Being followed, again

Sequel to 'Being followed' Event happening 5 years later.
Mandy's and Benedict's marriage could have been perfect. They have a son, Jonah and they love each other. But when the past comes back and haunts them, things change forever.


6. Chapter 6

Mandy had finally got something done. She would get to the store before picking Jonah from school. She packs some paper bags with her and gets to her car. When she’s about to step inside, she hears someone driving up the drive- way to block her exit. Frustrated she looks at the driver who steps out.
“Do you mind?” She says but then she sees who it is
“Hi, Mandy. In a hurry somewhere?” Lee smiles and gets to her
She looks nervously around but no one is on the street. She swallows hard and steps back. He gets so close so she can feel his breath on her face. She had forgotten how tall he was. Without a warning, he presses his body against hers and gives her a passionate kiss. She tries to push him away but he’s stronger. He then stops and steps back.
“I needed that. Thank you, Mandy, for letting me”
She dries her mouth and looks at him angrily. He was kissing her in front of the neighbours and rumours would definitely start. They lived in a neighbourhood where everyone knew each other’s business.
“How dare you?”
“Easily” He grins
“I told you to leave us alone. I really have to pick up Jonah from school” She’s about to open the door to her car
“About that. When are you gonna tell him about me? He already heard the rumours. All you have to do is be honest for a change. I’m not gonna leave because you don’t want me around”
“That’s right, I don’t want you here. Crawl back where you came from. Or even better, why don’t you rot in jail” She yells furiously at him so anyone could hear
He looks down on the ground and keeps stepping on some sand with his left foot that has got on the concrete.
“Everybody knows I’m the real father. It seems everyone wants Jonah to be the last to know. I don’t what you want to achieve with this lying but I have to right to be part of his life. You can’t shut me out because we had a past. Like I said, I’m not the same person I was 5 years ago. I’ve learned to control my anger. I’m not gonna threat you or anybody else. I don’t care if we never get back together. But I tell you this, if I had a choice, I would go back in time and start again. I love you Mandy and if things would have turned differently, we would probably be together forever” He didn’t look at her even once
She keeps rolling her eyes.
“Are you finished?”
“A few more things” He looks at her “Since I first saw you, I thought that’s the woman I want to start a family with. You have no idea how much in love I was. I wish I would have handled it better but I can’t change the past. When I heard you were having my baby I was so happy. That’s one of the reasons why my jail time was bearable. I would have gone mad in there but it kept me sane, the thought I would see my own child”
“Are you finished now? I don’t have time for this BS. I have a life and I don’t want you in it. Now go away and move your car away from my driveway” She opens her car door on the driver’s side
This was only round one so he gets to his car and lets her pass. He waits until she’s a distant away and then he follows her. When he sees she’s going to the store, he waits a while and drives away.

Mandy gets back home with the groceries. In 20 minutes she would pick up Jonah from school. She arrives there 5 minutes late. Most of the kids had already been picked up. She doesn’t see her son anywhere so she goes inside the school building. She meets his teacher in the hall.
“He’s been picked up 10 minutes ago”
Thinking it was Ben, she decides to drive back home to make dinner. Maybe they were already there. But when she gets home they weren’t. Without thinking she gets to the kitchen and takes out the groceries she bought. 15 minutes later she hears the front door open. She quickly gets to the hall and sees Ben but without Jonah which makes her worried.
“Where’s Jonah?”
“Isn’t he here?” He said while putting his jacket in the closet
“I thought you picked him up. Where is he?” She’s close to panic
“It was your turn and I would have called”
“Where is he? Someone has taken him and I know who” She stayed calm “I can’t believe he did this?”
“What are you talking about?” He’s puzzled
“Lee, he was here earlier and demanding he wanted to see his son but I denied it. This is what I was afraid of. He’ll never leave us in peace” She runs her hand across her head
“You talked him again? When will this stop? After all he did to you, all those crimes he committed and now kidnapping. This has gone too far and it’s time to stop this” He’s upset and takes his mobile from his pocket
He’s about to dial when a car honks outside. Mandy gets to the front door and looks outside. She opens it and runs to the driveway where Jonah has walked out of the car. She gets on her knees in front of him and hugs him tightly.
“I was so worried” She closes her eyes
Ben has come outside and looks angry at Lee who looks at Mandy with a smile. He didn’t pay attention to anyone else. She takes Jonah in her arms and gets inside. She was glad he was safe. Lee is about to get to his car when Ben approaches him.
“So you’re gonna leave without explaining why you kidnapped my son” He says angrily
“Oh I didn’t see you there” Lee grins “I didn’t kidnap him and he’s not your son. If you haven’t noticed, he doesn’t look like you one bit”
“I’m more than you ever be. Leave us alone and I won’t call the police to arrest you” Ben was still angry
“Arrest me for what? I haven’t done anything wrong. You, on the other hand, have done worse things. You were the one who drove Mandy to me. I surprised she hasn’t divorced you yet”
“I’m not the one who killed those women and I didn’t rape her. She told me everything you did. How can you be sure he’s your son? It can be any of those men you forced her to have sex with”
“It can’t be because all those men were impotent and they couldn’t make anyone pregnant. Do you really think I would take that risk for someone else to do it? My goal was to get her pregnant and I succeeded”
Lee was probably trying to provoke, so Ben tried to stay calm.
“She’s just a game for you, isn’t it? You don’t care about her or Jonah. You only want to be in control. You’re a narcissist and you want to make everyone miserable”
“You think you know me but you don’t. I wish I would have aimed a little higher and get rid of your sorry ass. We wouldn’t have this conversation” Lee is getting upset
“That would have been the end of you. I can’t believe you got out after 5 years. What did you do? Seduce the guards?” Ben is being sarcastic
“Are you trying to be funny? I really wonder what Mandy sees in you. I doubt your sex life has improved much”
The guys keep arguing and a few neighbours were looking out of their windows. Inside the house, Mandy has put some food on the plate for Jonah and they’re eating together. He seemed to be fine and nothing was out of the ordinary. They didn’t know what was going outside. She was just happy her son was home again.

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