Road to a Master

What if Delia had stepped in and made sure that Ash was prepared for his journey? After all, what kind of woman will allow her only son to travel a dangerous world ill-prepared? Smarter Ash, more prepared Ash. A mix of the games and the anime. WARNING - Chapter 5 is M-Rated for violence and mentions of rape.


2. Baby Steps

Ash and Pikachu were currently on route one, heading towards Viridian City. Ash was humming happily as he saw the different pokemon on the route. He didn't want to capture a pokemon right now as he wanted to build up a bond with his Pikachu before doing that. Pikachu was his starter, thus, he would be an example to the other pokemon about the kind of the trainer that Ash is. And Ash wanted his pokemon to become his family. A strong bond with Pikachu would exemplify that.

They came across a clearing, and Ash decided to stop for now. He had a week to get to Viridian City, and he wanted to get to know his starter better. He turned to Pikachu and said, "Hey buddy, we're going to be stopping here for a while. I want to get some training in before we reach Viridian City, and this would also allow us to get to know each other better."

The route between Pallet Town and Viridian City was the best place to have an isolated training session. Pallet Town was small and didn't have may tourist attractions other than Professor Oak's laboratory. As a result, trainers rarely travelled to Pallet Town. The only ones who did were newbie trainers who wanted their starters or experienced trainers who had Professor Oak as a sponsor and wanted to visit their pokemon which were in the Professor's ranch. The newbie trainers had already left today and experienced trainers either flew or used teleport. So the route between Pallet Town and Viridian City would be free of any trainers, allowing Ash and Pikachu to have an extended and uninterrupted training session.

He pulled out his pokedex and pointed it at his Pikachu, who was looking on curiously. "This is a pokedex. It will allow me to know your current moves, your ability, and will also help me teach you new moves. I'm going to scan you now, okay?"

"Pi Pikachu."

Pikachu, the Mouse Pokemon, and the evolved form of Pichu. It has small electric sacs on both its cheeks. If threatened, it looses electric charges from the sacs. This Pikachu is male and has the ability static. NOTE: His hidden ability lightning rod has been unlocked. This Pikachu knows the moves Tackle, Thundershock, Quick Attack, Growl and Tail Whip. This Pikachu knows the egg move volt tackle, but it has not been unlocked yet.

"Wow Pikachu, your hidden ability has already been activated. That's amazing!" exclaimed Ash happily. All pokemon had one ability depending on the species of pokemon, but some of them had a hidden ability that activated under special circumstances. It was a rare phenomenon and Ash was excited that his starter had such an ability.

"Pikachu!" the Pikachu puffed his chest out proudly.

"Okay, so here's what we're going to do. I'm going to assess where you are right now and how much you've perfected your moves. Once I have an idea, we'll stop for lunch. How does that sound?"

"Pikapi Pi Pikachu," Pikachu nodded his approval of the plan.

"Alright! Let's see how much stamina you have. Pikachu, you see that tree over there?" He pointed to a tree about 200 yards away. "I want you to run to that tree and back as fast as you can without using quick attack. Repeat till you drop!"

"Pika!" he exclaimed his acknowledgement and started his exercise. Six minutes and forty-seven seconds later, the Pikachu was ready to stop, but Ash encouraged him to keep going. After another minute or so, he was ready to drop. His muscles were screaming at him for the abuse they were put under, and Pikachu was having troubles to even stand.

"Hmm, your base speed is not bad, it's much higher than I assumed it will be. It can still improve, though. Your stamina is poor, that's one of the things we'll have to prioritize."

"Pikachu" he huffed, not liking that statement.

"What? You know it's true! You just lasted seven minutes!"

"Pikapi Pi Pika Pi Pikachu," the Pikachu said while shaking his head and sparking his cheeks with electricity to get his point across.

"You're saying that we should not prioritize stamina more than learning more powerful moves, is that what you're saying? Asked Ash hoping he understood what Pikachu was trying to say.

"Pika!" He exclaimed while nodding his head.

"Hmm, how do I explain myself?" Ash pondered for a minute, trying to put his thought process in words. "You've just fought in the wild before, right?" Ash waited for Pikachu's nod. "In the wild, you fight just one pokemon at a time, and the battle ends in a few seconds, sometimes lasting a couple of minutes. After that, you can rest, am I right so far?" Again, he waited for Pikachu's nod. "Well, you will rarely fight wild pokemon now! You will fight trained pokemon who are sometimes so weak that you can defeat them with your weakest move, and sometimes so powerful that you cannot even put a scratch on them with your most powerful attack! Plus, most trainer battles involve three or more pokemon. With your stamina as low as it is currently, even if you defeat your first opponent, you will be so tired that you cannot put up a fight against your second one. Now do you understand the need for physical conditioning?"

"Pika" the Pikachu admitted grudgingly. It looks like his trainer knows what he is doing.

"Don't worry Pikachu, I will help you learn new moves as well. I plan on having two training sessions a day, and I will definitely use one of them to teach you new moves. Okay, buddy?" Ash reassured his starter while softly petting his head earning a coo from him. After sitting like this for a few minutes, he continued. "Now, how about we see the status of your current moves? Think you've rested enough?" At Pikachu's answering nod, he said "Alright, let's do this. I have no idea how to see the effects of your growl and tail whip attacks, so we'll just have to wait for an actual battle to test them out. Now, I want you to use quick attack to that tree and back."

"Pika" the Pikachu bounded off as a yellow blur, appearing as a yellow streak.

"Not bad. As we improve your base speed, I'm guessing your speed in quick attack will also improve. If we improve it to a high enough level, maybe you can even learn extreme speed!"

"Pikachu!" the Pikachu exclaimed giddily at the thought of the powerful move.

"Alright then. I want you to keep using quick attack around the clearing. Don't go in a straight line. Go about it in a zigzag pattern as if you are dodging an attack, then stop and turn around sharply and continue. I want to see how much you've mastered this move." As Pikachu was going about his task, Ash was making notes in his pokedex. Once satisfied that he had learnt all he could about the move, he called out to Pikachu.

"Alright, that's enough. Now, you see that boulder over there? I want you to use your hardest tackle attack on it." Humans would have to train their bodies for years before they thought about doing something like this, but the bodies of pokemon were much tougher than humans. As he saw the effects of the tackle attack, he made another note on his pokedex. "Okay, Pikachu, now the final attack before we stop for lunch. Use your most powerful thundershock attack at that boulder." A powerful bolt of electricity hit that boulder, much more powerful than what Ash was expecting. "Holy Arceus! That was one powerful thundershock Pikachu! That was amazing!" Ash exclaimed after he managed to pick up his jaw from the ground. By Mew, he had one powerful starter!

"Pika Pikachu!" The Pikachu exclaimed obviously proud of that attack. He had spent countless hours trying to make that move more powerful.

"You were great Pikachu. Let's stop for lunch now." And with that, Ash took out his cooking utensils and started making a lunch for the two of them. The food he made for Pikachu was one specialized for electric pokemon to help them develop properly. Ash made sure to sprinkle a couple of Oran Berries on top to help Pikachu recover some of his strength. That was the best he could do, any further specialization in food had to be done by pokemon breeders.

After eating, he told Pikachu his observations. "You have almost mastered your quick attack. You can dodge while in quick attack without losing speed, but abrupt changes in directions cause your problems. You lose your speed and end up quitting your quick attack before starting it again. We will have to work on that. In addition to that, your tackle attack is mastered. We can only improve that by improving your base strength. Your thundershock is more than mastered, we don't need any work there." The Pikachu nodded along agreeing with most of what his trainer said. "For the rest of the day, we will continue mastering your quick attack. I will only teach you new moves once you've mastered your existing ones. Is that agreeable with you Pikachu?"

"Pika" nodded the Pikachu accepting the logic in his trainer's words. For the rest of the day, they worked on quick attack. It was frustrating at first before Ash had him start making sharp turns at his lowest speed to get a feel for the movement needed. This helped, and by the end of the day, Pikachu had made slight progress into his mastery of quick attack. With the knowledge of how to go about his training, he would probably need another day or two to complete his mastery, but both trainer and pokemon were satisfied with his progress. Now, they lay in Ash's sleeping bed making their final preparations of sleeping.

"Hey buddy, we're going to stay at this spot for the next few days." At Pikachu's curious gaze and his murmured pika, Ash elaborated, "I want to train you further before moving ahead with my journey. You are my starter, and as such, I expect you to be a leader to the rest of the pokemon I catch. Think you can do that for me?"

"Pika Pikachu!" murmured Pikachu while nodding his head.

"Thanks, buddy. I knew I could count on you." With that, Ash reached out his hand and put it on Pikachu's head. Getting no protest from his starter, Ash pets his Pikachu getting a soft Chaaaa from him. With that, both drifted off to sleep with a content smile on their faces.

And thus, the rest of the week went by. The first day was spent only on Pikachu fully mastering quick attack, and they had accomplished that goal even by Ash's high standards. After that, a routine was made. Pikachu spent the day from breakfast till lunch on improving his stamina and getting fitter. They worked on Pikachu's base speed as well as his strength.

To improve his speed, Ash had Pikachu first run around the clearing for half an hour. This helped Pikachu build his stamina as well as strengthen his core, thereby allowing Pikachu to get faster while training. Then, Ash had Pikachu do sprints while in his base speed from one point to another, and repeat the same while using quick attack.

After this session was over, Ash had Pikachu lift some rocks with his tail to strengthen it. This would be useful to teach Pikachu iron tail later on, a move that is an absolute must for Pikachu to give it a move that can work against rock and ground type pokemon. Ash was planning on teaching Pikachu iron tail before they reached Pewter City since as of now, Pikachu had no chance against Brock's pokemon.

The afternoon was spent trying to learn new moves. Ash knew that Pikachu had a lot of electric power as shown by his thundershock, but the control wasn't what it should be. To counter that, Ash had Pikachu learn thunder wave. The move worked by releasing a small stream of concentrated electric current that causes the receptors from the brain to the muscles to be overstimulated, causing the body to be unable to move. This move caused no other damage, which is why Pikachu needed such fine control over his electric output.

Learning the move was beneficial for Pikachu, not only to help him control his electrical output, but it was a move that could change the tide of the battle. A paralyzed foe can barely move, Pikachu, with his speed, can tear a paralyzed opponent apart. It would also make catching pokemon much easier since a paralyzed pokemon struggles less when trying to break out of the pokeball.

So far, Pikachu was struggling to learn the move as he was always overpowering it. The move was coming out as a weak thundershock rather than as a thunder wave. The paralyzing effects were random rather than a certainty, as needed for the thunder wave attack. But, with constant effort and gentle encouragement from Ash, he could release a successful thunder wave eight times out of ten. Not even close to mastering by Ash's standards, but he was getting there.

A week in, and Ash and Pikachu were on their way to Viridian City to get their poke-transport to Fuchsia City. The route was small, a couple of hours of walking to reach there. On the way there, they saw hordes of Pidgeys, Spearows, and Ratatas but none of them were appealing to Ash. A couple of Spearows and Ratatas challenged them and a couple of thundershocks from Pikachu were enough to take care of them.

This was not the first time that Ash had been to Viridian City. His mother had taken him here a few times to buy supplies since Pallet Town, being very isolated, did not keep everything. Viridian City may be a city and a home to the most powerful gym leader in Giovanni but it was still one of the smallest cities in the Kanto region. To the north of Viridian City is route 2, which leads to Viridian Forest and then on to Pewter City. To the west of the city is route 22, which leads to the Indigo Plateau, where the Pokemon League takes place. The only places of interest in the city are the gym, the pokemart, and the Pokemon centre, where Ash was heading now.

As they entered the centre, they were surprised to see the lobby was pretty much wrecked. Machokes were about carrying pillars and stones with their massive strength as their trainers were directing them to help in the reconstruction. Ash went to the front desk and rang the bell. A pretty, pink haired lady came out and greeted him with a pleasant smile. She was Nurse Joy, one of the countless Joy sisters that worked at the pokemon centres all across the world. Each Nurse Joy looked identical, and many conspiracies had sprung up to explain this phenomenon, along with the countless identical Officer Jennys. Ash's favourite was that the league cloned the Nurse Joys and Officer Jennys. Nurse Joy's voice brought Ash back to the present.

"Hello young man, how may I help you?" Nurse Joy's voice was gentle and sweet.

"Hello. Can you give my Pikachu a check-up? We've been training hard the past week, I want to make sure that nothing is wrong with him."

"Of course. Just put him back in your pokeball. Chansey!" She shouted at the end.

Ash took out Pikachu's pokeball and turned to a resigned looking Pikachu as a round, pink coloured pokemon wearing a nurse's outfit came in pushing a tray which had slots for 10 pokeballs. This was Chansey, Nurse Joy's assistant. Nurse Joy told me to put Pikachu's pokeball in one of the slots. As soon as I did so, Chansey took the tray to a room in the back while Nurse Joy told me if I needed anything else.

"Yes. If you don't mind me asking, what happened to the centre?"

"That!" Nurse Joy exclaimed with a furious scowl that looked weird on her normally kind face. "This centre was attacked a couple of nights ago by Team Rocket looking to steal the pokemon here. The trainers here fought them off, but the destruction you see was caused by the collateral damage during the fight."

"What? Team Rocket? They're back?" Ash questioned with a nervous look on his face. And why won't he be nervous? Team Rocket is a criminal organization that regularly steals and abuses pokemon. They had easily taken control of the underground world and were looking to extend that to complete world domination. They had mysteriously disappeared a few years ago, but it looks like they are back. This could be a big problem for everyone.

"What happened to the Team Rocket members that attacked this centre?"

"They were arrested by Officer Jenny. They are not very smart, attacking the centre with only an Ekans and a Koffing. One of the trainers staying here was an ACE Trainer, he easily took care of them." Nurse Joy finished with a bright smile.

"That's good news," Ash smiled. ACE Trainers are some of the top trainers employed by the league, outside the Elite Four and the gym leaders. They are usually deployed by the league to places that are too insignificant to trouble the Elite Four members. The Elite Four members are tasked to look over the entire Kanto region, with the gym leaders providing protection to the respective cities they have their gyms in.

"Is there anything else?" Nurse Joy asked.

"Just a room for the night," Ash asked politely. Pokemon centres were big enough to allow many travelling trainers to book rooms free of charge. The money was provided by the League itself. Nurse Joy provided me with a key and told me the room number and that she'll buzz me when my pokemon are fully healed. Ash nodded his head before pushing his weary legs to the cafeteria to have his dinner. It had been a long day! Once he finished his dinner, he went back to the lobby to wait for his pokemon. He didn't have to wait long before Nurse Joy gave him his pokemon, saying that the Pikachu was fine, he just needed some rest. Ash thanked her after which he went to his room, Pikachu snuggled sleepily on his shoulder.

The room was modest, having only one bed, a small desk, a cupboard, and an adjoining bathroom. There was a perch by the window sill presumably for bird pokemon. One corner of the room had a small aquarium for water pokemon. Pikachu had already jumped onto the bed and was currently fighting with the blankets having managed to get himself tangled in them. Ash smiled at this scene before joining Pikachu on the bed and wishing him a good night. Both trainer and pokemon were fast asleep in no time.

Ash woke up early the next day. It was the day he was going to the Safari Zone and thus, the day he would catch his first pokemon! Ash was too excited to sleep any further, so he got up and did his morning absolutions before going to the cafeteria for a breakfast, Pikachu following him. It seemed like Ash's enthusiasm was infectious as Pikachu was bouncing around excitedly. Once breakfast was over, Ash called his mum to check up on her and to tell her that he had reached Viridian City. He spent the rest of the time till his transport arrived going over the pokedex with Pikachu as they both predicted what pokemon would be added to the team. It was a completely pointless and sometimes a childish conversation but they both had fun.

At nine o'clock, Ash and Pikachu bounced out of the pokemon centre. Once outside, Ash looked around wondering how he will recognise his poke-transport. All he knows is that the poke-transport will meet him outside the pokemon centre in Viridian City, and drop him outside the pokemon centre in Fuchsia City. He was startled out of his thoughts by a man wearing billowing robes appearing in front of him suddenly. Pikachu's cheeks started sparking in surprise but before anything could happen, the strange man started speaking.

"You are Ash Ketchum, wanting a transport to Fuchsia City." Ash opened his mouth to speak, but before he could, the man continued, "Yes, I work with Lady Sabrina, and am here to provide the transport." Ash tried to say something else but was once again cut off before he could even utter a word. "There's no need to give an id. I know who you are." Ash stopped trying to talk, wondering if the psychic in front of him could read his mind, or if he was just guessing what his thoughts were.

"Prepare yourself, Ash Ketchum, we will be teleporting now." With that, he released his Kadabra. The Kadabra's spoon glowed blue, and suddenly Ash and Pikachu were in a different city. Teleporting felt like nothing Ash had thought it would. Ash had all sort of theories about what teleporting would feel like, from thinking that it'll feel like being squeezed through a tube, to swirling through time and space. But it didn't feel like that. In fact, it felt like nothing. No displacement of air, no sudden rush, nothing. The psychic just looked at Ash with a smirk, as if knowing what was going through his mind. Ash decided not to think on that too much.

He was broken out of his thoughts by the psychic saying, "Your return journey is in three days on the tenth of April. I will see you then 10.00 am." Before Ash could say anything, the psychic and Kadabra were gone.

"That was very, very weird," Ash commented.

"Pi Pikachu." Pikachu nodded his head in agreement.

"Anyway… We're in Fuchsia City now. To the Safari Zone, it is!" His earlier enthusiasm returning, the incident with the psychic put to the back of his mind. Pikachu sweatdropped at his trainer's sudden mood swing but followed Ash as he went to the Safari zone with a spring in his step.

Fuchsia City wasn't too much different to Pallet Town and Viridian City, Ash mused as he walked to the Safari zone. The houses were small, the city looked isolated to the rest of Kanto, just like Pallet Town was. When Ash walked into the Safari zone, he was greeted by an old, strict looking man who looked up sharply when he heard Ash enter.

"Welcome to the Safari zone. My name is Kaiser. I take it that you wish to enter?" The now named Kaiser asked Ash. On seeing Ash nod, he continued, "The entrance fee is 500 pokedollars for a single day. You can only catch pokemon in these Safari balls. This is a sanctuary for the pokemon here, so fighting them is strictly prohibited. If you want to catch a pokemon, you must convince him to come with you. If you capture a pokemon, its ball comes to me. At the end of the day, I'll transfer the pokemon from the safari ball to your pokeball. These are the rules; do you abide by them?" He asked in a no nonsense tone. Ash nodded, a little intimated, and help out his pokedex which worked as an online money transfer system.

Kaiser scanned the pokedex and deducted 500 pokedollars. He returned it to Ash along with 30 safari balls and a map of the Safari zone. Ash took the safari balls with a muttered thank you before running to the Safari Zone, his enthusiasm getting the better of him.

The Safari Zone was beautiful. Trees and lush grass as far as sight could see, with ponds intermixed, they really made a beautiful habitat for the pokemon living here. As Ash walked in, he could see a few pokemon about. There were male and female Nidorans running around being shepherded by their evolutions, Nidorino and Nidorina. He could spot a herd of Rhyhorn ambling around. A few Exeggute. Some Tauros, a few Kangaskhan, even a couple of Scythers.

All were tempting options, but Ash ignored them for now. The Safari Zone was huge, Ash wanted to see all of it before he caught a pokemon. Maybe he could catch one of the rare pokemon from another region. After all, he had three days here before he continued his journey.

Every year, a number of trainers start their journeys. Some look to challenge the League, some become coordinators, some breeders, and some just want an adventure. When the other regions became open to trainers from Kanto, hundreds of trainers went there, and hundreds go abroad every year. They go for a couple of years before coming back to Kanto. The pokemon they catch eventually mate and lay eggs in Kanto. These eggs are given to the League officials who are tasked with finding a proper home for these pokemon. The League officials go from route to route to see if these pokemon are comfortable living on that route. And some of them settle in the Safari Zone.

After a couple of hours of walking, Ash and Pikachu came across a site that had Ash squealing out of cuteness despite being a male. He could see a few Eevee running around and playing with each other. Eevee is a quadrupled creature with primarily brown fur. The tip of its large bushy tail and its furry collar are cream-coloured. It has short, slender legs with three small toes and a pink paw pad on each foot. Eevee has large, brown eyes, long pointed ears and a small black nose. In short, Eevee is one of the most adorable pokemon that exists. And to see so many Eevee playing with each other was too much for Ash and he could not make himself stop squealing like a fangirl.

After a few seconds of getting used to the adorableness of seeing so many Eevee at one time, Ash gained control over himself. His reaction to the sight of the Eevee went in the 'this never happened, it was just a bad dream' part of his mind. After getting over his embarrassment, Ash's emotions once again did a flip as he got excited at the prospect of catching an Eevee. Eevee were at one point of time rare pokemon in the Kanto region. The only way to catch one was if you knew a breeder or a League official and they were kind enough to get you one. But with other regions now being open to Kanto, the Eevee population grew again. There was an abundance of Eevee in the Kalos region, and Kanto had struck a deal with them to repopulate the Eevee in Kanto.

The reason why Ash wanted to catch an Eevee was because Eevee had a rare, irregular genetic structure that allows it to evolve into many different types of pokemon. It could evolve into eight different types of pokemon, each very powerful when trained right. With that in mind, Ash walked forward to the group of Eevee. Since battling here was not allowed, he hoped to convince one of them to accompany him on his journey.

As he neared the group of Eevee, they stopped their frolicking and looked inquisitively at Ash. Again, Ash had to suppress the urge to squeal at their cuteness. He shook it off and approached them with a friendly smile. He squatted down to appear less threatening and said, "Hi. My name is Ash Ketchum." He then proceeded to give a speech similar to the one he had given Pikachu when he first met him as he explained his goals and what he wanted from his pokemon. He ended it by asking if any of the Eevee wanted to accompany him on his journey.

The Eevee took his words in and then talked to each other in yips. After some time, Pikachu got off Ash's shoulders and started talking to the Eevee as well. At one point, an Eevee came forward and started talking to Pikachu. It looked like the Eevee asked Pikachu something as the next moment Pikachu started to explain something animatedly while waving his arms around. Pikachu and the Eevee spoke to each other for a while after which the Eevee walked to Ash and stood in front of him expectedly.

"You want to come with me?" Asked Ash happily.

"Vee. Eevee," yipped the Eevee while nodding its head imperiously.

"Great. Welcome to the family, Eevee!" exclaimed Ash as he tapped its forehead with a Safari Ball. The ball shook once before dinging to indicate a successful capture. There was a bright flash of light as the ball disappeared from Ash's hands surprising Ash before he remembered that the captured pokemon go to Kaiser at the Safari Zone entrance.

Ash and Pikachu waved a goodbye to the rest of the Eevee before continuing on in the Safari Zone. They stopped for lunch around noon since they had such an early breakfast and were quite hungry. After lunch, they went to another area. Since the Safari Zone was so huge, it was divided into four areas, labelled centre area, area 1, area 2, and area 3. So far, Ash and Pikachu had spent their time in the centre area and were now going to area 2.

Area 2 was slightly different to the centre area. Area 2 was filled with flowers. Yellow coloured, red coloured, white coloured, orange coloured, blue coloured, there were a lot of flowers in this area. The pokemon were more or less the same as they were in the centre area, though, which disappointed Ash since he expected to see some new pokemon in the new region.

After a couple of hours of exploring, Ash saw what appeared to be small lights flitting around the flowers. Curious about this, Ash walked forward to see what these lights were. On closer inspection, Ash discovered what those lights were and that discovery had him doing cartwheels internally with joy. For those lights were not lights, they were small pokemon. Flabebe to be exact. Flabebe is a pokemon native to the Kalos region and is one of the elusive fairy type pokemon. And Ash wanted to catch it so bad! A fairy type pokemon can change the course of any battle and their advantage against bug type, fighting type, dark type, and their total immunity against dragon type pokemon makes them so sought after. He would spend as long as he needed to, to convince one of them to accompany him on his journey.

With that in mind, he walked to the Flabebe. They were tiny, barely four inches long. Their upper half was white while the lower half was green. They had white arms and long, notched ears, with a green tail. They had a small, yellow coloured crown on their head with beady eyes and a small nose. It seemed like they had a permanent blush on their cheeks.

However, Ash had barely gotten close to them before the Flabebe noticed him. With a loud shout of their name, all the Flabebe fled into the flowers. It looked like they did not want to be captured. Ash saw them leave, completely disappointed that he did not even have a chance to convince them to join him. He was broken out of his reverie by a Flabebe floating in front of his face sitting on a white flower. The Flabebe called out its name after which it looked at Ash inquisitively. Ash wasted no time before he started trying to convince the Flabebe to join him on his journey. To Ash's joy, the Flabebe nodded its head signifying that it wants to be captured. He quickly tapped the Flabebe on its head and the ball was sent to Kaiser.

Instead of exploring the region further, Ash and Pikachu went back to Fuchsia City. He had achieved what he wanted to by adding two members to his growing family. Now he just wanted to catch a water type pokemon since it would be a massive help in Ash's first gym battle. And Ash didn't want to catch more than three pokemon right now since he wasn't sure if he could effectively train so many pokemon so soon in his journey. So he would explore the rest of the Safari Zone when he returned to Fuchsia city to challenge Koga for the Soul Badge. Plus, he really wanted to catch a couple of pokemon that he saw in today.

After transferring his pokemon from the safari balls to his pokeballs, Ash went to the Fuchsia City pokemon centre where he booked a room for three nights. After eating dinner, Ash and Pikachu went to their room. Upon settling in, Ash released his Eevee and his Flabebe. Once released, Ash showed them his pokedex and told them that he was going to scan them. He first pointed it at Eevee and the robotic voice of the pokedex rang out.

Eevee, the Evolution pokemon. Eevee is a unique pokemon that can adapt to its environment by changing its form and abilities when evolving. This Eevee is female and has the ability Adaptability. This Eevee knows the moves Helping Hand, Growl, Tackle, Tail Whip, and Sand Attack. This Eevee knows the egg move Detect, but it has not been unlocked yet.

Flabebe, the Single Bloom Pokemon. It draws out and controls the hidden power of flowers. The flower that Flabebe holds is most likely a part of its body. This Flabebe is female and has the ability Flower Veil. This Flabebe knows the moves Tackle, Vine Whip, and Fairy Wind. This Flabebe knows the egg move Camouflage, but it has not been unlocked yet.

Neither had too many moves right now but that was fine with Ash. Both the pokemon were similar to Ash, young and eager to explore the world. And they all would grow together. Ash spent the remaining day bonding with the two. He quickly found out that Flabebe was curious about everything and was a bundle of energy, constantly moving around to explore everything. Eevee rarely took part in the conversation, sitting there regarding everything in a slightly disinterested manner. It took Ash some time to realize that Eevee was not being rude, she just had a regal and snobbish attitude. Something that Ash would have to work on. Not get rid of her nature, just curb her arrogance.

When it was time to sleep, neither Flabebe nor Eevee wanted to sleep in the pokeball. Pikachu and Flabebe slept on either side of Ash while Eevee lay down at the foot of the bed with her back turned to the rest of them. Ash just snorted at the sight and decided to let things be for now. He had a lot of time to make Eevee a part of his family.

The next day found Ash and Pikachu at the Safari Zone as soon as it opened. After paying the entrance fee, they entered the Safari Zone and Ash immediately released Eevee and Flabebe so that they could get some fresh air. This would also allow them to bond some more.

Ash made a beeline for the big pond he had found while exploring yesterday. On reaching the shore, Ash pulled out his fishing rod and threw the line in the sea. He made himself comfortable and told his pokemon to do the same since he knew that fishing requires patience. Something he didn't have but Ash bore with it since this will probably be the last time he would have to do something like this.

And patience was indeed needed. Many hours had passed and Ash was still waiting for a special pokemon to show up like Flabebe yesterday. Ash knew that he was being unrealistic since he had lucked out yesterday, but the childish part of him could not help but want the special pokemon. He figured that if no such pokemon was discovered by Ash, he could just catch a water type pokemon the next day. It was not as if fishing was bad. The clear pond reflecting the rays of the sun, the pleasant weather, the sounds of the wild pokemon, watching Pikachu and Flabebe frolicking around and laughing as they played what looked like tag, it was a nice experience. What made it even better was to see Eevee go from downright ignoring everyone to looking at Pikachu and Flabebe curiously as they played while allowing Ash to pet her head. She didn't join the other two pokemon, nor did she acknowledge Ash other than allowing him to pet her head, but progress was made.

There were a few pokemon that Ash found in the pond. The most common were Magikarp. While he knew that Magikarp evolved into the very powerful Gyarados, Ash wasn't sure if he could manage to get it to listen. Gyrados were known for their legendary destructive power and even more legendary temper and Ash wanted to have much more experience before attempting to do that. Maybe after a few months when he had five to six badges.

There were also Goldeens and Slowpokes. While Ash was tempted to catch the Slowpoke, he would wait till he sees all the pokemon in the pond before he makes the decision. Ash was ruminating whether to call it a day and try again tomorrow before he felt a tug on his rod. He slowly reeled the pokemon in so as to not startle it. When the pokemon broke the surface, Ash nearly had a heart attack when he saw that it was serpentine in shape with a blue body and white underside. It had white, three-ponged fins on the sides of its head and a white bump on its forehead. Above its large, round, white snout were oval, purple eyes. This was Dratini, the mirage pokemon, one of the rarest pokemon in the Kanto region whose final evolution was known as a pseudo-legendary for its power.

Before Ash could even begin to recover from seeing the Dratini, the surface of the water was disturbed quite violently. Out of the water came a beautiful, blue serpent-like pokemon. A regal beauty surrounded it, awing Ash and the pokemon nearby. Ash had heard that dragon pokemon always had this regal air about them, appearing wise and majestic and he truly understood what that meant now. The Dragonair hovered in front of Ash, its head tilted curiously. But there was a hint of steel in its eyes that made Ash realize that the Dratini Ash reeled in was the Dragonair's baby.

Ash snapped out of his reverence and greeted the dragon. "Hello, Dragonair. My name is Ash Ketchum and I am a pokemon trainer. I have visited the Safari zone to catch some pokemon to accompany me on my journey. I was looking for a water type pokemon when my rod caught the Dratini," Ash clarified in case the Dragonair thought that Ash was threatening her child. He absolutely DID NOT want an angry dragon type pokemon after him. He was not suicidal.

The Dragonair took his words in before nodding its head as if accepting his words. It was about to go back under the water with the Dratini when Ash called out to it.

"Wait, if it is okay with you, I would like to ask Dratini if it wants to become a part of my team." While Ash knew that most pseudo-legendaries are hard to control, Dratini and its evolutions are known to be some of the calmest pokemon and Ash knew that if he made a strong enough bond with the Dratini, he would have no problems with its evolutions. Plus, Dragonair took a while before it evolved into Dragonite and Ash hoped he had gained enough experience to handle it.

The Dragonair looked at Ash inquisitively while its eyes scanned Ash. Ash held back a shiver as he saw the intelligent eyes of the dragon. It was said that dragon type pokemon are some of the wisest pokemon in the world, but Ash had, till now, not understood what it meant. Those eyes seemed to pierce his soul as if judging if Ash was worthy of training its child.

The Dragonair made a soft cooing sound as it stared at Ash as if urging him to do something. What that was, Ash had no idea, so he just started talking to Dragonair about himself as he thought that the only way to convince it to allow the Dratini to join him was telling it about himself. So, he started talking about his dreams, and as he got comfortable, he started talking more and more. He spoke about his childhood, his thoughts, his ideals, his wants, his needs, everything. As he was talking, he noticed that Pikachu, Flabebe, and Eevee had started listening to his tale curiously, and he realised that even they didn't know everything. This gave Ash more motivation to lay everything on the table, even if Dratini refused to join him, Pikachu, Flabebe, and Eevee deserved to know this. They deserved to know their trainer and what made him tick.

Ash spoke for a long time and considered it to be worth it as he felt that he had bonded more with his pokemon during his speech than he had during his entire journey so far. He was grateful to the Dragonair for making him do this, even if he wasn't sure if this was what it wanted from him. As Ash was about to leave with his pokemon, a coo from Dragonair interrupted him. Dragonair and Dratini seemed to be having a conversation. At the end of the conversation, the Dratini and the Dragonair hugged each other before the Dragonair went back into the pond. The Dratini, meanwhile, came to Ash and butted its head against Ash's chest while letting out a soft coo.

Ash looked at the Dratini in surprise as its eyes conveyed what Ash could not have imagined except in his wildest dreams. He had to confirm it, to make sure that he was not perceiving things wrong. So he asked the Dratini, hope brimming in his voice if it wanted to come with him on his journey. At her answering cry of acknowledgement, Ash couldn't help but grin widely. He presented a safari ball to the Dratini, who poked it with its snout and got sucked into the ball. The ball dinged immediately, showing that the Dratini didn't even try to fight the capture.

Ash pumped his fist, bouncing on his feet with excitement and exclaimed: "I caught a Dratini!"

A/N: So this was chapter two. The majority of the people wanted me to make Ash catch an Eevee, so here it is. I was going to do so anyway, but later on in the story. Also, thank you to iggychan89 for suggesting Flabebe. It is my favourite pokemon in X/Y but I wasn't sure how people would accept Ash catching one.

In this chapter, I wanted to show Ash convincing three pokemon to join him in different ways. Eevee is convinced by Pikachu, Flabebe is just curious about the outside world and wants an adventure while Ash had to convince Dragonair to allow Dratini to join Ash's team.

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