Being followed, again

Sequel to 'Being followed' Event happening 5 years later.
Mandy's and Benedict's marriage could have been perfect. They have a son, Jonah and they love each other. But when the past comes back and haunts them, things change forever.


4. Chapter 4

Jonah always woke up at 6 am no matter what day it was. This day wasn’t different. He got to his parents’ bedroom and woke them up. He got the bed between them and jumped up and down. He was always so excited. Mandy was the sleepiest one so she kept sleeping while Ben was the one who got up as soon as their son woke them. He did all the morning routines. Told Jonah to brush his teeth and comb his hair. Everything was finished when Mandy got up. At 7 am they all sat around the breakfast table. They talked about what they would do the whole day. She would work at home so Ben would driver Jonah to preschool. Today it was different. She was worried something could happen.

“Jonah, I want to ask you something” She caresses his hair “Do you remember that man who gave you that note? Have you talked to him before?”
He shakes his head while he eats his cereal. Mandy looks at Ben and him at her.
“Are you sure?” He asks him
“Yes I am” Jonah nods
“Where on the school yard did he approach you?” It was Mandy’s turn to ask
“At the gate”
He didn’t even think the questions were weird. He was an innocent 5- year old who despite his mother’s warnings, didn’t really listen.
“If you see him again, stay away. You should not talk to strangers in the first place. Do you understand?”
“Yes, mummy. Can I go and play now?” He asks politely
“Sure” She smiles and he gets off the chair

He walks out of the kitchen and to the living room. Mandy stands up and takes her coffee mug to put it on the counter.
“I don’t really think he understands why he has to be careful? Maybe we should tell him the truth”
“No, he should never get to know a criminal” She gets back to the table
“He will find out when he gets older. He’s smart and will figure it out. If we keep it a secret, he will become rebellious when he becomes a teenager”
“You don’t know that. Do you think Lee really cares about him? All he cares is about himself. His only motivation is to make my life a living hell. He claims he’s changed but I think that’s BS” She whispers upset
“OK, don’t tell. Maybe we should hire a bodyguard or some kind of guardian who can look after Jonah. Maybe a teacher”
“How about you then? You look after him” She looks at him
“I can’t do that. I have a play to prepare. You just have to trust your own son. When I get him to school I tell his teacher to look out for him”
“You know how he is. He never does what I tell him. How would he listen to his teacher when he doesn’t even listen to me?”
“I think it runs in the family” He grins
“In what way?” She looks doubting at him
“Well, if I say you shouldn’t get in touch with a former boyfriend, you would still do it”
“That has never happened” She stands up
Then he says something he shouldn’t have.
“Well you did get involved with Lee and here we are”
“How dare you take that up?” She raises her voice a volume
“OK, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said it. We should be going” He stands up and tries to give her a kiss but she walks pass him

She gets to the living room and tells Jonah to pick up his backpack from his room. She was upset at Ben. She felt it was her fault but he was the one who made a deal with the enemy. He’s followed her.
“I deeply apologise for what I said. I’ll never mention it again. Alright” He lifts her chin up but she doesn’t look at him
Jonah gets back to the living room. He had put his jacket on and is ready to go. He was such a brave little man. He would do just fine. She bends down to his level and kisses his head.
“Remember what I said, never approach a stranger again and stay close to your friends. Don’t go anywhere alone. Can you do that?” She looks in his eyes
“Yes, mummy”
“OK good. Have a nice day. I pick you up later” She gives him a hug and he hugs back

With a little smile, she stands up. She usually gave a kiss to Ben but this time she only waved to Jonah and then they left. As soon as they’re outside, she looks out of the window. She didn’t want to lose a sight of her son. When they drove away, she left the window. She had a few assignments to do but she was so worried so she couldn’t concentrate. She wasn’t a worrier before but now when Lee was back; she had never been so scared in her life.

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