Harry Potter, Unexpected Animagus

With the love of a good woman, Harry becomes more confident and learns to handle the embarrassment that comes from being a teenage boy as well as an unexpected animagus. Set during the Tri-Wizard Tournament. Severe Ron bashing ahead.



2. Chapter 2

Professor Snape stalked through the castle in a fouler mood than usual. Not only had one of his "special" tutoring sessions with one of his young Slytherins been interrupted, he was being forced to bring up more healing draughts because the Potter brat had received another minor injury. Snape found nothing wrong with the concept that a scratch on a Slytherin's arm was a major injury while he considered being impaled by a dragon spike a minor injury for a Gryffindor.

The potion teacher's mood worsened even more when he saw the hallway in front of him was packed full of first year students. Before Snape could bellow out an order for the students to get out of his way, all of the male students except for one dashed to either side and pressed their backs to the wall. As soon as their backs were to the wall, they clasped their hands behind them. Snape allowed himself a small smirk at the thought that the students were finally paying him the respect he deserved.

The remaining male student was walking backwards, chatting with a girl he had made friends with and had no idea who he was headed towards. The girl was Muggle born like him and they had hit things off right after the sorting ceremony. Snape changed course slightly so the young Gryffindor student would walk into him giving the Head of Slytherin house a good excuse to yell at a student. The small first year student walked right into Professor Snape knocking him back a step. The young Gryffindor, Thomas O'Kelley, turned around slowly and his eyes became wide with pure terror. Snape put on his special sneer/scowl that he had perfected in front of the mirror after hours of practice. He was about to bellow out a ridiculous deduction in house points but the terrified shriek of the student made him pause for a moment.

"Oh lord, no!" O'Kelley yelled when he realized it was Snape he had backed into, his Irish brogue getting thicker due to stress. He had an uncle who had been arrested during the "troubles" back in Ireland and he had shared some of his horror stories in an effort to keep his nephew on the straight and narrow. O'Kelley looked up at Snape, his eyes pleading. "Please, Professor... please don't be burgling me bum. I'm too young to be a prison bitch!" he begged, his small frame trembling with fear.

Snape slowly turned around in a circle and looked closer at the other male students. Not only were they all avoiding his eyes, but each one was doing their very best to hide their backsides from him. When he finished his circle, Snape was livid. "25 points from Gryffindor for pure clumsiness and 2 nights of detention in my classroom for daring to imply that I would 'burgle your bum' as you so quaintly put it", he snarled. O'Kelley's eyes rolled into the back of his head and he fainted in fear of what those detentions might entail.

Commotion from down the hall drew Snapes attention and his scowl grew even darker. Potter's friends were storming through Hogwarts castle like a force of nature. Remus Lupin had taken point and he was flanked on either side by one of those insufferable Weasley twins. Hermione Granger, clutching one of her oh so precious books like it was a life preserver, followed close behind the old Marauder. A large black dog that was somehow familiar to Snape brought up the rear, a low growl constantly rumbling from its throat. While the first years gave way to Snape out of fear of being a victim to a greasy haired sexual predator, the clearing of the way for Potter's friends was based off either respect for the one time professor or outright terror at the thought of pissing off both a werewolf and the Ginger Demons.

Snape shouldered past O'Kelley and made to block Lupin's way. "I presume you had something to do with this... this slight on my reputation," Snape said in an angry whisper while making a sweeping gesture at the first year boys.

"Out of our way, Snivelous!" Lupin ordered as he put his hand on Snape's shoulder to push him out of the way. "Harry's hurt and we need to see him," he shouted. Snape slowly looked down at Lupin's hand and then back up to stare in his old classmate's eyes. Lupin withdrew his hand and then wiped it on the side of his robe to get rid of the oily feeling.

"I suppose it's fortunate for me that I intercepted you," Snape snarled. He reached into his robe's interior pocket and pulled out two vials of a thick, crimson potion. "I'll let you take these up to Madame Pomfrey. It will let me get to the headmaster's office all the sooner to report this latest, unwarranted smirch on my spotless reputation," he said as he handed over the vials. Remus took the offered vials with his non-oily hand. Snape turned sharply on his heel making his robe billow majestically around him. He had no idea one of the twins had magically adhered a parchment to the back of his robe. The parchment read, "Registered Rump Robber."

As soon as Snape was out of earshot, Moony started chuckling at the twins' antics. He looked down at his hand that he finally rubbed clean. "I should have known better than to touch Snivelous' robes," he muttered. Remus noticed the twins' curious expressions and he nodded towards the passageway Snape had just left. "Have you ever wondered how old greasy git makes his robes billow like that whenever he moves?" he asked them.

Fred nodded his head. "Fred and I spent an entire afternoon trying to get our robes to do that and we never even came close," he admitted.

"You wouldn't be able to without help," Remus told him. "The only way to get your robe to act with that much body and bounce is to use Snape's patented robe conditioner," he said. "I found a bottle of it when I was looking through one of Knock-Turn Alley's less reputable potion shops. I tried it out and my robe billowed impressively, but then I couldn't get my hair clean for a week," he explained. "Never mind that though, Harry needs us," he reminded the group. He shook his head and started jogging towards the hospital wing again.

The crew of the PPBC never broke stride as they hit the hospital wing, slamming the doors into the walls. Madam Poppy Pomfrey fixed the group with a stern stare due to the booming noise, but relaxed slightly when she saw who it was. "Stop right there you lot!" she commanded, pointing her wand towards Remus. "I'll not have a circus wandering around while I'm trying to treat Mr. Potter," she told them firmly while she drew a curtain around one of her few reserved beds with her free hand. Everyone knew she kept that bed empty for the numerous times Harry Potter was forced to visit her domain. After the end of Harry's second year, the twins had enchanted a nameplate that read "Harry's Bed" and stuck it on the footboard. Poppy had never gotten round to removing it that year and decided it was easier to just keep the shiny brass name plate where it was after all of Harry's accidents during his third year.

Remus looked closely at the woman who had been there for him during his "special" time of the month back when he was a student. He had come to know Poppy well and his stomach fell when he saw traces of fear in her eyes. Turning, he placed a hand on either twins' shoulder. "Boys, I need you to take Snuffles over to that bed by the doors and keep him company while Hermione and I check on Harry," he suggested. His serious expression made them nod and walk off to stand where he told them.

Remus bent down on one knee and looked the black dog right in the eyes. "If any known Death Eaters come in through that door, sick balls," he ordered only half in jest. Padfoot gave a low growl, nodded his large furry head, and trotted off to sit to the side so anyone rushing into the room would pass by him and give him a chance to attack from behind.

When Remus turned around again, Hermione put her hand on his arm. "Professor, what's wrong?" she asked in a terrified whisper.

Remus covered her hand with his own trying to comfort her. "I'm not sure, Hermione, but I can tell you the only time I've ever seen that expression on Poppy was when she didn't know what to do to help a patient," he told her. Since last year, Remus had grown to respect not only Harry but Hermione as well. He wasn't about to lie to the smartest witch of her generation. He had done that once to Lily and the boils had taken a month to go away. Remus watched as Hermione bolted past him and dodged around Poppy to get to Harry's bed.

Hermione gasped and the Goblin Dragon guide fell out of her numb hands when she saw the state Harry was in. He was lying in the bed with his uniform cut open on the front and sweat pouring off of his pale, feverish skin. A low, mindless moan escaped Harry's lips as he thrashed back and forth. His shoulder was wrapped with a Muggle style bandage around the wound. Hermione saw blood had already started seeping through the fresh dressing. It took Hermione a few moments before it registered that Remus had joined her at Harry's bedside.

Remus looked down at the dressing on Harry's shoulder and then up at Poppy, begging her with his eyes for her to explain what was happening to the only son of his best friends. "The dragon's spike went completely through him, back to front," Pomfrey told him.

"Yes, yes… we know that part," Remus sighed in agitation. He had watched from the Black private booth and couldn't get the image of Harry being lifted off of the arena floor by the spike impaled through his chest out of his mind. For some reason known only to the dragon, after running him through she had gently pulled Harry off of her tail spike and eased him gently to the ground.

Poppy shook her head with a mixture of frustration and sadness. "The wound has been resistant to any magical healing and his body has gone into some sort of magical shock," she stated. "I called down for some more blood replenishing potions from Snape's stores, but I doubt they will work now," she sighed. Patient confidentiality be damned, she grabbed Harry's chart and thrust it into Remus' hands. "Here are the results of my diagnostic scans. I can't make head or tails of them," she said.

Remus flipped through the charts a few times, noting the strange results. Harry's magic was fluctuating wildly. Obviously the dragon spike had something to do with it, but the dragon handlers had assured everyone that Hungarian Horntails were non-venomous. A particular reading caught his eye and he flipped back two pages to compare it to another. Remus dropped the charts in shock and let out a startled, "Bloody hell!"

"Professor?!" Hermione exclaimed at his outburst.

Ignoring Hermione, Remus drew his wand. "Expacto Patronum" he yelled. A mangy looking, dog-like creature leapt out of his wand and turned to face him. "Go find Prof. McGonagall. Tell her Harry is in dire trouble and we need her at once," he commanded. The strange patronus stood on its hind legs and snapped a salute to Remus before dissolving into a ball of silvery light that raced out of the hospital wing.

Distracted for a moment from her patient's plight, Poppy cocked her head to the side as she looked at where Remus' patronus had just been. "That was the strangest looking wolf I have ever seen," she commented.

Hermione gaped open mouthed at where Remus' patronus had just been. Remus glanced down at her and his eyebrows crinkled in frustration when he saw she recognized his patronus. He knew Hermione was Muggle born, just as Lily had been. For her part, Lily had never let him live down the form his patronus took when it manifested. Hermione shook her head to clear it and looked over at Madam Pomfrey. "That wasn't a wolf, Madam Pomfrey. It was a coyote," she corrected.

Remus covered his face with his hand. "When I was boy I spent a few overnights with my Muggle cousin during my safe time of the month. I must have imprinted on that particular image while watching tele on Saturday mornings at his house. I think I connected with how the coyote never gave up even though all he ever had was bad luck," he stated.

Hermione nodded, barely listening to Remus' explanation. She turned back to Harry and held onto his hand even tighter. "Stay with us, Harry. We need you… I need you," she whispered and then kissed his hand.

****Unexpected Animagus****

Prof. Albus Percival Wolfric Brian Dumbledore was not having a good day and it wasn't just because he had been forced to sign his full name on more than one document that evening. Many people knew he was the one responsible for bringing back the Tri-Wizard Tournament and now three out the four Champions were seriously injured. Victor Krum was on the Durmstrang ship being treated for both the physical and mental trauma suffered after he had received a rather thorough rogering by an amorous dragon.

Cedric Diggory had made the foolish mistake of using a self-transformation charm while being covered in pixie dust. Any Master of either Transfiguration or Care of Magical Creatures could tell you that pixie dust acts as a catalyst and makes the transformation permanent. The fact that neither Cedric nor his girlfriend were anywhere close to having Masters certifications slipped Dumbledore's mind. Oh well, at least he chose to become one of … those… types of vampires and will be able to go about during the daylight. Too bad about the whole erectile dysfunction problem, though. Oh well, I'm sure he and Miss Chang will come up with some sort of work around, Dumbledore mused.

The third Champion who had been seriously injured was the reason his Deputy Headmistress was in his office yelling at him. "Have you gone completely senile?! What were you thinking allowing dragons to be used?!" McGonagall demanded sharply. "Had that beast's spike been two inches to the left, we would be burying one of my cubs! If Lilly were still alive, she would have your scrotum as a coin purse," she yelled. DUmbledore wisely stayed silent on the fact that after over 180 years, his family jewels had sagged enough that Lily would be able to make not only a coin purse, but a full sized briefcase as well. McGonagall's tirade was interrupted by the sudden appearance of a silvery blue coyote in the headmaster's office.

"My goodness..." Dumbledore muttered in amusement when the patronus took full form and looked around the office. He took out his half-moon spectacles and put them on the bridge of his nose to better see the unusual manifestation.

The coyote looked around the room and then held up a white sign with a wooden handle that read, "Prof. McGonagall". It put the sign down and whipped another up from behind it's back. "Harry's in the hospital wing and he's in deep $ #%!" the second sign read.

Dumbledore frowned and pointed at the sign. "What do those symbols mean?" he wondered aloud.

McGonagall rolled her eyes before answering. "As you know, patronus have to act within the confines of how they manifest. From what Lily explained to me, Remus' patronus is based on a children's cartoon. As such, it is incapable of swearing without masking it someway," she explained.

Dumbledore frowned again. "What's a cartoon?" he asked.

The coyote stamped its foot in irritation and pointed to the sign again. When he was sure McGonagall had read it, he dropped the sign and held up another one. "HURRY!" it read.

"Of course," McGonagall apologized to the patronus before bolting out of the room.

Prof. Dumbledore and the coyote looked at each other for a few moments while they waited for the patronus to dissipate. Just as every patronus was unique, so was their way of fading out of existence. Some disappeared in a puff of smoke while others exploded in a burst of light. The headmaster had never encountered Remus' patronus before and was intrigued as to how this manifestation would expire. His answer came when the coyote suddenly looked up at the rafters. The coyote held up a sign that read, "AH... $#&!" before it was squashed by a large, bluish silver boulder.

The patronus energy dissipated, leaving the headmaster's office empty save for the old wizard. Dumbledore placed his hands on the edge of his desk and leaned forward. He craned his neck around to look up at the rafters in an effort to see where the boulder had come from.

****Unexpected Animagus****

Professor McGonagall was in such a hurry to help Harry, she paused for only a second to acknowledge the Weasley twins who were guarding the door to the hospital wing. "Boys," she muttered in greeting as she passed them. When she reached Harry's bed, the sight of him made her knees go weak with shock. She leaned against the wall for support and looked over at the school's nurse. "Poppy... what...," was all she was able to get out as she watched one of her favorite cubs barely clinging to life.

Remus handed the medical charts to McGonagall. "Look at page seven and then go back to page five," he instructed.

McGonagall took the offered charts and looked at the pages Remus had said. She flipped back and forth between the pages three times to make sure she wasn't seeing things. Tossing the charts onto the bed next to Harry's, she let out a loud sigh. "Mr. Potter, will the fates ever grant you a break?" she asked rhetorically.

Hermione couldn't take not knowing what was going on any longer. "Will someone please tell me what is wrong with Harry?" she implored.

Prof. McGonagall looked down and saw how Hermione was holding Harry's hand. The old transfiguration teacher glanced back to the doors and saw the pained looks in the twins eyes as well as the look of despair in Padfoot's. She made a quick decision knowing that people assembled in this room were the ones best suited to help Harry on his new journey if he lived through the night. McGonagall drew her wand, muttered a spell in ancient Gaelic, and pointed her wand at first the doors and then the windows lining the walls. Mystical green vines sprung up out of nowhere and laced around themselves to make intricate Celtic knotwork shields over the doors and windows. "That will keep just about anyone out of here until we are done discussing things," she announced. McGonagall turned her head and beckoned to the twins and Padfoot with her non-wand hand. "Boys, please come over here so I don't have to shout...and yes, that includes you, Sirius," she commanded.

At her words, Padfoot got up and then lept into the air. While in air, the huge black dog's form blurred into a black cloud that lengthed and then coalesced into Sirius' human form. He was wearing a black robe tied loosely at the front, showing off the various mystical tattoos on his chest. He strode to Harry's bed leaving the twins to sprint to catch up with him.

When they were all huddled around Harry's bed, Remus took in a deep breath and then asked, "What do you students know about the animagus transformation?"

Hermione fought down the urge to raise her hand and blurted out, "It's the process by which a wizard or witch transforms themselves into an animal. It is quite different from a normal transfiguration spell as it is an internal magic use and doesn't require a wand or incantation to perform it. It's also very difficult and less than 10% of the wizarding population is thought to have the power necessary to accomplish the transformation."

Sirius nodded at Hermione's answer. "Yes, that's exactly what the Ministry approved books say. The problem is that information isn't quite accurate," he told her. Before Hermione could voice her outrage, Sirius went on. "The truth is that only about 10% of the wizarding population carry the genetic trait necessary to be animaguses and it has nothing to do with how powerful you are. Look at Wormtail. I've never met a dimmer Lumos spell than him," he explained. "Also, the part about how difficult the process of becoming an animagus has been greatly exaggerated by those of us who have completed it to scare off those who don't have the strength of will to master it," he added.

"Huh?!" the twins asked in unison.

Prof. McGonagall took over the explanation. "Becoming an animagus is easy for those with the right heredity. Controlling it is quite another matter," she paraphrased. "After my first transformation into my feline form, I had a few embarrassing incidents before I mastered the process," she admitted.

"Like what, Professor?" George asked.

When McGonagall didn't answer right away, Sirius spoke up. "It takes quite a while to learn how to get your clothes to come back when you change back into a human. Even then it takes a good bit of concentration. It's why I had to steal a robe when I escaped from Azkaban. I couldn't remember how my clothes looked or felt like before I transformed," he stated. Sirius ran his hand down the front of his black, furry robe. "That's why I choose to wear this old thing. The feel of the fur against my skin is very distinct and easy to remember," he said.

"You can imagine my embarrassment when I showed up nude during my first few months as an animagus," McGonagall pointed out. The twins looked a little ill when they imagined their Head of the House in the buff. Even though they knew she was a young woman back then, they could only imagine her as she looked now - a woman in her eighties. "There is also the difficulty of mastering one's animal instincts after one's first transformation," she added. "I lost count of the number of times I caught myself licking my hands in order to bathe myself during a class," she chuckled.

Remus, who by his nature as a werewolf was incapable of becoming an animagus, looked thoughtful for a moment and then pointed a finger at Sirius. "That explains that one time I came into our dorm room and caught you trying to lick your own..." he started to say before Prof. McGonagall cut him off by clearing her throat loudly.

Sirius' cheeks turned a slight shade of red. "Um... actually, I had already mastered my canine instincts by then. I had received a weekend detention for one of our pranks and wanted to see if I could do that in my human form to pass the time," he admitted.

Both Madame Pomfrey and Prof. McGonagall hid their faces with their hands and shook their heads sadly. Before the twins could ask if it was possible, Hermione spoke up. "That's very interesting, but what does it have do with Harry?" she asked.

"Like we said, being an animagus is a hereditary trait. While the trait can skip a generation or two, having one of your parents be an animagus greatly increases the likelihood that you will be one. Having both parents be animaguses guarantees that their offspring will have the ability. Such is the case with Mr. Potter here," McGonagall stated.

This time, it was Remus and Sirius' turn to say, "Huh?!"

McGonagall smirked at their surprise. "You didn't really think the Marauders were the only unregistered animagus in the school, did you?" she asked the old Marauders.

Sirius snapped his fingers and grinned. "The fox!" he exclaimed. When he noticed everyone looking at him, Sirius explained. "During our fifth year, a small, red fox started joining us during our monthly visits to the Forbidden Forest. Looking back, it does seem quite odd that a such a small animal would feel safe enough to play with a stag, a grim, and a werewolf. I do remember wondering why the fox never bothered to eat Wormtail, now that I think about it," he told the group.

McGonagall nodded to Sirius. "Yes, I sent her to the forest every month to help Lily adjust to her animal form," she confirmed. "Now then , I'll explain what this all has to do with Harry. On very rare occasions, an individual whose parents are both animaguses can spontaneously transform into their animal form without any prior warning or training. Usually, the person experiences some great level of stress that triggers the transformation. We refer to these people as 'Unexpected Animagus' for obvious reasons," she explained. "The trauma of having a dragon spike shoved through his body has triggered such a response in Mr. Potter," McGonagall said.

Everyone looked down at the very human looking Harry Potter. Fred raised his hand. "Ok, I'll ask the obvious question," he said. "If Harry is an unexpected animagus, why isn't he... well, you know, more animalish?" he inquired.

"That's a very good question, Mr. Weasley," Remus said. Calling him "Mr. Weasley" was much easier than trying to figure which twin had spoken. "Several of Harry's magical readings are off the chart. It's almost as if Harry's body is trying to assimilate some other type of magic into his own. This conflict is making his own magic field fluctuate wildly. I would be willing to bet that this fluctuation is what is causing Poppy's magic not to be effective on him," he postulated.

No sooner had Remus stopped talking when Harry let out a loud, bone chilling moan. A moan that didn't sound like it should be able to come from a human throat. A bright, swirling light began to form above Harry. The light swirled around Harry and then started getting brighter and brighter until Hermione had to let go of Harry's hand to shade her eyes. The light became even more intense, preventing anyone from looking directly at Harry. With a flash and a loud sound like a spring being released, the light vanished, taking Harry with it.

The adults and the students assembled in the room stared at the empty bed Harry had just been in. They didn't notice the magical vines Prof. McGonagall had conjured glow blue and then fade away. They assembled people did look up however as Prof. Dumbledore strode into the room humming an old, cheery song. If the sight of Sirius black in human form concerned him at all, the Headmaster didn't show. He walked over to stand next his assistant headmaster. Dumbledore had seen everyone staring at the bed, so he looked at it as well. After a moment, Dumbledore cleared his throat. "Forgive me, but since I came in late, I was wondering if someone could tell me what we are all looking at?" he asked no one in particular.

Hermione started to sob. Fred took up the job of explaining. "Harry was just here. He was surrounded by a blinding light and then he just vanished along with the light," he said.

Dumbledore stroked his beard thoughtfully. "I see, well actually, I wasn't here to see it, but I believe I understand what you are telling me," he stated. "Was Mr. Potter's sudden departure heralded by a loud noise, such as a 'boing', or a 'kerchunk', or possibly even a 'weebly wonky wonky thwap'?" he inquired.

"Um, I would call it a 'boing', wouldn't you, dear brother?" Fred asked George.

George looked thoughtful for a moment. "Well, it definitely wasn't a 'kerchunk' or a... a..." George stated, not quite remembering the last noise Dumbledore had described.

"A 'weebly wonky wonky thwap'," Dumbledore provided.

"Right, it wasn't one of those," George replied.

Hermione shook her head to clear her thoughts and stood up. "What does it matter what sound was made when Harry vanished?" she asked angrily.

Dumbledore tilted his head so he look over his spectacles at Hermione. "The different sounds magic makes often gives clues as to what happened, Miss Granger. For instance, when the castle forcefully removes someone from its halls do them being a danger to her, a clearly audible 'kerchunk' noise similar to a catapult being fired accompanies the bright flash of light," he explained. "When the removal is for both the safety of both the castle and the individual, it sounds more like spring being released. The castle takes much more care to see to the individual's safe landing during the second scenario," he told her.

Prof. McGonagall frowned in thought. It was times like this that reminded her there was still much to learn about Hogwarts and that perhaps Prof. Dumbledore wasn't as senile as he seemed. "What does the 'wibly wanker'...whatever sound mean?" she asked.

"You mean 'weebly wonky wonky thwap' don't you?" Dumbledore asked. McGonagall only nodded. "Ah yes, 'weebly wonky wonky thwap'. Truth is, I've never heard the castle make that noise, but I always thought it would be brilliant if it did," he replied, sending McGonagall's estimation of his senility back to where it had been. "I'm sure Harry is quite alright," he assured everyone.

"Be that as it may, I suggest we start searching the grounds for Mr. Potter," McGonagall stated. "If his animagus crisis resolves itself, it will leave a very confused and more than likely frightened animal with human intelligence out there. The longer he stays in animal form during his first transformation, the stronger the animal instincts will be when he changes back into human form," she warned. At this proclamation, Dumbledore only raised one bushy eyebrow. McGonagall took him by the arm and led him out of the hospital wing. "I'll explain while we search the grounds around the castle," she told Dumbledore. As she was walking away, McGonagall looked back over at her shoulder at Hermione. "I'll leave searching the Forbidden Forest in the capable hands of the PPBC crew," she said, letting slip that she had been one of the ones listening in on the pirate broadcast.

**Unexpected Animagus**

Harry Potter slowly swam back to consciousness. The last thing he remembered was being skewered by the Hungarian Horntail's tail spike. The fact that he wasn't in any pain had him worried a bit. He had heard horror stories from Ron about Quidditch players who had broken their spines and how they lost all feeling. Keeping his eyes closed for the moment, Harry ran through a list of body parts, flexing that part as he got to it to make sure everything was working. Hands and fingers, check, he thought to himself as he moved. Feet and legs, yep, they move. Harry then stretched and rolled his shoulder blades. He unfolded his wings and swished his tail, letting him know that everything was in working order. It was when he finally comprehended the last two checks that Harry suddenly opened his eyes. He glanced down at his hands and saw that he now had only three fingers and an opposable thumb. Each digit ended in a long, black talon. Instead of skin, his hands were covered in glittering, red scales.

Harry craned his very long neck around and looked at the rest of his body. Instead of his usual undernourished, teenage boy body that he was used to, he saw the lean, muscular looking form of a rather large dragon. His body was covered in the same iridescent red scales as his hands. Harry looked closer at his wings and instead of the leathery, bat-like wings he was expecting, he saw they had gold and red feathers much like Fawkes had.

A twig snapped startling Harry. Without thinking, he swung his head around and let out a huge blast of flame in the direction the noise came from. Harry had a brief glimpse of something that looked like a rabbit with a bent horn on the top of its head before it was engulfed in flames. When the fire died down, all that was left was the poor creatures charred bones, complete with horn. Harry dropped his head down to the ground and covered his snout with his hands to keep himself from incinerating anything else. He closed his eyes and wished really hard that he would wake up. He kept his eyes closed when he heard footsteps approaching. Using just his senses of hearing and smell, Harry tracked the person as they walked calmly towards him. When the person was just a couple of meters away, they finally spoke.

"Hello, Harry Potter," Luna said in her usual dreamy, cheerful tone. "What are you doing out here?" she asked him.

Since Luna obviously recognized him, Harry figured his wishing must have worked like the time he wished the glass wall separating Dudley from the huge snake at the zoo would disappear. Opening his eyes, Harry saw that Luna looked a lot smaller than he remembered. He sighed loudly, some black smoke curling out of the side of his mouth in frustration when he realized he was still a dragon-like thing. Harry swung his head towards Luna and asked, ".:How do know who I am?:."

Luna shook her head and shrugged her shoulders. "Sorry, Harry Potter, but I don't know what you're saying. I don't speak 'Rawr-rawr'," she told him. Luna closed the distance between them so she could reach out and touch his huge head. "However, if by chance you are asking how I know this is you and not just some other Elder Dragon, you still have your scar," she told him and placed a small, gentle hand on the famous lightning bolt scar that was just below a set of curved horns. The scales of his scar were a dull white instead of red. Luna rubbed the scales between his horns and then stepped back so she could look around the clearing. He crossed his eyes in an effort to see his own forehead, managing only to make himself dizzy.

"While you've been sitting here, you haven't happened to see a crumpled horned snorlack around by any chance, have you?" she inquired sweetly. Harry cocked his head to the side in an effort to tell Luna that he had no idea what she was talking about. "They are supposed to look like bunnies with a cute little horn on the top of their head. Father and I have been looking for one ever since I can remember," she told him. Being very careful not to look at the charred remains from earlier and keeping his body between Luna and the blackened area of the clearing, Harry used his tail to sweep dirt and twigs over the incriminating evidence.

After a moment, Luna snapped her fingers. "I just remembered, Harry Potter. Your friends, Prof. Lupin, and a big black dog, that looks like a grim but isn't, were looking for you," she exclaimed. "I should probably tell them that I've found you," she said absently. Looking Harry directly in the eyes, she pointed down at the ground with a firm gesture. "Stay!" she told the Elder Dragon.

After what seemed like an eternity, Harry heard the sounds of several people hurrying through the forest. Before they broke through the underbrush and came into sight of the clearing, Harry heard Remus ask Luna, "Are you certain that Harry is this way?" The group broke through the foliage and stopped suddenly at the site of the large, strange looking dragon.

"Yes, Professor Lupin, I'm sure," Luna replied. She looked over at the dragon. "Hello again, Harry Potter," she said cheerfully. Harry raised his right hand and waved it in greeting.

"Harry!" Hermione yelled and dashed towards him. She threw her arms around his scaly neck and sobbed in relief that he was alive. Harry lowered his head a bit and rubbed his snout against Hermione's side. His new enhanced sense of smell picked up all of the subtle different things that made up Hermione's scent. That scent calmed him more than he thought was possible. Hermione let go of Harry's neck and stepped back so she could look him in the eyes. "Don't ever go and do something like that again! You scared me to death!" she scolded him.

Harry lifted his head towards the sky and laughed in joy at how so like his Hermione that scolding was. A small gout of flame escaped as he laughed causing Harry to snap his jaws shut and put one taloned hand over his snout in embarrassment. Harry lowered his head so Hermione could see him and he rolled his eyes dramatically at her.

Hermione swatted the scaly neck of her boyfriend playfully. "You prat!" she chided and then laughed in relief herself. When Hermione brought herself back under control, she placed a hand on either side of Harry's snout. "I am very glad that you are alive, and being able to turn into a dragon is really neat and all, but it is time for you to change back into the old Harry so I can kiss you again," she said. Wanting very much to kiss Hermione again, Harry closed his eyes tight and thought very hard about being human again. When nothing happened, he let his head drop to the ground with a loud thud.

Hermione spun around to look at Padfoot. "Why can't he change back?" she begged.

Luna watched as the black grim shifted form and changed into a man with black hair. He figured if Luna was a friend of Harry, she would keep his secrets. "I'm not sure, Hermione. This is far beyond anything I have ever dealt with. To be honest, I've never even heard of an animagus being anything other than a mammal, let alone a dragon," he told her. "When I first changed, I ran around a while enjoying my new form..."

"*cough* Licking your balls *cough*," Remus interrupted.

Sirius gave his shoulders a nonchalant shrug and went on. "Like I was saying, when I was done, all I had to do was think about changing and I was back in my human form," he said.

"I wonder..." Remus said absently.

"Yes, I do have more sex than you," Sirius shot back at his old friend.

"With yourself doesn't count," Remus said, giving the reply he had always given Sirius during their school years. "Remember when I said it looked like Harry's magic was trying to assimilate another type?" he asked rhetorically. "I wonder if it was draconic magic he was assimilating and the differences between his reptilian and mammalian natures is causing the problem," he pondered.

Hermione thought for a moment. "What you're saying is we have to trigger Harry's mammalian nature to let him transform back into a human," she paraphrased.

"Yes, precisely," Remus agreed.

Hermione set her shoulders in determination. "Right then! If you're a male, I would appreciate it if you would turn around and look somewhere else," she ordered. It really didn't bother her if Luna saw what she was about to do.

"Why?"the twins asked as Remus and Sirius turned around.

"Just do it!" Hermione yelled with enough force to make the twins turn around in fear. Hermione looked into Harry's eyes and she blushed a bit. After taking a deep breath, Hermione reached down and grabbed the hem of her shirt. With a quick pull she lifted her shirt up. On the way up, she hooked her bra with her thumbs and exposed her pert breasts to her boyfriend.

The sight of Hermione's perfect breasts triggered the response she was looking for. Heh..heh, boobies! the mammalian part of Harry's mind chortled happily. His body dissolved into a red fog that coalesced into his human form, leaving a pale, naked Harry standing in the clearing.

Luna took a step closer in shock as she looked at Harry's naked form. Her already large eyes got even wider in surprise. "My goodness, Harry Potter! How do you manage to fly on a broom with that thing?" she asked in amazement.

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