Flight 34

Peter thought Evelyn loved him because he knew that he would take a bullet for her. After she dumps their son on Peters door step and runs away never to be seen again he swears he'd rather die than see her again. Someone looses their life, but its not Peter.


1. Oak tree

     It was the last day of finals during Peter's last year in college. The night before he celebrated heavily with his roommate James , downing three bottles of tequila, four freddy puckers , and three 24 pack of beer between the two of them. When 9:30 rolled around the next  morning the two laid sprawled out on their beds dead to the world. Peter probably would've missed his last final if it hadn't had been for the loud knocking on their door.

    “What?!” Peter groaned from his bed the knocking still thudding in the back of his skull. To his dismay the knocking didn't stop and made peters headache pulse. Aggravated and hungover Peter slowly got out of his bed and made his way to the door opening it. Before he had the time to see who it was the person slammed into his bare chest embracing it. The smell of vanilla and cinnamon told him it was his girlfriend, Evelyn.

    “Its our last dayyyyy!” She squealed which made Peter cringe a little bit.

    “Will you shut up Evelyn! Go away.” James stirred from the other side of the room rolling over in his sheets. Ever since Peter and Evelyn got together two and a half years ago James had not been such a fan of hers.

    “Oh quit you, you're just jealous you're not in love,” Evelyn said looking up to kiss Peter “ alright get ready for your last final and i'll meet you in the quad and we can go to the after party.”

    “Okay sounds good.” Peter nodded before hugging Evelyn and spinning her away from him so she could leave the dorm room.
    Peter pulled a shirt from the ground and smelled it. Smelling clean enough he pulled it over his head, and found yesterdays jeans to put on. He looked in the small mirror in the room running his hands through his messy blonde hair. Spraying on body spray and putting on deoderant he looked over to James who had not moved,

       “Are you gonna come to class? If you don't get up now your gonna be late.” he said to James yet he didn't stir even a little.

     “Hun the queen is never late,  everyone is simply early.” James said quoting the princess diaries. Laughing Peter let him be and went into the busy hallway of the building. UNC wasn't his first choice in colleges but it did him good. Walking through the campus he reminisced on all the memories he had made the past four years there. When he went by the big oak tree in the middle of the campus he couldn't help but to smile. That was where he met Evelyn for the first time.

     Peter walked with James onto the grass where students were spread around doing their own thing.

     “Trust me man i have claim on the best spot on in the whole campus.” James said as the two made way for the oak tree in the middle of the grass. James sat down leaning against the trunk of the tree. Peter looked around at all the activities bustling around them.

     “It's nice but I wouldn't say the best.” Peter said and james looked at him hurt.

      “I'd have to agree with the cute one.” A girl voice said and the two boys jumped slightly. Looking up Peter saw a girl with black hair and green eyes looking down at him. She smiled at him and Peter's heart skipped half a beat.

      “ Hold your arms out like this” The girl said motioning the way she wanted peter to do it.

      “What do you mean?” Peter asked not able to take his eyes off her.

      “ Just hold them out.” She said again and Peter did just that. The girl jumped from the tree branch she was perched on and landed in Peter's arms like a princess.

     “Nice catch.” The girl smiled and wiggled her way out of Peter's arms.

    “Thanks..” Peter said still a little speechless. Without any other words the girl walked away.

   “What a bucket of crazy.” James scoffed and pulled out his headphones from his back. Peter sat down still speechless and took a deep breath. Whoever that girl was she stole Peter's heart and his breath in just a couple seconds.

    Walking into his class with pencil in hand Peter went in and took his last final. The test took an hour and half but it felt like a weight off his chest when he was done. He walked back through the center of the campus and leaning against the tree was Evelyn. She smiled at him and his heart jumped.

    “ Howd you do?” She asked pulling him a little closer.

     “I think I did alright, James has no hope though he showed up 45 minutes late.” Peter said shaking his head at his friends shenanigans.

      " Well that's alright we have better things to worry about than him." Evelyn purred kissing Peter with a kiss that lingered with intention and passion.

      " Now what do you have up your sleeve?"

      " Bad plans with good intentions."

      The two went back to Evelyn's dorm room and to their luck it was empty Evelyn's roommate , Becky, was out with one of her few boyfriends. The two peeled of their clothes off and attacked each others body consumed with passion and thrill.

       When the two where finally done they flopped down on Evelyn's bed breathing heavy. Nothing was said between the two just meaning full glances that meant more than words. They fell asleep that way happy and tangled around each other. Waking up Evelyn excitedly shook Peter awake. The end of the year party was staring in about and hour and she couldn't wait to go. If you asked Peter what he liked the best about Evelyn it was her thirst for adventure. She was always looking for the next thrill and exciting thing, and the sex was really good. Peter watched as she danced about her dorm finding something suitable  to wear to the party. She always had him in a state of aw which almost made him forget the harsh hangover symptoms that slowed dulled through the day.

    Once She was dressed Peter pulled on his clothes that where all on the floor and followed Evelyn out the door and to her car that she admits her rich parents bought for her but she hates to drive with a passion. The party was on the other side of the campus, but both agreed they where to lazy to walk the distance. The two arrived and got out of their car with loud music thumping the inside of their chests. Peter snaked his arm around Evelyn's shoulder and she smiled up at him.

      "Sounds like its going to be a great night." She laughed as they got closer.

       "the best."

      The morning after the party the two where in James's bed still in their clothes wrapped around each other. Peter realized that first he needed to stop drinking large amounts  or his liver was probably gonna fail, and second today was the day Evelyn and him where going to be separated till they figure out the next step in their relationship. Peter didn't bring it up while the two got ready for the day because Evelyn didn't seem to even have a clue what was happening today. The feeling nagged in Peters chest till the very moment  he held Evelyn in his hands for the last time.

      "What's going to  happen to us?" Peter finally  let out his worry.

      "What do you mean? aren't we gonna look for an apartment or something once we get our feet on the ground?"

       "Well yea, but how long is that going to take Evelyn? are we going to be able to handle all the distance? "

       "Peter Ryan I Evelyn Martin promise to you that I will text you every day and call you every night. We will make this work I swear on my dead gold fishes grave." Evelyn laughed a little bit and peter couldn't help but to smile. They sealed the promise with a kiss. A kiss that held passion, Adventure, and the unknown of what's going to happen.







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