Harry Potter and Future's Past

Starts out the day after the Battle of Hogwarts. Harry and Hermione meet the Goddess of Love, and she offers to let them go back in time. Strictly Harry and Hermione. Minor - well maybe major Ginny, Ron and Dumbledore Bashing. Soul Bond - Time Travel



7. Chapter 7

The last class of the year just happened to be Potions and Draco Malfoy was still smarting from Potter and Granger making a fool of him the previous night. He could see the mudblood talking to Potter and decided to incite a bit of panic into her. With a sneer at Hermione he leaned over to Crabbe and Goyle and said loudly "Of course, it's not what you know, it's who you know. Now, father's been friendly with the head of the Wizarding Examinations Authority for years ‐ old Griselda Marchbanks ‐ we've had her round for dinner and everything…"

"The same exact words he used last time," Hermione grumbled as she remembered the panic that had coursed through her two years ago when he'd said them. "You'd think with what we've changed they would be a little different. Then again small minds have little imagination."

Harry glanced at the ferret and turned back to his wife. He could feel her anger at Malfoy.

Hermione had to bite down the retort she wanted to say to the pompous Slytherin. She knew it wasn't time yet. "I really really hate that Ferret," She growled to her husband. Neville placed a hand on her shoulder and smiled at her in support. Hermione smiled back. One of the things they had talked about Tuesday night after Umbridge and Malfoy had left the Gryffindor common room was how nice it would be when Neville did better than Malfoy on his OWLs.

"How about if I put him on the spot by betting him you, a muggleborn, will do better than he does on the tests?" Harry asked Hermione.

Hermione was about to agree when a reason not too struck her, "No you better not. His father might be able to bribe someone to make a difference in yours or my grades if his son's honor is on the line."

"Lucius wouldn't do that," Harry replied.

"Do you really want to take that chance over something as petty as this?" Hermione chided him. "Besides by the time he gets the results he will have most likely taken the mark and he won't care."

"Do we try to save him?" Harry asked. "Keep him from taking the mark this time?"

"If you have some brilliant plan to do so I'll listen, but he's not high on my caring about list at the moment," Hermione huffed as she shot another glare at the blond-haired idiot. "There are too many other people who suffered because of him and his father; those are the ones I'm more concerned about. I'd prefer to see him under the same curse his aunt performed on me," Harry could feel her anger surge and then it subsided. "Being the target of his crap again after all we did just brings back all the wrong he did. Think of Bill. Remember his face? Just because the ferret thought his family was more important than the whole wizarding world. He's a coward and I'm not going to waste effort on keeping his arse alive."

"Wow Hermione, language. His mother did save me in the forest."

"Only to save her son, which only proves his mother cares for him even if he is lower than scum," Hermione retorted. "Remember how much your aunt loves your cousin; it doesn't mean he or she is a good person does it? If your Aunt had saved your life for the sole reason of protecting your cousin would that have made up for all the years previously?"

"I..." Harry stopped to think about the analogy and realized the truth of the statement. "True, but let's see where that one leads. If we have some way to keep the mark off Draco without too much effort, we'll try it."

"Fair enough, let's get through this class and get things rolling. You and Neville to Ollivanders after class, and then you and I to Sirius' later today."

"Then dinner with your husband?"

"Don't forget the dancing."

"I would never forget. Give me any reason to have you in my arms."

The thought of being in Harry's arms again shot a shiver of delight through Hermione as she gave him a smile. "You don't need a reason Harry."

The smile Harry had on his face the entire potions class infuriated Snape. It was the same smile James Potter had during the seventh year when he was dating Lily. Knowing Potter was now dating the intelligent muggleborn brought back those painful memories of his father even more. "The only good thing is Mr. Potter has no chance to get an O in Potions so this is the last class I have to deal with him," The Potion Master thought and then he turned to the black haired youth "Twenty points from Gryffindor Mr. Potter for staring at Miss Granger. Unfortunately for you, she's not going to be able to help you in your OWL. Without her help I presume you'll have a T waiting for you at the bottom of your cauldron," The whole Slytherin side of the classroom laughed at the comment.

"Yes sir," Harry replied continuing his smile. "Sir, I was thinking of getting her some flowers, do you think she would like lilies?" The last stated as he stared straight at the Potions Master daring him to try legilimency again.

"Harry what are you doing?" Hermione said. "I don't need flowers? Oh and you really shouldn't pick on Snape, well too much anyway."

"Yes dear."

"Your love life is no concern of mine Mr. Potter," Snape sneered. "Just keep it out of my classroom."

"Really sir?" Harry asked in a confused voice. "I thought my love life was part of your class. I mean you read that article in Witch Weekly out loud last year. I thought you'd be happy for me. I mean I'm dating the smartest witch who happens to be a muggleborn in the school aren't I? In fact I've had several people tell me how much she's like my mother."

The abrupt change in Snape silenced the entire class. Even the very air seemed to freeze as Snape advanced on Harry's desk with anger seemingly pouring off of him in waves. "Thirty points for that cheek Potter," He said quietly, obviously trying to contain his anger. "I'd give you detention but I really don't want to see your face ever again," Snape snarled.

Harry just smiled at Severus in return. Finally with a swish of his cloak Snape turned and walked back to the front of his class. For the rest of class Harry continued to smile at Snape. "Wish I'd realized how much more fun it is to smile at Snape than glare at him years ago."

"It does seem to get on his nerves," Hermione agreed as her own smile joined Harry's. Unlike the previous class, now Snape would not look at Harry. Every time he did, his jaw muscle seemed to flex and he'd look away quickly.

After class Harry, Hermione and Neville dropped their bags off in their dorm and grabbed the Marauder's Map and the Invisibility Cloak. Leaving Gryffindor Tower they made their way to the Room of Requirements.

Hermione stayed in the Room of Requirements to keep the passageway to the Shrieking Shack open while Neville and Harry took off for Diagon Alley. With two stops to shorten distances, Harry side-alonged apparated Neville to the spot on Charing Cross Road where Harry, Hermione and the rest had apparated to the day (last week?) they broke into Gringotts. Presuming no one would really notice Neville, Harry ducked under his Invisibility Cloak and the two of them entered the Leaky Cauldron and made their way to Diagon Alley. Just before they got to the small store near the end of the alley that had a single wand lying on a purple cushion in the front window, they slid into a side alley and Harry quickly removed the cloak. Once it was off, they quickly made their way inside the store.

Mr. Ollivander looked up from his examination of a wand to see who had entered the door. "Mr. Potter?" He asked with obvious surprise. "Shouldn't you be at Hogwarts?"

"Yes sir, but Neville," Harry gestured to Neville, "needs a wand sir."

"Neville? Neville Longbottom?"

"Yes sir."

"I expected you many years ago," Ollivander said. "Whose wand have you been using?"

"My father's sir," Neville replied as he pulled out the wand and handed it to the wandmaker.

"Ash, ten inches, dragon heartstring," Ollivander said at once as he took the wand. "I remember selling this to your father. Tragic thing to have happened to him and Alice," He then glanced up at Neville. "If I'm not mistaken you've not been doing very good work with this wand have you?"

"No sir. How did you know sir?"

"Not surprising. I've been matching wands to wizards for a very long time and except for a select few," Ollivander gave a piercing glance at Harry before he continued, "I can usually identify the general type of wand that would work best. I would guess that if you had to have one of your parents' wands Mr. Longbottom, your mother's would have been better, but since you are here, let's find you a wand that's perfectly suitable for you," As Ollivander turned and started examining the boxes of wands that lined the shelves of his stores, the tape measure Harry remembered from seven years prior started zooming around Neville. When Ollivander reached for a box close to the top of a shelf Harry took his opening.

"Sir, can I ask you about something that happened last summer with my wand."

"Certainly," Ollivander answered as he opened a box, examined the wand it contained, shook his head and returned it to the shelf.

"Do you believe that I faced Vol… He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named last summer?" Harry asked.

"I don't not believe Mr. Potter. Though I have no proof that you did either," Ollivander replied as he reached for another wand. "I've read the accounts in both the Daily Prophet and the Quibbler. I found Skeeter's article to be very interesting," The Wandmaker turned and studied Harry diligently for a few seconds before continuing, "I don't believe you're lying though, but the truth sometimes is not always what someone believes."

"Yes sir, thank you sir. Well when I battled Vol..He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named," Harry started explaining what he wanted to know. "Our wands connected with a golden light and made some kind of cage."

Ollivander dropped the boxes he was carrying and wands rolled across the floor. He didn't seem to notice as he looked at Harry. "Priori Incantatem," He whispered as his eyes widened in shock.

"Well when it happened we had these beads of light in the connecting light and they kept going back and forth until I forced them into Vol…You-Know-Who's wand."

"You forced his wand to submit?" Ollivander stumbled to a stool and sat down.

"I guess, if that's what happened. But then images or ghosts of my mother and father…" Harry let the explanation fade knowing Ollivander could guess the rest.

"Yes, yes I can imagine what came out of his wand," Ollivander said quietly as he sat in quiet contemplation for a few moments before continuing. "Nothing you could have said would have convinced me more that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is back. Only by experiencing what you experienced would you know about it and only his wand would have done it," Ollivander then continued on to explain to Harry the same thing Dumbledore had explained three years previously about brother wands not being able to fight each other.

"So he and I can't duel with our wands because of Fawkes' feathers?"

"Ah…so Dumbledore's introduced you to his Phoenix did he? And told you where your wand's core came from?"

"You could say that," Harry replied remember all times he had seen the Phoenix including when Fawkes had saved his life in the Chamber. He also remembered the Phoenix singing as it mourned Dumbledore's death.

"If you see that Phoenix again can you mention a third feather wouldn't be unappreciated? But to answer your question, no your wands will not allow you two to duel."

Harry looked at the old wizard as if a puzzle had been resolved in his mind then he continued. "Thank you for explaining what happened to my wand with this pri.." He left it off as if he couldn't remember what it was called.

"Priori Incantatem," Ollivander repeated.

"Thank you. I know He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was as shocked as I was. I'm sure he doesn't know about this as well. I'm glad he can't walk down Diagon Alley and ask you himself because I'm positive he wants to know what happened as well," Harry smiled to himself when he noticed Ollivander's skin tone pale considerably as a look of concentration and possibly fear passed in his eyes.

"Yes…well...that's very good and I'm…yes it's good he can't do that. Not that I would ever…I mean…," Ollivander looked toward the door nervously before he turned back to Neville. "Yes...let's get Mr. Longbottom fixed up with a wand. I just remembered I have a lot of work to do," Ollivander said quickly as he looked once again at his door. He finally started picking up the wands he had dropped only to drop several of them again. He finally started handing various wands to Neville and asking him to give them a wave until finally a wand erupted in sparks.

"Thirteen inches, Cherry with a unicorn hair," Ollivander said. "I presume you don't need me to wrap it up?" The question was asked in a hurried manner.

"No sir."

"That will be nine galleons please."

Once Neville had paid for his wand he and Harry left the store. They ducked into the alleyway again so Harry could get back under the cloak. When they were back on Diagon Alley a minute later they looked back at Ollivanders only to see a sign in the front door that said 'closed'.

"I think he got the message," Harry said quietly from under the cloak.

"I think so."

"Hermione, are you there?"

"Of course Harry. So he took the warning?"

"His store is already closed. I doubt he will be around later tonight."

"Great, let's hope he gets away."

"Let's get back to Hogwarts," Harry said to Neville.

As they walked back up Diagon Alley toward the Leaky Cauldron, they passed by a large store that he hadn't noticed on the way to Ollivanders. Number ninety-three Diagon Alley had a small sign on the door proclaiming it to be the home of Weasleys' Wizarding Wheezes. "Let's go in here," Harry said nudging Neville toward the door.

There were a couple of people browsing in the store and a familiar pair of redheads could be seen also. When they entered, one of the twins looked over and got a curious look on his face. Walking over to them he asked "Neville? What are you doing here?"

"He's with me," Harry said quietly from under his cloak. "Got a place we can talk in private?"

"Harry? That you?" George whispered.


"Go up those steps, we have a small flat up there. I'll get Fred and we'll be up shortly. We just need to tell Verity we'll be unavailable for a few minutes."

It was a very few minutes before Harry and Neville heard the twins hurrying up the steps.

"HARRY!" Fred said. "What the hell are you doing here? Umbridge finally kick you out?"

"Uh...no. We have a way to leave the Castle undetected now."

"Wow! You found another secret passageway?"

"Even better, but that's for another day," Harry replied. "For now though don't tell anyone you've seen us. We are just here getting Neville a new wand."

"Of course," George said. "We know better. So what do you think of our premises?"

"Cool, though we walked right past it without noticing it on the way to Ollivanders."

"Well we have some plans for the front window that will guarantee no one will miss it," George said.

"Guaranteed to captivate anyone's attention," Fred agreed.

"Eye watering in fact."

"But we do sell glasses that keep your eyes from watering."

"But for now we are working on getting our inventory up to par and filling mail orders."

"We are incredibly busy."

"Great guys. So what kind of stuff have you been working on?"

"Come on down and we'll show you."

"Uh, I'd prefer not to be seen by too many people," Harry argued.

"Not a problem," Fred replied. "The good stuff is down the other staircase. Our latest inventions."

"No one else is allowed in that room." George added.

They lead Neville and Harry down a different staircase where they quickly made their way to a room that the twins obviously used for experimentation. Harry recognized some of the stuff from his tour before his sixth year.

"This might look like an ordinary hat," Fred said picking up a hat. "But it's got a shield charmed into it. It'll reflect a couple of minor to moderate hexes. Of course it won't stop an Unforgivable."

"We thought it would be a great gag, you know have a friend try to hex you and watch his face when it bounces off of you."

"Of course we got the idea from DA, so it's something else we owe you Harry."

"Anyway a senior Ministry official was in here with his youngest kid a couple of weeks ago and saw it."

"He took one of them to show his boss. We might have a huge order for these for the Ministry soon."

"If we get that order, we'll probably start looking at other things like Shield Cloaks and Gloves."

Harry looked at the hat, and thought of the upcoming Ministry battle. "Think I could buy some of these from you?"

"For you Harry, it's free."

"I need four actually. One for Hermione…"

"Let me guess, Ron and Ginny?" Fred asked.

"Actually guys, no," Harry replied. "We've had a fallen out with the two of them."

"Really?" George asked. "What did our younger siblings do?"

"Ron was upset that Hermione and I started dating."

"You and Hermione?" Fred asked. "Well it's about time mate. She's an excellent young lady."

"Though she must be a living terror with the OWLs coming up."

"Not really. She's calmed down quite a bit."

"You calmed Hermione down before her OWLs?" George asked in amazement. "It must be true love then," He continued with a grin.

"I think it is guys, but no I would like one for Neville here and Luna Lovegood. You remember her from the DA?"

"The one Ron calls Loony?" Fred asked.

"That's her. She gets picked on and her having something like one of these hats may come in handy."

"Sure Harry, four hats it is. Let me show you these as well," George pointed to some objects that looked like horns scurrying about. "We call them decoy detonators. Just drop one and it will run off and make a loud noise out of sight."

"And this is a daydream charm," George said holding up a box. "You can get a thirty minute high quality daydream to make your classes pass as quickly as possible. Imagine, instead of listening to Professor Binns, you can be off in your mind being seduced by several scantily clad women."

"Don't even think about it Harry!" Hermione's voice echoed in Harry's mind.

"Of course we have several other daydreams as well."

"So you can make the daydream about anything?"

"Mostly," Fred replied. "We are having some trouble with the Veela one, but give us a few more days."

Over the next half hour, the twins brought out several more items and showed them to Harry and Neville. By the time Harry had left the store he had four shield hats, several decoy detonators, some instant Darkness powder, a portable swamp and a shrunken box that the Twins asked Harry and Neville to deliver to Lee Jordon. As they left, Harry reminded the twins to not mention they had been there to anyone which they agreed.

Several doors down from Weasleys' Wizarding Wheezes they passed a small jewelry story. A sign in the front window proclaimed a sale to end all sales. While another display of diamond earrings, necklaces and rings had a sign above it saying 'Why give just a gift, when you can give forever?' Another display had a pearl jewelry while its sign indicated pearls were the June Birthstone.

"Come on," Harry said as he looked around. Seeing no one was looking at him, he threw off the invisibility cloak. "I want to go in here."

A young attractive witch looked up from a magazine she was reading, "Welcome to Matilda's Fine Jewels, how may I help you today?"

"Uh...just looking thanks," Harry replied.

"We're having a great sale on diamonds and pearls this month. Are you looking for something for your mum or maybe a young witch you fancy?"

Harry didn't bother to answer as he started to look around.

"We also have a nice assortment of watches if that's what you're looking for," The witch continued nonplussed.

Harry had stopped listening to the witch as a set of rings caught his eye. Above the rings was a sign that read 'A promise made by a diamond, isn't just a promise, it's a lifetime.' "Perfect." He thought.

"Harry what are you doing?" The witch in question asked.

"Thinking that my wife should have a ring to show she's to be my future wife."

"I don't need anything like that."

"I didn't say you needed it, but I think you should have one."

"I...I'd like that."

"I love you Hermione."

"And I love you Harry."

"Want to help me pick it out?"

"No...surprise me."

Harry started looking at the various rings in the case when the saleswitch came to help him. "A promise ring is it?" She asked. "So there is a witch you fancy?"

"Well I wasn't looking to give it to him," Harry replied pointing to Neville. "Sorry Neville, but you're just not Hermione."

Neville turned red as the attention of the witch turned to him but he stammered out. "Ah Harry and I thought that was why you dragged me in here," Harry smiled knowing that even two days ago Neville wouldn't have been able to say anything.

The saleswitch's eyes flickered to Harry's forehead as soon as Neville said his name and she immediately stammered, "You're …you're Harry Potter."

Harry rolled his eyes, "Really? I must have forgotten since I looked in the mirror this morning."

"I read your story in the Quibbler," The witch continued as her eyes were still wide in excitement.

"I...I'd rather not talk about it," Harry replied.

"Of course. Wait until mum hears I waited on Harry Potter."

"Look I'd appreciate it if you'd not mention I was in here."

"Uh…yes…yes of course," She replied still staring.

Harry ignored her and started looking at the rings. All the rings looked a lot alike and they were all nice. "Miranda, can you help me?" Harry thought. "I want it to be perfect for Hermione and I'm not sure."

"Just follow your heart Harry," The Goddess of Love replied. "Your heart is connected to hers; just let your love guide you and it will not fail."

Harry wasn't sure what she meant but he tried to think of the love he had for his wife, the dream he had of their future and as he gazed at the rings, one in particular seemed to call to him. It was simple silver ring with two interlocking hearts. Each heart had a single small gemstone in the middle while where the two hearts joined there was a small diamond. The ring seemed perfect but not quite right at the same time. "Excuse me," Harry finally said to the saleswitch whose eyes hadn't left him. "Can I see that ring please?" He asked pointing at the one he had identified.

"Of course," She replied and quickly opened the display and removed the ring that Harry had identified. "Most people change these stones to be the birthstones of the young woman and man," She explained as she pointed to the two stones inside the hearts. "But of course they can be anything."

"What are the birthstones of July and September?" Harry asked.

"July is a ruby while September is a sapphire at least in the modern era," The saleswitch replied as she pulled out a birthstone display rack. "But many of our customers still believe in the ancient era stones," She pulled out another birthstone display. "July was Onyx then while September was Peridot."

As Harry contemplated the different jewels, another gemstone caught his eye; the emerald birthstone of May. As he remembered Hermione comparing his eyes to that particular gem, an idea struck him. He quickly scanned the rest of the stones in both displays but none of them seemed to match Hermione's eyes.

"Do you have a light brown gemstone? I'm thinking of my girlfriend's eyes."

It took twenty minutes to find the exact shade of brown in a chrysoberyl stone. When Harry picked it up and put it beside an emerald that the witch said was the same color as his eyes he liked what he saw. The witch took the ring in the back and had the jeweler magically sized the stones to fit and put an autosizing charm on the ring.

"How does this look sir?" The witch asked as she passed the ring back to Harry when it was complete.

Harry looked at the ring and knew it was perfect for Hermione. "It's perfect," Harry replied and quickly paid it.

"She's going to love it Harry," Neville said as they left the jewelry store.

"I hope so," Harry replied.

A few minutes later they were back in the Shrieking Shack where they were relieved to find the door back into the castle still there. It was lunchtime when they arrived back in the Room of Requirements and found Hermione reading her History of Magic book.

"Want it now?" Harry asked after receiving her welcome back kiss that was passionate enough to cause Neville to blush. Harry knew she was trying to not ask to see it.

"I can wait if you want to but…" Hermione replied looking down and blushing.

"I want you to have it, to wear it, to let everyone know what you mean to me," Harry pulled out the ring box and opened it, showing the ring to her. The look on her face instantly told him he had made an excellent choice.

"Allow me," Harry said as he took the ring from the box. He took her left hand in his and as he gazed into her eyes he said, "I know we are married in the magical world, but this is my promise that you will be my wife in all ways someday. It is my promise that you are my future," And he slid the ring on left ring finger.

Hermione lifted her hand and studied the ring. Earlier she had pulled out her History of Magic book and started revising just so she wouldn't see the ring in his mind, but as she looked at it now, she realized how perfect it was. The emerald matched his eyes perfectly when he looked at her. The other stone was the color of her eyes and the diamond, though small was brilliant and flawless. Tears crept into her eyes as she looked at it. She realized how much effort Harry had put into selecting the perfect ring for her and the thought of how close she had come to having her life screwed up by a couple of the Weasleys crossed her mind. She had to mentally laugh at the thought of Ron putting any effort into picking something out like this.

"That bad huh?" Harry asked as he waited for her to say something.

"You know perfectly well these are happy tears," Hermione sniffed as she shoved him in his shoulder. She then pulled him closer and showed him just how happy she was.

*** E E ***

It had been a better day for Ginny Weasley. With her rash finally cured and the end of the smelly paste, her happiness had returned. Currently she was sitting in the Great Hall eating lunch while trying to devise a perfect plan to get her Harry away from the bookworm. "I can be patient," She thought to herself as she took another bite of salad. "More than likely Harry will realize just how plain and boring she is. If not, I'll just let mum know that I'm not friends with Hermione anymore and to not bother inviting her over for the summer. I'll also suggest to Ron that he ask mum to get Harry over as soon as possible," Ginny smiled as she thought of so much time of having Harry all to herself away from the know-it-all. She took another bite of salad. "Definitely let them have their fun. It isn't like he's going to propose to her or anything."

Her thoughts were interrupted when Colin Creevey jostled her elbow as he sat down next to his brother. "Hey Dennis, did you see the ring Harry gave Hermione?"

Ginny didn't hear the reply as she had immediately stared down the table where Hermione was sitting next to her Harry showing a ring on her left hand to Luna and several other people. Ginny's fork slipped out of her hand and dropped with a clatter onto her plate. The noise caused Hermione to glance down in her direction and the smile she had for Ginny caused the youngest Weasley's blood to boil. "That...that backstabbing boyfriend stealing bitch," She mentally fulminated. With a final glare at her nemesis who was still smiling at her, she rose from her seat and stomped angrily out of the Great Hall with enough heat rising from her that people might swear that steam was pouring out of her ears. "If she thinks she can just steal my Harry without a fight, she better think again. That ring will be mine."

A few minutes later Ginny was in the library pulling various potions books off the shelf. "What did my book say? Love potions and Jealousy Potions. I'll give her both and have her so confused she'll swear my brother is Merlin himself," Ginny declared to herself. Once again the images of a dumpy Hermione with six or so kids pulling at her dress while she slaved away in front of a stove brought a measured calm to Ginny. "As for you Harry my love, I think it's time you realized how much you love me. It worked for Mum so it should work for me," Ginny hesitated as she considered "Hermione will probably see through a love potion and warn Harry," she quickly dismissed it as she thought; "I'll give her so much jealousy potion she won't even think about my Harry."

*** E E ***

"Did I forget anything?" Hermione asked herself as she looked inside her bookbag. The pensieve was in there surrounded by a cushioning charm as well as a collection of memories for them to show Sirius. She'd also included several of the items the twins had given Harry when he had stopped at their store.

"I really need to recreate my beaded bag sometime," Hermione grumbled to Harry. "That's my project for the summer, but that's everything. We're ready to go."

They were back in the Room of Requirements in preparations to visiting Sirius. Harry pulled out the mirror. "Sirius?"

"Pup?" The mirror replied after a while and Sirius's face appeared. "Ready to come over?"

"Anyone there?"

"Not anymore. Molly was here an hour back but she's returned to the Burrow."

"What did she want?"

"Making plans to move back in of course," Sirius said. "Like last year, Dumbledore wants a full house to protect you when you show up."

"Got to keep me under his thumb while it looks like he's being nice and allowing me to have time with my friends?"

"Something like that," Sirius said. "Now come on over and show me those memories."

"We'll be there in a few minutes. Takes a little time to walk out of the castle."

"When this is all over you have got to show me that room. If your father and I had known about it…" A wistful look appeared on Sirius' face.

"I know," Harry replied. "See you soon."

A little later Hermione and Harry were seated at the kitchen table of number twelve Grimmauld again. "Before we begin, I need to warn you," Hermione said. "You need to be careful around the portrait of Phineas Black that's in the bedroom upstairs. He will report anything he hears to Dumbledore when he is back in his office."

"I never even thought of that," Sirius replied as he glanced upward, toward the room where the portrait hung. "How do you know?"

"We spent a lot of time with that portrait in our seventh year," Harry explained. "It's how Snape knew where to give us the sword."

Sirius just shook his head and sighed as looked at the two teenagers across from him "I know it's all true, but it's still so unreal to me Harry. This future stuff I mean. It was just a couple of weeks ago, you were in the floo wanting to know about your father because of a memory of Snape and now...now you're the same kid but not a kid anymore."

"It's still strange for us too Sirius. Like having you back. I mean you've been dead for two years but here you are sitting across from us. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do when I see Dumbledore."

"Let's have the talks later, right now we need to look at the memories," Hermione said. "You two view the memories and I'll stay out here just in case someone shows up."

An hour later, a visibly shaken Sirius was drinking a glass of whisky to settle his nerves. "Nothing like seeing yourself killed to unsettle you," He said quietly to the two teenage adults in front of him. "I see what you mean about not taking the fight serious enough," Sirius displayed a small grin as he continued. "I always wanted to die laughing, but not quite like that," The joke died a horrible death as the three of them all looked down at the table. For several seconds the only sound to be heard was the ticking of a clock.

Harry took Hermione's hand as he had just relived the same painful events with Sirius. Seeing his Godfather go through the Veil still hurt even knowing he was not dead anymore.

Sirius' eyes had followed Harry's hand and noticed the ring on Hermione's hand. "Nice ring Hermione. That wasn't there the other day was it?"

Hermione subconsciously rubbed the ring with her thumb and smiled. "It is, isn't it? Harry gave it to me earlier today."

"Remember I want to be there when Albus finds out about your marriage. Or better yet when Ron and Ginny find out."

"No promises Sirius, but we'll try."

"Ok," Sirius said as he looked at his now empty glass. "I need to go in again to study the memory. I need to know everything that happened."

He was a little steadier when he exited the memory the second time but still had another drink. "I see a lot of things that will help; it looks like you now know how the doors work, so getting from room to room won't be a problem this time."

"Yeah, just ask for the room you want," Harry muttered. "If I'd known that two years ago, we could have escaped."

"Or you might have run right into Voldemort in the Atrium without Dumbledore there. It's not clear when he actually showed up. He could have been disillusion the whole time and you walked right past him on your way in."

"I don't think he was. My scar didn't hurt. Usually when I get close to him it hurts like it did when he showed up."

"Good point. So he shows up afterwards. Does he show up as soon as one of his Death Eaters comes back into the Atrium or after so much time or some other reason? I'd have to bet on once a Death Eater reappears," Sirius considered that, "So we need one of them to escape and get back up the atrium. So anything else?"

"What about the Time Turners Sirius?" Hermione asked. "I think I can get one of them if we can lure a Death Eater in the time room again."

"That would definitely give us an advantage, but I'll have to think about it. Time is a finicky thing to mess with as you both know. Not that I'm complaining about why you messed with it the last time," Sirius leaned back in his chair and grinned, "You do realize this is the second time the two of you have come back in time to save me?"

"Well then quit trying to get yourself killed will you?" Harry said.

"Sure thing Pup. Get my name cleared and do away with Voldemort permanently and I'm all for risking a sunburn on a nice beach somewhere being the riskiest thing I do for a while," Sirius replied with a smile on his face. Then he turned more serious. "I've got enough to work on a plan. I might have further questions about things that happened before you got to the Ministry or afterwards."

"Any idea on how to get yourself out?" Harry asked his godfather.

"I was thinking of misdirecting the Aurors, but not positive yet."

"I think I know a better way," Harry said. "Ask Kreacher if he can apparate into and out of the Department of Mysteries."

"Like Dobby got you out of the Malfoys?"


"I hadn't thought of that," Sirius turned and said in a normal voice "Kreacher," And instantly the house-elf was there. He was dressed in a snowy white towel and was clean and smiling.

"What can Kreacher do for you Master?"

"Are you able to apparate into the Ministry Building, specifically into the Department of Mysteries?"

"If Master needs me to be able to do it, I can do it," Kreacher answered without hesitation.

"If you are there can you bring me back here with you if I need you to?" Sirius asked.

"Kreacher must do what Master needs doing. If Master needs Kreacher to bring him back here, Kreacher can do that."

Hermione realized the problem and asked, "Kreacher, if your Mas...if Sirius needs you to bring him here from the Ministry of Magic, would it cause you harm?"

The small elf looked at Hermione. They could tell he was trying to fight his long held revulsion. "Kreacher is not a young elf. Kreacher knows not what his magic can still do, but if Master needs it done, it will be done."

"I think he is saying that he will do it, but it might hurt or kill him," Hermione said.

"Then we need to think of something else," Harry replied. "And no you don't have to kiss me, at least not for that."

"For your information I do not need a reason to kiss you but if I did, the ring has a lot of reasons left in it."

"What about distance?" Hermione asked after speaking to Harry. "Can he just get you out of the Ministry and then you get yourself the rest of the way?"


"Shorter distance would be easier on Kreacher Master," The house-elf replied. "But Kreacher will do what Kreacher must to support the Ancient and Noble House of Black."

"So that's still a possibility," Sirius said. "But we have two weeks to figure it out in more details. I'll play around with this and come up with some kind of plan. So you will only have four this time and not six?"

"Yes, I don't think Ron will be coming and I don't want Ginny to be there," Harry replied. "I don't want to owe her anything."

Harry distinctly heard Hermione mutter something under her breath that sounded a lot like 'cannon fodder' before she agreed that the two Weasleys would not be coming this time.

"But if you think we need six in your planning, I bet we could get the twins to join us. Oh, speaking of the twins, I got some other stuff that might help," Harry said. "Neville and I stopped at their shop today," He reached into the book bag and started pulling stuff out. "I've got some Instant Darkness powder. It creates a cloud of pure black to help you get away. This is a decoy Detonator. It will cause a loud noise away from you to distract someone and this is a shield hat. Fred and George said it'll deflect a few mild to moderate hexes."

Sirius picked up the hat and gave a low whistle. "This will block hexes? I bet the Ministry would like a few of these."

"They're expecting an order from them anytime now," Harry replied and then he reached into the book bag for the last item. "This is a portable swamp. It creates a pretty large area of swamp land. We currently have one in the fifth floor corridor on the east side of Hogwarts. Filch is having to paddle students across it right now."

""That might definitely come in handy. Definitely a way to protect a door area," Sirius looked at his watch and said. "You probably need to get back to Hogwarts."

"Before we go, there was one other thing we were going to ask you," Hermione said. "Presuming Voldemort is found out in a couple of weeks, we expect Fudge to be forced out of office like he was last time, but we want to influence who is selected afterwards."

"I presume you have someone in mind?"

"Bones," Harry replied immediately. "Amelia Bones. She was fair to me at my hearing but…but last time she was killed a couple of weeks after the fight at the Ministry. Everyone thought she was going to be the next Minister and it was suspected Voldemort killed her."

"You said Scrimgeour became the next Minister?" Sirius asked.

"Yes and he kept trying to get me to support him, but he kept locking innocent people away," Harry replied.

"That's something I can relate to not wanting to support," Sirius replied. "I bet that losing both Amelia and Rufus out of the DMLE must have hurt their ability to effectively combat Death Eaters," Sirius sat back in his chair as a thoughtful look came over his face. He suddenly sat back up and said, "Okay, after the war is over I would love to have Amelia as Minister. She's fair and will do the right thing. But during the war I would want her still in charge of the DMLE. Continuity will be crucial in the fight. For the same reason Scrimgeour should stay head the Aurors. Besides we can't afford to have either of those positions fall into Death Eater's hands."

"So who do you think should be Minister?"

A smile crept onto Sirius's face. "I think I'll vote for Fudge. Keep him in office."

"WHAT!" Harry and Hermione yell simultaneously. "You can't be serious?" Hermione asked.

"Actually yes I am, and yes I am," Sirius answered with a wry grin. "Let me explain. IF after Voldemort returns you can save Fudge's political arse Harry with some concocted tale of having been working with him to help lure Voldemort into the open, Fudge will bend over backward to appease you. You can manipulate the bastard for everything he's worth; especially if his buddy Lucius is caught. You'll have the Ministry on your side instead of against you this time. Yes you'll have to play some politics but it will be worth it."

"Wouldn't that make me as bad a Malfoy? Or Dumbledore?"

"Plan on doing anything for personal gain? If not, then no you're not as bad as Malfoy. And as you've pointed out, the real problem with Dumbledore is his inability to share information and trust people. Your whole purpose of manipulation is to effectively give information as quickly as possible. I doubt very seriously once this war is over, you're going to continue trying to manipulate people."

"Okay, I see your point," Harry said and then a thought struck him. "If we have Fudge we can get you a trial?"

"Hell Harry, you could probably just get him to sign a bloody pardon as long as we can make it look good for him. I'd prefer the trial to clear my name but I'll take any way to get my freedom."

"We were thinking about you and your freedom. Has Dumbledore ever tried to find Peter?" Hermione asked. "He has a spy in the ranks of Voldemort. Can't Snape let someone know where Peter is and grab him?"

"Snivellus do something for me? You're dreaming right?" Sirius snarled. "You've seen the way he acts around here, like he's the only person doing anything important, especially when it comes to me."

"Well you did try to get Remus to eat him," Hermione replied. "I can see where someone might hold a grudge for that, but you would think Dumbledore would try to get you freed. I mean you'd have to be a much more valuable asset being able to get out than being stuck around here."

"He's never mentioned it. I guess I presumed there's nothing he could do to help me."

"We were wondering if Dumbledore is purposely not trying for Peter to help you Sirius," Hermione explained. "Peter owes Harry a life debt and we suspect that Dumbledore wants to have Peter near Voldemort just in case Harry needs help."

"He wouldn't do that," Sirius cried out then followed with a much quieter "Would he?"

"As we've said and you just mentioned earlier, Dumbledore thinks he is the sole decider of all things. He can and will throw away lives if it means getting done what he thinks needs doing. He let Draco stay in the castle knowing he was dangerous just so his 'soul' could still be saved. It almost cost two very innocent people their lives not to mention everyone who would have died the night Dumbledore did if Harry hadn't given us his Felix Felicis. The Death Eaters were in the Castle because of Draco and he was there because Dumbledore thought he knew best," Hermione blushed as she finished her rant.

"She's been worked up about Draco all day," Harry explained. "He was playing pompous ass again this morning and it hit Hermione the wrong way," Harry looked over at Hermione's watch. "Ok Sirius, Hermione and I need to head back to Hogwarts. We need to be seen some before tonight when we have a date."

"A date?"

"Dinner and dancing."

"Wher… that room?"

"It's amazing Sirius, it will do anything."

Sirius just got a faraway look as he thought of the women he could have charmed if he had known about that room, but then he wished them a great evening and Harry and Hermione left.

A short time later Harry and Hermione met back up with Neville and Luna in the Room of Requirements.

"Thanks for keeping the room for us," Hermione told their friends.

"Look guys," Neville said excitedly and with an incantation and a wave of his wand a small piece of wood in front of him changed from green to red. "It works much better."

"Told you Neville," Harry said. "It never was you, just an unsuitable wand. Never doubt yourself."

Neville nodded and smiled as he changed the wood's color to blue.

"I think Neville has been doing very well," Luna said dreamily looking up from her book. "He's working most of the Charms you say are on the OWL with no problems."

"Excellent Neville," Hermione praised. "Tomorrow we'll work on transfiguration. Now you still need to get the theories down behind the spells, but it looks like your practicals will be much better."

"All because of you two," Neville exclaimed.

"We just knew what you could do," Harry said. "You're the one doing it. Now we need to head out of here and been seen," Harry turned to Hermione. "Shall we go to the common room? Luna you can come to."

"If it's alright with you guys," Neville said as he looked at Luna. "Luna and I were planning on going to the library once you got back. She's going to study with me for a while."

Hermione glanced at Harry as she raised an eyebrow. "Could there have been more going on in here besides studying?"

"I doubt it, but if we leave them alone enough, Neville just might get up the courage now."

"They'd make a nice couple but we are not playing matchmaker," Hermione said. "Sounds great. Harry, check the map and see if anyone is waiting for us out side of the room.

A familiar name was under the dot that was pacing back and forth in front of the Room of Requirements. "Ginny's out there," Harry said. "I'm glad that after that crap with Draco and Umbridge I asked for a room that made the door disappear once we were in here."

"We can go out another door like we did then," Hermione suggested.

"Wait," Harry said. "I want to see what's she's asking the room to be," He glanced at the map again and found an empty corridor not far away. He quickly requested a door to that location. When it appeared, he threw on his cloak and dashed through it. When he'd retraced his steps back to the Room of Requirements, he saw the young witch with two cauldrons in her hands. She was currently staring angrily at the blank wall. She then started pacing again while saying "I need a room to brew potions in; I need a room to brew potions in."

"Love, Ginny wants a room to brew potions. Think she is planning on the jealousy potion now?"

"Let her," Hermione snarled. "I have a few ideas of how to deal with it this time. But she better be back out of this room before it's time for our date. I'll be royally pissed if I don't get my time with you this evening."

Hermione, Neville and Luna all left the Room using the same door Harry had used to exit without being seen by Ginny. As soon as Ginny got the room she wanted and disappeared, Harry and Hermione left for the Gryffindor Tower while Neville and Luna started toward the library.

It was just before dinner when the portrait hole opened and Ginny Weasley climbed through. Her hair was matted and her face was red from heat exposure. Harry nudged Hermione when he saw her and they both felt very uneasy when she gave them a smile and continued past them to climb the steps to the girl's dorm.

"Remind me to buy two Bezoars the next time we are in Diagon Alley. I don't trust her not to poison you," Harry thought to his wife.

"Good point."

*** E E ***

Harry and Hermione were relaxing on a sofa in the Room of Requirements later that night. It had been a spectacular date. Dobby had provided them with the special plates that had been used at the Yule Ball; the ones that were spelled to allow the elves to remotely take food orders by request. It had taken a few minutes to persuade Hermione that it wasn't causing any additional work for the elves since the food was being cooked anyway. The room itself had done wonders. Harry had asked for a romantic room for dinner and dancing and they had entered into a room that had a quiet table that sat next to what appeared to be a window looking out over the castle grounds. On the other side of the room a cleared area was obviously meant for dancing while soft music played quietly in the background.

Hermione had enjoyed a dinner of pan roasted Sea Bass served with rice and steamed vegetables, while Harry had asked for grilled pork chops with roasted potatoes and green beans. When the dishes had been cleared, the music increased in volume and for the next hour, they had danced. Again the dancing had been more of Hermione in Harry's arms as they swayed to the soft music, but to Hermione, it had been the most perfect way to end a day that had started with Malfoy's idiotic comments.

When they grew tired of dancing, they sat down to relax on the sofa.

"We better get back," Harry said softly as he stroked Hermione's hair. Neither of them wanted the evening to end.

"Stay with me tonight Harry," Hermione suggested softly.


"I want to sleep with you tonight. No, not that, not yet anyway," She said as she picked up his thoughts, "Just want to feel your arms around me tonight."

"Are you sure?"

"You're my husband, my boyfriend, my best friend and my soul mate, I've never been more sure about anything in my life love," Hermione replied. Their eyes continued a silent conversation that spoke more of emotions than of words. Finally their lips joined in and expressed their love of each other as well.

Later, they returned to the Gryffindor Tower where Harry asked Neville to cover for him in case something came up. He closed the curtains around his bed and filled his book bag with a change of clothes and pajamas. Harry and Hermione met back up in the common room where they said a few words to make it seem like they were making a last minute dash to the library before returning to the Room of Requirements.

The room that was created for Hermione was a small bedroom with a fake window filled with moonlight, a bed with a down comforter, a couple of bed tables with flickering candles and a bathroom with a shower and a WC. After they showered separately, they found themselves in bed under the covers. It didn't surprise Harry when Hermione pulled out a book to read before falling asleep. He enjoyed watching her profile as she read, occasionally turning a page. She smiled when he would think how beautiful she looked in the candle and moonlight. She'd glance over at him and see him staring at her with his green eyes aglow with the feelings he had for her. It wasn't long before she closed the book and looked at Harry. "Are you going to stare at me every night I read before bed?" She asked.

"When I have the chance yes," He replied honestly. "I love you, and a book in your hand is the way I've seen you most of the time I've known you," Harry explained. He reached out his fingers and gently caressed the side of her cheek causing her to close her eyes to the exquisite feeling of the touch. "And you, my Hermione are even more gorgeous right now."

Hermione fell asleep with Harry's arm over her with her final thoughts being how she loved being 'Harry's Hermione' just as she knew he was 'her Harry'.

The Room of Requirements simulated sunshine poured through the fake window the next morning to indicate that morning had arrived. Hermione was the first to climb from her restful slumber. She opened her eyes feeling more refreshed than she had in a long time. She'd only been awake a few seconds when she realized that she wasn't alone in her bed. The first indication was the fact there was a hand up her shirt cupping one of her breasts, and the other was a much more firm object pressing against her rear.

A wave of panic swept over her, but then the memories of the night before came back. She smiled as she remembered exactly where she was and who was in bed with her. She moved her hand to lift Harry's from her breast and then stopped as she realized she enjoyed the feeling of it where it was. With a blush spreading across her cheeks, she started to think of what their first time would be like.

Harry awoke several minutes later to the pleasant smell of vanilla that seemed to tickle at his nose. As he opened his eyes he found his nose buried in thick brown hair, his memories of the night before came back to him and he pulled Hermione even closer to him and that's when he realized where his hand was. Panic coursed through his mind as he pleaded for Hermione to still be asleep while at the same time he started to move his hand slowly out of her shirt.

"Don't," Hermione whispered but he was already moving it.

"But...I'm sorry Hermione. I didn't mean to," Harry exclaimed as his hand came out of her shirt.

"Harry, I've been awake for several minutes now. If I had not wanted your hand there I would have moved it myself," She explained. "I know you didn't do it on purpose and even if you had," she turned over and looked him in the eyes as she continued, "I wouldn't have minded," To prove her point, she sat up and pulled her shirt up and over her head and threw it off the bed. She smiled when she turned back to Harry and found his mouth was agape. "You might want your glasses for this," She smirked.

Harry was a teenage boy. Older in mind than in body, but still a teenage boy who had very little experience with viewing the female body. Once he had his glasses on he tried to look Hermione in the eyes, he really really tried to look her in the eyes, but his eyes kept wandering lower to the perfect breasts that were right there in front of him.

"I'll give you this morning love," Hermione said with a knowing smile. "But I do expect more eye contact once you get over this part," Harry eyes looked up at her face for a short time as he nodded, but it wasn't long before they made their way back to those beautiful, perfect breasts. It was one thing to get a glimpse of her breasts when the met Miranda but for them to be right in front of him, with her permission to look was entirely something else. It only got better when the next words she spoke were "You are allowed to touch."

"Ar…are you sure?" Harry asked. "I don't want to…"

"I'm sure Harry. No further than touching this morning, but I am sure I want this."

Hermione relished the touch of Harry's hands as he gently and hesitantly started caressing. He started awkwardly but it wasn't long until his hands were gentle but firm in their movements as he grew confident that she was enjoying what he did and really wanted it to happen. After a while she had him remove his own shirt and she ran her hands over his chest, bringing a whole new meaning to the word pleasure to Harry's vocabulary. She had seen an older Harry's shirtless body many times in the tent, but now she explored that body and the scars that permeated his torso and arms that were uniquely her husband's. From those scars that were made by his uncle during his childhood, to the bite from the basilisk, to the cut made by Wormtail to take his blood in the graveyard, she traced each one with first her fingers and then her lips. As she did that she let him know how much she loved him, how each one was a part of that person she loved, and how she wanted to share the pain each had caused him. Finally she ran her fingers and lips gently over his heart knowing there were still scars there that she hoped to help him heal.

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