Flight 34

Peter thought Evelyn loved him because he knew that he would take a bullet for her. After she dumps their son on Peters door step and runs away never to be seen again he swears he'd rather die than see her again. Someone looses their life, but its not Peter.


3. About nine maybe ten months

  It had been months since Peter and Evelyn broke up and Peter finally felt like he could move on. He still felt like someone ripped his heart out when something reminded him of her but that started to happen less and less. Moving to the house he had found was the best thing for him he thought. Even though it would be just him in there, he was determined to fill it with memories. Peter wasn't all alone though in the new town. Boni and her husband Hank would have Peter over every Saturday nigh for dinner. Peter even found a job in town with in walking distance from his house, the school! Peter had gone to college to be a pre-school teacher yet when the forth grade teaching position opened up he had to jump at it.

   It was late one Monday evening when Peter had finished his grading for the day and was sitting in front of his TV blankly watching the characters on the screen when someone knocked on his back door. Thinking maybe it was Boni with a plate full of cookies or sweets he eagerly went to the answer it. To his surprise standing in front of him was his best friend, James.

  "Hey man! what are you doing here?" Peter asked pulling James into a half hug.

   "Just though id help you break in the new house."

" um alright." Peter said moving to the side to let James in. James explored the house and circled back to Peter in the living room.

" it's small, but I like it." James said before throwing himself on the couch like he owned it.

Peter pulled beers from the fridge and passed one to his friend. The two sat and talked about all the little things they had missed in the past few months. Awhile later James asked Peter about the one thing he'd hope he wouldn't.

" So you miss her?" James said tipping the bottom of his beer up to take a drink.

" I'd say I miss the idea of her more than anything."

" that's good , she sure was trouble." James laughed and Peter just kinda smiled.

" how long has it been?" James asked.

" About nine maybe ten months." Peter said taking a big drink of his beer. James face turned a little flushed and his eyes averted Peters.

" what? Do you know something?" Peteter sat straight up.

" no not all bud, I'd tell you if I did." James smiled and Peter sunk back into the couch.

What James haven't told Peter was that about a months ago or so he saw Evelyn. He was going in for a check up at the hospital when Evelyn and her rich prude mother came out of the elevator. James thought nothing of it till he looked a little lower and saw Evelyn's giant swollen stomach. She was definitely pregnant and he had a strong feeling it was Peters. The twos eyes met as she was guided to the door. James got chills from the look on Evelyn's face. It was the glowing look most new mothers have. It was hate , it was like ever ounce of her wanted James to die in that moment. He quickly looked away and she was gone.

James and Peter went from small talk to watching the game that was on Tv. When midnight rolled around Peter decided to go to bed for tomorrow's adventures. James stretched himself out on Peters couch as Peter brought him a blanket and a pillow.

" thanks man." James said situationing the blanket.

" anytime , school gets out at 3:25 so I'll see you then." Peter said waking to his room and James grunted in response.

The next morning James packed up and left send James a quick text about something coming up. He felt guilty about leaving a brewing storm he knew that would be coming but James honestly had his own problems to worry about.


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