Vampire In London!-PeterPan inspired

Every Peter Pan Tail is about a young that never grows up! Some are told differently by people! My version is about the Darling family finding out he is a Vampire because someone put a curse on him. Then everyone get taken to Neverland and Wendy has to do her best to find a cure and help him. It's a beautiful story and filled with Imagination and adventure. Just like the Darling children. Also, I am new to Movella so I hope anyone supports me and gives me advice if I make mistakes when I write! Enjoy.


2. The Boy Of Imagination.

​There was a year old baby boy named Peter, that lived with his parents in London not to far from The Darling house.

His parents Francine and Parker loved him like an angel so light and sweet in there arms. It was their child. Nothing could break the bond ness between Peter and his parents. Until that sudden sad day! Francine got a letter one day, from the mailman at the door telling her that they have to send Peter to be educated for awhile.  Francine says, "They can't do this! Can they?" Parker say, "I'm afraid they can! Idon't think there is anything else lwe can do." Francine answered, "He is just a baby Parker! Its not like they will send him to an orphanage first." Parker says, "I know dear...I know. Francine says, "Let's put Peter out on the street pavement."

Parker answered, "What?! Are you insane?" Francine says, "Think about it. If someone finds our boy Peter and raises him properly in a nice home. Instead of those awful people trying to take him away from us." Parker answered, "You make a very Interesting point Francine!" Francine says, "So? What do you think?" Parker says, "Let's do this."

After all, their planning and waiting to make sure Peter as a baby will get a good home someday paid off as a child.

His guardian was a fairy and they became best buddies! Peter lived in a far far away place called Neverland where u never have to grow up! All the magical creatures roam and are free to be what they want and could choose to stay or leave.

​Peter says,"Quit Tink! Where is it? Do you know where they have hidden it?"   Tinkerbell says, HERE PETER!" Peter says, "Come On Stick! What the matter with you?!" 

Wendy says, "Boy why you crying?" Peter answered, "Oh! I'm not crying. I just cant get my shadow to stay on." Wendy says, "Your trying to put it on with soap. Silly! That's not gonna work! Let me help you."    Peter says, "Thanks.." Wendy says, "I'm done. How do you feel?" Peter says, "You Did It Wendy! It worked. Oh the cleverness Of Me!"


Wendy response, "Of Course I did Nothing!" Peter says, "You fixed it!" Wendy says, "May I ask what your name is boy?" Peter answered, "Peter Pan! What's yours?" Wendy response," Wendy Moira Angela Darling." Peter says, "Pretty name!"

Wendy says, "Why did you come to our nursery window Peter?" Peter responds , "I came to hear all your stories!" Wendy response, "There are all about you though Peter!" Peter answers, "I know. That's why I like them! Do you remember the girl that lost the glass slipper?" Wendy says, "Peter? THATS CINDERALLA!" Peter says, "And?" Wendy says, "He found her! And They happily ever after."


Wendy says, "Where are you from Peter?" Peter says, "Second Star To The Right! Straight on Till Morning." Wendy says, "It must be beautiful where you come from Peter." Peter responds, "It can be. Although It.. never mind! Wendy says, What is Peter?"


Peter answers, "The island is surrounded by a pool of lovely filled colors! Also, each half of the Island has a different weather for every season!" Wendy says, "Sound amazing! Oh I wish I could go..." Peter responds, "..You can! COME ON! Well fly. Wendy response, "What! you can fly?" Peter says, " Come Wendy! Take my hand. You don't have to ever think about growing up ever again!"  

Wendy answers, "Sound exciting! Can Mike and John come to? I wont go without brothers." Peter says, "As you wish."

​Next Chapter-Now, off goes the Darling children and Peter Pan to never land to see what fun is in store for them! Is what Wendy talked about in her stories exactly the same or much different. And what is Peter Pan hiding to himself and doesn't want to tell Wendy.










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