Flight 34

Peter thought Evelyn loved him because he knew that he would take a bullet for her. After she dumps their son on Peters door step and runs away never to be seen again he swears he'd rather die than see her again. Someone looses their life, but its not Peter.


5. Baby Stuff

The day after Evelyn had dumped Duke with Peter , Peter had called in to work saying he couldn't make it in for obvious reasons. He had made a make shift nest on the couch for the baby to sleep in putting pillows on the ground just incase he fell in the night. Peter walked out of his room fully dressed to see his son still sound asleep on the couch. Peter tried to be sneaky around the house not to wake Duke up but the creaky floor boards gave him away. Duke didn't cry when he woke up which was nice Peter thought but when he picked the little boy up he noticed a very distinctive smell, his dipper was full to the brim. With nothing in the house that even resembles a diaper Peter walked with Duke to Boni's story down the road away.

When they walked through the door Boni couldn't help but to stare at the child in Peters arms. The longer she looked the more she saw Peter in the boys face. The shape of the knows the face shape was all similar to him.

" Please don't tell me that is your son." Boni said putting something behind the cash register.

" This is Duke, my kid."

" didn't you hear me say please?" Boni laughed and came around from the counter to see the baby up close.

"Do you happen to have any diapers or anything close to? " Peter asked glancing around the store.

" I have an old package up stairs I used for when my grand babies would come visit. Ill go grab them." Boni waked up the spiral stair in the corner of the store and Peter could hear her from the floor boards above. When she came back down they got Duke's diaper situation under control and warped him back up in the blankets he came in and fell asleep again in his fathers arms. The two grown ups talked quietly about the whole baby situation.

" So how did you acquire a son over night?" Boni asked stroking Dukes chubby cheek with a finger.

" My ex girlfriend dropped him off last night with nothing but a note."

"That Evelyn girl you always talked about when you first got here?"

"That would be the one."

"What does she want you to do with him?"

" The note she gave me pretty much said she wanted nothing to do with him or me." Peter sighed as he looked down at the presious life in his arms.

" The mother gene isn't in all of us son, im sorry she did it in such an awful way but this boy is gonna become youre whole world. Baby's are something special, and they bring out the best in us."

" I just don't know what to do! I have nothing at the house for him. I don't even know what to buy for him." Peter looked stressed as he thought about the situation.

" you know what honey, how about you leave the baby stuff to me , I'll gather everything you need today and drop it by later today. I have baby formula and some diapers to keep you two together till I get back."

Peter pulled out his wallet and handed Boni a folded blank check. He told her to get the best of everything that would make his boy comfortable. Peter took Duke back to his house and kept his phone handy every time Duke got fussy.

After 6 phone calls and a few hours Boni showed up at Peters. She had 12 bags filled to the brim with clothes and accessories and boxes that had cribs and car seats. As she kept unloading things Peter thought about the cost of all of it.

" Do I even want to know how much all this cost?" Peter asked sliding the crib box into the living room.

" No you really don't." Boni laughed and Peters kinda chuckled. The two spent the whole night transforming Peters office into Dukes room. As they worked Boni gave Peter a crash course on how to handle being a parent. It was a lot to take in and He felt like he should take notes on everything she was saying. When they were done setting things ups it was 1:00 in the morning and they were both exhausted.

" Don't be afraid to call me for anything! " Boni yawned as she waved to Peter as she went out the door. Peter shut the door behind her and turned back to his baby sleeping couch borders by pillows. He picked the boy up and held him to his chest walking slowly to the nursery. He laid Duke down in the crib and pulled a blanket over his back.

Later in the morning Boni came over to watch Duke as Peter went to work. During the school day Peter was distracted and off. The whole day went as slow as a slug to him. He didn't even say good bye to his lady friend in the office.

When he got home Boni was sitting on the couch watching Tv. Duke was sitting on a blanket on the floor in front of her playing with his new toys. Peter aided for a second and realized he had the life he had always wanted but under a completely different situation. He thought back to the beginning of his relationship with Evelyn when had discussed the topic.

Evelyn and Peter laid under Peter's sheets hiding themselves from the world. They were a couple months into dating and still madly in love with each other. Each breath captivating the others heart. No words were being said just long meaningful glances.

"What do you see for us in the future?" Evelyn asked tracing patterns on Peters chest with her index finger.

"I see us together for the rest of college, and then marriage and moving into a small but cozy house in a small town out of the city. I'd come home from my well paying job to you and our son. The first thing I'd do is kiss you when I walk through the door and pick our baby up and ruffle his hair. " Peter laughed imagining the scenario in his head. Evelyn smiled up at him but didn't say anything thing for a few minutes and Peter got scared he had weirded her out.

" I like Duke."

" For what?"

" For our sons name."

" You know I could live with that ." Peter chuckled and kissed the top of Evelyn's head.

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