A Warrior's Love

Damon Salvatore is older than everyone thinks he is...his soul is also not entirely Damon's either. Reincarnation has been a researched theory numerous times, but hardly anyone ever remembers their past life....but Damon does. Maybe that is why he is the way he is...or maybe it helped him become the vampire he is today. But what happens when his past comes back to haunt him? Read and you will see


4. The Beginning

It seemed that Damon wasn't going to get his wish of a dreamless sleep as he was sucked back into the dreamland of past memories not long after he fell asleep. 

It was a clear not and the warrior stood overlooking the forest where the Goddess of Night and her friend were playing. He smiled fondly as Nyx and Erebus danced in the moonlight with their arms stretched open wide as if they were embracing the night time sky. The warrior felt the familiar embrace of his lover and let out a sigh of contentment at the familiarity of his lover.

His immortal lover whispered in his ear "Good evening, Azrael, my love."

Azrael whispered, "Good evening Kalona." 

The vampyre warrior frowned when he felt something off about the immortal warrior behind him. He felt the tenseness of the winged body behind him and wondered what was the matter. He scanned the area to make sure no new threats arrived but he didn't see any...he just saw Nyx and Erebus dancing and laughing merrily. Dawning understanding crossed his features as he turned his black eyes to the amber ones of his lover. 

"What is this thing you have with Nyx and Erebus?" Azrael asked the winged warrior.

Kalona tensed even further and answered "Nothing, love. Don't fret about it." 

Azrael frowned further as he said, "Kalona, I was created by Nyx to protect both her and you....so tell me, what is going on." 

He watched as Kalona's gaze darkened as it focused on something behind him. Azrael spun around with his sword ready in his hand only to find Erebus leading Nyx into a joint but nonromantic dance. He blinked and scanned the area quickly for threats wondering what was causing the disturbance in his lover. When he found none, the off feeling increased and his frowned caused his lips to downturn and his brow to furrow as he turned back to his lover. He didn't get a chance to say anything before Kalona headed towards the happy pair in the forest. 

It was then that Azrael found himself realizing things he missed about Kalona over the past little while and his heart dropped for not noticing sooner or protecting his Goddess, Lover, or the Goddess' Playmate. He rushed after the moonlight silver wings and the form they were attached to, trying his hardest to stop the chaos from erupting that he knew was bound to happen. 

He, unfortunately, wasn't quick enough and his lover started to fight with the golden winged immortal on the ground. Without thinking he threw himself into the fray...only to get roughly shoved to the ground. Just as fate would have it...he landed on a rock; causing a couple of ribs to break. He let out a groan of pain...causing his lover to stop and turn to him. Erebus took the distraction to advantage and landed a solid hit against his opponent who landed next to his injured lover.

Nyx stepped to Azrael and whispered, "Why would you do that Az?" 

Azrael smiled and answered "Because you are my Goddess and creator...I will protect you with everything I have. You are like my sister and I will not let harm come to you; whether it be emotional or physical harm."

Kalona placed a hand on his lover's cheek and whispered: "I am so sorry my love, forgive me for hurting you." 

Azrael smiled sadly and answered, "I forgive you my love, but I will need some time to trust you again." 

A different voice interrupted "Sadly young warrior, time is not something you will have left with this winged immortal."

Everyone turned to find Mother Earth standing there with an unhappy expression on her face. She turned to the young Goddess and then looked at the two immortals bowing to her. 

She looked at Nyx and said, "You know what you have to do young Goddess." 

Nyx nodded sadly and whispered to her injured warrior lying on the forest floor "I am sorry." 

Azrael went to ask what she meant, but his confusion turned into panic when she stepped in front of his immortal lover. He tried to get to his feet, but his injured ribs wouldn't allow it...no matter how hard he tried. Nyx didn't try to do anything to stop the tears that slid down her cheeks as she heard Azrael trying to get to his lover as she stared at her guardian and warrior.

She said "Kalona, I have allowed your jealousy and anger to brew and fester too long. I am sorry for not acting or stepping in sooner. I was naive to think that I could make you get along with Erebus...your actions tonight have proven that this was not going to be the case. You injured your lover because of your jealousy and anger, he is fortunate that it was some broken ribs and nothing serious. It is these actions that have made my decision for me. Kalona, My Guardian, and Warrior, I hereby banish your physical being from my Otherworld until you can prove yourself worthy of being redeemed or forgiven and that you are indeed sorry for your actions." Azrael looked into Kalona's eyes to see the broken sadness in them before a gust of wind picked him up and cast him from the Otherworld and with that, the moonlight silver wings began to turn black...and the immortal fell. 

Azrael let out an agonized scream "Kalona!"

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