Vampire In London!-PeterPan inspired

Every Peter Pan Tail is about a young that never grows up! Some are told differently by people! My version is about the Darling family finding out he is a Vampire because someone put a curse on him. Then everyone get taken to Neverland and Wendy has to do her best to find a cure and help him. It's a beautiful story and filled with Imagination and adventure. Just like the Darling children. Also, I am new to Movella so I hope anyone supports me and gives me advice if I make mistakes when I write! Enjoy.


1. The Beginning!

​In London, there is a beautiful city surrounded by darkness where every child lays asleep in there beds in there mind thinking about tomorrow.

There is a small family that lives two blocks away from the bank and bakery.

Darling Family.    The parents, Mary and George are getting ready for a nice date out for themselves.

Every night the children Wendy, Michael, and John listened to her stories.   She tells her brother's every time when the sun goes down about the mischievous Captain James. Hook and young boys anger in battle!  

Wendy says, "Every time Hook faced the boy, you could see his red beating eyes and anger blaming him for what happened?!"  Michael says." What happened Wendy?" Wendy response, "Hook wants to kill Peter! He blames him for chopping of his hand. Remember?" John says, "RIGHT! I will get you Michael!"  Michael response, "Teddy wont let it happen. Not If I get you first!"

The kids parents, don't always get a day off for date night. This is for a special occasion! It is his and the staff 's 70th anniversary of his job at the bank.

What Wendy does not know is, that someone is lurking outside the nursery window. The Only one that noticed is the mom.

Mary says, "Come now children! It late. Time for bed." Wendy says, "Do you have to go mother?"

Mary says, "Yes my dear! Don't worry though. We will be back soon." Wendy response, "I love you mom!" Mary says, "Love you to Wendy!"  Michael says, "Will anything harm us mother after the night lights are lit?" Mary says, No Michael. Perfectly safe."

Michael says, "Can you read me a story before you go?" Mary response, "I will read when I get back. Ok?" Michael response, "Good night mom"   Mary says, "Please protect my sleeping children so they will be safe and sound when morning dawns!"

       George says, "Lets go! Were late." Mary answered, "I'm coming George."

​George response,"Good!" Mary says, "I saw something before we left. Don't think its safe for them?" George,"I'm sure whatever you saw it was just your imagination!"

​     Mary answered," NO GEORGE! It was a boy. He was looking through the nursery window." George response,"MARY. The kids are asleep. Everything is fine." Mary says, "Oh! I wish I wasn't going out to eat tonight."






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