Tough Love // lrh & hes

A 17 year old girl named Anna and her father move to Sydney, Australia because of a new job for her father's architectural studies. What will happen when she starts meeting possible love interests?


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Anna's point of view ;

"Anna wake up, the plane has landed." I hear my dad say and I'm being shaken awake.

My eyes flutter open to reveal a near to completely empty plane and my dad looming over me with his satchel hanging off of his shoulder.

I scramble to gather my phone and earbuds and then get my small backpack out of the over head cabinet above my seat. I put it on as me and my dad get off of the plane.

We go into the airport and search for our luggage on the conveyor belt and my finally comes around. I grab my two and my dad grabs his then we start our way outside. There were cabs everywhere, picking up and dropping people off. There were also more people than I could possibly count scurrying every which way.

"My boss is supposed to be picking us up in a moment. We're going to be staying with him for the next few weeks until we can find a place to rent or something." He says, looking around.

Oh great, here we go again. We're going to end up finding a place to live on our own and then have to move out to another place in the world a month or two later, I've pretty much got this down by now, it's been happening since I was ten. We've never stayed anywhere for more than a year ever since then due to my dad's work and what not.

"Daniel! Over here!" Someone shouts my father's name.

We both look over to see a man standing by his car while waving his hands frantically at us to get our attention. "Richard, hey!" My dad shouts back starting to walk over to the car with his stuff.

I follow after him and Richard immediately helps me load my luggage up. "You must be Anna. I've heard so much about you." He smiles at me.

"It's nice to meet you." I smile at him.

We all three get into the car and buckle up my seat belt in the back. Him and my father started chatting away and i pop in my earbuds and play some old classic rock songs just to drown out their voices.


We pull up to a huge house, and I'm talking mansion size. "Woah." I whisper to myself but I guess Richard had heard me because he looked back and smiled.

"Do you like it?" He asks.

"Wow Rich, you got yourself a house right here." My dad says while unbuckling and then getting out.

They leave me alone in the car and I unbuckle, climbing out of the car and Richard gets my luggage out for me. "I'll take it in for you." He says and so I follow him and my dad inside.

We enter the house and the place is so open and beautiful. Everything was so elegant, I was actually excited to be staying here for a few weeks.

"Let me show you to your rooms." Richard says, motioning us to follow him up a grand stair case.

He goes down the hallway to the left and opens the first door. "Dan, this'll be your room for as long as you'd like to stay."

"Thank you. I promise we won't stay more than just a few weeks." My dad says walking in.

"Oh don't worry about rushing out. I don't get company that often so I might as well enjoy it." He assures my father.

He leads me to a room a few doors down and opens it. "This room is more feminine than the other guest bedrooms so I'd figured you might like it."

I walk inside to the beautifully decorated room. There was a bed with amazingly decorated bed covers, two glass nightstands with lamps and an alarm clock, a desk with a little reading lamp. Then I turn and see and huge bathroom, I walk in there and there was a walk in shower and everything just looked so expensive. It was amazing. I even had a decent sized walk in closet.

"I'm going to go get my cook to start dinner up for us all. Enjoy your room." Richard says and then shuts the door behind him. Cook? How rich is this guy?

I walk over to my suitcases and pick them up, putting them on the bed to start unpacking. I put up my clothes and shoes plus everything else that I put in my first suitcase and then I unload the second one which mostly consisted of toiletries and my laptop along with my chargers and stuff. I put my backpack on the bed and lay down beside it. This place is going to be awesome to stay in. I wish we could just live here, I mean the man even said it himself. He said we could stay as long as we'd like.

"Knock knock." I hear my dad says from behind the shut door.

He opens it and gazes around my room. "Nice room. How are you doing so far?" He asks me.

"Good, just finished unpacking." I say sitting back up.

"Me too. Richard said that dinner would be ready in five minutes so we'd better get down there. I'm starving and I'm sure you are too." He says.

I nod and then follow him out of my bedroom and down the hall then the stairs. My dad attempts to navigate his way through the rooms and finds the kitchen at last. We enter and a woman in a blue and white uniform was just then setting the food down on the dinner table.

"I hope you two like steak and potatoes!" Richard says excitedly while sitting down.

That was my favorite dish- I sit down and cut into he tinder stake, making sure to eat every bit of what was on my plate. Rich had asked me and my father a bunch of questions but my dad mostly answered them all as I ate.

A short while later the clock hit 9 pm and I was ready to jump in bed and go to sleep. There was only one thing that I was dreading and that was going to school. Unlock the rest of my moves, we moved during the school year instead of summer. So now I have to start in the middle of a school semester and attempt to make friends. Great.

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