I'm Pregnant?

Despite their different social statuses in high school, Luke and Michael somehow form a friendship. From there, things get serious, and before either of them know it, Luke is sitting over a bathroom toilet holding a positive pregnancy test in his hand wondering how that was possible.


2. Two

"So how'd it go?" Calum asks me as I make my way over to the table I was previously at. I blush furiously and shake my head, not wanting to tell him of the embarrassing events that took place after I told Michael I would never hurt him.

"See Mikey? He's just trying to use you! Who says that after just meeting a guy? That's just weird!" Ashton had exclaimed, throwing his hands up in exasperation.

"Maybe you s-should go," Michael mumbled, glancing at me for the first time. Ashton gave me a smug look as I nodded.

"Sure. See you around, Michael," I replied before walking off, feeling the hateful stare of Ashton on my back as I walked away.

"C'mon, mate! Tell me something!" Calum demanded, grabbing my shoulders. I shove him off and adjust my shirt.

"It didn't go very well," I replied honestly. I know I came off as really creepy, I had never even talked to the guy before. But, even though I just got rejected and I made a fool of myself, I still like Michael, and I want to get closer to him, despite how rude his best (any only) friend was to me.

"Oh man, what happened? It was that Ashton fella, wasn't it?" Calum pushes me to continue. I sigh.

"No, it was all me. I may have come off a bit creepy," I tell Calum, burying my face in my hands.

"What'd you say?"

"Damn mate, can't you just drop it?" I tell him, and he's about to talk again when the bell rings. Saved by the bell. I stand up and make my way towards my classroom.

"Luke, wait," I hear a voice call from behind me. I spin around and see Michael jogging after me.

"Yeah?" I ask nervously.

"Um, I'm not weirded out b-by what you said. I-it was nice," he stutters out, uncomfortable.

"Then why'd you tell me to leave?"

"A-Ashton was being m-mean," Michael says, "I don't l-like mean Ash."

I chuckle at his words, causing the younger boy to blush.

"Is there a reason he doesn't like me?" I question, adjusting the beanie on my head. I couldn't figure out why he seemed so adamant on keeping Michael from befriending me, but I needed to figure out. If Michael and I were going to get close, Ashton would need to back off.

"He's just pr-protective, that's all," Michael says, not meeting my gaze. I couldn't tell if he had a speech impediment causing him to stutter, or if it was out of nervousness. Either way, I found it completely adorable.

Before I can answer Michael, the warning bell rings, meaning I only had two minutes to make it to my class room.

"Listen Michael, I've gotta get to class, but if you want, I'll give you my number and you can text me later?" I had meant for it to sound confident, but instead, my words came out as a question. What was this boy doing to me?

Michael nodded and I waited for him to pull his iPhone out before reciting my number to him. He smiled before saying, "I'll text you l-later. Don't be late to c-class."

I said a quick 'see ya!'  before rushing to my fifth-period English class. Unfortunately, I couldn't pay attention because all I could focus on were the butterflies in my stomach and the thoughts of the underclassmen who had managed to intrigue me after only talking for ten minutes. I couldn't wait until I got a text from him. I could only hope that Ashton didn't convince him to stay away from me.


A/N: all of the chapters will be relatively short like this one because I think short chapters are easier to write and read.

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