friend, we need a plan. How are we going to take out a whole room of Rockets and their Pokemon?" Ash asked as he placed his hand on his chin in a thinking position, one that both Sage and Cleffa mimicked.

"Hmm...well..." Sage started, "Since little Cleffa here knows sing, how about we combine that with something else, like Skye's Sleep Powder and Stun Spore."

"Skye?" Cleffa asked curiously

"My Butterfree," Ash answered, "and that's actually not a bad idea. Just put em all to sleep," he said before frowning slightly, "but we'll need to be quick a precise. Both attacks have to hit all the rockets."

"Question..." little Cleffa said as she raised her stubby little arm, "w-what about the good trainers you said were in there.. and the good pokemon.. they might fall asleep too."

"Good question.." Ash nodded, "but I don't think we'll have to worry too much. It's just sleep powder and sing, so they won't get hurt from it."

"But we will have to be wary with Stun spore.. that may be.. uncomfortable.." Sage stated, to which the others nodded in agreement. While the effects are temporary, without treatment, the after effects of Stun Spore can leave a human sick and off their feet for days. In some severe cases, people were reduced to being completely immobile and bedridden until the toxins ran their course. Now, while they wouldn't worry about the rockets, obviously, they certainly didn't want that happening to any innocent trainers.

"We'll only use Stun spore if we have to, and only after Sleep Powder and Sing. That way, Skye can afford to be more careful with it," Ash explained, "it's mostly just to make sure the rockets and their Pokemon stay down for a while."

"Ok!" Cleffa exclaimed.

"Sounds like a plan.." Sage nodded

"After we confirm that they're all out, we'll work on setting all of the pokemon and trainers free."

"And waking them up if needed.."

"Well..yeah.. but.. that shouldn't be too hard to do.." the boy said as he scratched his cheek awkwardly

Sage couldn't help but sweatdrop, "..Maybe we should just get out of here and get more help.."

"Did you hear something?" they heard a gruff voice call from outside their hiding spot. Immediately causing all three to freeze up.

"..nah, you're just hearing things. This mountain's getting to you," a second voice said

"Pfft, yeah you're right.. good thing we're getting out of here soon.. what are we gonna do with those trainers we captured?"

"Same thing we always do. They either join or die!"

With that, the voices went away, and Ash and Sage looked at each other


"Come on," the young trainer said as he slowly moved towards the exit, "We're almost out of time. We need to act now."

"Right!" Both pokemon nodded with determined looks on their face.

It's show time..



"Arceus Damnit!" a grunt shouted as the sounds the machinery in the cave only got louder, "Stupid Drill!"

"Just shut it off! We got more than enough of what we came for!" Another grunt yelled as he pointed to the boxes of precious stones and rocks that had been excavated already, ripped from the Mountain's depths with little care.


"SHUT UP YOU MORONIC PESTS!" a grunt yelled as he slammed an electric charged stick along the metal cages, causing the pokemon trapped inside to shrink back in fear. Ekans, Arboks, and other Rocket Pokemon guarded them around the clock. If they even tried to attack..

Meanwhile, in the corner, the group of captured and trapped trainers could only watch all of this with fear, anger, and hopelessness building in their hearts. They wanted nothing more than to run right through Team Rocket, get their Pokemon back, and deliver some rightful justice.

Some of them had been there for days, and were exhausted. Some had been beaten into submissions by the Rockets, and were sporting various injuries for their efforts.

They had already received the 'join us' speech several times over, and some, in their grief, was starting to consider it. At the moment, it seemed like the best and only option...

"let's see.." a grunt with a tablet said to himself, "24 Clefairy, 40 Sandshrew, 56 Paras and Parasect, 100 plus Zubat and Golbat, 30..."

He trailed off as strange, soft singing could suddenly be heard throughout the cave..

Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked around curiously- some even frantically- for the source of the beautiful voice.

"where is that coming from?"

"The Clefairy?"

"Impossible! They're too scared to... *yawn* attack.."

Soon, everyone started to feel the true effects of the Sing as their eyes started to droop and their legs started to wobble.

"SssStay strong men! Stay alert!" One of the grunts, the Leader in Pewter, urged his team, "Call your Pokemon out quick!"

Meanwhile, the Clefairy in the cages adapted expressions of shock. Was that... their little Lullaby singer?

"It has to be her.."

"No one else can sing like that.."

The song was familiar to them too..

"Sleep all my sisters, good night family mine,

Rest Now in Moonlight's embrace...

Bear up my lullaby, winds of the earth,

through cloud, and through sky and through space...

Carry the peace and the coolness of night,

and carry my love song in kind...

May Cresselia bless us with sound sleep tonight

may troubles be far from out mind..."

The captured trainers heard it as well, and couldn't help but be entranced by the beautiful melody. Soon, they were all fast asleep.

It was then at that point that a Butterfree 'randomly flew into the large cavern, undeterred by the dozens of rockets and poison types that were trying their best to resist the songs effects.

"..what the..." a nearly zombified Rocket said as he noticed the bug type

"Up...up there.." another pointed out, "R-raticate *yawn..* use.."

He didn't get a chance to finish as the Butterfree began to flap its wings even faster as it flew around the cave, releasing a sparkling, blue powder all over the Rockets and their pokemon.

"Oh shhhhhh..." That was as far as the grunt got before falling asleep on the ground.

Once all of the Rockets were out, Ash , Sage, and Cleffa came from around the corner, "nice job Skye! Now use a light Stun Spore on the Rockets and their Pokemon, and make sure it doesn't spread too far."

"Right!" The happy bug type nodded before getting to work.

"Ok..Sage, Cleffa, see what you guys can do about getting those cage open. I'm gonna go check on the trainers." Ash ordered as he moved towards the other end of the room

"Right!" Sage nodded before grabbing Cleffa and teleporting over to the caged Pokemon.

As Ash looked over the sleeping trainers, he saw that many over them had definitely been through an ordeal. Most of them were sporting some kind of injury, anywhere from the benign black eye to the more serious broken bone.

But what Ash was focused on was the fact that he knew one of the captured trainers, and his heart almost stopped


He saw that the boy, his only true friend from his childhood of hell, was currently slumped over against the back wall from the effects of the sing. He had a large bruise on the left side of his jaw and a trail of old blood at the corner of his mouth. Obviously his friend had put up a fight.

"It's alright Gary.." Ash said as he hurried to untie him along with the others, "we're gonna get you outta here.."


The screech of his friend made Ash stop what he was doing and spin around, only to watch in horror and confusion as Skye was somehow sent careening into the opposite cavern wall, her little body sparking with electricity.

"What the- SKYE!" The young telepath yelled as he attempted to get to his downed Pokemon, only to be stopped as another arch of electricity landed in front of him.

It was then that he heard slow clapping coming from another part of the room. From a dark, almost invisible tunnel stepped another man, dressed in a white uniform and lab coat with the Red R embroidered on the front of it. He had long, disheveled, dark gray hair and sharp looking glasses over his eyes. Behind him was a yellow humanoid pokemon that Ash recognized as an Electabuzz, which glared at him menacingly as its antennae sparked dangerously.

"Not bad, kid.." he said with a small smirk as he looked around the room, "not bad at all.. you certainly made quick work of my team here.." he then snorted, "only goes to show how truly incompetent they all were. Don't know why the boss bothered to give them another chance.."

"Who are you?" Ash asked as he observed the man and his Pokemon. Both of them looked powerful, and dangerous, if what they did to Skye was anything to go by..

"My name is of no importance..But you can call me.. the Scientist," the man said as a frown made its way to his face, "what you should be worried about is what's going to happen to you now. I very well can't let you go without being properly punished for your interference."

As the man spoke of what he was going to do to him, Ash was mentally speaking with his starter, 'Sage, are you alright?'

'Just fine..'

'Great. Listen, you have to work faster on those cages. The trainers are in no condition to fight, but the cave Pokemon are. If we release them, we may have a fighting chance here..'

'Cleffa and I are working on it, but these cages aren't exactly made of straw. And the lock isn't budging.'

'..what kind of lock is it?'

'Looks like a deadbolt, attack proof.'

'Then one of the grunts may have a key. See if you can find it. Be discreet about it, and I'll try to distract this guy'

"Are you even listening to me, you little brat?" The head Rocket now know as the Scientist said, "here I am describing all of the wonderful things I'm going to do to you, and you're staring at your shoes."

"My apologies, the ground just looks very interesting right now.." he said as he put a little fear into his voice. He wasn't the best actor, but it helped that he was actually genuinely scared. If not for himself, then for his Pokemon and Gary. He silently prayed that the man wouldn't catch on to what he and his pokemon were doing.

" HAH! Really now.." the man as he barked out a laugh.

"Yeah.." the young telepath said, before taking a deep breath to steady his nerves, "much better than looking at your ugly face!" he yelled. Now, usually Ash wouldn't be so bold and abrasive, especially with someone that could snap him in two, like the man in front of him. But this was for good reasons. If the man was angry, he hopefully wouldn't notice the subtle movements going on behind them.

Right now, Sage and Cleffa were slowly and carefully sifting through the uniforms of the knocked out Rockets, looking for the keys to the cage that held all of the trapped Mt. Moon pokemon. The more he had the man focused on him, the better.

"What?!" The man yelled, "Why you little runt! Think you can mouth off to me and get away with it?!" he said angrily as a scowl formed on his face.

'Found it!' Sage's voice said in his head.

'Great Job, now get over there and help them!'

"Electabuzz, Thunderbolt!" The man yelled, causing the electric type to growl and rotate its arms rapidly, building up power. Within seconds, it released a huge beam of energy right at Ash.. at first.. but then the attack suddenly steered right...

... and hit a different target..



"SAGE! CLEFFA! NOOO!" Ash yelled as he quickly turned around. He could only watch, horrified as his starter and newest friend were sent careening into the back wall of the cavern.

It was all silent, before the Scientist suddenly broke into a fit of laughter, "HAHAHAHA! Clever boy, very clever. You were trying to distract me while your friends worked in the background. Unfortunately for you, I had a second pair of sharper eyes in my friend here, " he said as he pointed to the still sparking Electric Pokemon.

For a moment, Ash said nothing.. he could only stare at his friends..

.. a couple of the very few friend he had in this world..

..lying there hurt and in pain...

"..Sage..." he whispered as he thought back to when he and the smart but surly little Abra first met. How they found each other after both being alone for so long...

"..Skye.." His beautiful brave Butterfree who was willing to give her life, even as a humble Metapod, to save him...

"..Cleffa.." His newest friend that, even though they had just met moments ago, he already felt a connection to, because of her bravery and strength even in one so young..

..and now...

"And I guarantee that you will meet a similar fate if you continue to resist," The so called Scientist uttered with a smirk on his face, "Now be a good little boy and.. hmm?"

He stopped when he noticed the boy clenching his fists so tightly that he thought he would cut through his gloves. Then, his whole body started shaking, lightly yet uncontrollably.

"Humph! Angry are we?" The Rocket Exec snorted, "Well that won't help you now, so... huh?!"

He stopped again when he saw Ash's entire body light up with a faint blue glow..

That's when Ash slowly turned toward him, and he thought his heart was going to stop. The boy's eyes were glowing bright blue! And if looked could kill... well he would be way more than 6 feet under the mountain by now..

"You hurt my friends.." the boy say in a low, deceptively even voice, "my starter.. hundreds of innocent Pokemon and trainers.. but your biggest mistake.." he said as an almost evil smirk made it to his normally childish face, "was pissing me off.."

The evil scientist could only look on in a mixture of shock and fear as the boy slowly started to approach him. What was this power? Was the child a psychic? Or some kind of monster in disguise? Best not to take chances..

"E-Electabuzz, Thunderbolt that freakish brat!" The man shouted, a slight stutter making its way through as the Rocket Exec gave his order. The Electric Pokemon immediately complied as its body sparked dangerously before shooting a large arch of thunder at the boy in front of him.

The young psychic merely regarded the attack with a huff before stepping to the side, allowing the electricity to pass him and hit the sleeping and, in some cases, twitching, Rocket grunts on the floor.

"W-What?!" The man exclaimed in shock, only to see that that boy was now coming towards him at an accelerated pace, "Electabuzz, what are you waiting for?! Shut that kid down! Thunderbolt!"

The Electric type nodded before sending another volley of lightning toward the incoming human..

.. who once again merely dodged the attack and kept coming!

"What the..! Electabuzz, use Fire Punch on that little creep!" the man yelled, almost depserately. Electabuzz once again complied as he leapt forward, fist ablaze.

During this whole time, Ash was in his own world. Every conscious, present mind was now an open book to him. Every thought, every feeling, every intention was crystal clear. 'I haven't felt this.. in years..' he thought to himself as he dashed forward. The feeling was.. intoxicating.. His mind was on overdrive, on a high that he never wanted to come down from. And the best part, no annoying headache!

With his heightened abilities, he was able to sense the man's every thought, along with every move he and Electabuzz were going to make before it was made. With this newfound ability, he easily dodged the incoming FirePunch, weaving around the large and, in his opinion, somewhat clumsy electric type, and smacking it in the back of the head, before running straight for the corrupted Executive.

"Oh no you don't!" The man said as he pulled something out from the inside of his jacket: a large barreled gun that seemingly fired non-lethal pellets with enough force to cripple grown man. Usually such weapons were extremely exclusive, though not illegal to have like their more lethal cousins. Such is the perk of being an executive.

Without hesitation, the man shot two pellets at the 10-year-old's head, aiming to knock him out, possibly permanently.

But Ash saw the pellets coming, knew what their trajectory would be, and managed to duck underneath the flying ammo at the last second, leaving the man in shock.

"Wh-what?! I-Impossible!" he yelled as he prepared to fire again. Unfortunately for him, that small moment of stupified shock was all Ash needed to get close enough to deliver a wicked haymaker followed by a rage-charged uppercut.

Now, Ash was typically not a fighter, and would never be one to resort to violence unless absolutely necessary. But in this situation, in which his friends were possibly critically hurt right in front of his eyes...

..yeah, no more Mr. Nice Guy.

The executive could say nothing as he was sent sprawling to the ground, still conscious, but definitely thrown for a loop, his glasses sent clamoring to the ground next to him. As he struggled to stand, Ash's power chose that moment the fade, the blue that surround him and flooded his eyes slowly but surely ebbing away, leaving the boy dazed and wobbly.

It was then that Electabuzz chose to make itself known again after recovering from Ash's backhanded attack..

"EYYAHHHH!" Was all that could be heard as Ash was struck by a powerful Thunderbolt, sending him forward and onto his hands and knee.

Seeing this through slight double vision, the Executive chuckled, "good work.. took you long hit that little pest.." he said with a smirk as he struggled to stand, only to fall to one knee from the effects of a dizzy spell, "still.. he packed one hell of a punch.. and what was that power he had.." he mumbled in thought before shrugging, "all well.. either way, he's more trouble than he's worth."

Picking up his bent glasses, the Scientist nodded to Electbuzz, "Alright, do us all a favor and fry that bat with your best. Thunder!"

The Pokemon nodded, uncaring of the life in front of him that he was about to snuff out, and began twirling his arms as he built up power, sending sparks everywhere as he launched his attack-

"Rhydon! Intercept and use Drill Run!" A new, yet familiar voice called out

Upon command, a huge rock rhino came charging from the darkness and intercepted the thunder attack, its Lightning Rod ability being put to good use. Then, without missing a beat, charged towards the enemy Electabuzz with this drill-like horn spinning rapidly.

"Electabuzz, Brick Break!" The Scientist called out desperately. They were so close! This mission had to be successful! If not... he didn't want to think about it...

Both Pokemon charged towards each other at full speed, ignoring whatever stood in between them, which included the sleeping bodies of Rocket grunts that were either casually stepped on or blasted out of the way.

Shining horn met glowing fist as the Pokemon's attack's landed, causing a miniature shockwave to blast through the cavern. On the sidelines, Ash could only watch in shock as the two powerful pokemon tried to best each other and struggle for dominance. What also shocked him was the voice of Rhyhorn's trainer, which sounded oddly familiar.

Then, from the shadows of the adjacent tunnel that he originally came in from, stood a tall figure with spiky hair and slanted eyes, with several other figures right behind him.

"Brock!" Ash said excitedly, happy to see a familiar face. The teenage gym leader smiled and nodded back to him, before turning back to the situation with a serious look on his face, "Rhydon, combine with Hammer Arm!"

With a deep grunt, the rock type's huge fist started to glow before it lunged forward, striking the offensive Electibuzz square in the gut, dealing a critical hit.

"Grrr! I cannot LOSE!" The Rocket Exec shouted angrily as his pokemon was blown back, "Electabuzz, get back in there with Screech! then Brick Break!"

As the electric type stood up on shaky legs, it took a deep breath before letting out an ear-splitting high-pitched sound that reverberated through the cavern walls, strong enough to cause some of the smaller stalactites to fall from the cavern's ceiling.

Ash let out a scream as he desperately held his hands over his ears, desperately trying to block out the sounds of Electabuzz's echoing screech. Brock and the officers with him were no better, as the noise had brought some of them to their knees.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, it had an entirely different effect on Rhydon..

The pain of the noise bouncing around in its head, combined with the disorientation that comes hand in hand with even a normal screech, one that wasn't amplified by cavern walls, caused it to slip into an uncontrollable rage!

As Electabuzz ended his attack, Rhydon let out a roar of unbridled anger as he turned red eyes on the enemy electric type. Needless to say, if Electabuzz was wearing pants, they would've been very wet at that moment.

"Ah! Electabuzz, get out of there!" The evil man yelled to his pokemon, who could only stand there, frozen in fear as Rhydon charged him. Within seconds, the normally slow rock type had closed the distance between it and Electabuzz and used a full power Drill Run right into its solar plexis. The electric type couldn't even scream as the wind was knocked out of him and its internal organ got seemingly rearranged. It was unconscious before it hit the ground.

"Gah! You stupid..GRAH!" The Rocket said in rage as he recalled his electric type, before taking a deep breath to calm his nerves, "No matter.." he said softly, before an almost maniacal chuckle escaped his lips, "I always have a back-up plan.." he said as he reached for a second pokeball.

"Oh no you don't !" was all the man heard before he was tackled from behind and sent forward, almost face-faulting into the cavern floor. It only took him a second the realize that it was that psychic brat from earlier, trying his best with his much lighter-weighted body to subdue him.

"Wh- Get off me you little freakish runt!"

Even though he couldn't help but wince at the jab, Ash refused to let the man up. He was too dangerous to let go free. Even as the evil man thrashed and kicked, he wouldn't let go!

That was when Brock and the others came over, with the Gym Leader giving the boy a pat on the back, "Ok Ash, we'll take it from here," he said with a deep chuckle that was shared by the rest of the crew. Something about an evil Rocket executive being literally taken down by a 10 year old was too damn funny.

As soon as the man was let up, he was immediately cuffed, "Mr. Scientist, or should I say Gaylord Cannon, you are hereby under arrest. Anything you say.."

Ash wasn't really paying attention to the rest of the officer's speech. He was too busy busting out laughing. So that explained why the guy wouldn't say his name.. He really wouldn't have taken him seriously if he had known that. Sage probably would've...

...He froze...


"Sage! Skye!" the young telepath yelled as he sprinted across the cave, Ignoring the League officials that had started collecting the Rocket grunts. As soon as he saw them, his heart stopped..

Skye, Sage, and little Cleffa were all unconscious against the wall, badly hurt in some way or another. A League official that had found him looked up at Ash with a concerned frown on her face.

"Are these your Pokemon?" She asked him as he got closer and knelt down, tears brimming in his eyes as he looked over his teammates-no, his family, "T-Two of them Cleffa is wild.." he stuttered as he reached out to lightly brush Sage's cheek. In response, the young Abra winced slightly before relaxing into his touch.

"I know it's hard, but we need to get them to a Pokemon Center right away or they won't- Oh!" The League woman stopped short as someone or something approached from behind him. Turning around, Ash was shocked to see, not just one or two, but what seemed like the entire populace of Clefairy and Clefable that lived within Mount Moon, led by a larger, and much older looking Clefable.

All of the League trainers and Officers, Brock included, looked on in awe at the group in front of them. There are people (Like Seymour) that search for the Clefairy all of their lives, yet never even see a glimpse of their existence. Now here, right in front of them, was an entire extended family of at least twenty of them.

Everyone looked on in silent awe as the elder Clefable stepped forward, stopping next to Ash as she looked on sadly at the battered and bruised pokemon, mostly, of one noticed, at the little Cleffa that now sported electrical burns all over her frail body.

The young trainer couldn't help but look at the elder as more tears came to his eyes, "I.. I'm sorry... sh-she wanted to help with her singing move and I... *sniffle* I'm so sorry I couldn't protect her!" he said as he bowed in forgiveness, his tears wetting the cave floor.

The Elder Clefable looked at the boy with sorrow in her eyes before placing a dainty hand on his head. When he looked up, Ash saw the old Pokemon nod to him with a sad smile, "it is alright young one. Young Faye here is a spirited one. I assure you that she will be fine."

Hearing the voice in his head, he nodded back in response, before asking softly, "her name is Faye?"

The Fairy type nodded before stepping forward toward the three burned and unconscious Pokemon, before lifting and hovering her hand over the group, watching as it turned a silvery white. Then, soothing waves of energy started slowly expanding over the three hurt pokemon, carrying with it a soothing chime-like sound that instant put the mind and the body at ease.

"Is that..." Ash whispered slowly as he watched the Clefable with wide, unblinking eyes.

"Yes, that's Heal Bell!" the League trainer answered, "It's a very advanced technique, I didn't even know Clefable could learn it!"

"I believe that they can under special conditions.." Brock stated as he walked over, "though it is very, very rare. This is the first time I've seen a wild Clefable that was able to do it."

As the humans conversed, The queen Fairy's magic was doing its work. Slowly but surely, the wounds on all three afflicted Pokemon faded away, leaving healthy, if not barely discolored, skin and fur. Shortly after, the magic light faded, taking its beautiful charm with it.

Seconds later, all three started to stir..




"...Guys!" Ash yelled out excitedly as he pulled them into a hug, "you're all ok!"

"Ack! Come on Ash, I can't breathe!" Sage yelled as she waved her arms around frantically. Hearing her panic, Ash immediately let go of them, scratching the back of his head sheepishly, "uhh, woops.. heh..sorry guys, I'm just glad you're ok now."

"Ugh.. someone get the license plate number of that bus?" Skye groaned out as she rubbed her head.

Cleffa said nothing at first, just looking around the crowd of Fairy Pokemon from side to side.

"Hmm? Cleffa? You ok?" Ash asked, not using her actual name so not to draw curious glances from the other humans in the room

Again, Cleffa said nothing, until..

"MEMMA!" the little pokemon yelled with glee as she nearly sprinted over to one of the Clefairy, who picked her up and hugged the little star pokemon with all its might.

"Oh my little Faye, I was so worried about you!" The Clefairy, Faye's mother obviously, cried out, "Don't you ever worry me like that again! You're supposed to be with the other young ones, safe and sound!"

"I know memma.." Faye whimpered softly, "but when you and the others didn't come back, I got scared! I looked and saw those men in black and knew something was wrong. Then I saw this nice human, "she pointed to Ash before continuing, "and heard that he was gonna help! So I helped him with my singing. Wasn't it good?" the little Cleffa asked with a happy smile, obviously proud of her accomplishment.

The mother Clefairy and others that were listening, looked on at little Faye with a mixture of awe, pride, and, in some cases humor. This Cleffa was always a little more adventurous and curious than the average youngling. Independent and brave yet always loyal and loving to her family and friends. A little ray of sunshine in their moonlit world.

Mysteriously, the mother Clefairy nodded her head and looked to the Elder, who only smiled and nodded her head in return. Faye merely looked in between them with her head tilted, a look of confusion on her face.

Ash, who had been watching the entire exchange silently, also had a look of confusion on his face, wondering what the mom and the Elder were doing. Was something going to happen to little Faye? Would she be punished for getting involved? He hoped not.. she was the reason their plan was so successful.. the initial plan anyway.

He couldn't read their thoughts... something was blocking him, like a large wall of mysterious bright light. Was this an ability that the Clefairy had? To block out and protect their minds from Psychic influence? Or was this just all the Elder Clefable's doing? She did seem incredibly powerful, and had abilities that have never been seen before with normal wild Clefable.

Then again, what did they know. ...Humans barely knew anything about the moon loving Fairy types..

"Ash?" A familiar, yet very welcomed voice called out to him in what sounded like surprise.

Broken from his line of thought, the young esper quickly turned around, meeting face to face with his childhood friend.

"Gary!" Ash said excitedly as he got up, hugging the other boy in a bro-hug, which was quickly returned in a fit of laughter.

"Haha! Woah there, Ashy-boy! You act like you haven't seen me in years!" Gary chuckled as he smiled brightly at his shorter friend. Yes, Ash was shorter than Gary, but only by a few inches, just enough for the auburn tease him about it every so often.

"Well, can you blame me? You weren't exactly in the best situation," Ash said as his smile started to fade, "I was really worried that Team Rocket had hurt you... How did you get captured anyway?"

At his question, Gary just snorted as a deep frown appeared on his face , "bastards ambushed me while I was trying to make my way through the caves. I was wondering why there were lights up everywhere, when some crazy guy named Seymour told me that thieves were attacking the mountain and pretty much begged for me help.." he then let out a long sigh, "and..well you see where that got me.."

"Yeah, I met that guy too, "Ash explained, "he was threatened by Team Rocket into helping him. He really isn't all bad, just cowardly and a tad crazy..." he said as a deadpanned look made its way to his face at the thought of the eccentric scientist.

Gary merely nodded at the explanation, before smirking and thinking, 'Of course, you would know, with that little gift of yours.. Probably as able to figure out the whole issue real quick, huh?'

The young telepath couldn't help but let out a chuckle as he slightly nodded, then turned back to the Clefairies and Clefables, only to see three of them coming towards him.

It was Faye, her mother, and the Elder Clefable, the latter two having small, sad smiles on her faces. He still couldn't read their minds, but somehow, he didn't feel he needed to. Especially when the Cleffa hopped over to him on her stubby legs and jumped into his arms.

"Memma and Gram say I can come with you!" Faye said happily before adopting a look of panic, "that's ok, right? Please say that's ok!"

Ash just stared at her with large eyes for a few moments. A Cleffa, once of the rarest Pokemon in the world, one never seen in Mt Moon, and one that he had already made friends with, wants to come with him. And if her Sing attack was anything to go by, she would definitely be one tough little fairy when she grew up.

After getting over his moment of shock, Ash put a bright smile on his face, "O-of course you can come with me!" he said excitedly, though not loud enough to attract too much attention, "but.. why would you want to come with me? "

"Cuz! Your fun!" The little Cleffa explained, "here I'm treated like a baby all the time! I want to go out exploring!" she said before a sad smile, not unlike her mother's, made its way to her pink face, "I'll miss Memma and Gram.. but I don't want to stay here forever! I wanna go see everything!" she yelled, getting excited again, "And you're nice! You can understand me, and you're other Pokemon are great too! I wanna join!"

With a slow blink, Ash nodded, before looking towards the mother Clefairy and Elder Clefable, who had been watching the entire exchange. Both of them simultaneously smiled and nodded.

"This young one has always been a restless one. That, and through her brave act, she has proven herself ready to leave the nest. We believe she will be happier traveling outside of the mountain," The Elder said in a soft voice.

"I agree.." the mother started, "I love my daughter and will miss her dearly, but her destiny lies beyond the walls of Mt. Moon."

Upon hearing the explanation, Ash smiled and nodded, before turning back to Gary, who had been joined by Brock in watching the conversation.

He looked at them both and flashed an awkward smile, "well guys.. my newest Pokemon?"

While Gary just laughed, not surprised at his unofficial brother's antics, Brock was just plain shocked, "really ? she wants to come with you? A pokemon from the Clefairy Line of Mt Moon?" His shock was understandable. After all, there have been no documented captures of the fairy type in or around the mysterious mountain. They were too rare, too smart, and too elusive to let themselves be captured.

But now...

"Well then.." Brock started, "this is certainly something for the record books.." he said with a smile, the frowned, "then again.. ifs its all the same with you , Ash, I'd rather not have this little event go public.."

Ash merely nodded in agreement. he didn't have to read Brock's mind to understand why the older teen would want that. If word got out that a Pokemon of the Clefairy line was captured in Mount Moon, the area would be put into a similar, if not worse, state than when the Rockets were here. Trainers from all over would flaunt to the mountain, tearing it apart rock by rock, thus wrecking the ecosystem, just for a change to capture a Clefairy or Clefable.

Not only that, but said trainers would only be putting themselves in danger from the natural hazards that Mt. moon is better known for. Stalactite stabbings, Zubat attacks, cave-ins, steep drops, just to name a few. There would probably be more trainer injuries than Pokemon ones, possibly even death...

No.. best to keep this secret..

"I understand, Brock," Ash responded with a nod, "You have my word that no one outside the three of us will know how I got Cleffa."

Brock merely smiled and nodded, "that's all I ask," he then turned towards Gary, "and you?"

"Of course! I promise not to tell as well," the boy said with a nod, "last thing I want is to get my little bro here in more trouble than he already gets himself into." he smirked, successfully getting a rise out of his raven-haired friend

"Ha ha! Very funny!" the young raven hair said with puffed up cheeks.

"Huh? You two are brothers?" Brock asked, slightly confused

"Yeah, by everything but blood," Ash explained as he held his newest pokemon, "I practically grew up with Gary and Professor Oak. They're the closest thing I have to family in this world," he said with a sad smile, remembering briefly how his father left, soon followed by his mother.

The Gym Leader merely nodded at the explanation with a small smile. watching the two ten-year olds react reminded him of his own family and his own relationship with his brother, Forrest. Speaking of which..

"Well, since it looks like things here are fine now, I gotta head back to Pewter, report what happened to Officer Jenny," he said as he looked around the room, which as now almost clear of Rockets.

"Uhh, why didn't she come along?" Ash asked curiously, to which Brock just shrugged, "she hasn't felt comfortable leaving the city since the last robbery attempt at the museum, so instead he just sent some of her best men instead"

To his explanation, the boys just shrugged, "makes sense.." Gary commented, 'not really..'

"I guess," Ash nodded in return, letting out a small snort at Gary's thought, "I guess we'll see you later then.. Oh, and Brock?"


The young trainer couldn't help but smirk here, "try not to flirt with Officer Jenny, she doesn't appreciate that."

"Yeah, you're probably righ- wait, what?! How did you-" the older teen sputtered, causing the boys to laugh at his expense.

It was then that Sage made herself known again by teleporting to Ash's shoulder, "Ash, I hate to break up your little bro-chat, but can we get out of here? I don't want to stay in this creepy cave any longer,"


"heh, well I guess that's Sage's way of telling me she wants to get out of here.." the young trainer said with a chuckle, "I guess it is getting late.. or early.." he then frowned, "what time is it, anyway?"

"Around midnight, if my watch is correct," Gary answered while looking down at his sport watch.

"Midnight?!" Cleffa suddenly spoke up, "Wait a second, put me down!"

As soon as Ash placed the little pink ball on the ground, she bounded over to her memma and the Elder, "before I go, can we show them, pleaaasse! They deserve to see our ritual!"

'Ritual?' Ash thought to himself, as the others looked on with similar expressions.

The mother looked down at her daughter before looking up at the Elder, "What do you say, Gran-Memma?"

The old Clefable looked down in thought for a moment, before nodded, "I suppose she is right. For helping our clan, they do deserve to see our ritual."

"YAAYYY!" Faye cheered before hopping back over to Ash and pulling on his pant-leg, "come on! The dance will start soon!" she said before hopping away to join the other fairies.

"Huh? Hey wait up!" Ash called out as he ran after her, quickly followed by Gary and Brock.


After running what seemed like an endless amount of countless tunnels and pitch black caverns, the boys finally made it to the final room, which left them all in silent awe.

The room was actually a huge cavern with no ceiling or roof, causing it to extend all the way to the top of Mt. Moon, causing it to look like a giant funnel.

"Woah.." Gary whispered, "this goes all the way to the top of Mt. Moon!"

"Yeah, and look at that!" Ash uttered as he pointed up, " the light from the full moon lights up the entire cavern!"

"And that's not all its doing...look at the Clefairy" Brock said as he watched the Clefairy excitedly dance around.. a boulder? ..No not a boulder!

"Th-That's a Moon stone!" the gym leader yelled in awe, "I recognize that signature!"

"What?!" "That huge rock?!" Gary and Ash yelled respectively

"Yup!" the bubbly little voice of Faye butted in, "and now we pray to the great Moon Stone and thank it for protecting us and blessing us!"

"Heh, really now," Ash whispered before relaying what the little Cleffa said to Gary, who lightly nodded with a smile.

"Moonstone, Moonstone, bless our night"

"Bless us, Bathe us in your light"

"Please Cresselia, here our prayers"

"May the full moon witness bare"

This was the pray they chanted over and over as the light of the full moon intensified, lighting up the whole cave.

"Cresselia?" Ash whispered as he translated the prayer to his brunette friend, who quietly answered,

"Lunar Pokemon from Sinnoh, a Legendary actually"

Their light conversation was cut off when the moonlight started to shine, causing the Moon stone to glow brightly, like a second sun.

Seconds later, the glowing faded, and what met the eyes of Ash and the others was amazing. Several of the Clefairy had successfully evolved into Clefable, including Faye's mother, or memma.

"Woah.." all three boys said at once, all amazed by the sight before them. Why wouldn't they be. This was probably something that no one had ever witnessed before or will ever witness again.

"Amazing.." Brock breathed out as the boys nodded in agreement.

As soon as the last of the bright light left the cavern, the Clefairy and Clefable broke into cheers, hopping and echoing their shouts of happiness through the cavern.

"YAY! Thank you Cresselia, Thank you MoonStone!" the Clefable shouted to the skies.

Ash could only smile at their happiness as he watched. His smile only widened when little Faye came bounding over and landed in his arms.

"YAY! This only happens once every thirteen moons, aren't we lucky?!"

Her new trainer couldn't help but chuckle and nod, "yes we are.. very lucky" he whispered as he rubbed his cheek against hers. A sign of affection and thanks for all his newest pokemon had done for him so far, even before she was officially his. And this was just the beginning.

'If this is what we get from just one day with Faye, then I can't wait for more adventures' the young mind reader thought to himself.

'Well I can..' responded the always opinionative Sage as she crossed her arms, 'especially those involving Team Rocket morons,'

'Heh, now that, I definitely hear you on' he mentally responded.

Yes, hopefully this would be the last time they run into Team Rocket for a while. Of course, thinking about them had him thinking back what happened back at the original cavern.

'What was that, anyway? I've never had that happen before..'

'hmm?' Sage asked as she turned to him, 'what never happened before?'

'Uhh, nothing.. don't worry about it,' he sent to her with a reassuring smile, one that she did not buy but let go for now. Going by today's events, they would have a long journey ahead of them, so it was best not to get distracted. And if the craziness that she and her trainer had already encountered was anything to go by, then she best not let her guard down.

'That tears it!' the Little Abra thought to herself, 'from now on, I'm going to train and train hard. No one's going to get the upper hand on me or Ash again. That is my promise!'

Right next to her, Ash couldn't help but smile. Sage has been through a lot in her short life, especially with Team Rocket and poachers. Looks like this and their previous experiences was just the motivation she needed. And she wasn't alone

'I'm right there with ya, Sage,' Ash thought with a smile, 'Don't worry, we'll both get stronger ..together..'


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