A Warrior's Love

Damon Salvatore is older than everyone thinks he is...his soul is also not entirely Damon's either. Reincarnation has been a researched theory numerous times, but hardly anyone ever remembers their past life....but Damon does. Maybe that is why he is the way he is...or maybe it helped him become the vampire he is today. But what happens when his past comes back to haunt him? Read and you will see


8. Azrael: Guardian and Warrior of Nyx

Damon shifted uncomfortably at the gaping trio in front of him. It was Enzo that spoke up "You're telling me, that you have PTSD because of memories from a past life that you shouldn't remember?" 

Damon bit his lip nervously that no one was going to believe him and nodded shyly "Yeah...I know it's silly given Augustine and the years of vampirism...but..."

Elijah cut him off and answered, "From what I understood Damon, Augustine was physical trauma that you eventually got through because it didn't affect you as deeply as these memories have." 

Caroline leaned over and squeezed his hand reassuringly "We don't think any differently of you Damon. You're still family and we love you. We will help you through this because that is what family is for."

She gave him a kind smile and Damon saw the other two vampires give him one in return as Enzo smiled at his best friend "Yeah mate, we aren't going anywhere. We are here to listen and help in whatever way we can. Just help us understand what you're going through...do you think you can tell us what the memories are about if you're up to it?" 

Damon took a shuddery breath...and was thankful when Caroline came and sat down on the rock he was sitting on to give him some moral support. 

He started with the beginning thinking that it would be easier on his heart and soul if he did "I was the first vampyre that Nyx created and marked as her own by the name Azrael. She made me her warrior and guardian to protect her and her two immortals. One immortal was created by the goddess Gaea to be her friend and playmate. He had golden wings and was a gift from the sun, his name was Erebus and Nyx was very fond of him. The other immortal...had magnificent and beautiful moonlight silver wings and he was a gift from the moon to Nyx to be her guardian and warrior, his name was Kalona..." 

Damon's breath hitched on the name as it tumbled from his lips and he couldn't stop the tremor that slid through his body as the memory of those soft wings wrapped around him and those amber eyes staring into his black ones. 

He continued "I was new to the relationship between the three but I was included almost immediately. Nyx and I became like siblings and so did Erebus and I. But I was immediately drawn to Kalona in a more attraction based way, and I knew that he loved Nyx and always would but that didn't stop me from falling in love with him."

Damon didn't take his eyes off the ground to see the reactions to that as he continued "I tried to stay away from him because I didn't want to impose on what he and Nyx had, but one night while I was on watch duty staring at the stars he came up next to me and we started to talk and he told me that I had the most beautiful pair of eyes that he had ever seen, and thus we began a nightly ritual where I would be on guard duty watching over everything and he would come find me wherever I was and talk with me."

The raven haired vampire swallowed the thickness in his throat and tried to breathe through the tight ache in his chest. Damon said "We became a pair after that, and it didn't seem like long before we were lovers. Nyx didn't mind and I didn't mind his relationship with her as vampyres have many consorts even if they don't have that many mates." 

Damon felt tears build in his eyes and his breaths become shorter as he started the climax and suspenseful part of his story "I was so in love with Kalona that I was blind to the jealousy that he had of Erebus' relationship with Nyx. I was blinded by love to see the jealous and rage burning under those amber eyes and finally, he snapped one night...I was on guard like I normally was and he came up behind me. I knew something was off and when I questioned him about it he didn't answer me; instead he stormed off to where Nyx and Erebus were dancing and laughing like friends." 

The vampire felt his breathing becoming sharper and in gasps, as the memory surfaced and tears flooded down his cheeks and his voice cracked as he said "Kalona and Erebus got into a fight and as the warrior and guardian of all three of them I got in between them to protect them. Kalona was too enraged to notice it was me and shoved me aside causing me to land wrong and break some ribs. That broke his attention, which allowed Erebus to get a solid hit in and he landed in the dirt next to me. Unbeknownst to me, that was our last moment together because Gaea appeared and told Nyx that the Goddess knew what must be done." 

At this point, the tears were flowing endlessly down not only Damon's cheeks, but Caroline's as well at the heartbreaking tale of Damon and his past life's immortal lover. 

Damon finished in a quiet whisper "Nyx banned Kalona's physical presence from her realm until he could prove he was redeemable and sorry for his actions. That was the last time I saw him in person or touched him or even held him in my arms." 

At that moment the barrier that Damon so carefully constructed around his heart and soul constricted before breaking, allowing the 175-year-old old vampire to sob out all the pain, sorrow, and heartbreak that had been contained in his body for as long as he remembered. The other 3 vampires didn't say a word as they all gathered around the distraught Damon Salvatore and wrapped him in a loving and warm embrace of family, friendship, safety, and most of all love. 

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