Chris and Kylie

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1. Background

His name was Chris Rodgers. One of the most popular guys at South Central High School. Let's be honest he was practically the king of the school. Always had a new girl on his arm, even if she had been on his arm before, he had girls lining up just to be a side chick for a few days. Girls wanted him, guys wanted to be him. He had to keep a reputation.

Her name was Kylie Smith. She wasn't all that popular, people knew of her, but no one cares enough to actually know her. She was a straight A student. She was practically a wall flower. You could find her sitting with a few friends, or in the library by herself. She didn't care what people thought of her at all, she could look cute and preppy one day, and she could look homeless the next.

Chris usually lives by himself. His parents stop by every so often but they have a business to run, world wide, so they don't exactly get a lot of time as a family together. Kylie is more family oriented, meaning she always spends time with her family no matter what. If her family needs something she will immediately drop everything and anything she is doing just to be there for them. Chris usually gets what he wants, only because his parents are trying to make up for lost time. Kylie is lucky when she gets a new pair of jeans from her family. Chris will never have to work for anything. Kylie works two part time jobs just to help her family a little bit.

What will happen when the girl that didn't care and the guy that did meet? Well a deal would be made, and possibly a spark along the way.

The only problem is they are polar opposites, at least they think.

Stay tuned for the story of Chris and Kylie.

Coming soon

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