Harry Potter and Future's Past

Starts out the day after the Battle of Hogwarts. Harry and Hermione meet the Goddess of Love, and she offers to let them go back in time. Strictly Harry and Hermione. Minor - well maybe major Ginny, Ron and Dumbledore Bashing. Soul Bond - Time Travel



8. Chapter 8

"But Ginny, I'm not interested in Hermione anymore," Ron whined.

"Of course you are Ron," Ginny replied with obvious annoyance in her voice as she drummed her fingers on the side of the couch where she was talking to her brother. The two of them were currently alone in the common room.

"You didn't see the look she had in her eyes. She wanted to kill me."

"Most people who see you eat want the same thing," Ginny thought to herself but let out a deep sigh, "I'm sure you're exaggerating. Could you imagine the person who wants to free house elves killing someone, much less her friend?"

"Well, yeah I see what you mean," Ron answered, "But Lavender, she's been…well staring at me."

"So you're willing to take second best again. You're just going to let Harry steal your girl is that it?" Ginny asked with an edge to her voice. She knew exactly what buttons to push when it came to her brother. "Let him win again? I mean look at it, you put all the work the last few weeks and won the house the Quidditch Cup while Harry was stealing your girl from under your nose? And you're ok with that?" She smiled when she saw the look that her brother got in his eyes. Then she thought about another possibility when Ron threw out Lavender Brown's name. "How about this plan? You see if Lavender will date you AND we get Hermione jealous and in love with you. You can have the satisfaction of knowing she's jealous of you and Lavender. Not only will you have the girl Harry wants after you, but you'll be able to say you're too good for her. Then if you decide Lavender isn't the girl for you, then you can either get with Hermione or at least have her around for a quick snog until you find someone better."

Ron's eyes glazed over at the thought of having a woman on his arm and another pursuing him, "Not just another, but the one Harry wants," desperate for him. He sat up straighter on the sofa before he answered. "Well...what do I need to do?"

"Nothing, wait, you'll probably have to make some kind of apology. It all depends on how I can get the potions to that Bookworm Beaver," Hermione had confessed to Ginny in one of their friendly discussions that that name had been the one she hated the most being called when she was younger. "Now I've got the potions ready to go," Ginny explained. "I had to stick to fairly simple ones because I didn't have the more elaborate ingredients, but all we need is a couple of days. Just to make sure though, I'll double the dosages. So all you need to do is start showing interest in Lavender. That will give a focus to Hermione's jealousy."

"Yeah, I can see if Lavender wants to play chess with me," Ron exclaimed.

"Not the best approach Ron. No start simple," Ginny explained as she secretly agreed with her nemesis that Ron did have the emotional range of a teaspoon and possibly not that much. "Just ask her if you can Owl her this summer. If she says yes, that'll give you something to talk about. Ask her a few simple questions like what she likes to do in the summer…things like that."

"You think that will work?"

"It's a start," Ginny replied. She glanced up the steps toward the boy's dorm. "Was Harry still sleeping?"

"Yeah, the curtains were still drawn around his bed."

At that moment the portrait hole opened and a very happy Harry and Hermione walked in, each with their book bag slung over their shoulders. The drew up sharply as they saw the two Weasley siblings sitting alone in the common room, especially with the startled look they both had on their faces. They quickly recovered as Harry turned to Hermione and said. "Love, all this early morning studying made me very hungry. Shall we drop off our bags and head for breakfast? They are up to something. See those looks?"


"Distract them for a few seconds after I go up the steps okay?"

"Sure Harry my LOVE," Hermione replied with an emphasis on the final word. "But you can't leave me with without a good-bye kiss." She pouted her lip as her thoughts were filled with amusement.

"Sorry my dear," Harry replied. "I don't know what came over me," Harry wrapped his arms around his wife proceeded to kiss her most passionately. "Now, will that keep you until I return?"

"I guess," Hermione said.

"You might be overdoing it," Harry said but then turned and started up the steps.

Hermione waited until Harry was out of sight and then turned to the Weasley siblings. "Ginny did you see my ring yesterday?" Hermione put her hand out so Ginny so get a closer look, while her other hand had a firm grasp of her wand in her pocket. "Isn't it gorgeous?"

"Yeah, it's nice," Ginny replied trying to not snatch the ring off of Hermione's finger and ram it where it would hurt the most.

"Harry was so thoughtful. I mean look at the emerald. Doesn't it remind you of his eyes?" Hermione asked. She knew Harry was coming back down the steps now under his cloak.

Ginny just stared at the ring with a smile that would have curled fresh milk. "Yes, it's just like his eyes."

"Well I better go drop off my bag. Harry will be back down shortly," Hermione smiled. She couldn't help but glance at the spot right behind the sofa where Harry was positioned in his cloak.

Once Hermione disappeared up her staircase, Ginny turned to Ron. "That...that.. look Ron you start talking to Lavender if you want, but on Sunday, it will happen. I am going to get my Harry back out of her clutches. Maybe the potions will have enough of an effect to distract the know-it-all from studying for her OWLs as well."

"Her Harry?" Harry wondered then to his wife. "It's going to be Sunday love."

"We'll have to wait to see if we can find out how she plans on doing it, but you know what I want to do."

"Did the hat want to put you in Slytherin?" Harry asked as he remembered her suggestions of how to deal with the potions. A very efficient method of dealing with two issues at once.

"No, but I didn't have someone trying to steal my boyfriend then did I?"

"True, but she can't steal me anymore."

"But just the fact she is trying."

*** E E ***

"Harry, concentrate," Hermione exclaimed. For not the first time that afternoon she'd caught her boyfriend staring at her. "I know you don't care for History but you're getting too distracted."

Harry shook his head to clear the thoughts he had been having and looked at his wife with a look of chagrin. He knew that she knew exactly what he had been distracting him, or at least what he'd been staring at.

"I'm extremely flattered by your fascination with my body," Hermione said softly as she smiled at him. "And I promise if you can keep your concentration on studying, it will not be the last time we do that," Hermione cheeks turned pink as she continued. "I admit I enjoyed it myself," Her cheeks redden a little more as she continued, "I actually enjoyed it a lot, but we do still have OWLs and you still haven't successfully explained what the goblin rebellion of 1612 did to the magical boundaries around Hogmeade Village. They are going to expect you to explain that that rebellion was the leading reason why Hogsmeade is now an entirely magical village."

"Because the Goblins had taken the Non-magical villagers hostage and during the Wizard retaliation all but two of them were killed?"

"Very good Harry, and remember to include that the Three Broomsticks was the Wizard's Headquarters during the battle. It's little details like that which make the difference between an 'Acceptable' and an 'Exceeds Expectations'."

"Yes dear."

A bit of the old Hermione emerged on Saturday as she planned out a complete day of OWL studying. She presented Harry and Neville the exam questions as she remembered them and timed their efforts. Then she sent them through the same practicals that had been required on the OWLs. The new wand in Neville's hand made a tremendous difference as his success rate climbed along with his confidence. After a quick lunch, she took a page out of Ginny's book and turned the Room of Requirements into a potions classroom. Over the course of the next five hours, Neville and Harry practiced the three potions required on the practical potions OWL. By the end of the afternoon, Neville had successfully completed each of them twice with only minor variations in color.

Harry and Hermione spent Sunday morning reviewing the detection spells they had learned in Professor Slughorn's potions class to identify potion ingredients. They also pocketed a couple of vials of colored dye that they could add to their drinks so they would know instantly if someone performed a switching spell on their cups. It was early Sunday afternoon when Dobby popped next to then asking if they could come to the kitchens.

When they arrived Dobby pulled them aside and explained. "Harry Potter asked Dobby to let Harry Potter know if Miss Wheezy came to the kitchens for any reason. Miss Wheezy was here earlier and asked Mippy," Dobby indicated another elf who was nodding at them, "for treacle tart."

"Thanks Dobby," Harry said then he turned to his wife. "Guess we know how she plans on getting the potion to me but what about you?"

"Did she ask for anything else?" Hermione asked Dobby.

"No Her-mine-nee, but Mippy said while Miss Wheezy was waiting for the tart, she did mutter that she just needed to get both of them to," Dobby looked down as he continued, "shes said 'to the know-it-all'," Dobby glanced up looking abashed.

"That's alright Dobby," Hermione replied. "You're just repeating what she said and I understand," She turned to Harry, "Both of them? Does that mean two types of potions or two different ways to get the same potion to me? And why is she more aggressive this time around?"

"I think us getting together, especially with me giving you the ring has made her do things a little more desperately this time. What's most likely?"

"Well if she did the same potion twice, it's likely to have adverse effects and I might go to Madam Pomfrey and it might be discovered," Hermione theorized. "So my guess she's trying two different types of potions. Two different jealousy potions or a jealousy potion and a love potion? Or possibly some other combination. Of course Ginny can be a little headstrong when she wants something so there is no telling exactly what she has in store for me."

"She had two cauldrons, so most likely two different kinds of potions. But really, we'll just have to wait and see," Harry said. "So your plan?"

Hermione nodded. "If she does it, she deserves what happens."

"I agree," Harry replied. He then turned to Dobby. "Dobby I am going to need you to do something for me at dinner," He quickly explained what he wanted him to do.

"Dobby can do that Harry Potter."

"Dobby," Hermione asked looking around. "Where's Winky?"

"Winky's not good at all Missus," Dobby explained with an expression of extreme sadness. "She can't stay upright on her stool anymore. We had to put her in the cupboard to keep us from tripping on her," He pointed one long finger over to a door in the kitchen. "She's getting through eight bottles of butterbeer a day now. Dobby doesn't think Winky will last much longer."

In three strides Hermione had cross the kitchen and with a jerk she yanked open the door to the cupboard. Her heart sunk at what she saw inside. Winky, in tattered butterbeer stained clothing lay sprawled on the floor of the cupboard. Though obviously unconscious, the elf still clutched an empty butterbeer bottle in her hand. When Harry joined her, his first thought was how much the little room reminded him of his original bedroom on Privet Drive. He knew he had to do something. He turned back to Dobby. "What does she need Dobby? What can I do to help her?"

"Winky wants a family Harry Potter sir," Dobby replied as he looked upon the other free elf. "Winky prefers to die over being free."

"But...but that's…" Hermione started but choked off the word 'stupid' she was about to say before asking another question. "Why?"

"Missus it would be too hard to explain. Yous only think like witches and wizards do, not like house-elf," Dobby replied.

"But you like being free Dobby," Hermione said softly. "That's why maybe I don't understand why she doesn't want to be free."

Dobby looked up at Hermione who was now kneeling beside him. "Dobby likes being free of his old Master, Her mine ee. I was made to do terrible things."

"Exact…" Hermione's exclamation ended abruptly as she realized what he had said. It wasn't being free he was glad of, but of being free of the Malfoys. Her mind still had questions though, "But Dobby you like being paid. You told Harry how much you liked buying things with your earnings."

"Miss Grangy wouldn't understand," Dobby replied and looked away.

Hermione looked at the unconscious elf lying on the floor. It was obvious the elf was wasting away. "Does she eat anything?" She asked.

"Only when I can convince her to, which isn't often," Dobby admitted. "Winky needs a family or she won't make it to Christmas Feast."

"Have you asked Professor Dumbledore?"

"Winky wants a family, not the castle," Dobby explained. "But since Winky was dismissed no family will take her."

Harry looked over at Hermione, "Do you have any idea what happened to her last time?"

"No," Hermione felt ashamed at having to admit that. She had known the little elf had suffered from being let go by Mr. Crouch and at finding out he had died, killed by his own son who Winky had known about. Still Hermione realized she never checked up on her in particular. She had spent the entire fifth year in a futile effort of freeing elves and never tried to show the one elf that she knew was suffering that she cared. Now she knew that her efforts then only caused resentment among the elves and Dobby a lot more extra work. Looking at Harry, she heard the thought of what he wanted to do in her mind. "No Harry. We can't enslave her. I won't take away an intelligent creature's freewill."

"Isn't that exactly what you're doing though?" Harry asked. "She wants to bond with a family. That is her freewill isn't it?"

Hermione's mouth performed her best rendition of a fish out of water as it constantly opened and closed for almost a minute as she tried to find a logical argument. She knew there had to be one. Finally the only line of argument she could muster surfaced. "It's because she's been brainwashed Harry. She's been told to believe that."

"I think it's more than that Hermione. As you just pointed out, elves are intelligent. Wouldn't there be more elves like Dobby if that was the only thing? Look around the kitchen, none of them want to be free. If it was just education, at least some of them would be at least open to the idea. I think Dobby is an extreme case. Remember when you offered Hagrid a..spe…a badge and he said Dobby was a weirdo?"

"But.." Hermione started to reply then Dobby's words came back to her 'Yous only think like witches and wizards do, not like house-elf'. Hermione started to inventory what she knew in her mind about the little elf. "He only wanted to be free from the Malfoys, but why not bond with another family if he didn't really want to be free? He wanted pay from other families he approached. So it sounds like he wanted to be free, but what did he do with his money? He bought Harry a Christmas gift. If Dobby doesn't really want to be free but doesn't want to bond with a family or the castle what does that mean? What does he want?" She asked herself. She couldn't put the puzzle together right now, so she turned her attention back to Winky and her husband. "But what if she doesn't always want to be enslaved or doesn't want to do what we ask her to do?"

Harry smiled at his wife. "That's easy. I'm surprised you didn't think of it," And he explained his thought process which left Hermione resembling the fish again. Harry turned to Dobby. "Dobby, when Winky wakes up, tell her once she is sober and I do mean she must be at least two days without a single Butterbeer, to come talk to Hermione and me. We might have a family for her to bond with. For now though, why don't you take her to the come and go room and put her in a nice bed. I can't stand to see her in this cupboard."

"Dobby will do that Harry Potter sir," Dobby replied softly as he looked admiringly at Harry. "Dobby is most thankful."

Harry and Hermione spent the rest of the afternoon walking around the lake hand in hand. Both were slightly nervous about what was going to happen in the evening if Ginny held true to her planned date. Though Miranda had told them they were safe from potions and they knew they had a plan; it was still unsettling to know someone they had considered a friend was at that very moment planning an attempt to control them. They had spent hours discussing what they could or should do. Harry wanted to confront Ginny, to let her know they knew about her plans, but realized she'd just deny it and not only would it make Ginny more dangerous, but the fall out could be devastating to their friendship with the other Weasleys they did like.

"Well it's time," Hermione said as she glanced at her watch. Her eyes found Harry's and they both had the same thoughts. They knew that after this evening, there would be no possibility of ever renewing the friendships they thought that had had for the last seven years. It was with trepidation they turned from the lake and followed the path toward the castle for dinner.

"We could always skip dinner," Harry suggested for the third time as they neared the door.

"Our OWLs start tomorrow and we can't be looking over our shoulders all week," Hermione reminded him for an equal amount of times.

"What about the life debt she owes me?" Harry asked. "Couldn't I just get her to leave us along with it?"

"I'm not sure if it would work in this type of situation. Do we really know what the debt entails?" Hermione replied. "Does she owe you a life or will any asked for thing settle the debt? Is it a one time occurrence to settle it or can a lifetime 'leave us alone' work? How would such a thing be worded if we could? I mean if we wanted to spend time with the Weasley family sometime in the future would she lose her magic or life just by being around us at a Christmas or birthday? If we word it with potions and she gives me a poison, would that work? There are just too many unknowns to depend on something like that. I don't want Ginny to die because of a poorly worded life debt request, nor do I want us to think we're safe when we aren't."

Harry sighed as he nodded his agreement.

Harry and Hermione sat side by side at the very end of the Gryffindor table so they would only have to protect themselves from only one side or front. Hermione sat to Harry's left so her wand arm would be between them, allowing her to cast detection spells unseen. They had thought about having Neville and Luna sit next to them, but determined it was best to allow Ginny and/or Ron to get close enough to keep an eye on them.

"Do you two lovebirds mind if I sit here?" Ginny asked in a cheerful mood as she sat down in front of them.

Harry glanced at Hermione with a raised eyebrow before shrugging his shoulders at Ginny.

"So how's your studying going?" Ginny asked as she started putting food on her plate.

"Fine," Hermione replied while at the same time she palmed the dye from her pocket and as Harry distracted Ginny by asking for a bowl of potatoes, she quickly put a couple of drops in each of their goblets.

"I really haven't had a chance to talk to you since the Quidditch championship," Ginny said to Harry. "The team will never be the same until you're back flying on your broom," He looked over at Hermione. "It's a shame you don't enjoy Quidditch or flying that much Hermione; not the way Harry and I do anyway," Ginny's eyes flickered over to Harry's before she took a bite of food.

Hermione had to force herself not to roll her eyes.

The meal passed slowly as Ginny continued to make small talk, emphasizing everything she did that was similar to Harry. She even asked about the DA and told Harry how much she'd enjoyed learning Defense, especially from him. All the time Hermione constantly checked their goblets and food to make sure nothing had changed. Finally the dinner plates and food disappeared and various desserts appeared.

"Could you pass me the treacle tart Harry?" Ginny asked. "It's my favorite dessert you know. I'm going to have mum teach me how to make it this summer. You never know when I'll want to make it for someone special. Oh, maybe I can try to make it for you when you come over this summer."

"I wouldn't go near ANY food prepared by her," Harry said to his wife as he handed the plate over to Ginny after taking his own piece. He gave a quick glance at his wife and could see her eyes clearly focused on the dish. It was only because they knew it was coming that they noticed when Ginny took two pieces of tart, but three appeared on her plate.

Hermione again had to force her eyes from rolling when Ginny put on an exaggerated show of enjoying her first two tarts.

"Oh..." Ginny said finally as she looked down at the third uneaten piece of treacle tart on her plate. "I think my eyes were bigger than my stomach and I'm not going to be able to finish this last piece," She looked over at Harry. "I know how much you love treacle tart so you can have my last piece Harry."

"And so it begins," Harry thought and then smiling at Ginny, he said. "I'm pretty full myself, but give it to me and I'll eat it before going to bed tonight."

"I just know you'll love it Harry," Ginny replied eagerly as she quickly handed the piece over to Harry.

"I wonder if I can get Dobby to wrap it up for me so it stays fresh," Harry said as he eyed the piece of tart while trying to hide his disgust. "Dobby?" He called.

"Dobby is here Harry Potter sir," The little elf replied when he popped in.

"Could you wrap up this piece of treacle tart for me to take back to the dorm tonight for a snack?" Harry asked giving the elf the agreed upon small hand signal.

"Yes sir, Harry Potter sir. Dobby can do that right away sir," Dobby replied as he took the offered plate. A second later he was gone. In the kitchen directly below the Grand Hall, Dobby got to work. He first broke off a small piece of the tart and put it in a bag to give to Hermione. He then put the remainder of the dessert on a dish on the table that sat directly below the Slytherin table. With a snap of his fingers the plate replaced the one on the table above. He took one of the pieces of Treacle Tart that was on the plate that had been replaced and wrapped it up.

Dobby's next part was to apparate to a spot in the Great Hall so he could see the plate he'd sent up. Harry and Hermione wanted to know who ended up with the tainted tart. They knew who they suspected would get it, but they wanted to make sure. Within seconds a hand reached over and grabbed the tart and Dobby popped back next to Harry.

"Dobby did all that Harry Potter asked sir," The elf said as he handed the wrapped plate to Harry.

"Thank you Dobby."

"Harry Potter is welcome sir. Dobby is always happy to help Harry Potter."

"Well I better head back to the dorm," Ginny said with a smile as her eyes darted to the small plate in Harry's hand. Her smile only increased in size as she walked out of the Great Hall.

"Tomorrow he'll be mine," Ginny thought happily as she ascended the steps. "And the bitch will be in her own living hell," She thought of the ring Hermione was wearing at that very moment, imagined her removing it in disgust as her thoughts become filled by Ron. Ginny glance at her own left hand and visualized that ring there. "Where it belongs, of course I'm sure it won't be long before my Harry replaces it with an engagement ring, a very large engagement ring, especially once I hint at how much I want it," That was followed by a bit of laughter as she envisioned what kind of ring her brother would get Hermione someday if they actually got together.

"He'd probably get her a fake diamond. I mean really, why waste galleons on her?" Thoughts of engagement rings made Ginny's mind start on the next logical step; her wedding day. "Harry should be in emerald green robes of course; with black trim," She thought. "It'll be in the orchard in late spring when the blossoms are still in bloom," Ginny took a deep breath as she could already smell the apple orchard as it would smell the day of her wedding to her Harry. She could see the love Harry would have in his eyes as her father walked her down the aisle toward him. She arrived at the portrait hole to Gryffindor tower still composing her wedding vows in her mind.

Harry and Hermione were both relieved and worried as they watched Ginny leave the table. They were relieved that they had caught Ginny's actions as planned, but concerned they had missed the attempt on Hermione. Their fears were shortly waylaid when Ron came up to her as they left the Great Hall.

"Uh..." Ron stammered. "I'm suppose…I mean I want you to have these to say I'm sorry," He held out a small box of chocolates from Honeydukes.

"When's the last time we went to Hogsmeade in the fifth year," Harry asked. He couldn't imagine Ron holding onto anything edible that long. He remembered Ron eating the chocolate Cauldrons Romilda Vane had given him next year or the previous year just because he presumed a box of chocolates lying in the middle of the floor MUST be his. "We really have got to come up with a way to define what year is what and when it happened. I am going to confuse myself."

"It's simple Harry, if you mention sixth or seventh year or the hunt, I'll know you're talking about the next two years and you should too. Now when next year comes along, I'm hoping we are really starting to not even think about the previous time line, but we can then refer to it as the previous sixth year."

"Makes it sound like we failed and had to repeat it," They both noticed Ron was still standing there with the box of chocolates still outstretched in his hand and was still talking. "…and I know I was a prat and should have congratulated you," He finished.

"Well I've got to make this look good," Hermione thought as she took the box of chocolate. "It's a start Ron, but you still insulted our friends. Think about what a real friend is like and we'll talk next school year."

"But Gin…uh yeah. I'll do that," Ron said. "Well I've got to go meet Lavender. She's my girlfriend now," Ron emphasized the word girlfriend as he looked at Hermione.

Hermione had to turn the laugh that she was fighting into a coughing fit. Finally she recovered. "That's great Ron," She said as she cleared her throat. "I wish you two the best."

"Yeah well…well...ok…thanks," Ron looked confused as if he didn't know what to do. Finally he turned and walked away.

"Let's find somewhere to examine these," Hermione said as she held the box of chocolates as gingerly as she could. After making sure no one was following them, they ducked into an empty classroom. Harry pulled out his wand and sent a locking spell at the door, while Hermione took care of the privacy charms. When they had secured the room, they called Dobby.

When Dobby appeared they immediately asked the question. "Were you able to see who ate the tart?"

"Dobby saw who took it."

"Who was it? Goyle?"

"No sir, it was Bulstrode sir."

"Millicent Bulstrode?" Hermione asked incredulously. "But didn't you put it on a plate near Goyle?" They had presumed he would eat it since he eats everything in front of him.

"Dobby did Missus. But Bulstrode beat him to it."

"Oh my," Hermione said. "I've got to know what type of potion Ginny was trying to give Harry. Did you save a small amount of the tart?"

Dobby handed over the piece he had broken off.

"Thanks Dobby," Hermione said as she sat the piece of tart on a desk. She waved her wand and cast the Scarpin's Revelaspell detection spell they had learned the next year in Slughorn's class on the small piece. "Ashwinder eggs are one of the ingredients," She said as she interpreted the result. "So we know it's not Amortentia. But we knew that anyway since it would have taken much longer to make," After several more minutes of diagnosing the correct potion, she concluded. "It's a lower end love potion that will wear off in two days or so."

"Do love potions work on the same sex?" Harry asked as he thought about who took the love potion.

"I...I don't know?" Hermione replied as she tried to remember if the book had mentioned the possibility. "I guess we'll find out."

"So it's possible for the next two days Bulstrode…?"

"If Ginny is hiding from Millicent, at least she won't be bothering us during the testing."

"But Millicent has OWLs too."

Hermione looked at Harry and shrugged, "Anyone who is a member of the Inquisitorial Squad will get no pity from me. Plenty of students are going to have their grades affected because of their actions, so it's only fair. Besides I owe Bulstrode a thing or two. If she gets one or two fewer OWLs, too bad, I will not cry at night over it."

"Fair enough," Harry said. "What about the sweets?" He pointed at the box in Hermione's hand. "Still have the same plan?"

"Well now that we are thinking about the same sex I might have a better idea," Hermione replied with a mischievous look in her eyes. "But first let me see what's in them," She opened the box and removed the six pieces of candy and did the same detection spell. She cast the spell again and a third time. "Wow, she has two doses of the same love potion as well as a dose of jealousy potion in each of these."

"I think she really hates you being my girlfriend," Harry said. "And my wife."

"Yes, it seems so," Hermione replied. "If I wasn't protected and bit into one of these chocolates I would probably have been as desperate to get Ron as Ginny is to get you. At least there's no lust potion," She mentally gagged at the thought that brought up of her and Ron and she quickly substituted the memory of her and Harry in bed the other morning. She still had a shudder run through her as she saw the evidence of Ginny and Ron's betrayal laid out in front of her.

"So go with the plan?"

I'm a little concerned about this strong of a potion in the chocolate...but," Hermione replied but then turned to Dobby. "Dobby, can you go down to the potions ingredient room and get some Billywig sting slime? Oh and can you get a Bezoar as well?"

"Yes Her mine e," Dobby nodded and was gone only a minute before returning with the asked for ingredient. He also handed Harry the Bezoar.

"As I'm sure you remember, since we just covered it yesterday in our review, Billywig sting slime is a curative. If we mix a very small amount into the chocolates, it should reduce the effects of the other potions to a much more tolerable level."

Harry smiled at Hermione. "But we can't add too much because it would lead to a feeling of euphoria which would be suspicious," He said as he remembered the side effects of the ingredient.

"Very good," Hermione replied. "Now while I take care of the chocolates, can you duplicate the Honeyduke box?"


"I know we were originally thinking of just Parkinson, but if the same sex thing does work, I thought we'd give the other pieces to Malfoy. Can you imagine if Draco suddenly falls in love and is jealous of Ron?"

Harry face became ashen as the image that suggestion caused in his mind almost made him vacate his stomach. "Are you sure that's such a good idea?" He asked still taking breaths to calm the nausea he was suffering.

"He's the one who gave these things to me Harry. He might not know exactly what Ginny put in them, but the stupid lazy git went along with it and gave them to me."

"True. Ok, let's do it," Harry replied. "But you might have to obliviate the images from my mind later."

"Or give you something MUCH better to think about?" Hermione asked. "Or TWO such things?" She glanced down at her breasts and then lifted an eyebrow at Harry.

Harry smiled a vacant smile as he lifted his wand and quickly duplicated the chocolate box with the Geminio spell.

Hermione smirked as she measured out the right amount of slime and magically added it to the chocolates. She then shrunk the two boxes to half their original size. She added three pieces of chocolate to each one and then turned to Dobby. "You heard who we want you to give these to right? Put them on their bed table when they're not looking."

"Yes Her mine e. One to my old master's son, and the other to his Miss Parkinson."

"Excellent Dobby," Hermione said. "Oh how's Winky?"

"Winky was still sleeping when Dobby left her."

"Thanks Dobby."

With a pop the elf was gone with a box of chocolate in each hand.

Harry looked at Hermione and asked. "What have we done?"

"I'm not sure but it will be interesting," Hermione suddenly got a look on her face. "Speaking of Malfoy, what about the Vanishing Cabinet? We could destroy it completely now and Draco couldn't do what he did last time."

"Why not use it ourselves?" Harry asked. "If Malfoy can fix it, I'm betting you can do it much easier."

"We could get Sirius to put the other one in Grimmauld place so we can visit there easier," Hermione suggested.

"Actually I was thinking of giving the other one to your parents so you could visit them for the next two years anytime you wanted."

After the kiss Hermione gave to her husband for that suggestion, Hermione whispered. "Mr. Potter, I think you just earned another night in the Room of Requirements."

"As much as I would love that Mrs. Potter, Winky is currently in there," Harry reminded her.

"True, maybe tomorrow," Hermione looked at Harry then a more serious look appeared over her features. "Are you serious about bonding with Winky?"

"I don't want her to die," Harry replied. "And if that's what it takes to save her, then yes," Harry sighed. "I couldn't stand to see her in that cupboard. It...it reminded me of...well you know. I know what it feels like to be unwanted," Harry leaned over and kissed his wife before he continued. "But if you really are against it, then I won't. You are the most important person in my life."

"I.. I mean I spent two years trying to help the elves and now I find I'm wanting to help one by enslaving her?"

"You have to be sure love, because if she really does want to bond we can't set her free again if she doesn't want it. I think it would kill her."

"I agree. Let me think on it tonight, but I will probably go along with you," Hermione closed her eyes as she gave a little huff. "I can't believe I'm actually thinking of being an owner of a house-elf."

"Just because we bond with her doesn't mean she can't be our friend. Besides, you can guarantee that she will be the best treated elf in the magical world."


"You know you're going to have to let her work don't you?" Harry asked as he envisioned Winky sitting at the table drinking tea while Hermione is scrubbing dishes in a sink some day.

Hermione couldn't help but laugh at the image Harry was imagining. "Prat!"

"Come on, let's get back to the common room," Harry said then realized he still had the small plate of treacle tart. It was quickly deposited into the nearest waste bin.

Ginny had positioned herself on the sofa with the best view of the portrait hole entrance. Though she held a book as if she was reading, her eyes never left the entrance. It was many minutes of waiting before Harry and Hermione entered. Her eyes lit up as she noticed the plate missing from Harry's hand. "He must have eaten it already," She thought. "Harry did you enjoy the tart?" She asked with a smile. "I might even get a good night kiss tonight from my hero."

"Uh no," Harry replied as he tried to feign a look of disgust. He then launched into the prepared speech. "We were uh…stopped by Malfoy and a few other Inquisitorial Squad people. They took my tart and the box of candy Ron gave Hermione saying that having food in the hallways is now against the rules."

Ginny complexion became white as fresh snow. The stark contrast to her red hair made her look ghoulish. She swallowed hard dreading the answer she was going to get, but had to ask. "Uh…so...uh who took your tart?"

"Bulstrode," Harry snarled. "She started eating it right in front of me too."

"She…she ate it?" Ginny asked as an absolute look of horror crossed her face. "No..."

"Oh don't worry Ginny. I ate enough already," Harry said. "It was very nice of you to give me the piece though."

"Yeah...uh...of course," Ginny mutter as she had a very distracted look on her face. She kept glancing at the portrait hole expecting to see Millicent Bulstrode coming through any second to announce her undying love. She then remembered the candy. "I…I'm sure my…my brother will be...uh...disappointed you didn't…uh…get to enjoy your chocolate Hermione. Who took it?"

"Malfoy and Parkinson," Hermione groused. "And it was Honeydukes chocolate too. They sneered at us as they opened the box and started eating the chocolate pieces right in front of us as well."

"The…they...uh…both.." Ginny didn't finish the sentence as she turned and ran up the boy's dorm steps.

Harry and Hermione smiled at each other as they knew the next two days would be very interesting in Hogwarts.

"Now we just need to do something about Umbridge," Harry said.

"Any ideas?"

"Outside of feeding her to the Acromantulas?" Harry asked.

"That is an option, but maybe we should think of something else first. I mean she isn't a Death Eater."

"No but she did try to kill me with the Dementors and has been torturing me all year," Harry said.

"If Voldemort breaks everyone out of Azkaban again, do you think she'll join him?"

"She supported his agenda the last time. Do you remember Mrs. Cattermole?"

"Of course and the other two cases I had to record before you got there," Hermione replied. "It made me sick on my stomach."

"So what's the proper punishment for attempted murder of a minor, extensive torturing of a minor, abuse of power, sentencing muggleborns to Azkaban and Dementors if they resisted the punishment?"

"I guess Dementors would be best for her," Hermione begrudgingly said. "But I doubt we have time before they join Voldemort."

"I agree, Fudge would protect her and I'm not sure I could help him if he started helping Umbridge."

"Acromantulas then?" Hermione asked. "Are we risking splitting our souls by killing people Harry?"

Harry thought about it for a while and remembered the final battle. "Did you think less of Mrs. Weasley when she killed Bellatrix?" He asked.

"I...no I thought..." Hermione's thoughts trailed off.

"Exactly. I think Neville is right. I think our souls would be in more jeopardy if an innocent person got killed because we didn't do what needed to be done. Besides you led her to the Centaurs last time, what if they had killed her?"

"True. We'll do it, but it can't look like we did it though."

"That's why we need a plan."

*** E E ***

In the Slytherin common room Millicent was trying to study for her Charms OWL which was to be held the next day. But as she studied the material, visions of the young red-headed Gryffindor that played on their Quidditch team kept dancing in her mind. "She looked so beautiful flying. Her red hair flowing… What am I doing?" She asked herself but it was taking all of her willpower not to run to the Gryffindor tower just to see the "beautiful young lady and confess how much she wanted to be with her," Millicent looked around the common room hoping no one was noticing her distractions.

Draco and Pansy both noticed the small box of chocolates that were on the bed tables as they were preparing to go to bed. Each thought the other had given them the chocolates and each had one before going to bed that evening. The both ended up dreaming of a tall lanky red-headed boy with the song "Weasley is our king" flowing through their mind in a much kinder tone than they had sung it before.

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