Flight 34

Peter thought Evelyn loved him because he knew that he would take a bullet for her. After she dumps their son on Peters door step and runs away never to be seen again he swears he'd rather die than see her again. Someone looses their life, but its not Peter.


6. Time changes alot but not everything

 Four years, 6 months, 23 days, 8 hours had past since the day Evelyn had dropped Duke at Peters door step. To Peter it didn't seem like that long of a time. So much had changed for the good in that time that it had flown by for him. It all started when principle Jackson decided to retire at the school and asked Peter to step up to the position. The pretty little checks that Peter got was enough for him to upgrade the house. The moved only a block away into a new house. the most exciting part of the move in for Peter was the house had two bathrooms so he didn't have to step around all off Dukes bath toys, or accidently use the baby soap and smell like lavender all day at school.

Duke was now five years old and was in kindergarten at the school. Duke didn't really remember his mom and never asked his dad about her because the line that creased on Peter's forehead every time he asked made him worried he was mad. If anyone at school asked Duke about her he'd make up some story about her travelling the world in a hot air balloon helping sick animals, and was coming home as soon as she could.

It was a crisp April Friday when the last bell of the day rang out loud. Peter put away his days work and gathered his things to take home. He waited his pride and joy to walk into the main office. Peter leaned up against Apens desk, she turned around in her chair and was captivated by his grin.

"Hello Aspen, how was your day?" Peter asked.

"It was good! only had seven angry parents yell at me over the phone today." Aspen laughed brushing her blonde hair off her shoulder.

" Sound like a new record to me." Peter chuckled and Duke pushed open the heavy brown door that lead into the schools main office. Peter put his stuff down and picked Duke up and twirled him before bring him to his chest.

" Hey little man! how was school today?" Peter asked adjusting Dukes rumpled shirt.

" Good! I learn to count to this many!" Duke squealed holding up all ten of his fingers. He then put his tiny hands on both sides of Peters face and squished them together. the boy almost tipped back in laughter and Peter had to carefully put him down.

" Ready to go home bud?" Peter asked.

" Of course."

The two boys told Aspen goodbye and walked hand in hand outside. Peter watched as Duke pick up pebbles and chased after butterflies. As the two reached their house Duke shot inside and ran to his room, tossing his Transformer back pack in the living room. Peter picked it up and set it on the table with his suit case before loosing his tie.

He moved around the kitchen cooking dinner and watching bits of the Tv that was in in the living room. Within the two hours they had been home from school Duke had managed to drag out every dinosaur he had into the living room. Peter gracefully stepped around the spikes and pointed tails as he hollered to Duke for dinner. The two ate in the living room and watched tv. Any mother that saw them would be upset with the two but it was just them and that what the two did.

The next morning they both slept in since it was Saturday and they had nothing to do. When Peter finally got up it was 8:30 and like clockwork his door creaked open to Duke holding his stuffed t-rex.

" Can you make food?" Duke's small voice asked.

"Suuure little man, what do you want?"


" Pancakes it is." Peter laughed picking Duke up as he got out of bed. Peter sat Duke Down on the grey couch and turned on cartoons for him. Peter went into the kitchen and started pulling the ingredients out for Pancake mix. He was waiting for the pan to heat up when the house phone started to ring. he checked the clock on the microwave to see if it was the school calling him in but it was way to early. He walked where the phone hung by the door way between the living room and kitchen. Peter picked it up and held it to his ear.


"Is this Peter?" A feminine voice asked.

"Yes.. who is this?"

"Oh my god, it took me awhile to find your number! I cant believe this is really happening!"  The woman's voice got excited and it sounded familiar but Peter couldn't match it to a face.

"Who is this?" Peter asked again.

"It's me Peter, Evelyn." Peters grip on the phone tightened. His eyes flickered to Duke sitting on the couched totally enhanced by the cartoons. Peter could feel his heart beating faster in his chest as the rage began to build.

"What.do.you.want?" Peter asked with a stern voice.

" I want to see him Peter. I want to see our son."

"You gave up that right a long time ago."

"I didn't have to ask you Peter. This was just a courtesy ee him if you like it or not." Evelyn said and Peter could hear her familiar tone of determination. Instead of firing back Peter simply hung the phone up.

"What a Bitch."


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