Whatever It Takes-An Imagine Dragons Fanfic!!! For competition!

this is for the fanfic competition!!!!!! It is also linked to Polaroid, my other fanfic.
Arrow has only just found out that Dan Reynolds is her real father. She has just had the most amazing summer. Then it all goes wrong when she is kidnapped by a crazed, psychotic fan one day whilst out with her friends. Scared and worried, Imagine Dragons start looking for her, without any luck.
Now she must escape on her own.
Whatever it takes


5. Ready For The Colors To Burn To Gold....

Here's a new chapter, enjoy!!!!!! Only a couple more to go now!!!!! :)

Daniel's POV:

We've been sat in the hospital for hours. Dan keeps crying, and Ben and Wayne keep trying to comfort him. A nurse tells us that it would be best to go home for now. Dan begs to stay, but the nurse is gentle.

"We'll call you if anything changes or happens. She's still undergoing surgery, and we don't know how long that will take." She says kindly, and Dan finally agrees to leave. I drive, because Dan is too grief-stricken and the others keep zoning out. No-one talks for the whole way. When we reach the house, we sit in silence in the living room, Dan's phone on the coffee table in front of us. I feel sick, and there's a horrible feeling that Arrow won't make it, that she'll die before they can save her. Obviously I don't say this out loud.

After an hour the phone rings.

Dan's POV:

As soon as the phone starts ringing, I grab it and answer the call. It's the hospital. I listen desperately as they speak to me.

"You can come back, and you might want to bring anyone who is close to your daughter with you. She's severely injured, and although we're doing everything we can to save her, we're not sure if she'll make it through the night..." The nurse says gently to me. The room sways, and the phone falls out of my hands onto the floor. I collapse onto the sofa. I see Wayne pick up my phone and finish the call, then look at me worriedly.

"Is Arrow...?" Daniel asks me, his voice trailing away before he finishes.

"Oh my god they said she might not make it through the night oh god we need to go now right now I should have never have let her go out alone all she wanted to do was see her friends and now she might die oh god..." My words come out in a rush and I break down in sobs. This cant be happening...why is this happening? I feel unreal, like I'm watching this happen to someone else. Everything seems more muted, sounds quieter, colors duller. Daniel drives us to the hospital and we are led to Arrow's room. I gasp when I see her. Her skin is pale, and her eyes are closed. Wires and tubes snake out of her, and all the machines...I drag a chair next to her bed and hold her hand.

"It's ok, I'm here, so's Wayne and Ben and Daniel, everything's ok, you're safe now, you're going to be ok," I whisper, and I swear she sighs a little, very faintly, when I speak. I think I'm the only one who notices this when Daniel comes over and sits next to me.

"Keep talking-she can obviously hear you. I just heard her sigh." He says, and I keep talking, reminding her of summer. I'm so scared, scared that the machine that shows her heartbeat will suddenly stop going up and down, that she'll slip away right in front of me...I feel so helpless.

I stay with her all night.

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