Whatever It Takes-An Imagine Dragons Fanfic!!! For competition!

this is for the fanfic competition!!!!!! It is also linked to Polaroid, my other fanfic.
Arrow has only just found out that Dan Reynolds is her real father. She has just had the most amazing summer. Then it all goes wrong when she is kidnapped by a crazed, psychotic fan one day whilst out with her friends. Scared and worried, Imagine Dragons start looking for her, without any luck.
Now she must escape on her own.
Whatever it takes


3. When the Sky Turns Grey and Everything is Screaming...

Enjoy the new chapter!

Arrow's POV:

When I next open my eyes, the light is on again. My whole body hurts. I look at where I got stabbed and see it isn't deep-it's already beginning to heal, but it hurts like hell. Blood covers my top. My head snaps up when I hear the door open. It's someone I don't recognize-a tall girl with black hair, piercing green eyes and a stocky build.

"You seem to enjoy blacking out, Arrow Reynolds. Anyway. Up. Come with me, or else you will be sorry." Her eyes flicker to the blood on my t-shirt. "As you have already seen." I recognize her  as the person who took me-the person with the singsong-y voice. I stand shakily and stumble forwards. She rolls his eyes, grabs me and half-drags me out of my warehouse/room/cell and down a maze of dark corridors. I can't keep track of where we are going. My side screams in pain. Suddenly, I am thrust into a small room. A video camera has been set up, and I feel numb and sick. I also see Leah-the sparrow-girl who stabbed me.

"Well done, Leah. She can barely walk now." The girl says sarcastically. "Anyway, let's get going with this." She holds me up in front of the camera, and I feel something hard and round-ish pressed against my head. My kidnapper has me at gunpoint. Fear crawls up my throat, and I can barely breathe. I stare into the camera lens with fearful eyes. Leah presses a button, and it's recording. It's a message for Dan. I hope he never receives it.

Dan's POV:

I'm the first one up. I didn't really sleep last night after failing to find any clues as to where Arrow is being held-if she hasn't been killed already. I feel hollowed out and lost again. As I go downstairs, I hear the letterbox bang. I run over to the door, but it's only the post. There's some boring-looking stuff for Wayne, something for Aja-then I see a small, bulky envelope with my name on it. I go into the living room and open it. What I read makes my body freeze.

Dear Mr. Dan Reynolds.

I know that you want to see Arrow. All you have to do is look at the video on the USB. And, if you do as I say, you will get to see her again-alive and in person. If you don't, you see her die.

There's no signature or name on the note. I look in the envelope again, and the promised USB falls out. I know it will be torture, but I plug it in and watch it anyway.

"Hey. Hi. Yeah, this is real. This isn't a nightmare. But, obviously, I think you've realized this by now.

"I only want a couple of things. We need to speak again. Let me into your concerts for free-we do know each other, you know. How could you have forgotten me already, Dan? Even the fame has worn off. I'm just boring old me again. Make me popular again. Make me famous. I think you can do that fine. Just speak to that manager of yours. It'll be so, so easy for you...

"That's all I want. You have two months to do this. If you don't do it, you'll never see Arrow alive again. You'll never see her again, period. It's your choice. I hope you make the right one." The screen goes dark. The message is over, but her words echo in my ears. I replay it and focus on Arrow. Her hair is messy, like she's been dragged through a hedge backwards. She stares straight at the camera, her eyes terrified and helpless. Blood stains her t-shirt, and I feel sick. As I watch it again, I notice she's mouthing something to the camera. I play it again, and see her message:

I'm stuck in some kind of warehouse place. I don't know where. It's dark here. I'm scared. Please, hurry up. I think she wants to kill me.

I'm going to get out. I don't know how, I don't even have a plan, but I'll do whatever it takes.

The last line is defiant, strong. Her last words suddenly spark up hope inside me.

I know she'll be able to get out. Arrow never gives up, and if she doesn't like something, she won't stick around for long.

She will always fight back.


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