Harry Potter and Future's Past

Starts out the day after the Battle of Hogwarts. Harry and Hermione meet the Goddess of Love, and she offers to let them go back in time. Strictly Harry and Hermione. Minor - well maybe major Ginny, Ron and Dumbledore Bashing. Soul Bond - Time Travel



9. Chapter 9

Miranda was chuckling as she poured herself another glass of her favorite beverage and continued her watch over her current favorite soul mates. "I'm glad I didn't stop the youngest Weasley now. This could be fun," She thought. "Now time to make some popcorn and sit back and enjoy this," The Goddess thought of one last thing and a quick request to Harry and Hermione followed.

"Well done you two," She said. "Just one thing to think of. Make sure you protect Lavender Brown. She is innocent in this and if you have two people who don't care about other people jealous of Ron, they might try something against her."

"Yes Miranda. We'll do our best," Hermione replied. "Though Ginny and Ron should know exactly what's coming and hopefully won't show their faces outside of Ron taking his OWLs."

In the boys dorm Ginny and Ron were having a different discussion.

"What did you do Ginny?" Ron whined. "How could this happen? Are you sure Malfoy and Parkinson ate the sweets?"

"That's what Harry and Hermione said," Ginny replied nervously. "Bulstrode ate the tart that Harry was supposed to eat. Damn those Slytherins," Ginny growled as she thought of her perfect retribution against the bookworm reduced to a state that was worse than ever. She mentally shuddered at the thought of Millicent Bulstrode confessing love for her. Bile rose in her throat as other images came to mind that never ever should be thought of when it came to the Slytherin hag.

"What about the antidote?" Ron asked. "How can we get it to them?"

"I didn't make the antidote," Ginny admitted. "Why would I? It only lasts for a couple of days and it was for Harry and Hermione. How was I supposed to know the snakes would get it by accident?"

"No…no antidote?" Ron asked and he looked at his sister. "How in the bloody hell could you be so stupid?"

"STUPID!" Ginny screamed before continuing in a quieter voice. "Who are you calling stupid. You couldn't even make the potions if someone gave you a three ingredient head start on them," Ginny took a couple of breathes to calm down. "It was just bad luck. All we have to do is avoid them for a couple of days. You know, stay in the dorms until it all blows over."

"I can't Ginny. I have OWLs tomorrow," Ron spat. "OWLs in the same bloody room as Malfoy and Parkinson. I CAN'T avoid them."

The next morning a rustling noise near his bed awoke Harry with a start. His glasses were on and his wand in his hand within seconds only to catch his ex-best friend trying to open his trunk. Once again Ron Weasley found a wand under his chin.

"What do you think you're doing?" Harry asked coolly.

"Uhm...Harry…mate. I wanted to know if I could borrow your cloak? You know your father's," Ron asked.

"And you think trying to get into my trunk and taking it is a form of asking?"

"You were still sleeping and…uh…I didn't think you would mind. I mean I apologized and everything," Ron replied still feeling the point of Harry's wand under his chin. "I...I'm hungry and need to go to get breakfast."

"What's going on Harry?" Hermione asked groggily.

"Just someone trying to take my invisibility cloak so he can get food and avoid Malfoy and Parkinson."

"Ron can't eat?" Hermione mentally chuckled. "It gets better and better."

Harry's eyes stayed focused on Ron as he spent just a couple of seconds with the chat with Hermione. "Why would you need my cloak to go to breakfast?" He asked innocently as he pulled his wand away from Ron's chin but kept a firm grasp on it.

Ron's mouth opened but he had no reply. If he mentioned he needed to avoid Malfoy and Parkinson, Harry would want to know why. Finally he thought of an answer. "Uh…I have an admirer and…uh… well she's been staring at me."

"Really, that's great man. Who is it?"

"Uh…it's well someone, uh.. someone I'm not interested in."

"Ah, so you have someone staring at you and you don't like it? Yeah I know that feeling," Harry said. "But just think of it as a taste of the fame you've always wanted. So go enjoy it."

Ron realized he was not getting Harry's cloak and slunk off to his bed.

Harry pointed his wand at his trunk and whispered. "Colloportus," A squelching sound came from the trunk lid as it sealed itself shut.

"I'll be down soon as I have a shower love."

Fifteen minutes later Harry left a disgruntled Ron in the dorm as he went to meet his wife.

"What about Ginny?" Harry asked.

"Supposedly she isn't leaving her bed," Hermione replied with a grin.

People throughout the hallways to the Great Hall were wondering what Harry and Hermione were chuckling about as they walked arm in arm to breakfast.

They later discovered that a first year witch had let Millicent Bulstrode into the Gryffindor Tower and showed her where to find Ginny. It was only after the burly Slytherin had pinned the smaller Weasley against the wall and given her a full on mouth kiss after proclaiming her undying love that Ginny had been able to break away and run for it.

When their class was called to enter the Great Hall to start the Charms OWL testing, Harry and Hermione still had not seen Ron. It was only after everyone was fully seated and testing was about to begin that he came rushing in taking a seat at the very back.

"Excuse me Weasley," Came the familiar Scottish burr of Professor McGonagall who stood at the front of the Hall. "Why are you late?"

The last thing in the world Ron wanted to happen was happening. Every eye in the room turned toward him. "Uh well...you see.." Stuttered Ron. "I…" His reply was cut off as two people were scrambling to their feet. Draco and Pansy both had started walking toward the back of the room. As they walked they glared at each other and each started walking faster.

McGonagall just looked on in stunned silence as the two Slytherins were almost running by the time they got to the back of the Hall. Each taking a table next to the now ashen-faced Ron Weasley who looked nervously from desk to desk. "What..." She started but decided she really didn't want to know unless it disrupted the testing. She shrugged and then turned around. She had just grasped the large hour-glass that sat on the desk when she heard tables move. Looking back, she scanned the room until she finally noticed both Malfoy's and Parkinson's tables were now much closer to Weasley's.

"What's going on?" McGonagall asked. When Draco leaned over and whispered something to Ron that caused the young Weasley to turn bright red, she presumed it was some kind of harassment and started toward the back of the hall. She thought her suspicions were confirmed when Ron moved his desk sharply away from Malfoy. She stopped dead in her tracks at what happened next.

When Ron had shoved his desk away from Malfoy it had come to rest against Pansy's. As Ron continued to stare at Draco in disgust, Pansy reached a finger out and gently stroked his cheek. At the touch, Ron spun around and came face to face with the pug faced Slytherin only to have her lean over and kiss him fully on his lips and saying very loudly "Weasley you're my king, will you marry me?"

"AAAAAAHHHHH!" Ron screamed as bolted from his desk and ran from the Hall. Malfoy and Parkinson rose to follow him but ended up fighting each other trying to get out of the door first.

"WHAT IN MERLIN'S BEARD IS GOING ON?" McGonagall yelled. "Malfoy, Parkinson, thirty points each from Slytherin and detention for the rest of the week," But neither of the potion induced love struck teenagers made any indications they had heard her as they finally made it out of the room.

"No one move or talk," McGonagall said to the Hall filled with students as she followed the other three out of the door. It was a full twenty minutes later before she returned muttering to herself. She took a couple of minutes to compose herself before starting the testing.

Harry and Hermione were the first to complete the written part of the exam. Though by a mental agreement, Hermione laid her quill down well before Harry did. When they both were finished they sat quietly waiting for the other students to be finished. Hermione mentally nudged Harry to look at Neville. Harry was pleasantly surprised to find his friend had already laid down his own quill ten minutes prior to the end of the testing time and was only reviewing his answers. In those minutes he only picked up the quill to make minor corrections twice.

Later in the summer when test examiners were grading the results, they found Millicent Bulstrode's answers quite interesting. For example, the question which asked 'What would be the correct wand movement and incantation be for changing an object from red to blue?' she had written; "Who would ever want to change anything from the color red. It is the most beautiful color there is, as it's the color of my true love's hair," In fact most of her answers referred to Ginny Weasley in some fashion or another. The test examiner who graded her paper was thoroughly amused, but still wrote a D for her OWL results.

"How'd you do Neville?" Harry asked as they filed out of the Great Hall.

"I…I think I did fine," Neville said with a nervous smile. "It seems like now that I can do the charms better, I'm more confident about the wand movements and things."

"That's great," Hermione replied giving him a smile.

"Well I owe it all to you two," Neville admitted.

"Just glad to help Neville," Harry said. "Now let's see what happened to Ron, Draco and Pansy."

"I can tell you," A voice came from behind them. Recognizing the voice they turned to find Luna had managed to sneak up on them. "They are all in the hospital wing."

"WHAT?" Hermione exclaimed. "How?"

"It seems that Ronald ran up the steps trying to get away from the two people chasing him. He forgot about the step in the third floor you have to jump and because he was running so fast, when his foot sunk into it, he hurt himself. Someone who was nearby when he was helped out of the step thought his ankle might have been broken."

Harry looked at Hermione, "Better him breaking an ankle than we ending up with the two of them under the influence of potions," Harry said finally.

"True," Hermione replied. "Besides Madam Pomfrey will have him up and around in no time," She then asked Luna. "What about Malfoy and Parkinson? How did they end up in the hospital wing?"

"Well it seems they started fighting over who would help Ronald out of the step and ended up hexing each other. Parkinson stunned Draco and he fell down the steps while she was knocked down the steps when Ron started flailing around with his arms when she kissed him as she tried to help him out of the step."

"Hopefully that will keep them out of our hair for a couple of days," Harry said.

After lunch back, Neville, Harry and Hermione found themselves sitting in the small chamber off the Great Hall waiting for their names to be called for the practical examinations. Hermione was pacing; not in concern for the test itself but about the possibility of her name being called as Potter. She was both saddened and relieved when 'Hermione Granger' was called right after 'Gregory Goyle'. It was only five minutes later when Neville was called. As he got up he looked over at Harry who gave him a smile.

"You have this covered Neville," He said. "Good luck."

Neville smiled back and then he steeled his shoulders and walked confidently into the examination area clutching his new wand.

It was another five minutes when 'Harry Potter' was called along with the Patil Sisters. Harry realized that Pansy should have been called at the same time, but noticed she was not there. He was directed to Professor Marchbanks herself.

"Mr. Potter is it?" She asked in an overly loud voice. "The Harry Potter?"

Harry could only nod under the piercing eyes the ancient petite witch had upon him. "Yes I remember your father standing in front of me as well," She held her gaze for a second longer before continuing. "Well let's get on with it," She waved her hand toward an eggcup. "Please make this do a few cartwheels if you please."

After Harry had made the cup do two cartwheels he made it toddle onto a spoon that was on the table. The spoon flipped the eggcup another three flips the other way where Harry had it land softly.

"Your father couldn't resist similar antics Mr. Potter. Though they could be termed amusing, as I told him, I prefer if we could keep this to what I request."

"Yes ma'am," Harry replied with a look of chagrin.

"Not to say the landing wasn't very good, impressive in fact," Marchbanks said with a look that might have been a smile under all of her wrinkles. "Now since you seem to like levitating, make that bottle pour its contents in that glass while both are in the air."

Harry worked through the various charms completing each of them with ease. Finally Professor Marchbank said. "For the last thing, I'd like you to turn this rat," she nodded toward a caged rat sitting on the table. "Any color you desire."

As Harry consider what color to turn the rat into, an old sunshine daisy spell that Ron had tried to so many years previous on a train to Hogwarts came to mind. He waved his wand and cast the proper spell and watched the rat turn bright yellow. With another cast, the nose of the rat turned red.

"Very nice precision on the nose color, Mr. Potter," Marchbanks said. She gave Harry an appraising look before she said. "That is all for your charms practical. You will receive your OWL results during the summer. I think though it's safe for you to not worry about these results."

At dinner Neville told of his own exam. "I only had problems at the very first. I accidentally hit my examiner with the eggcup," He explained. "I was a bit excited you see. But I then settled down and think I did okay."

"Excellent Neville," Harry exclaimed and then watched his friend turn beet red as Luna gave him a kiss on his cheek.

They were all sitting around the table when the most horrible sound in the world interrupted them.

"Hem Hem."

Harry rolled his eyes slightly before turning around to face Umbridge.

"Mr. Potter you're to come with me," The High Inquisitor said. "You are under suspicion of dosing fellow students with illegal potions."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Harry lied as Hermione's brain went into gear.

"I have a plan," She said to Harry and then to Umbridge. "Who is accusing him?" she asked.

"I am of course," Umbridge spat. "And frankly it's none of your concern Miss Granger," She grabbed Harry's arm and started to pull him up.

"What type of potion do you think he used Professor?" Hermione persisted.

"Not that it's any of your concern but the school nurse found the victims to be under heavy influence of a combination love and jealousy potions."

By now many people had gathered closer to listen to what was going on including several professors. "Potter make a working potion?" sneered Snape. "Not without Miss Granger's help."

Umbridge's eyes immediately focused on the bushy haired witch. "You do know how to make love potions don't you? There was the article last year in the Witch Weekly," Her eyes flashed menacing at Hermione. "So you're up to your old tricks again are you?"

Harry was about to say something when Hermione said "Harry, I want her to accuse me. Let me handle this."

"Are you accusing me?" Hermione asked Umbridge.

"Of course and I'll have you expelled by the end of the day and your wand snapped."

"Actually you can't have my wand snapped," Hermione replied calmly. "As I've taken my first OWL my wand cannot be taken without a full trial by the Wizengamot."

"Dear I am the Senior Undersecretary of the Minister of Magic," Umbridge said sickly sweet. "I do not need a muggleborn child telling me what I can or can't do."

"Actually she is quite correct," Said an overly loud voice of Professor Marchbanks. "Once a student..."

"Nor do I need some old..." A red faced Umbridge started and then remembered who she was speaking to. "I mean yes of course."

"Though," Hermione said quickly, "I am willing to forgo such a trial and submit to full questioning under Veritaserum IF I am allowed an advocate to protect my privacy and my accuser submits to the same."

"Are you sure you know what you're doing?" Harry asked his wife. "We have a lot of information to protect."

"That's why I stated having an advocate," Hermione explained. "Their purpose would be to insure only the questions I agree to answer are asked. Besides, I will bet she will withdraw her accusations now. She knows she really has no case against you or me and the possibility of being questioned under Veritaserum would frighten her too much."

Umbridge looked around the Great Hall and found every single person focused on her including the entire OWL examination team. Finally she turned back to Hermione. "Nonsense dear. That definitely will not be necessary. But for your disrespect of my authority fifty points will be taken from Gryffindor and detention for the next two nights."

"I didn't mean any disrespect ma'am," Hermione replied. "I was only pointing out a mistake you had made. Though if you feel detention is required of course I will attend."

Those people who had served detention with Umbridge gave a collective gasp. But Hermione wasn't finished yet. She turned to Professor Marchbank. "Professor, though the High Inquisitor of Hogwarts is fully within her rights to request me to serve detention, could I ask one or more of your examiners to monitor the detention?"

"Whatever for?" Marchbanks asked.

"Professor Umbridge has shown a penchant to punish in a way that would be detrimental to my completing additional OWLs in a timely manner."

"Nonsense," Umbridge said at once. "What happens during my detentions is none of their concern."

"Again I must suggest that you are in error," Hermione replied. "Examiners have full authority to prevent any action that is deemed detrimental to the completion of the testing," She turned to Marchbanks. "Would you say a requirement to use a blood quill for extended periods of time would be detrimental for the completion of my testing?"

"Blood quill?" Several of the examiners exclaimed. Many of them had pulled out parchments and were scribbling notes. One old bald gentleman asked "What exactly does she do with the blood quill?"

"This has gone on long enough," Umbridge broke in. "Everyone leave," She turned to Hermione. "I don't think there is a need for you to have detention," but the glint in her eyes told Hermione the issue was far from over. After giving everyone a sickly smile she turned and stormed out of the Great Hall.

"About that Blood quill?" The old examiner said after Umbridge left.

"Harry?" Hermione looked over at her husband.

Harry help out his hand to show the back of it where the words. "I must not tell lies," were clearly outlined.

"But to leave a mark a quill must be used..."

"Hours per day, weeks on end," Harry finished for the man. "I am very aware of what it takes."

The next morning a new notice had appeared on the house notice boards.


No student may speak to or otherwise engage any OWL examiner for any reason except for the actual OWL testing. All examiners are required to stay in their assigned quarters when not actually completing OWL testing.

The above is in accordance with Educational Decree Number Twenty‐nine.

Signed: Dolores Jane Umbridge, High Inquisitor

Approved: Cornelius Oswald Fudge, Minister for Magic

"It's time for her to go," Hermione said. "I just wished we could discredit her before we do something."

Hermione didn't realize her wish was about to come true.

Hermione couldn't help noticing Umbridge's eyes on her during breakfast. She knew the High Inquisitor would be around soon to continue what had been started the previous day. As she was planning ways to use the detention that Hermione ware sure she would be given to lure the toad-like woman into the Forbidden Forest, her thoughts were interrupted when the doors of the Great Hall burst open and a monocle wearing short gray-haired lady strolled in followed by four people in Auror cloaks.

"Dolores Jane Umbridge," A booming voice ranged out from the lady. Everyone in the hall at the time turned to looked at Amelia Bones.

"Amelia," The toad woman answered back. "By what right do you burst in here?"

"As Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, it is my job to personally investigate any criminal complaints against senior government officials," Bones replied. "I have received such a complaint against yourself in regards to the possible torture of students in this castle."

"Rubbish Amelia," Umbridge replied. "Obviously you are either mistaken or this is some ridiculous plot one of my political enemies has dreamed up."

"None the less I must investigate," Amelia replied. She then looked toward the Gryffindor table. "I understand Harry Potter can provide…"

A man in a lime green bowler hat came rushing into the Great Hall at that time followed closely by a young man with red hair. "Madam Bones, what do you think you're doing?"

"I am doing my job Minister Fudge," She answered curtly. "I received a complaint against Senior Undersecretary Umbridge and I am investigating it as my note to your office stated."

"I can assure you that Dolores is innocent of any kind of complaint."

"Then she has nothing to fear from this investigation," Madam Bones replied tersely. She turned her attention back to the Hall. "Harry Potter please."

"Potter?" Fudge answered with almost a snarl. "How did…I mean he filed the complaint?"

"No he didn't," Bones replied. "But I have it on good authority he can provide substantial evidence in the case."

"Anything he has to say cannot be believed," Fudge said indignantly. "He's nothing but a self-absorbed attention seeking boy."

"I am not asking for testimony from him at this moment," As Harry came up to her she asked. "Mr. Potter, I have a complaint that Dolores Umbridge utilized a Blood quill in her detentions in an extent that equaled torture. The complaint says they have seen proof on the back of your hand. May I see your hand?"

Harry looked at Fudge and held his grin to himself. He lifted his hand and rotated it to display the outlines of the words he had been forced to carve into his skin hour upon hour and days upon days.

Madam Bones looked at his hand from several different angles and then looked up at Harry. "Mr. Potter was this a result from the use of a Blood Quill?"

"If you're referring to a special quill that makes you write in your own blood then yes ma'am."

"Punishment by Professor Umbridge?"

"Yes Ma'am," Harry replied again.

"How often?"

Harry had to think back two years and calculate what he remembered. He finally said. "At least fifty or sixty nights with three to four hours each night over the school year. Usually a week or two in a row. It would probably be worse if Her…a friend hadn't prepared Murtlap Essence for me afterwards."

Madam Bones and two of the Aurors paled at the thought. "Would you be willing to testify to the accuracy of that statement under truth serum Mr. Potter?"

"Remember only with an advocate and the questions they may ask," Hermione reminded him.

"Yes ma'am. That's presuming I may have an advocate of my choosing present and a list of the questions that would be asked of me," Harry replied. His eyes flickered to the Minister of Magic before finding Amelia's again. "I would not want certain people to take advantage of the situation."

"That is…understandable," Madam Bones replied. "Do you have time now?"

"My transfiguration OWL is supposed to begin in an hour," Harry replied. "Will it take that long?"

"I can assure you it will not. Who do you want for your advocate?"

"This has gone on long enough Amelia," Fudge exclaimed. "Must I remind you that I can have your job? Dolores Umbridge is my most trusted undersecretary and I will not have her accused by some glory seeking brat."

Amelia eyes narrowed to a point where the monocle in front of her eye dug into her skin. She whirled around to face Fudge. "And may I remind you 'Minister'," Her voice filled with disgust. "I cannot be fired when I am investigating a member of the Minister of Magic's staff except by the Wizengamot. Even then it requires a seventy percent vote in favor of the termination," She nodded to Percy Weasley who was standing next to Fudge. "You can ask your young assistant on the accuracy of that law," She shook her head before continuing in a much quieter voice. "Cornelius, if these allegations are proven true and you continue to support your undersecretary it will be disastrous for you. Politically speaking the best thing you can do is fully support the investigation without comment on how you want it to end."

Fudge glanced at Percy who was now only nodding at whoever was speaking. Then his eyes moved to his Undersecretary as he considered his options. He knew Amelia was correct and that he didn't control seventy percent of the Wizengamot. With a glare at Harry Potter he turned back to Madam Bones and snarled, " Very well, but I expect a full briefing each day on your findings."

"I can't do that Cornelius," Amelia replied. "Again because this is your staff, I have to conduct this investigation entirely away from your influence."

"Fine," Fudge huffed and turned to leave the room. "Come Weasley," He said and walked out of the Hall.

Dolores Umbridge was stunned. When the Minister had shown up she had been sure he would dispatch these ridiculous accusations quickly, but she had just watched him leave while the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement remained.

Madam Bones turned again to Harry. "Who do you wish to be your advocate?"

Harry first thought of Professor McGonagall, but then realized that if Dolores was forced out of her position, he wanted her to step in as Headmistress of the school and if it appeared she was too close to him, she might not be allowed. He thought of each of the adults in the room. Madam Pomfrey, Professor Sprout, Professor Flitwick…and then he knew what he should do.

"I would like two if possible Madam Bones," Harry said. "I would like Professor Flitwick and…" He let the sentence dangle knowing everyone who could hear him was listening. "...Professor Snape," He finished. When he mentioned the Potions Master an uproar started from the area near them as his decision reverberated around the room.

"Snape?" Hermione asked. "What are you doing?"

"I don't want McGonagall linked to me since I want her named Headmistress when Umbridge leaves," Harry explained. "Everyone presumes Snape and I hate each other. Though we do, I also know he will not betray me in this. He has no love of the Ministry. Besides if he testifies to what I say is correct, then no one can claim a bias anywhere."

"True," Hermione agreed. "Though you know if Umbridge goes down now, we won't be able to let her meet Aragog."

"But she will be discredited and Fudge will have one more thing he will need me for."

"Would you help Umbridge?"

"Are you nuts?" Harry asked. "Of course not. I'm talking about his political career. If one of his senior officials goes down then he will really be desperate in a couple of weeks when Voldy shows up."

"Ok," Hermione replied. "Are you going to invite me?"

"Severus Snape?" Madam Bones asked disbelieving.

"Yes ma'am," Harry replied. He looked over at the man before continuing. "We do not have the best relationship and this will assure everyone that there is no favoritism or anything else going on with my testimony."

Snape once again tried to lock on to Harry's thoughts when their eyes met. He wanted to know what prank the son of his dead nemesis was pulling, but again he faced what was an impenetrable mind when he tried. Soon he was seething at the idea that James Potter's son had mastered a skill in less than a month that he had spent years perfecting. He was only brought out of his thoughts when the head of the DMLE was asking him for the third time if he would agree to advocate for Harry.

"Yes Madam Bones," Snape agreed. "I will do as requested."

"Excellent," She responded. "Do you by any chance have a supply of Veritaserum at hand?"

"Unfortunately no," He replied. "Our current Headmistress acquired my last bottle in trying to interrogate Mr. Potter on a previous occasion."

Madam Bones head snapped around so quickly at Dolores Umbridge that her monocle few out of her eye. The Monocle was obviously charmed as it stopped at the end of its chain and returned instantly to its previous location. "As you know Madam Undersecretary, Veritaserum is a level three controlled substance with guidelines that must be followed, especially when it is to be used on a minor."

"I am the Senior Undersecretary Amelia," Umbridge replied pompously. "I do not have to follow those rules."

"I will agree that under certain situations the Minister of Magic may give permission for such things," Amelia replied. "Can I see his written authorization?"

"He...he didn't put it in writing," Umbridge stated as signs of nervousness appeared in her voice. "But he implied that I cou.."

"Then should I ask the Minister if he provided you with specific instructions to do the questioning?"

Umbridge faced had turned red but she did not reply.

Madam Bones turned to Harry. "Mr. Potter were you notified of the Veritaserum before it was administered? Were you allowed an advocate?"

"I...I didn't know, well I suspected so I didn't...well I didn't actually drink it," Harry stammered as if he was nervous before continuing. "I think it was the day after Professor Dumbledore disappeared. Professor Umbridge summoned me to her office and offered me a drink. I had seen Veritaserum used last year when…when Barty Crouch Jr. was questioned and suspected that she might try it. Once I pretended to drink the tea she offered me she started questioning me about Dumbledore and other stuff."

Two of the Aurors were busy writing down the new information when Amelia turned to a different one. "Edward will you go Floo the office and have someone bring a bottle to use?"

"Yes ma'am."

"You might need a password or something," Harry said. "Professor Umbridge has someone at the Floo regulation or whatever monitoring all of the fireplaces here."

"Thank you," Bones replied. "That's something that is outside of my control, but Auror Campbell will not have any difficulties," Once the Auror had disappeared in search of a fireplace, Amelia escorted Harry to the room off of the Great Hall. As they were going, Harry turned to her. "May I have my girlfriend join us as well? Hermione P..uh..Granger."

"Since this is only a preliminary questioning, she is more than welcome."

Harry silently let her know to join them but waved his hand as well in her direction. Amelia, Harry, Hermione and Professors Flitwick and Snape entered the room. While they were waiting for the Veritaserum to arrive they went over the questions that were to be asked. Another Auror disappeared into the castle and reappeared a few minutes later carrying a small box he'd found in Umbridge's desk. When opened, it contained the Blood quill in question. Finally the Auror who went to request the Veritaserum returned after meeting the delivery person at the gates of Hogwarts.

Hermione pulled Harry aside and explained the last thing she wanted to do. She quickly wrote something on a parchment and had Harry sign it.

The Veritaserum was administered and Amelia started the questioning.

"Is your name Harry Potter?"


"Did you serve detentions with Dolores Umbridge?"


The questioning continued implicating Umbridge in the torture by Blood Quill that had occurred. Harry also had requested to be questioned on whether he had ever brewed or purchased a love potion. Since it had been Dobby who actually had given the potions to Slytherins, Harry was able to answer the question on whether he gave a love potion to anyone truthfully.

Finally Amelia said. "That ends the questioning. I'll administer the antidote now."

"Wait," Hermione said. She handed the parchment that Harry had signed to Madam Bones. "He authorized these questions as well."

Amelia took the parchment and her eyebrows shot up as she read the questions. She looked at Hermione. "He knows?"

"He discovered who since his trial."

"This shall be interesting," Amelia said as she turned back to Harry. "Mr. Potter, did you authorize two additional questions to be asked that were in the possession of your friend?"


"Very well," Amelia looked down and read the first question. "Do you know who was responsible for the Dementor attack that led to your trial last summer?"


Amelia rushed to ask the last question though she already had a pretty good guess what the answer was going to be. "Who was it?"

"Dolores Jane Umbridge."

Everyone in the room started speaking at once. Professor Flitwick remembering his duty as Advocate as several things being said were close to questions quickly cast a silencing charm around Harry's chair before turning to the Head of the DMLE. "Madam Bones, I think you need to administer the antidote now before questions are asked that Mr. Potter has not agreed to answer."

"Yes of course," Amelia replied and administered the antidote. As she waited for the potion to flush the Veritaserum out of Harry's system, she gave an order to the Auror who had brought the Veritaserum. "Mr. Campbell, arrest Dolores Umbridge this instant. Based on this testimony which," She looked at everyone in the room, "I will need all of you to verify you witnessed, she will need to be questioned in front of the Wizengamot. While what she was accused of doing to students was horrendous, we are now talking about attempted murder of a student."

The Auror left the room immediately with his wand out of his holster.

"Ma'am," Hermione said quietly. "I think she tried to kill Harry because of the disagreement between the Minister and him. Have there been any other political rivals Fudge might have had that have disappeared or died of accidents since she became part of his administration?"

"Corrigan?" Another of the Aurors exclaimed.

At the questioning look by Hermione, Amelia explained. "Matthew Corrigan was the head of the DMLE before me. He was considering running against Cornelius in the last election when Minister Bagnold retired. He was extremely popular and most likely would have won. In July that year, he was investigating the possibility of Wizarding influence in the London Stock exchange when an explosion occurred killing him. The muggles blamed the IRA who gladly accepted responsibility but there appeared to have been a magical signature to the explosion. Erumpent horn fluid to be exact. Of course we investigated, but never got any serious leads."

"So you think she might…" Hermione began.

"I refuse to speculate." Amelia replied determinedly. "It will be a question given to her during her questioning, but until an answer is given, I will not form an opinion one way or another."

"I think we need to get to our Transfiguration testing," Harry said as recovered from the influence of the truth serum.

Beginning of Transfiguration testing was delayed as the most despised Professor in the history of Hogwarts was arrested and led away. Peeves, still following the orders given to him by the Weasley twins pelted her with water balloons filled with bright colored dyes that left Umbridge looking like a tie dyed clown as she left the castle. Lee Jordan let loose the entire box of 'supplies' Fred and George and sent him in celebration. Outside of making sure the fireworks did not interfere with the OWL testing, the remaining professors allowed the celebration to occur for many hours before corralling the fireworks with very little effort. Flitwick removed the swamp that took up the east wing of the fifth floor in just a few seconds, though he left a small portion under a window in tribute to the Weasley twins. Many students after that day would stick their feet in the mud and track it down the hallways to the annoyance of Filch. Shoe cleaning spells prevented the caretaker from finding out who was doing it.

Transfiguration exams went extremely well for Harry and Hermione. Again they both finished ahead of the time limit. Neville didn't quite finish within the time, but after they had left the room, he let them know he felt he had done reasonably well. They also passed the practical exams easily.

McGonagall as Deputy Headmaster stepped into the role of Headmistress. Unfortunately she could not overturn the Educational Decrees without official Ministry support. To no one's surprise, she easily accessed the Headmaster's office when she attempted to do so.

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