Being followed, again

Sequel to 'Being followed' Event happening 5 years later.
Mandy's and Benedict's marriage could have been perfect. They have a son, Jonah and they love each other. But when the past comes back and haunts them, things change forever.


2. Chapter 2

It’s a day in April. It’s sunny and people were spending their lunch time in the park. She sits down on the bench with her sunglasses on. She keeps her purse close to her chest and looks nervously around. Her heart is pounding and she felt the cold sweat. She’s so scared she could have fainted. Suddenly someone sits close to her and she quickly stands up. Lee looks up at her and smiles. She looks around. She didn’t want to see him.
“Why don’t you sit down? I won’t do anything”
She keeps looking away. She had heard those words many times and she would not believe it. He tries to take her hand but she steps back. He stands up and gets closer to her. She wanted to run away but her feet didn’t want to cooperate. He gets closer to her hair she had in a ponytail and he smells her hair. He closes his eyes for a while.
“I missed this”
She looks up at him and pushes him away. She wanted to let him know, he couldn’t manipulate her anymore. She didn’t want to show she feared him.
“Leave us alone. Everything has been good so far” She’s upset and shows it
“Oh really. So Ben is still around then?”
“What is it to you?”
“And Jonah is his son”

How dared he call out that name? She wasn’t surprised he knew it because he probably asked him that. He could do anything but if he had plans to get rid of Jonah, he would be sorry.
“Don’t ever mention his name again”
“What’s this hostility? I only wanted to see you and I get this attitude” He grins
“You should be in jail because that’s where you belong?” She’s being brave
“I did my time and now it’s time to make things right. I still love you Mandy and I do anything to get you back”
“Five years and you get out? You got 15 and it should be more” She raises her voice
He looks around to see if anyone noticed.
“I was a very good boy and they thought I was so nice so they let me go”
“Bribing them more like it”
“It doesn’t matter how. All I want is to get to know my son and maybe later we could get back together” He tries to touch her hair but she steps back
“Not in this lifetime. Goodbye” She’s about to leave when he grabs her arm gently
“Please, Mandy. I’ve changed. Those five years were good for me. I’m calmer now”
“Yeah right. Found God?” She rolls her eyes
“You know I’m not religious” He smiles

At first, she was scared but her confidence grew by the minute. They did have a son together but that didn’t mean he would get another chance with her. She loved Ben even if recently things hadn’t been good. If he found out she had been seeing someone else behind his back, he would be really cross. If he knew it was Lee that would make things boil over.
“Why should I believe you? You told me a lot of things but I won’t be that naïve this time”
“I apologise for everything I’ve done and I won’t do them again. At least let me meet Jonah” He looks in her eyes
“Oh please. Stop with your lies. If you want custody, you can think again. I’m leaving” She walks away
“Please I just want to meet my son, is that too much to ask?” He shouts after her but she runs as fast as she can
She had to get out of there. She would not let him destroy her life. There had to be a way to put him back to jail but she needed Ben to help her. It was time for him to know why she had acted the way she had.

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