A Warrior's Love

Damon Salvatore is older than everyone thinks he is...his soul is also not entirely Damon's either. Reincarnation has been a researched theory numerous times, but hardly anyone ever remembers their past life....but Damon does. Maybe that is why he is the way he is...or maybe it helped him become the vampire he is today. But what happens when his past comes back to haunt him? Read and you will see


2. Plaguing Memories

Rough hands wrapped around his waist from behind and he leaned into the familiar touch. A voice whispered in his ear "Greetings love."

The vampyre turned around to meet the amber gaze of the moonlight silver winged immortal.

He whispered back "Good Evening to you, my love."

The immortal wrapped him in his arms and held him close to his muscular torso as he wrapped his mighty silver wings around them, shielding them and protecting them. The immortal kissed him and the vampyre returned it full of emotion.

When the winged immortal pulled away, the vampyre asked, "Can I ask you something Kalona?"

Kalona looked into the black eyes of the vampyre in his arms and answered "Of course my love. I cannot lie or hide a truth from you."

The vampyre asked "Is any of this real? I know how you feel about Nyx, and I love her like my sister, but I want to know...do you love me truly and sincerely Kalona?"

Kalona looked soul deep into his lover's eyes long enough that he saw the speckles of light that looked like stars in a night sky in the deep black eyes, his favorite pair of eyes in the world and what captured him in the first place before answering "My dearest Azrael. This is very real indeed, yes I love Nyx and was created to be her warrior, protector, and lover, but she gives her loved ones free will, and it was of my free will that I fell in love with you...my dear sweet vampyre."

Azrael was content with that answer as he leaned up and gave the warrior a sweet and meaningful kiss and wrapped himself tighter around the immortal. Kalona pulled away from Azrael's lips and kissed the sapphire crescent moon on his forehead that had the Excalibur sword on either side and then followed the spiral like design trailing down his cheek bones and throat to loop and continue down his clavicle and across his shoulder blades and come to a stop in the shape of a shield with two swords crossed over it that stopped just above his heart.

Azrael felt a shudder pass through him as he whispered, "Promise that this is forever Kalona."  

Kalona paused in kissing his throat to whisper softly in his ear "This is forever my love."

After the whispered promise he leaned his head back down and kissed Azrael's throat and started to suck at his sweet spot causing the vamp's breath to hitch and lean in closer to the wings and chest enveloping him.

Damon Salvatore sat up with a sharp gasp as his conscious mind began to invade his dream that this wasn't right. He felt the sweat trickling down his skin as a cold shiver went down his spine at the memory that his dream presented.

He knew where that memory was heading and that was something he never wanted to face again.

He took deep breaths to get his erratic breathing and heart rate under control as he ran a hand shakily through his crow feather black hair. He stood up from his bed quickly and rushed downstairs to the alcohol cabinet that held his strong bourbon.

As he was sipping a glass he heard a voice whisper smooth and soft as a summer breeze "Azrael...he's stirring...he will rise." 

The glass of bourbon shattered on the floor as he flinched like he had been burned as he recognized that voice anywhere. He whispered "Nyx?"

However when he looked around...there was no one there. He felt a sinking feeling wash over him as he remembered the words that were spoken. If they were true, that meant that Kalona would rise from his entrapment and Damon didn't know if he could handle that, or even if his heart or soul could handle that. 

So there is the first chapter. I hoped you enjoyed it and that you will continue to enjoy the story. I probably didn't mention this in the author's note so I will mention it here just in case. The memories that Damon had are of a past life of a Marked Vampyre Warrior that served in Nxy's realm and was Kalona's lover as well. Damon's name was Azrael which translates to Help From God and is identified with the Angel of Death in the Bible. Hence the reason why I found it so fitting to have that be Damon's name in his past life. Also in his past life his markings were of Excalibur since that is the mightest sword in history and he was one of Nyx's strongest vampyre warriors. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask. Xoxo ~TattooedArtist~ 


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