Being followed, again

Sequel to 'Being followed' Event happening 5 years later.
Mandy's and Benedict's marriage could have been perfect. They have a son, Jonah and they love each other. But when the past comes back and haunts them, things change forever.


1. Chapter 1

Five years goes by and Mandy’s and Benedict’s relationship had gone into a crisis. They still lived in the same house. When their son, Jonah was born, she suffered from postpartum depression. Luckily she got over it but yet she had times when she was angry all the time. She didn’t know why. At night she could hardly sleep. They fought all the time and it affected Jonah as well. Even if Benedict wasn’t Jonah’s biological father, he treated him like an own son. They hadn’t told him who his real father was. Mandy was always in doubt and her trust in the goodness of Benedict’s good heart was gone. What happened 5 years before was a distant memory but it had to be one of the reasons she acted the way she did.
“You keep doing this every time. Whatever I do, nothing is good enough. When will you learn to trust me again?”

That’s how Benedict kept telling her in every argument they had. Even the smallest thing made her upset. If he came home later than he promised, she doubted he was cheating on her. No matter how many times he told her he loved her, she still didn’t believe him. He tried to figure out how to calm her down but he hadn’t found a way. One night after a big argument he had enough. He took Jonah with him and they left. Mandy was devastated. She just couldn’t help herself. She was angry but she didn’t know why. He had done it before but now she wasn’t sure if he were coming back. When she wasn’t herself, she threw things but never laid a finger on her son. That wasn’t the reason why Benedict took him. He just didn’t want him to see her angry. In the end, he did come back and things were normal again.

One morning when Mandy was eating breakfast with Jonah, he suddenly asked her something she didn’t expect.
“Mummy, who is my real father?”
She almost choked on her sandwich. This little brown-haired little boy with blue-green eyes was asking her a very grown-up question.
“It’s Ben of course. Why do you ask?”
“My friend, Jon said he had heard his parents talk about it”
She didn’t know what to say. She never thought she had to go through this so she lied.
“Never listen to rumours. What he said was a misunderstanding” She took a sip from her coffee
Jonah looked at her and then took something from his back pocket.
“A man gave this note yesterday and he told me to give it to you”
She swallowed and the only thing she thought was the nightmare she had been having. She took the note he had laid on the table but she didn’t read it.
“Was he threatening you?” She was worried
She had told him many times not to talk to strangers.
“No” Jonah shook his head
“Where was this?”
“On the school yard”
“Did someone see?”
“No, I was alone”

Her heart was beating faster. She looked at the time and it was time for preschool. She put the note in her pocket and told Jonah to get ready. While she waited, she took the note to read it. Her nightmare was coming true and she couldn’t tell anyone. A lot of questions came to her head. How was it possible that the man, who made her life a living hell, was out of jail? He had killed her best friend Annette, Sara and kidnapped her for his own pleasures. This was the reason her marriage to Benedict had come to the point it was now. She realised it at that moment. All those bad memories came back. She thought she had forgiven him but the fact was, she never went through that process. Everything that happened five years ago. Every pain she went through, knowing he was the one who planned it all. How could she have married this man who had made a deal with the devil in the first place? She was scared but she made a choice, she would meet Lee in the park in the afternoon. She drives Jonah to school and then drives back home. She had a driver’s licence now since her workplace was miles away. Benedict was at the theatre where he worked in a play. She wouldn’t tell him what she was about to do. She had bought a gun just in case. She would be safe as long it was in a public place. She was about to make the biggest mistake of her life.

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