A Warrior's Love

Damon Salvatore is older than everyone thinks he is...his soul is also not entirely Damon's either. Reincarnation has been a researched theory numerous times, but hardly anyone ever remembers their past life....but Damon does. Maybe that is why he is the way he is...or maybe it helped him become the vampire he is today. But what happens when his past comes back to haunt him? Read and you will see


7. Vampires vs. Vampyres

Damon woke to the sun shining warmly on his eyelids and he let out a sigh of relief at the peaceful sleep that he had gotten the rest of the previous night. He looked and saw that Elijah was calmly reading a book in the chair next to his bed and didn't look up as Damon sat up and stretched.

Still reading, the brown haired vampire said "Good Morning Damon. I trust that you slept well for the remainder of the night?" 

Damon nodded and answered, "For once. Thank you again Elijah." 

The Original just nodded before closing his book and studying the young man in front of him. He noticed that the circles under his eyes weren't worse than the night before, but at the same time they hadn't gotten any better and Elijah had a feeling that this would be a long road ahead of him. 

He said, "Enzo came back late last night so he should be up any minute if you want to get dressed and meet us outside whenever you are ready." 

Damon blurt out without thinking "Do you think you could grab Caroline too?" 

Elijah raised an eyebrow but didn't say anything as he answered "I think I can convince my brother to spare her a couple of hours. I am guessing that she has caught you after a nightmare and as one of your closest friends you don't want to lie to her anymore." 

Damon nodded and said, "I also want her perception of what I am going to tell you guys." 

Elijah looked at him thoughtfully for a moment before nodding and standing up gracefully from his chair. He left the room so that Damon could get dressed and to gather himself and his thoughts for sharing one of his most personal and intimate secrets. 

He dressed on autopilot while thinking of how he was going to tell his 3 closest friends (besides his brother) about his past life...and something that he had never told anyone in his 175 years of existence. It didn't seem like long to him before he was walking out the front door of the mansion and to the waiting trio in the lawn off to the side of the enormous mansion. 

Elijah led them into the woods where there was a trail leading through the trees that came to a three-way split. He explained "Each path leads to a section of the woods that Klaus, Rebekah and myself have claimed as our own. Once into our designated sections, we were allowed to do as we wished, which is why none of us know what lies in each other's section of forest." 

He took the middle path and led them into a thick dense forest that had tiny bits of sunlight stream through the tree canopies before there was a slight clearing that broke away from the path. As the group went through the clearing they ended up in a large clearing that took their breath away. 

Elijah had put in a couple of concrete benches that surrounded a little clear pond with a couple of rocks to be used as possible chairs in between the benches. They all took their seats and Damon found himself sitting on a rock that was closest to the relaxing pond, yet the rock was not at all uncomfortable.

Enzo sat on a concrete bench while Elijah took the other, and Caroline took the rock that was across from Damon and stared at him with a concerned expression.

Enzo was the one to voice her and his thoughts "Elijah tells us that you have something serious to tell us mate. Is everything alright?"

Damon swallowed and answered "Not really Enzo. I haven't told anyone this, but I've struggled with PTSD on and off for about as long as I can remember. But this is the worst it's ever been and I haven't been sleeping well these past few months and especially so these past couple of weeks. You see, we aren't the only vampires out there..." 

Damon started his story explaining the other species of vampyre that was so different from their own race and told them everything he knew about them, including how they were created by the Goddess Nyx and that she watched over and protected them like her own children. 

"I know this because I was one...in a past life." Damon finished causing the trio surrounding him to be stunned into a shock filled silence at the revelation that their friend had a past life...and that he remembered it so vividly. 

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