Chris and Kylie

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2. Chapter 1

Chris Rodgers

"Well this was fun" I said with a smirk as I put my jeans back on.

"It sure was babe" The red head said, I think her name was Veronica? I don't know, I've been with her least I think I have been.

"I would love to stay but I gotta go" I didn't explain, I never stay anyways all of the girls should know that.

"You always do this...why can't you just stay for once" it wasn't much of a question it was more like a pleading demand.

"Look you knew what you got into when you opened your legs for me, I don't like strings attached, if you can't handle that then it's fine by me, but it isn't my fault when you get caught up with wanting me Vanessa" There is nothing more I hate more than a girl that wants something that she can't have. I'm only here for the fuck, if the girl gets attached then that's on her not me.

"It's Victoria, you asshole!" She yelled as I walked down her steps to the main floor of her house. Honestly I could care less, there are too many to count anyways.

"Whatever, you were a good fuck when you kept your mouth shut" I yelled then walked out of her house.

When I got in my car I looked at my phone and seen a few messages from my mom saying she was in town for two days. I scrolled past it and seen a message from my buddy Travis saying there was a party tonight. I mean it's Friday so why not. But I still have a few hours since I decided I would skip my last two blocks for Vanessa. So I decided I might as well say hello to mommy dearest.

Kylie Smith

"Kylie" I heard from the front of the class.

I looked up to see Mr. Mick looking at me with expectancy and the some classmates looking at me also. "Um what was the question?" I asked hesitantly

"The question was what was your answer to nineteen" he repeated

"Oh" I replied looking down at my desk to see my paper extremely blank, the only ink on the paper was the already printed problems. "I'm sorry sir but I didn't get that one" I say in a quiet tone keeping my head down.

"Ms. Smith come after when class is done" he sighed. I nodded my head silently keeping my head as low as I can.


When the bell rang I stayed in my seat, it was my last block anyways. I seen most kids quickly gathering there stuff and scurrying out of the room as if it was going to burn down, and a few other students just took there time leaving the class room.

I neatly put my stuff in a small pile and put my blank paper in my folder. When I was done Mr. Mick was standing in front of my desk.

"Kylie what's going on?" He asked sincerely. I guess he might have notice my slight mood change, "This is the tenth time this week, and it's Friday. Usually you're jumping at the chance to answer these problems" he looked kind of worried.

"I'm fine, it won't happen again, I swear to it" I said rather quietly and quickly.

"Kylie. Your grade in this class is slipping significantly. Yesterday I looked at your other grades too. They were A's, now there C's. I also noticed you keep day dreaming" I just wanted to leave right now. Mr. Mick is the only teacher that cares enough about his students. Me especially, only because he knows my family.

"I said it wouldn't happen again can I leave now? Please?" I plead

"If something is going on at home ple-"

I quickly interrupted him "it's nothing can I please leave?" I asked. If I'm late one more time to work then I might lose that job.

"Go ahead" he sighed and started walking back to his desk

I turned around when I was at the door. "Um...Mr. Mick?" I asked

"Yeah" he answered

"C-can you please not tell my parents about my grades and this" I stuttered, this is the last thing my parents need.

"Kylie" he sighed. I showed pleading eyes in hope he would say yes. He took a deep breath and said "sure, just go to work I know that's why you need to get out of here so fast" I slightly smiled and quickly walked down the hall to my locker.

Chris Rodgers

When I walked into the front door slamming the door in the process I walked into the kitchen where I new my mother would be.

"Christopher is that you?" She yelled from the kitchen when I got closer

"The only person that actually stays in this house all the time" I said sarcastically smiling.

"Oh it is" she brushed off my remark and hugged me. I didn't move to hug her back, maybe if she was more of a mom then I would.

"Why are you here?" I asked sitting on one of the stools.

"Um because I live here too" she said going back to whatever she was doing. Cooking maybe? Well she has a pot on the stove and there food to cook with out on the counter.

"Sure doesn't feel like it" I whispered. "Is the good 'ole daddy come home too!" I asked in a high pitched voice and clapped my hands together in a sarcastic way.

"Your father will be here later on today, he had to take a later flight than me, and we're having a family dinner when he comes back" my mother said turning around to face me

"Too bad I'll be gone...maybe catch me when I'm not busy" I said with a smile "You used to say that right mom, oh and can't let me forget fathers line too...go play by yourself or something I've got work to do"

"Christopher don't talk like that, you know your father and I would do anything for you" at the end of her sentence i heard the door open and close and my father walked into the kitchen. Looking as sophisticated as ever. I hate it.

"What's going on?" He asked setting his brief case down on the ground and taking his jacket off.

"Nothing I was just leaving to my room" I said grabbing my phone off the table and leaving the room.

Kylie Smith

When I got to work I had two minutes before I had to clock in, thank god. I might have been out of breath but I made it.

I work at a dinner, the diner isn't too far away from my house so I'm glad it's in walking distance. I've worked here since I was 13, I started of just sweeping and wiping down tables. Now I'm 17 and working the register, taking orders from some nice, and rude people, and busting tables when they leave. I work here only weekdays, that's when I get the most tips.

I quickly changed from my jeans to my black leggings that were work appropriate. At the diner all workers wear black pants, either actually nice black dress pants or leggings like mine, but no sweats. When I changed into my leggings I changed my shirt to the diners work shirt and put my apron on and clocked in.

"Hey Kylie" Greg said. Greg is Lindsay and John Stewart's son. He is the oldest and helps with the diner. Lindsay and John are the owners, you probably already figured that out though.

"Hey Greg" I said smiling. Greg is one of the nicest guys I know, one of the only guys I know honestly.

"We missed you at lunch where were you? You missed some juicy gossip" he said laughing slightly

I laughed and said "I went into the library to sleep" it was true, I've had to pick up more hours here at the dinner and that means closing some days, and close is at midnight, and we don't get done till around 1:30 or 2, it honestly a lot to handle.

"Why don't you take less hours then?" Greg asked bending down to tie his shoe.

"Because I need the money, I'm graduating in less than 8 months now" I said

"Kylie! You got tables 1-8" I heard Kara yell across the room. I sighed and quickly put my hair in a high pony tail, grabbed a pen, my note pad and went to take some orders.

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