Harry Potter, Unexpected Animagus

With the love of a good woman, Harry becomes more confident and learns to handle the embarrassment that comes from being a teenage boy as well as an unexpected animagus. Set during the Tri-Wizard Tournament. Severe Ron bashing ahead.



7. Chapter 7

Fred and George eagerly gave the portrait of the Fat Lady the current password and hurried into the Gryffindor common room as soon as she swung aside. Their afternoon Potions class had been canceled with a note on the classroom door that simply said Professor Snape had come down with some sort of ailment and that classes would most likely resume next week. The twins recognized the flowery handwriting on the note as that of Madam Pomfrey even if it did look a bit more shaky than usual. The young pranksters couldn't wait to get the fourth year Marauders' versions of what had happened since it was finally the day they were planning on executing the second part of "Project O-Face". Fred paused for a moment as he scanned over the common room and didn't see any sign of their friends. His brother tugged on his arm and pointed at the boy's dorm on the second floor. Hermione and Luna were sitting on either side of the doorway leading into the boy's bathroom. Even from the floor of the common room, the twins could see the worried expressions painted on the girls' faces. Not wasting any time, the twins ran up the stairs taking the steps two at a time.

"Fade, what's wrong?" George asked gently as he knelt next to the bushy haired Marauder. He spoke softly enough so only she and Luna could hear him. Instead of answering, Hermione shuddered as if reliving a traumatic memory. With a jerk of his head, George indicated that Fred should go into the bathroom to see if he could help in there.

After a moment, Fred came back out looking confused and more than slightly disturbed. He turned toward the girls and held up two fingers. "Okay, two questions. The first question is why is Harry bent over a toilet throwing up hard enough that I swear I saw bits of last year's Welcoming Feast come out? And two - why is Neville curled up in a fetal position crying on the shower floor fully dressed under a stream of hot water?" he inquired.

Luna answered the question, knowing that Hermione was still trying to come to grips with what had occurred. "Part two of Project O-Face didn't exactly work out like we thought it would," she stated simply.

Trying to imagine how their plan could have failed so miserably, George put his hand on Hermione's shoulder in a show of support. "If you feel up to it, Fade, tell us what happened. If you need more time, that's fine," he suggested.

Hermione took a shuddering breath and calmed herself. She looked up at George and gave him a weak smile while she used his hand to help her stand up. "Thanks, Janus," she replied softly. She took in another deep breath before telling them the story of what had happened during their morning Potions class. "At the beginning, everything went like clockwork. Thanks to your notes, we knew we would be working on the flame freezing potion this week. Since the potion has to be mixed in a room with an ambient temperature of at least 49 degrees Celsius, we chose today to put the plan in motion," she reminded them. "The room was sweltering causing everybody to sweat profusely. Neville waited until Snape walked past his workbench to pull out a perma-cold enchanted bottle of butterbeer from his bag, uncork it, and put the bottle to his lips. Like we planned, Snape swept over and snatched the bottle out of Neville's hands," she told them. Both twins noticed the lack of an honorific before Snape's name in her story but decided not to mention it. "Snape docked us 20 points for a potions safety violation, smirked, and drank the entire bottle of butterbeer in front of Neville. For his part, Neville was great. He acted like he was furious and muttered about how much the perma-cold bottle had cost," she relayed to them.

"Sounds like the prank went off flawlessly. What went wrong?" Fred asked.

Hermione sighed and her brows furrowed in frustration. "I'm not really sure. The only thing I can think of is that either the high heat in the room, or the fact that we mixed the orgasm potion with butterbeer, or possibly a combination of both caused the potion to work differently than it normally does," she sighed. "Instead of just causing Snape to randomly ejaculate, he started verbalizing his favorite sexual fantasies before having an orgasm. His first fantasy was a very vivid and graphic depiction of what he wanted to do to the body of Harry's mom. The fact that she has been dead for over 13 years only seemed to add more spice to his fantasy," she relayed to them.

"That explains why Harry is praying to the porcelain god, but what about Neville?" Fred prodded.

Hermione shuddered again. "After his first orgasm, Snape went onto his next favorite sexual fantasy. Unfortunately for Neville, this one involved Neville tied naked across the back of a Shetland pony while Snape buggered him wearing only a black and silver tutu and humming the tune to 'God Save the Queen'. After that, things started to get really weird," she managed to say.

The twins just stood still, the rapid blinking of their eyes the only sign they were processing what they had heard. Hermione put her hands on her hips in her trademarked pose of displeasure. "Honestly… there is no way a snake that size could survive with its head shoved up Neville's butt the way Snape described. Obviously the snake would suffocate after a only few moments and wouldn't be able to wiggle its tongue in the fashion Snape described," she said while rolling her eyes in disgust. Hermione looked first at George and then Fred. "And trust me you, you DON'T want to know about the fantasies he has about the two of you," she added. The twins suddenly thought that both Harry and Neville's reactions were perfectly normal. In fact if anything, they thought the other two were handling the event rather well all things considered.

Footsteps on the stairs leading to the boy's part of the dorms brought their conversation to a close. All of their heads looked over as they heard Professor McGonagall clear her throat. The twins recognized the look in her eyes as the one she got before punishing them after they had got caught doing a rather complex prank. She looked the group over for a second, letting her cold glare sink in and start eroding their confidence in their own cleverness. "Where are Harry and Neville?" she demanded, her tone sharp enough to cut stone with.

Hermione pointed to the bathroom. "In there, Professor. They aren't feeling well at the moment," she replied.

McGonagall glanced once to the bathroom door and then back at the group assembled outside of it. "As soon as Harry and Neville are able, you three Gryffindors will escort them to the Headmaster's Office. Ms. Lovegood, you will go there as well. Professor Flitwick will be there as Head of your house. The Headmaster is away on business for the tournament and his office is the only one large enough to deal with the six of you at one time," she instructed them. With a final glance at the bathroom, her eyes lost some of their hardness. "If Harry and Neville are unable to be in the Headmaster's office in thirty minutes, we will have this discussion in the Hospital Wing while Madam Pomfrey looks them over," she ordered and then walked back down the stairs.

*****Unexpected Animagus*****

Harry popped another sugar free mint provided by Hermione into his mouth as he led his Marauders into Professor Dumbledore's office to face the consequences of their prank. When he stepped inside, he saw Professor McGonagall seated behind the Headmaster's desk while Professor Flitwick stood next to the desk with his arms folded across his chest. Without having to be asked, the Marauders each took one of the six empty chairs arrayed in a semicircle in front of the desk.

Once the students were all seated, Flitwick took a step forward and pointed a long, skinny finger at Harry. "What in the name of Rowena's Resplendit Rack were you thinking using Charlus' orgasm potion?!" he demanded. "Forget about expulsion, I should have you sent to the Goblin Dragon pens to work as a stall cleaners for what you did!" he added as he puffed up his chest in righteous anger.

McGonagall shook her head sadly and placed a calming hand on the diminutive Charms Professor's shoulder. "Perhaps we should give them a chance to admit their guilt and explain themselves before we assign any type punishment," she said with an unexpected air of gentleness.

Hermione watched her two favorite Professors and had a hunch about what she was seeing. Luna falling out of her chair laughing told her the young Ravenclaw had jumped to the same conclusion. Hermione's smile caused Professor Flitwick to relax his posture and start to laugh along with Luna. He looked up at McGonagall and chuckled, "I told you Good Professor / Bad Professor wouldn't work with this lot."

McGonagall tilted her head so she could look over her glasses at her friend. "It might have if you had let me be the Bad Professor," she chided him.

Flitwick shrugged his shoulders in a noncommittal fashion. "It was my turn and I've been practicing in front of a mirror," he replied. Leaning an arm comfortably on the desk, he looked back at Harry. "Judging from your confused expression, I would be willing to bet you are wondering how Professor McGonagall and I knew exactly what potion was used," he stated. Harry nodded his head in agreement. "You see, Mr. Potter, Minnie… I mean Professor McGonagall… and I were both very good friends of your Grandparents. We had both volunteered to be test subjects when Charlus invented that potion," he explained.

All six of the Marauders looked like they had been smacked in the back of the head by a bludger. Flitwick chuckled again at their identical expressions of disbelief. "You didn't actually think we spend the entire summer break sitting around the castle did you?" he asked rhetorically. "Since Mr. Malfoy started experiencing very specific symptoms shortly after your visit to the Potter Family vault, it was easy to connect the dots as the Muggles say," Flitwick surmised.

"Be that as it may, you six are still in a lot of trouble. Your little prank has sent four people to the hospital wing- three victims of your prank and one injured from collateral damage," McGonagall told them. She arched an eyebrow in surprise as the new Marauders looked even more confused. Deciding to continue, McGonagall pulled out several parchments from a folder. "The six of you could be facing charges of maliciously causing harm to one student and two professors," she stated looking at the top piece of parchment.

Fred held his hands up for McGonagall to stop. "Wait… wait… what do you mean 'malicious harm' and what do you mean by two professors?!" he asked. "I would think 48 hours of orgasmic bliss would be considered a gift, not something meant to harm someone," he argued.

McGonagall looked down at Flitwick who nodded his head. He stepped forward and looked both twins in the eyes, one at a time. "I don't mean to embarrass you two, but what is the highest number of orgasms you have had in a single day?" he inquired.

Fred looked at George who shrugged his shoulders. "Five, Professor," George replied.

"I see… and why did you stop at five?" Flitwick prodded.

"Well, you see, after the fifth time, our nuts started to ache and… oh… ah… oops," Fred said as he realized their mistake.

Flitwick nodded his head. "Yes, I see you understand now. Like I said earlier, I volunteered to be one of Charlus' test subjects way back when. By the end of the second day, my testicles felt like the Holyhead Harpies had used them for bludger practice," he explained.

Professor McGonagall took over again and shifted to the second piece of parchment. "According to Madam Pomfrey, young Mr. Malfoy is suffering from delirium brought on by exhaustion and dehydration. She also said his testicles… and I quote… 'look like tiny, shriveled up prunes'. However she does add that since he is a male Malfoy, she can't say with certainty whether or not the shrunken size of his testicle can be fully attributed to the potion," she read. She put down the report on Malfoy and picked up the report on Snape. After glancing at it for a few seconds, she put it back down. "I would tell you what Madam Pomfrey has to report about Professor Snape, but her handwriting is so shaky, I can't make heads nor tails of it. I personally checked in on Professor Babbling and while she looks completely exhausted, it might be weeks before her smile wears off," she added.

"Professor Babbling?! How did she get dosed?" Harry blurted out. He looked at the other Marauders and all of them except for Luna shrugged their shoulders in confusement.

"That explains it…" Luna muttered to herself loud enough for everyone else to hear. The room grew very quiet before Luna started to explain her hypothesis. "For a brief moment after I dosed Malfoy during our introduction prank, I felt the weight of the potion vial vanish. Almost as soon as I realized that it was gone, I could feel the potion back in my pocket," she said. "Professor Flitwick, you were sitting next to Professor Babbling. Did she say or do anything right after Malfoy started humping the table?" she inquired.

Flitwick frowned for a moment while he recalled that evening. His frown switched to a grin that was followed by a short burst of laughter. "Oh my… I think Professor Babbling has just got a lesson in watching what she wishes for. Right after Malfoy's rather loud climax, Professor Babbling told a House Elf 'I'll have what he's having.' I think we can safely check her name off the list of intended victims. Besides, by the very nature of the differences in men and women, I doubt she would want to press charges anyway," he stated. Professor McGonagall slid some of the parchments into the wastebin next to the desk. Flitwick stood on his toes to look at the next parchment on the desk. "To be fair, we probably shouldn't charge them with the unintentional injury either," he stated. He waited a brief second before answering the question he knew the students would ask. "Mr. Filch was asked to come in and clean up the Slytherin common room after both Mr. Malfoy and Professor Snape had been in there. To aid Mr. Filch, we put out the lights and I cast a variant of the Lumos charm that I had developed to assist Aurors at crime scenes. The spell only casts light in the UV spectrum. As you may or may not know, bodily fluids fluoresce under Ultraviolet light. After I cast my charm, the glare was so bright, it was as if we standing on a pristine snowfield at high noon. I nearly dropped my wand and poor Argus fainted, striking his head on a table as he fell," he told them.

"Be that as it may, they are still responsible for what has happened to Professor Snape and Mr. Malfoy," McGonagall reminded her friend.

"Actually, Professor, we aren't responsible for what happened to Professor Snape," Hermione stated. McGonagall raised an eyebrow in surprise. She couldn't think of any other time she had heard Hermione contradict a professor. "What happened was entirely his fault, and if I read the school charter correctly, he was also in violation of the school's policy against illegally using something confiscated from a student. He also clearly violated the safety protocols for a Potions lab and had the nerve to dock points from us for almost doing the same," Hermione said in a straightforward manner.

"Those are some serious accusations Ms. Granger," McGonagall pointed out, frowning at the young woman.

Harry snorted in frustration. "And accusing us of 'maliciously harming a professor' isn't?" he challenged.

Professor McGonagall raised her hands in a calming gesture. "All I'm saying is I hope you have evidence to backup your claims," she stated.

Hermione pointed towards a cabinet in the corner of the room that held Dumbledore's pensieve behind a set of glass doors. "I will gladly volunteer my memories for you to view in the Headmaster's pensieve," she offered.

Professor McGonagall sighed loudly. What Hermione was suggesting was something she herself had asked of Dumbledore on many different occasions. "I'm sorry, Ms. Granger, but Headmaster Dumbledore has refused to let us view any student memories in the past, even if it would clear up questions of such a serious matter as this," she apologized. McGonagall turned her head to watch as her old friend walked towards the cabinet. "Filius… what are you doing?" she asked.

"I guess it's a good thing the Headmaster isn't here to tell us no then, is it?" Flitwick asked rhetorically as he unlatched the glass doors and pulled out the rolling drawer the pensieve stood on. He looked over his shoulder and winked at the twins, "The Marauders weren't the first group of their kind at a school this old. I've always wanted to try my hand at this thing," he admitted.

McGonagall closed her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose to stave off the headache she was getting. After a moment, she put her hand down and looked at Flitwick. "Alright, but if you tell the students what my nickname was in school, I'll permanently transfigure your underthings into a chastity belt and then feed the key to the giant squid," she warned her friend. Walking over to the cabinet she asked, "I take it you know how to provide a memory, Ms. granger?"

Hermione had read over everything she could get her hands on once she had seen the crystal vial containing the memories of James Potter. "Of course, Professor," she replied as she touched the end of her wand to her temple and drew out a silvery stand of memory. With almost exaggerated care, she placed the memory thread into the pensieve basin.

Everyone was so focused on what Hermione was doing, they didn't notice the twins had stood up and snuck their way over to the pensieve. The boys were so overcome with curiosity as to how the prank actually went down that they were willing to risk observing what Hermione had described. Besides, how bad could it really be they thought. A split second after the two professors disappeared into the pensieve, the twins stuck their faces into the basin and were transported into Hermione's memory.

After about five minutes in real time, the two professors and the twins returned to the safe confines of the Headmaster's office. McGonagall instantly conjured a waste bin for Flitwick who proceeded to vomit with enough force the half-goblin wondered if he was about to see his socks appear in the waste bin. The twins were holding eachother for comfort. George looked over at the other Marauders and spat out, "My gods, who...who looks at an artichoke and comes up with those kind of ideas?!"

When Flitwick was done emptying his stomach, McGonagall vanished the mess. She took a deep breath in an effort to get her nerves under control. "I agree that Professor Snape did violate the charter of the school and technically you didn't force him to drink the butterbeer. Even if I didn't agree with you, I think that what you witnessed is much worse than any punishment I could come up with," she told the New Marauders. McGonagall slowly looked at the boys in the room, her expression one of pity. "I'll put in a floo call to St. Mungo's and see if they can spare their best mind healer for a day or two. I think we could all do with a good obliviation. By Godric's Gigantic Gonads, I know I do. At least you students will only have to see Snape for a few more years. I have to work with that… that… thing day in and day out with neither one of us expecting to retire anytime soon," she stated.

Luna looked down at the floor as she made a decision and then back up at their teachers. "Professor McGonagall, I think I have a way to help with this. We just need enough quills and parchment for each of us," she said with her usual dreamy smile.


Harry rubbed his eyes and blinked a few times to get rid of the purple spots in his vision. He stiffened suddenly as he realized he was in the Headmaster's office. Slowly looking around, he saw the other New Marauders as well as Professors McGonagall and Flitwick were in the room. Everyone except Luna looked as surprised as he was to find themselves in the office with no memory of why they were there or even how they got there in the first place. For her part, Luna was putting away a pair of black muggle style sunglasses into a pocket of her robe that also held a shiny silver tube. He thought he heard Luna mutter under her breath, "... fifth times got to be a charm."

Luna waited until everyone seemed to be more or less coherent and suggested, "Since we each seem to have a letter in front of us, we should probably read them to ourselves… silently." She unfolded hers and read what she had written a just few minutes ago:


Remember the things we can't mention! We don't know if our friends can take any more obliviations in such a short amount of time. Daddy did say too many exposures in one day could lead to their brains leaking out through their noses. Anyway, the things we can't talk about are:

1 - Neville's Great Uncle Algie is head of the Unspeakables.

2 - Our Great Uncle Zed is a squib who holds a similar position in America.

3 - We suspect the Nargles have been dry humping Professor McGonagall's secret stash of catnip.

Yours forever (obviously),


P.S. Make a pair of Raybans for Fawkes.

Luna glanced over at the usually majestic phoenix and saw he was sitting on his perch with his head tilted to one side. The bird's eyes were crossed and its tongue was hanging out one side of its mouth while drool was trickling out the other side.

Harry unfolded his parchment and read what was clearly written in his own handwriting:


Project O-Face part two went tits up in a horrible way. You volunteered to have the memory obliviated. For the love of all that is holy and good in the world, don't ask why!



P.S. Flitwick and McGonagall know about the orgasm potion. Don't use it again.

McGonagall shakily sat down behind Dumbledore's desk and read her own letter. The first paragraph was written in Welsh and contained all of the codewords she had come up with to let her know she had her memory voluntarily modified. The rest of the letter went on to say they had decided Harry and his friends were responsible for Mr. Malfoy and to go ahead with her plans for their "punishment." The next paragraph told her Snape had gotten what he deserved and to schedule a mind healer appointment for Poppy. The last paragraph gave specific instructions to take the vial of pensieve memory on the desk to an abandoned quarry and destroy it with fiendfyre. Afterwards, she was to flood the quarry and transfigure the water to stone to seal the ashes away for eternity.

After giving everyone time to read the letters to themselves, McGonagall cleared her throat to gain their attentions. "From what I wrote myself, I really don't want to know what was said in this office recently. Therefore we will skip ahead to your punishment for dosing Mr. Malfoy with the orgasm potion developed by Charlus Potter," she told them. "You six will be attending detention with myself and Professor Flitwick for the next two weekends learning how to dance. The Yule Ball is in a month and I will NOT have the six of you embarrassing Hogwarts in front of the other two schools!"

Hermione frowned for a moment and then glanced at Luna. She knew that the ball was only open to 4th year students and above and Luna was only a third year. Neville saw her glance and blushed a deep red. "I… er… sorta asked Luna to go with me to the ball yesterday," he admitted with a smile. His smile slipped as he suddenly looked confused. "At least I think it was yesterday, I can't remember what day this is now that I think about it," he muttered.

Luna gave Neville a smile of her own and reached over to squeeze his hand. "It's still thursday," she assured him.

Flitwick's grin was almost as big as Luna's at the mention of his Ravenclaw getting to go to the ball. He looked over at the twins with a playful look in his eyes. "Well, it would seem like Harry and Neville have dance partners to learn with. It looks like you two will have to flip a galleon to see who leads and who follows unless you can convince a pair of young ladies to take pity on you and give up the next two weekends," he chuckled. Flitwick was about to say something else when a silvery blue gopher suddenly appeared in the room.

This particular patronus manifested by seemingly digging its way up through the floorboards. The gopher looked around the room and then focused on McGonagall. They all recognized Professor Sprout's voice as the patronus spoke. "I was just approached by a wounded centaur. Death Eaters have kidnapped the Beauxbatons' Champion by using imperiused acromantulas and taken her into the Forbidden Forest. Hagrid ran off into the forest before I could tell him to wait for help. Minnie, gather what help you can and meet me at the greenhouses!" the gopher patronus commanded before dissolving with a silly little dance done to a Kenny Loggins tune.

Flitwick hit the door out of Dumbledore's office at a dead run. "I'll find Mad-Eye and meet you at the greenhouses," he called out over his shoulder.

Professor McGonagall spared a quick glance for the six students. "I'll expect to see you all immediately after breakfast this Saturday," she said quickly before rushing out of the office.

The Marauders waited until they could no longer hear McGonagall's hurried footsteps before they stood up from their chairs. Harry didn't have to ask what the others were thinking. They all filed out of the room and stopped just outside of the gargoyle guarding the entrance to Dumbledore's office. Harry leaned over and gave Hermione a quick kiss on the lips. "Meet you in the forest, Fade," he told her lovingly. Hermione nodded and set off down the hallway at a run followed only a step behind by Luna and Neville. Harry started running in the opposite direction which would lead him to the Astronomy tower. He noticed the twins were following him.

Fred smirked while they ran and simply said, "Why walk when you can ride."

**** Unexpected Animagus****

Professor McGonagall leaned one hand on the side of greenhouse 4 as she fought to catch her breath. Her friend, Pomona Sprout was kneeling next to a centaur that had collapsed at the edge of the Forbidden Forest. The centaur had two large puncture wounds on his rear flank that were oozing a foul looking green substance. Sprout was hurriedly chewing some sort of leaf and then spitting it out into her hand. When she had enough of the masticated leaves, she packed them into the wounds causing the green ickor to smoke and vaporize. When she was satisfied with her work, Sprout stood up and walked over to McGonagall.

The pleasantly plump Herbology teacher reached up and put her hand on McGonagall's shoulder. "Deep even breaths, Minnie. The last thing we need is for you to collapse as well," she softly told the Head of Gryffindor.

McGonagall did as she was told and soon had her breathing back under control and then let out a dry chuckle. "We're not as young as we used be, are we 'Mona?" she inquired.

Sprout put her hands on her hips and stood up straight, the top of her head barely coming up to McGonagall's chin. "Speak for yourself, Minnie. I decided long ago to quit counting birthdays. I'm still 29 and have been for the last 45 years," she replied with a smirk. Growing serious, she looked over the lawn where she saw her other best friend running as fast as his short legs could propel him.

When Flitwick reached his friends, he was only slightly short of breath since he still kept up with his Dueling Champion training regiment. The half-goblin ground his jaws together in frustration before he spoke. "I couldn't find Mad-Eye and didn't have time to check the entire castle for him," he reported to McGonagall.

Sprout took in a deep breath to calm her nerves. The thought of facing a bunch of Death Eaters backed by the acromantula colony turned her insides weak. However even with the terror she was feeling, the thought of not going in after Hagrid never entered the Head of Hufflepuff's mind. She was in the process of drawing her wand when she saw movement at the top of the Astronomy tower. "What are those three doing?" she worried aloud as she saw the figures standing at the edge of the parapet that surrounded the tower. For a brief instant she felt better as the three figures stepped away from the 13 story drop. That instant was all she got before she screamed "Nooooo!" as the three figures ran back to the parapet and lept off of the Astronomy tower.

Sprout watched in horror as the three bodies plummeted to the ground. She lost sight of them as they passed behind a hill between her and the castle. Nothing could have prepared the Herbology teacher for what she saw next. A huge red dragon rocketed skyward from behind the hill. The dragon leveled off quickly and glided silently over the three teachers on its way into the Forbidden Forest. When the dragon was directly overhead, Sprout recognized the huge red face as that of Scorch from the entertaining prank in the Great Hall. She also recognized the twin monkeys hanging on to a shoulder spike, shaking defiant fists towards the Forbidden Forest. The white scales of the lightning bolt scar on the dragon also drew her attention.

Sprout looked over at her fellow teachers and saw they didn't look nearly as surprised as she did. Before she could ask any questions, a rather large, brown kneazle ran past the professors and leapt into the Forbidden Forest. The kneazle's body vanished starting from its nose and ending at its tail as it passed through the ward separating the grounds of Hogwarts from the forest.

A frustrated howl that sent chills down Sprout's spine caused her to look back towards the castle. Hopping as fast as it could, a snow white bunny with yellow eyes was making its way slowly to the forest. Sprout's breath caught in her throat again as she saw the magnificent form of a large ent step out from behind the castle several yards behind the vabbit. The ent threw back its mighty shoulder limbs and bellowed a challenge into the clear skies. As someone who identified herself with the magic of the Earth and things that grew from it, the bellow gave Sprout a shot of courage and hope.

The ent stopped its battle cry and started running towards the professors. At first, the large, green creature was slow moving, but soon gathered speed as it raced across the grounds. The ent didn't even break stride as it reached down to scoop up the white vabbit as it ran past. Sprout would never be able to verbalize how, but she swore the vabbit looked very pleased with itself as the ent cradled it to its side. All three professors turned to watch as the ent ran into the forest. The huge creature never slowed down and it seemed like the trees themselves were moving out of the way to let their protector pass.

Flitwick leaned against the greenhouse, a feral grin on his face. "I suppose we should have expected that. They did warn us they would be watching over Hogwarts after all," he said to no one in particular.

**** Unexpected Animagus****

Hagrid swore under his breath as he moved through the forest with a quietness at odds with his huge stature. The tracks of the acromantula were easy to follow and he guessed they were headed to a clearing that he knew had been used for dark rituals in the past. The way the brush had been pushed aside rather than gone over indicated to the half-giant that the descendents of his friend, Aragog, were under some sort of mind-control. He swore again as his suspicions were proven right when he neared the clearing. Hagrid counted nine Death Eaters and at least twice as many acromantula in the clearing. In the very center of the clearing was a blacked stone altar with a young woman laying on the top. From where he stood, Hagrid could see that Ms. Delacour was completely cocooned in spider webs except for her head.

Hagrid slid back behind a tree as he drew the bow string on his massive crossbow and locked it into place. He placed a barb tipped bolt snugly on the string before sneaking back around the side of the tree. Hagrid put the crossbow on his shoulder and took careful aim at the Death Eater holding a ceremonial knife above the bound French Champion. A dark shadow passing over the clearing made the Gameskeeper pause. The inhuman screams of anger coming from a pair of pissed off monkeys and a dragon's roar drew everyone's attention skyward. Hagrid lowered his crossbow as a pair of Tibetan Chaos Monkeys fell out of the sky, their lips drawn back in matching snarls. When the twin monkeys were right on top of the Death Eaters, they vanished in puffs of purple smoke.

Fleur struggled against the webs binding her. She knew if she could get free, she could transform herself into her avian form and teach these British bastards why it's a very bad idea to kidnap a Veela. All she managed to do was get her head to turn to the side. Blinking a few times to make sure she wasn't seeing things, Fleur looked into a pair of feline eyes floating in midair only a few feet away. A ferocious grin appeared below the eyes before the partial face faded away from view. A whispered snick of claws being extended was followed by the webs being shredded along the side of her body.

The Death Eater holding the knife above Fleur screamed in rage, "I think not!" and swung the knife down to end her life. The blow never landed as the Death Eater was knocked aside at the last instant by a golden furred monkey. The impact was enough to dislodge the Death Eater's hood partially and a bit of silvery blond hair poked out. A Death Eater near them screamed as well, but this in time in agony. He started running around the clearing in a panic while a white rabbit with very sharp, pointy teeth happily gnawed on his backside.

The dragon landing in the clearing further added to the chaos. He knocked one Death Eater into the underbrush with a powerful swipe of his tail. The huge gash from one of the tail spikes guaranteed that Death Eater would be out of out of commision for quite a while. The dragon snorted in satisfaction and turned its attention to the acromantulas. The acromantulas took one whiff of the scent of an Elder dragon and snapped out of their imperiused state. The dragon's scent was too close to that of their most feared enemy, the basilisk, to not trigger every self defense instinct they owned. As one, the acromantula turned to face away from the dragon and ran off as fast as their eight legs could carry them. The dragon swung his head down to look at the brown kneazle who had materialized next to him. The kneazle met his eyes and somehow managed to shrug her shoulders in a very human like fashion.

Hagrid lowered his crossbow since he was afraid of accidentally hitting one of the Marauders who were tearing through the Death Eaters like a niffler through a bag of gold. Movement at the edge of the clearing had Hagrid raising the crossbow again. A Death Eater was waving his wand through the air in what the Gameskeeper could only guess at being the movements of a very vicious spell. Before Hagrid could fire, vines sprung out of the forest and wrapped themselves around the Death Eater's wand arm. A terrified yelp sounded as the Death Eater was yanked off of the ground and pulled into the darkness of the forest. The yelp was suddenly cut off as a very solid sounding thump of wood against skull sounded throughout the clearing.

Fleur was never one to look a gift Hippogriff in the mouth and quickly swung her legs off of the altar. She closed her eyes and transformed by drawing on the magical fire within herself. Where once a beautiful young woman stood, now stood a creature with a woman's body, but the head, wings, and taloned feet of giant bird of prey. She had five fingered hands but they also ended in large, black talons. Swirling fireballs sprung to life in each of her palms formed from the raw hate she felt for her captors. With practiced ease, the veela threw fireballs at the two nearest Death Eaters, catching their black robes on fire.

A twig snapping behind her caused Fleur to spin around just in time to see the Death Eater with the silvery blond hair cast an overpowered cutting curse at her. The clearing suddenly dissolved in a puff of purple smoke. When the smoke cleared a second later, Fleur found herself on the other side of the clearing with her waist encircled by the arms of one of the golden monkeys. The monkey let go of her and snarled at the Death Eater who was looking around in confusion, trying to find his target. As the monkey ran towards the clearing and then vanished, Fleur noticed a deep cut that ran from one shoulder to the opposite hip along the monkey's back.

A few moments later, Fleur saw the monkey appear silently behind the Death Eater that had tried to kill her. The monkey made eye contact with her and smiled despite the obvious pain he was in. He held up a very angry looking squirrel by the tail. White foam could easily be seen dripping off of the squirrel's mouth. Without a sound, the monkey apparated in front of the Death Eater, grabbed the waistband of the Death Eater's trousers, and dropped the rabid squirrel down the front of the bastard's pants. Until the day she died, Fleur would always cherish the memory of the horrified screams of the Death Eater as the squirrel decided it liked the taste of fleshy nuts as much as the ones that came from trees.

The Death Eater with the vabbit on his ass finally dislodged the furry demon by slamming his butt into a tree. The vabit fell to the ground, too stunned to run away or continue its attack. The Death Eater pointed his wand at the cute, but deadly creature. The tip of his wand glowed with a sickly green light as he started to cast the Killing Curse. The curse failed as the Death Eater was only able to get out, "Avada Cada-ahhhhhhh!" The last bit was caused by the Death Eater screaming as a sharp branch exploded out of his chest from behind. He screamed for another second as he was lifted off of the forest floor. The scream ended with a sickening crack as he was slammed into the nearest tree. The Death Eater was beaten into red and pink mush as the huge ent slammed him into several more trees to make sure he was dead. When he was finished, the ent flicked his branch like arm like he was dislodging a bogey from his finger. The dead Death Eater flew across the clearing and knocked over three of his fellows.

The surviving Death Eaters took a quick look at the carnage around them and they activated their emergency portkeys. Even the Death Eater with a squirrel attached to his nuts managed to grab the dried finger bone in his pocket and activate his own portkey. The veela made eye contact with the injured monkey and bowed low before she took to the air. She flapped her wings several times and flew off in the direction of Hogwarts. The vabbit launched herself at the ent and started rubbing herself rapidly against the ent's lower leg. For his part, the ent looked over at the other Marauders and gave them a sheepish grin.

The Chaos Monkeys started laughing so hard, they lost control of their transformation. Hagrid nodded his head in pride as he watched the monkeys change into the twin troublemakers. George pointed at the ent and teased, "Hey Groot! I never noticed that branch below your waist before. Kinda looks like a big broom handle!" The ent's face broke out in small red flowers across its cheeks.

Fred groaned in pain and slumped to his knees. He gave his twin an angry glare and chided, "Thanks… now I'm going to feel dirty every time we play Quidditch."

Hagrid stepped into the clearing and clapped his hands proudly. "Well done you lot, well done! I knew the return of the Marauders would be a great thing for Hogwarts," he praised. The huge dragon lowered its head towards Hagrid in a gesture of modesty. Hagrid's smile grew to truly gigantic proportions as he recognized the lightning bolt scar on the dragon's forehead. He found he wasn't able to help himself as he thought back to one of the first things he had said to the young man when he found him on that small island four years ago. Hagrid fought down the laughter, pointed at Harry, and proclaimed, "You're a lizard, Harry!"

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