Whatever It Takes-An Imagine Dragons Fanfic!!! For competition!

this is for the fanfic competition!!!!!! It is also linked to Polaroid, my other fanfic.
Arrow has only just found out that Dan Reynolds is her real father. She has just had the most amazing summer. Then it all goes wrong when she is kidnapped by a crazed, psychotic fan one day whilst out with her friends. Scared and worried, Imagine Dragons start looking for her, without any luck.
Now she must escape on her own.
Whatever it takes


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sorry I haven't updated in ages!!! Here's a new chapter, enjoy, and comment below!!!

One Month Later

Arrow's POV:

I need to get out of here. I wonder if Dan noticed my secret message, all that time ago. I lie curled up on the bed in the dark, planning. I promised Dan I would get out of here. I'm not sure if I'm in any condition to actually do anything-every step is pain, and I'm so scared I can barely think straight. My kidnapper said she was going to kill me if Dan didn't make her famous again in two months. And it's already been one month. I have to get out, whatever it takes. Suddenly, the light snaps on, and the door opens. I blink in the light, and turn to see who opened the door.

It's Leah.

And she has a gun.

Before I know what I'm doing, I spring at her. She's on the floor before she can shoot, or even scream. I'm a lot stronger than her, and I quickly get the gun. I leap backwards and point it at her, shaking.

"Get me out. Quietly. You scream, I shoot. You take a step closer to me, I shoot." My voice is shaky and the weapon feels foreign in my hands. Leah suddenly smiles-a cold, empty expression.

"You're a lot more defiant and violent than I expected a Reynolds to be." Her comment makes no sense, but I ignore it. She steps forwards, slowly, deliberately, silently teasing me, daring me. I suddenly surprise myself. I do something I never thought I'd have to do.

I pull the trigger.

Leah crumples on the floor, dead. Blood trickles from her chest. I gasp fearfully, scared. I creep towards her, and see a torch and ammo. I take them and creep towards the door. My heart is in my mouth and I've never felt so scared in my life, but I have to escape. I have to get out for Dan's sake.

I snap on the torch, and the dark corridors are lit in it's beam. I remember that I turned right to go to the recording room, which is deeper into the building, so I turn left and hope it's the way out. I only get a few paces before another beam almost blinds me. A familiar voice seeps into my ears, making me shudder.

"Well, you managed to get past Leah. I didn't think you had it in you to kill, Arrow Reynolds. I wonder if you'll do it twice. Probably not. You want to stay a good little girl for Daddy Reynolds, don't you? Anyway, looks like you just shortened your life considerably. I cannot let you out of these doors alive. All those perfect plans...No-one has ever suspected me. I'm not going to let a dumb blonde girl ruin that. Any last words for Dan Reynolds?" My kidnapper's voice is sickly sweet, and the way she uses my name makes anger surge through me. I'm not a dumb blonde girl. Ok, so I'm blonde-with brown streaks now-but I'm not dumb. I lift the gun, but my aim is severely off. I shoot her in the leg, and take her surprise and pain as my chance.

I run blindly down the corridors, pain stabbing through my body even though the stab wound has healed fully-or at least it seems to have. A sudden shout fills my ears, and I hear a bang behind me. Pain shoots through my arm, but I keep running, barely flinching as a bullet grazes my back. I see an open door ahead...feel the breeze...see the stars glittering in the sky...and suddenly I'm outside. There's no time to celebrate, though-I can hear my kidnapper behind me.

And suddenly all feeling vanishes from my body, leaving me feeling numb. I feel nothing. Time slows down.

I spot a car ahead, and jump in through the unlocked door. The key is on the seat next to me, and I fire up the car, then slam my foot on the reverse pedal. I feel a slight bump, then I accelerate away, away from my kidnapper and away from my prison. I also realize I still have my phone. It's on and I stop for a second to send a quick text to Imagine Dragons before speeding away.

Ben's POV:

I found the USB that came in the post a month ago. I can't believe Dan didn't tell us! I hope he didn't watch it. I looked at it myself and it wasn't very pretty. I'm worried sick about Arrow, but at least Dan seems almost normal...Fears about Arrow keep creeping into my head, especially one question.

Is Arrow still alive?

I try to stay optimistic, but I can't stop the doubts creeping in. I don't tell the others my fears, obviously. I'm stuck in thought when my phone dings to say I have a new message. I open it up...and almost fall off the sofa.

I'm fine- I think. I got out. I'm coming home-I stole her car. I'll explain later. Just wanna let you know I'm alive.


I stare in disbelief. Arrow's alive! Suddenly the door flies open and Dan, Wayne and Daniel fly in.

"Did you get one too?" they all say in perfect unison, and I nod. I know they are referring to Arrow's text.

"We need to go now! We need to get to her! What if she's hurt?" Dan says desperately, and I try to talk sense into him.

"We don't know where she is. She said she's coming home. Call the police. The best we can do is wait." Dan seems to agree, because he sits down and calls the police to let them know about Arrow, and I take my own advice.

Now we just have to wait.

Daniel's POV:

I feel happy as I see Arrow's text. Then worry sets on as I re-read it. I'm fine-I think. I wonder if she's hurt, but I don't say so. Dan seems on edge, tensed for the sound of a car outside. It's so late that no-one is driving about outside.

The police turn up first, and we all show them the text. They say the same thing as Ben did-just wait.

Wayne's POV:

I can't wait until Arrow gets home. I really miss her-I just want her back. I'd even be happy if she came back as the difficult, argumentative person she was at the start of summer. I just want to see her, to speak to her...and I also I want her back for Dan's sake. If she died, it would break him. We'd probably lose him forever.

I just hope she makes it back safely.

Dan's POV:

I can't believe that Arrow is coming back. I want to see her so, so desperately. I miss her so much. I barely hear the police speaking, and the other's replies are muted. I'm glad Aja took the twins to that singing-guitar thing in Iceland. They do not need to be in the middle of this.

After what seems like an age, the doorbell goes. I rush to the door first, and when I open it Arrow is there. She looks worn out, tired, covered in blood, and she collapses when I open the door. I catch her, and bring her into the living room. Wayne is the first one to see me with her, and he runs upstairs for a blanket. Arrow's eyes are now closed, and her top is more bloodstained than in the video. The skin that touches me is icy cold. I lay her down on the sofa, and quietly everyone files out until it's just me and Arrow. I hold her hand gently, and tears slide down my face. Finally, Arrow is back...but she doesn't seem perfectly ok. I've never seen her so pale...so cold...her eyes flutter open, and they are terrified. She starts mumbling something desperately, but I soothe her, and her eyes slide shut.Soon, Daniel comes back in, and kneels next to me.

"Dan, we've called an ambulance. It's on it's way. Maybe we should get some of her stuff together. Do you want to call Aja to tell her what's happened?" he asks me gently. I shake my head. As long as Arrow isn't too injured, she should be home before Aja and the twins.

After ten minutes, the ambulance comes and takes Arrow to the hospital. I hold her hand all the way.

She doesn't wake up.


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