An Array Of Poems

You love him
His crazy curly hair
And amazingly cute laugh
Even though you know you can't have him anymore
You can't have his soft lips against yours
Or the way he curls your hair around his finger
Because he doesn't want you
He wants her instead
Her short glossy hair
And tall skinny body
But don't cry those tears of hate and regret
your pillow can't soak them up any longer
Because You gave your all
There is nothing more to give
Do not hate him for not loving you back
Even though it hurts undeniably
Stay strong
Because girl you don't need him
You don't need a boy
That doesn't understand
Or cherish you
You need to love yourself
Love your dimples and your frizzy hair
Stop judging your own self
And stay strong
No one should have control over your happiness
Only you
Keep strong baby girl
Keep trudging on
Because one day
There will be no more hurt
Only happiness and joy
So hold on for this crazy roller coaster
Of a life


2. Drink

Have you ever gotten so wasted

Where your head starts to spin

And your words start to slur

Then you’re done

You wake up hours later

Head pounding

Stomach turning

Trying to chug water to keep down the vomit

That’s what she goes through

every time you leave her

She drinks too much

Just to rid herself of the pain of not having you

A “break” to you

Means messing around with other girls but still having her

A break to her is losing her whole world

Yet you send her mixed signals every day

Making her hate you

And eventually she will walk away

You know it is true

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