Flight 34

Peter thought Evelyn loved him because he knew that he would take a bullet for her. After she dumps their son on Peters door step and runs away never to be seen again he swears he'd rather die than see her again. Someone looses their life, but its not Peter.


2. Goodbye

      It had been three weeks since college had gotten out and Peter had moved his stuff from his dorm back to his parents house in Denver. He knew he couldn't afford anything in Denver but there was tons of small towns close by that had to have something for him. Peter and Evelyn kept in contact less and less as the days went on which made Peter eager to find a place for them.

      It was Thursday morning and Peter was headed for the town of Ragsdale to look at a home. He had caught news of the house when he was in Eaton at the bar. The drive out to the town was flat and boring and only a few bad radio stations would come through. It had been 45 minutes when the town began to grow on the horizon. For the distance all Peter could see was thick green trees. Peter passed the town sign and looked at what qualified more as a village than a town. The high school was the biggest building in the whole town, and about a city block was the size of the gathering of homes that held completed the town. Kids played on their bikes and ran amuck in the dirt road as Peter searched for the house.

    On the second road he went down he finally saw it. It was small for what he was used to but it was what he needed. Peter pulled his small Ford torus car over to the side of the road an got out to look at the house closer. the front yard was over grown and looked like a jungle with the for sale sign barely visible. The fence was leaning in odd ways, the windows looked as old as him and the paint had been put over a darker shade that showed through in some spots. It was definitely a fixer upper but he had fallen for it quickly. From behind him a woman came up and stood beside Peter with her arms folded across her body.

    " Hello, im Boni are you interested in the house?" The elderly lady asked holding out her small hand for Peter to shake.

     " Im Peter and yes I am. Do you know how much its going for?" Peter asked.

      " Well its about $16,000. Do you want to take a look inside? I can go ask old Hank for the key."

      "Yes that would be great!"

       "Alright ill be right back do you  move a muscle." Boni said as she walked away going to a sand colored building that had an old gas pump sitting in front of it. Boni came back with a silver key and let them in the back door of the house.

       The door lead right into the kitchen which hide wooden cabinets and white plastic counters that looked like fake marble. Going through the door way in front of them it lead the two into the living room area which had the front door and big windows that let in light. They stepped into a small hallway to the left of the living room and the bathroom was straight across with two bedrooms on the side.

     " I know its not a lot or as big as some folks but it has done a lot of people good over the years." Boni told Peter as he continued to examine the walls and floors.

      " Its perfect, when can I move in?" Peter laughed and the two walked out of the house.

       " Its already good for a move in, all we  have to do is get the paper work together and we will be set! why don't you come back in about a week and sign all  the papers." Boni said handing Peter a slip of paper with her number on it.

        " Hank would love to sell you, and since im his wife ill even talk you up some, we will been in touch." Boni said shaking Peters hand. When Peter finally got back to his parents house he told them about the home he had found and he could see how happy they where to finally get him out of their house. Peter went to his childhood bedroom pulled out his phone to call Evelyn. To his dismay she didn't pick up the phone and he didn't want to leave her a voicemail so he texted her instead.


Peter: Hey I think I found us a house


Peter: its in Ragsdale which is kind of out of the way but I know you'll love it and the town


Peter: Hello?


Peter: how come you wont answer?

Peter called a few more times but decided to give up. He had convinced himself she might have gone camping and there was no cell service. Or maybe she had dropped her phone in the river if she went rafting. They all made more sense than her dropping him. That night Peter kept checking his phone periodically to see if she had texted him back at least once but it was no hope. He even though about driving the distance to Cheyenne, Wyoming to see if she was alright but decided that was to over bearing.

The next morning Peter woke up to his phone playing Crazy Train which signaled Evelyn had texted back. Peters hand shot out for his phone ready to see what he hopped to see the agreement of going to see the house. Instead his chest lurched from his chest, and he almost though he was going throw up for a minute.


Evelyn: What we had was nice, but its over. I don't love you anymore and honestly never had. You Peter Ryan ruined my life. Don't talk to me ever again.

Peter was so confused he knew there was a lack of communication since leaving campus, but what had he done to screw things up this bad with her. He thought about everything they had done recently anything that would've given him some clue but he came up with nothing.

  Weeks had past  and Peter still hadn't gotten over his break up with Evelyn. He moped around his parents house throwing things into bags as he prepared to move into the house he had found almost a month ago. It wasn't a happy place for him anymore but he wanted to get out of his parents hair so they could stop worrying about him. Yea he felt like someone ripped his heart out, set it on fire, poured hot sauce on it and put it in a blender but he didn't need the pity looks.

    As Peter started throwing his clothes into boxes in he pulled out white with red polka dotted bikini bottoms from the bottom of his drawer. He felt like he couldn't move or breath for a second. They where Evelyn's, but that's not what hurt the most. It was the story behind them that stung like chili powder up the nose. Peter ended up with them the second time he happened to bump into Evelyn again after the Oak tree.

It was finally summer after their first year of college. Peter hadn't seen Evelyn it what seemed like years, but was really just months. He looked for her every where James and him went. James had finally had enough of his love sick roommate and talked Peter into the Pot hole party down in the canyon only about 30 minutes away from the campus.

The river had eroded away a circle in the stone which got deeper and deeper over the years which leaded to some sort of lake. It was the hottest party spot in all of Greely. James promised Peter there would be young available girl willing to help Peter get over the crazy tree girl.

When the two arrived they found red cups in their hands before they could even see the water. People walked around in swimming suits drinking and having a hell of a good time. Peter decided to get in the same mood and went straight for the cool water. Pulling his shirt over his head he went to slid in when the people around him started gasping and clapping. Confused he looked up where all the others were looking and was shocked as well. Standing on a huge pile of stacked up rocks called "The dead mans cliff" was A girl in a red and white bikini. 

 " Most people cant make that jump, they end up pretty messed up." Some guy said and Peter wondered which girl would be brave enough to do it. Everyone gasped as the girl took a running start and flung herself off the rocks towards the water. She splashed into the pool and the crowed erupted in cheers. When the girl came to surface Peter laughed to see Evelyn. She swam over to the edge of the water where Peter was still standing with his shirt off. He didn't know if he should move or stay there the closer she got. When she was close enough to see the purple polish on her nails she looked up at Peter.

  "Hey give me your shirt." She demanded treading water.


    " I said give me your shirt." Evelyn said and Peter still couldn't find words to form. He handed her his black t-shirt and she immediately drenched it under water. Evelyn fidgeted with it and then though something white back at Peter, it was the bottom of her suit torn at the side from the jump. As Evelyn got out of the water Peter saw his shirt rapped around her waist in some type of a skirt.

     " You can keep that." Evelyn said walking away from him

      "Wait! what's your name?" Peter asked.


       " Im Peter."

       " Goodbye Peter." Was the last thing she said as she walked away into the crowed out of ear shot. 

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