Flight 34

Peter thought Evelyn loved him because he knew that he would take a bullet for her. After she dumps their son on Peters door step and runs away never to be seen again he swears he'd rather die than see her again. Someone looses their life, but its not Peter.


4. A letter and a buddle of blankets

 It had been a year since James had saw pregnant Evelyn and didn't say anything about it to Peter. Peter wouldn't know of the slight betrayal until many years later. Peter was still in his small house in town and was working as a forth grade teacher. it wasn't a rich fancy life but for a 27 year old living by himself he had a comfortable life. What Peter didn't know was that on January 14th at 6:00pm his life was goanna turn upside down.

He started the day like normal with a cup of coffee and the morning news playing in the back ground. Once he was properly dressed he threw his bag over his shoulder and started walking to the school which was less than a block away, which made him happier with the cold winter wind nipping at his face. Peter opened the big school doors open and walked by the front office giving a smile to the new sectary, Aspen, who he was developing a crush on. Students weaved around Peters tall frame as they went for their home rooms.  When class started Peters student filed in through the door and found their assigned seats.

The school day went on as normal and to Peter it was just a normal Monday. When the last bell of the day rand and the students left in a rush Peter started gathering the things he needed to take home. He slid into his brown jacket and ran his hands through his hair while he  mental went over everything he needed. Peter went back out through the main blue doors and waved a good bye to Aspen as she typed on her computer. He tugged his jacket tighter on him as snow began to fall from the sky and catch in his eyelashes. He thought he was goanna freeze solid by the time he got home.

Stopping off the snow from his shoes Peter opened his back door and stumbled into the warmth of his house. He hung his jacket on the hook by the door and put his black school bag on the wooden dinning table in the kitchen. Glancing at his watch the time read 4:45pm so he decided to make something to eat before jumping right into grading papers. Peter played music from his phone as he walked around the kitchen trying to pull together a decent meal.  Since he was out of leftovers from Boni and Hank's he had to cook for himself. After a half an hour of cooking he finally pulled together some spaghetti with noodles a little under cooked but he didn't mind if he had to be honest.

When he sat down on the couch in the living room to eat the TV said it was already 5:30 and he decided to do some grading while he ate or he definitely wouldn't have it done. Peter watched the Simpson's and slurped noodles as he marked pages with red ink. He was happy and careless and couldn't imagine life any better. A dirty dish and a stack of graded paper sat on each side of a passed out Peter on the couch. He had fallen asleep during a movie. He looked like he was dead to the world but when someone loudly knocked on the front door Peter jerked awake. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and stood up stretching his arms above his head with a loud moan. The knocking didn't stop and it seemed to  get more rapid every second he didn't answer it. Since he never used the front door he had to un bolt the dead lock and move the chain off. When he opened the door to open it Peter though his heart stopped completely. His chest was tight and his fist was turning white from how hard he was holding the door handle.

Standing in front of him was Evelyn, the winter wind wiped her hair around but she just stood there in silence. They both stood with out speaking looking each other over. Finally Peter found his voice and was able to get something out.

"What are you doing here?" He asked looking at what she was holding in her arms which looked like just a buddle of blankets. He first though was maybe she was finally returning his favorite hood she took.

"This, this is yours." Was all Evelyn said as she passed the blankets over to Peter. He realized it was way to heavy and started to move.

"What the fu-" Peter tried to get out but Evelyn shoved a piece of paper in his free hand and disappeared into the night of winter.

"EVELYN! WAIT! WHAT IS THIS??" Peter screamed after her but the wind shredded his voice. His question was answered when the buddle in his arms started crying. Moving the material away from the face Peter came face to face with a small baby boy with a red nose. Not knowing what was happening or exactly what to do Peter bounced the baby from side to side and tried to make it stop crying. Once the small boy stopped crying Peter took him to the couch and laid him in his lap. Peter looked at the paper Evelyn handed him and opened it up.

Dear Peter,

This is your son, Duke, he is one year old. I found out I was pregnant with him after we go out of college. I didn't want to keep it but m y mom wouldn't let me abort him. I tried to though I even drank for most of the pregnancy. The little worm ruined my life just like you did. I don't want him or you so don't try and find me or anything else. Cut me out of your life just like I cut you out of mine.

yours sincerely,


Peter didn't know if he should be mad for what she did or to laugh from how hateful the letter was. He also had know clue what to do with his son that was still laying in his lap. Peter took him out of all the blankets and held him up so he was the same level as Peter. The two looked at each other and Peter did see himself in the boy but he also saw Evelyn in him.

"Well it looks like its just us." Peter told Duke and the baby smiled and reached out for Peters face as if in approval of what his father had just told him.

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