Being followed, again

Sequel to 'Being followed' Event happening 5 years later.
Mandy's and Benedict's marriage could have been perfect. They have a son, Jonah and they love each other. But when the past comes back and haunts them, things change forever.


5. Chapter 5

At lunch time in Jonah’s preschool. He’s running around with his friends close to the school building. Ben had told his teacher to make sure he stayed in sight. But when curiosity gets to him, there was no stopping. He has seen a football close to the gate. His teacher sees him and shouts to stay close to the building. As soon as the teacher turns her back, he runs to it. He loved to play football. It was the Brit in him that did that. Even if he had lived in the US all his life, he still got interested in the game. He watched a lot of it with Ben on cable. The football is behind a tree with a few bushes around it. He crouches down to pick it up. When he’s about to, he sees the man who gave him the note. The man gives him a friendly smile and sits down on the payment with his legs crossed. Even if he was really tall, it didn’t intimidate Jonah at all. He’s standing up and dribbles the ball on the sand.

“Do you remember me?” The man asks and looks up at him
“Mum said I shouldn’t talk to strangers” He keeps bouncing the ball
“Could you stop for a moment?” He said and he does “Could you sit down for a bit?”
Jonah sits on the ground and examines the ball in his hand.
“I’m not really a stranger. We talked before. My name is Lee and I’m a friend of your mum. You’re Jonah right?”
He nods shyly and rolls the ball on the ground. Lee keeps looking at his son. It was uncanny how much they looked alike. They had the same hair and eye colour. There was a little bit of Mandy in Jonah too. It was strange Ben hadn’t realised it. But Lee was counting on it that he would leave her as soon as he did. Jonah keeps concentrating on the ball so he didn’t look at him.
“You really like football, do you? Have you watched it with your dad?”

He keeps nodding. He kept his promise to his mother he wouldn’t talk to strangers. He didn’t understand why it was forbidden though. This man was friendly and didn’t want to do any harm.
“What else do you like?”
Jonah looks at him.
“I like candy but mum doesn’t want me to eat it”
“It’s not really healthy so she’s right. But sometimes you want to have somethings sweet, right?”
“Yes” Jonah smiles
Both of his front teeth were missing so he looked really cute.
“I see you’ve lost some of your baby teeth. How did that happen?”
“This one I lost last week and this one this week” He points with his index finger “Mum said the tooth fairy will pay a visit but she doesn’t know I saw her put a dollar under my pillow” He giggles a little
“Never tell her you did because she only wants you to believe in magic and that’s a good thing. Everybody needs magic”
“Ben said he would hire a magician when I turn 6”
“Do you always call your dad by his first name?” Lee asks surprised
“My friend Jon said he’s not my real father so I call him like that”

They had such a nice conversation and then this came up. He wanted to tell him he was the one but he didn’t want to scare him off.
“What makes him say that?”
“I don’t know. His parents talked about it”
“What do you think? Do you believe him?”
“I don’t know” Jonah looks at the ball
“What if he isn’t? Would you be upset?”
He only shudders his shoulders. Lee almost forgets he’s talking to a child.
“Is Jon you’re best friend?”
“Yes since kindergarten. He got a turtle called Spot and we sometimes put gummi bears on top of him” Jonah giggles
“That’s funny. Listen, I have to go. Please don’t tell anyone about this conversation, OK? It’s our little secret. Don’t even tell your mum, she won’t understand” He slowly stands up

The bell rings and the teacher keeps calling Jonah’s name.
“I promise” He stands up and takes the ball under his arm
He runs up the hill to the school yard and leaves the ball outside when they go in the building. Lee has left straight away. He had got all the information he needed. He had to convince Mandy to tell her son about him. He wanted to be part of this little boy’s life and no matter what it took; he would get what he wanted.

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