Harry Potter and Future's Past

Starts out the day after the Battle of Hogwarts. Harry and Hermione meet the Goddess of Love, and she offers to let them go back in time. Strictly Harry and Hermione. Minor - well maybe major Ginny, Ron and Dumbledore Bashing. Soul Bond - Time Travel



5. Chapter 5 Neville and Luna

The next morning Harry once again woke to a feeling of disorientation, but he immediately felt the presence of Hermione. "Good morning my wife," He said.

"Good morning my husband," Hermione replied and Harry could feel a happy laughter coming from her. "Who would ever have thought a few days ago I would be saying that, or thinking it in this case."

"Happy with thinking it?"

"You can't even imagine Harry," Hermione replied. "After what we've been through, I never thought I could be this happy. Even knowing what is still out there; knowing I have your love makes it all so much better."

"Just wished we had had each other like this the first time around. Together we would have been so much better."

"Let's not think of the past time line. It no longer exists. Let's do it right this time and have our happily ever after," Hermione replied. "Any thoughts on Neville and Luna?"

"I want to tell them," Harry replied. "I think Miranda was hinting it was the correct thing to do. Besides, we need help and this might be the way to give them their confidence."

Harry could hear the mental sigh, "I agree. I just hope it's the right thing to do, but if we start second guessing ourselves, we'll never get anything done."

"Tonight? After dinner?"

"Yes. We need to start thinking of a way to tell them without them thinking we have lost our minds."

"True. Are you in the common room?"

"Not yet. Been lying here thinking about a certain husband of mine and how wonderful he is and how much better life can be this time around," Hermione paused for a few seconds and then continued. "I was thinking about the look in your eyes yesterday when you mentioned children. Harry I don't think I have ever seen you that happy before."

"Of course I'm happy, I have the perfect wife and I now know I have future with her and the possibility of a family."

"Then we need to do this right and get it over with. I want to say get it over quickly, but we need to be careful as well and not make mistakes."

"Any additional ideas?"

"We need Dumbledore to stay alive. Riddle is scared of him and didn't move openly against the Ministry until Dumbledore died. Once we lost the Ministry it became much worse. Of course there is the Ministry itself. We really need to do something if we can. Fudge needs to go, and if Sirius can come up with a good plan, that should start in a couple of weeks. But do we want Scrimgeour?"

"He didn't betray us when the Ministry fell," Harry reminded her.

"No but he didn't really do anything to prevent it either," Hermione thought. "I think we need someone you're willing to support publicly. With your support, a good Minister can make a lot happen once you are back to being the chosen one."

Harry sighed. He really hated the idea of politics, especially because of the chosen one and boy-who-lived fame but he realized Hermione had a point. It was a tool they could and should use. "Got anyone else in mind?"

"Do you remember Amelia Bones?"

"She's Susan's aunt and the one who gave me a chance at my hearing, but she.."

"She died. I know. It was shortly after this year ends," Hermione replied. "She was killed and the Order thought it was definitely the work of Voldemort himself. You were still at the Dursleys when it happened but everyone in the Order was hoping she would be the next Minister and they thought Voldemort was afraid of what she would do if that happened."

"What can we do? Voldemort will still probably kill her."

"Maybe, but we can hope to make a difference there," Hermione said.

"We can try but we should have a backup plan in case it still goes that way. Maybe ask Sirius who he would recommend if Ms. Bones doesn't work out?"

"We do have a couple of weeks to form a plan."

"Meet you in the common room in a few minutes?" Harry asked.

"Planning on another go at Ginny this morning?"

"Who me?" Harry smirked. "You know she was coated in that perfume yesterday. I thought I was going to choke every time she came near me. I can't believe how blind I was to her last time."

"What about the rest of the Weasleys?"

"Fred and George have been great. Hopefully Bill doesn't have a run in with Fenrir this time and there will be no bloody stupid rescue of me from the Dursleys costing George an ear. That's something else Snape did. I don't care if he wasn't trying to, he still did it. His and Dumbledore's great rescue plan," Harry snorted. "All because of the Dursleys? As for Mrs. Weasley, she always treated me well even if the original meeting was staged. But if she has a problem with us distancing ourselves from Ginny and Ron, I can live with it. You're much more important than they are."

"As you are to me Harry. I love you," Hermione said and then she gave another little mental laugh. "When I was at the mall several years ago with mum, I saw a sign that said, 'Happiness is being married to your best friend.'* I can't believe it's so true."

"Well if you had taken it to heart back then when I nudged you into that shop, you could have believed it a long time ago," The voice of their favorite Goddess broke in. "But no, just another one of my lesser plans trampled into oblivion by one of you two."

"Are you going to keep reminding of us that for the rest of our lives?" Hermione asked.

"No of course not, but two or three more years is a possibility," Miranda replied with laughter in her voice.

"Do you remember where you saw the sign?" Harry asked Hermione after the Goddess quieted down. "I want to buy it for you when I get a chance."

"How about we buy it for ourselves?" Hermione asked. "It will be perfect in our future home. I always want to remember that before we realized we loved each other, we were best friends."

"Before you realized?" Miranda cut in again. "You call what you did realizing? I call it seven years of very hard labor on my part."

"We did thank you," Harry reminded the Goddess of Love. "Do you want us to name our first born after you?"

"Now that would be very thoughtful," Miranda replied. "But only if it's a girl. I would hate to have caused a boy to be named Miranda."

Harry sighed as he wondered if anything would ever be simple in his life. He finally got out of bed and got ready to go meet his wife.

Ginny wasn't in the common room, so they left for the Great Hall and breakfast where they took a seat next to Neville. They were both pleasantly surprised when Luna came in and joined them at the Gryffindor table.

"What are you doing at our table Loony?" Ron asked from several seats down. He was pointing his fork ladened with a bite of hotcakes at her. "Shouldn't you be with the 'claws?"

"Her NAME is LUNA," Harry snapped at his former best friend. "And she's having breakfast with her friends. Unlike some people, she is happy Hermione and I are a couple and is our friend."

"Friends don't steal other friend's girlfriends," Ron snarled.

"Ron, I might have been a friend who was a girl, which it seems like you finally noticed. But I have never been your girlfriend," Hermione replied. "Almost two years in the future, but thankfully it never happened."

Luna smiled and leaned over and whispered something to Hermione.

"Of course," Hermione replied. Looking over at Harry she saw his eyebrow raised.

"She needs a pair of socks. She hasn't had any in several days."

"Can I go attack the Ravenclaws?" Harry asked. "I know how to get in their dorm now."

"No, not with Umbridge around. Next year you can and I'll help if they're still bullying Luna."

*** E E ***

Ginny Weasley was furious. Madam Pomfrey had given her the foulest smelling paste to put on the rash and it had to be reapplied ever six hours for the next two days. She couldn't even stand to be in the same room with herself much less go out into the school where she'd be a laughing stock.

"How can I get my Harry out of that vile bookworm's clutches when I smell worse than Ron's breath?" Ginny wondered as she stopped herself from scratching her arm for the third time. She reached into her trunk and pulled out her dogged eared copy of 'How to get your Wizard' and started reading it again looking for more ideas.

As she thumbed through the pages, her thoughts turned to the past year, "I wasted an entire year with Corner trying to get Harry to realize I'm the love of his life, but Harry kept looking at Chang. But what went wrong on Saturday? That bitch had to have used some kind of spell or potion. Something to do with Grawp? I heard her say that word several times and it's not a real word. Ron didn't know what it was either. Maybe she found a spell that influences Harry and that's the keyword to it."

Ginny paused in her reading as she thought of the bushy-haired know-it-all. "I spent years cultivating her friendship so I could learn all of Harry's secrets. How many hours of my life have I wasted listening to her talk about books she had read and her trips to France and all the stupid muggle stuff she does," She shook her head at the horrid memory of the night Hermione wouldn't shut up about some time traveling outer space doctor and some kind of tart. "And I had to pretend to understand and even like what she was saying. What my brother sees in her I have no idea, but for stealing my Harry, she deserves him," Ginny smiled at the thought of Hermione having to cook for her brother every day for the rest of her life. "Yes, that would be the perfect punishment. And I hope to bloody hell the Chudley Cannons actually start competing. Merlin knows Ron would never shut up about them then," A smirk crossed the face of the young redhead as she thought of future Christmas dinners at the Burrow. Hermione would be there with Ron. Ginny envisioned a dumpy overweight Hermione with six or so kids, her know-it-all brain used only for remembering recipes and house cleaning spell, while Ginny and her husband Harry would be telling every one of their trips around the world, being the guest of honor at all types of magical state functions. "So maybe I should work on getting those two together first, and I'll be there to comfort Harry when she breaks up with him. But how in the bloody hell do I get Hermione to leave my boy-who-lived for Ron?"

Ginny started leafing through her book again until she came to the section she needed. "One of the best ways to get someone interested in you is to emphasize what you have in common. Sharing a common interest is one of the proven ways to grow a relationship," She read. Ginny knew that line by heart. That's why she had practiced so much at Quidditch and flying, why she was at every single DA meeting doing her best, why she ate treacle tart every time Harry was around, all to make sure her Harry knew she liked what he liked. "So I need to make sure I emphasize to Ron and Hermione what they have in common," Ginny leaned back and went over what each of them liked and came to a horrible conclusion. "Bloody hell, nothing. They have absolutely nothing they like in common," Her eyes unfocused as she had another spasm of Hermione hatred course through her and when she looked again at the book she saw another line. "One of the most powerful emotions to influence relationships is jealousy. It is one of the most common reasons for a couple to grow apart and separate. Avoiding jealousy in a relationship is crucial to long term happiness, but for that witch in pursuit of the heart of that special Wizard, jealousy can be used as a weapon. Having him become jealous of what he doesn't have (you the witch) will only make him want to have you for his own."

"Hmmm," Ginny thought as she considered that line. "Is there anything I can do to make Harry and Hermione jealous of each other? What could Harry be jealous of in that know-it-all? Nothing of course, my Harry is perfect. Why would Hermione be jealous of Harry? She's lucky he's even friends with her with the way she always nags him to do his school work," Ginny thought. "Can I get Hermione jealous of Ron so much she would leave my Harry? Not bloody likely. What about Harry jealous of me? It should have happened with Corner, but somehow that bookworm stole my Harry."

I'll just have to figure out how to make him jealous of me," Ginny thought after some considerable time, "It shouldn't be that difficult since I am perfect for him," She flipped to another section of the book, and read. "Love potions have been used by many witches to ensnare their Wizard…"

"Would a love potion work?" Ginny asked herself. "No," she answered herself with a heavy sigh." Hermione would figure it out pretty quickly if I gave Harry something to eat and he started finally admitting he loves me," Her mind kept turning over possibilities. She knew Harry was meant to be hers. It was inevitable. "He risked his life to save me so of course that means he loves me. He just hasn't realized it yet," Though Ginny knew Harry was hers, she knew a lot of other witches wanted him too. Every day she heard the other girls in her dorm talk about how they would love to have Harry. "That's it," Ginny thought. "What if I give Harry a love potion keyed to another witch? If Hermione figures it out, I'm safe since she'll blame the other witch, but if not, the two of them break up, and then I tell Harry about the potion and give him the antidote. He'll be so appreciative he'll finally realize it's been me all along. I just need to keep Hermione out of the picture, so I need Ron there to comfort her when Harry leaves her."

In a different Realm, Miranda was shaking her head at the plans of the youngest Weasley. "I'm tempted to make her the soul mate of Vincent Crabbe," The Goddess of Love enjoyed a good laugh at the thought of people seeing those two together and commenting "I see Ginny has Crabs now," But the Goddess knew she wouldn't sullen the institution of soul mates to ever use it on the likes of those two. "Should I let Harry and Hermione know?" She pondered. "No, they're safe, and I'm curious to what they might do."

*** E E ***

After breakfast and a quick dash back to the tower to get Luna a few pairs of socks, Harry and Hermione had a pretty tough day. Double Charms and Double Transfiguration were their classes in the morning. Of course both professors where reviewing for the OWLs. Since both classes were taught by professors they respected above all others in the castle they had to attend and pay attention. They didn't mind since the practical reviews were fun as each spell was completed with no difficulties. They smiled at each other when their teacups matched exactly down to the littlest detail. They had even sat with Neville helping him to complete his review work. They had skipped lunch entirely to get back to the Room of Requirements to continue practicing copying memories. Both Harry and Hermione were able to pull complete memories before they had to head to Care of Magical Creatures and Herbology, another two classes they weren't willing to miss.

*** E E ***

Professor McGonagall had just completed her fifth year OWL review class and was watching her two favorite students walking out of class hand in hand. She had been amazed at the overnight transformation of Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. Every spell Harry did in review, he did correctly the first time with almost no effort. "All he needed was the right influence," The Transfiguration Professor thought, "and it's been there beside him the whole time. And Harry has done wonders for Hermione as well." She remembered the young lady who had burst into her office last week almost in tears about her OWLs, and ranting about the good luck charms being sold which required her to take time away from her revising to confiscate them. "She seems much calmer this week. They're a good match for each other." The Scottish Professor had witnessed the smile the two of them shared every time their transfigurations had been perfect. She was still amazed at the exactness of the two teacups sitting in front of her. "I can't find a single difference," She smiled again at the two of them; they'd even take Longbottom under their wings in class and helped him. From what McGonagall had overheard them discussing, she understood that he was now revising with them every evening. She knew that it would go a long way to helping Mr. Longbottom with his OWLs.

That brought McGonagall's attention to another teacup, the one transfigured by Ronald Weasley. "Can you call something that still has hair and a tail a teacup?" She asked herself. Throughout class she had watched the dynamics of Ron Weasley and Harry and Hermione. They seemed to be at odds now, and from the looks Ronald had been given his two friends, it was obvious that he was jealous of the two of them. Professor McGonagall sighed; she knew that without Hermione's help at this crucial revising time, Mr. Weasley would not do well on his OWLs.

*** E E ***

"We have our tail again," Harry said. It was after their last class but before dinner and they were walking in an empty corridor. They had seen members of the Inquisitorial Squad on more than one occasion following them. Fortunately for Harry and Hermione, most of the Slytherins didn't have a clue on how to be discrete much less their current follower, Vincent Crabbe.

"Ok I've still got the cloak," Hermione said. "Split on the next hallway."

"What do you have in mind?"

"Just a stinging hex. Like the one I had to use on you in the tent," Hermione replied. "I think Crabbe needs it on his rear. Lead him away and then back this way," She then thought softly, "Just wish I could shove a little fiendfyre up his arse."

They both remembered the stories of Crabbe torturing the students in the seventh year and just a few days ago, but two years in the future, in the Room of Requirements when he tried to kill them with the Killing Curse and Fiendfyre. Though that Crabbe ended up dead due to his stupidity, it didn't temper the dislike of the person following them at all. Harry remembered the excruciating pain of the stinging hex Hermione did when the snatchers had shown up at the tent, and he knew she had done it non-verbally. He smirked at the idea of Crabbe enduring that pain because he knew Madam Pomfrey hadn't been very quick in finding cures for the various Inquisitorial Squad members ending up under her care.

At the next hallway Harry and Hermione went in opposite directions. Crabbe was under direct orders from Umbridge not to let Harry Potter out of his sight so he immediately ignored Hermione and followed the tarnished Gryffindor golden boy. He was surprise when after about thirty feet Potter turned and started walking directly back toward him.

"Hello Vincent," Harry said with a smile as he walked past the thoroughly confused Slytherin. Crabbe had no choice but to turn and follow Harry back the way they had just come. He, of course, didn't see the wand come out from behind the invisibility cloak nor the white light that connected with his rear. He did feel the pain that erupted almost immediately and swung around to find out who had hexed him. Hermione had immediately moved down the hallway just in case Crabbe tripped over her trying to find who did it. All Crabbe saw was empty hallway.

Tears filled the Slytherin's eyes as he forgot all about Harry Potter. Gingerly he made his way to the Hospital Wing. Every step brought excruciating pain as his pants chaffed over the swelling stings. Madam Pomfrey spent several hours compounding his problems by finding the most painful way to diagnose his ailment. At one point she gave him a potion which resulted in him having diarrhea. Crabbe spent over an hour of pure agony sitting on a toilet with his arse covered in painful stings. Finally Pomfrey gave him a jar of yellow cream that had to be reapplied several times a day. Unfortunately for Crabbe, there wasn't a single person in the Slytherin house willing to help him.

As they walked away after disposing of Crabbe, Harry turned to Hermione, 'What are we going to do about those jerks? The older they get, the more dangerous they'll become."

"I don't know Harry," Hermione said. "What can we do? They haven't done anything yet."

*** E E ***

At dinner that evening, Harry and Hermione asked Neville and Luna to meet them in the Room of Requirements at seven because they wanted to share a secret with them. That gave them enough time to get there first and start extracting the memories they needed to show the two.

Shortly before seven, after making sure Neville and Luna weren't being followed by checking the Marauder's map, Hermione escorted the two of them into the room. When Neville and Luna were seated on the chairs that were there for them, Hermione began. "We wanted you two to come this evening because we have something we want to tell you. But first we need to get you to agree to not tell anyone what that is."

"The information we are going to tell you can't go beyond this room," Harry said. "You can't even make a tiny slip up," He looked at the two of them. "If Dumbledore comes to you and asked you for the information, you can't tell him."

Neville and Luna both got a curious look on their face. "Why wouldn't we tell Professor Dumbledore?" Neville asked.

"We think you'll understand once we explain it to you," Hermione looked at both of them "Harry and I know you two. We might even know you two better than you know yourselves. We know that if you promise us that you'll not tell anyone you won't."

Luna stared at the two of them for several seconds before replying. "You're my friends. I would never tell something you didn't want me to."

"Luna, be very careful about saying that," Harry said. "You're going to find out things that you're going to want to tell your father and you can't."

"What kind of things?"

"We can't say, but it'll be something you'll probably not be happy with, though we think you will understand," Hermione replied.

"Gran has always believed in Professor Dumbledore Harry," Neville said nervously. "You're not going to put me at odds with her are you?"

Harry looked at Hermione who shrugged. He turned back to Neville and thought about what he could say. "I can honestly say that I think if you know what we'll tell you, it will go a long way to helping her believe in you like we believe in you."

Neville pondered that information before replying, "I'll make the promise not to tell anyone as long as it doesn't put me against Grans."

"I'll make the same pledge," Luna said. "As long as it doesn't put me in direct conflict with Daddy, I promise not to say anything."

Harry again looked at Hermione. "I think once they find out what we have to tell them it will be fine," She said. "I'd trust either of them with my life."

"True," Harry agreed and turned back to their two friends, "Ok, do either of you know what a pensieve is?" He asked. When both Neville and Luna shook their heads he continued. "That thing," He nodded at the basin, "Will allow you to see our memories. It belongs to Professor Dumbledore, but since he doesn't need it right now, we borrowed it."

"You can view memories?" Luna asked with her eyes protruding even further. "I wonder if Daddy knows about them. He would love to see Fudge's memories about his dealing with the Goblins."

"Well the person has to be willing to give the memory before you can view it," Hermione explained.

"Oh," Luna replied with obvious disappointment. "Well that wouldn't work."

"I'm sorry. But it will let us explain something to you, something that you're probably going to think is unbelievable," Harry explained. "We're hoping with our memories, you'll find it easier to accept."

"Now we want to start with memories you can remember with us," Hermione said. "Neville, do you remember our first year when you stood up to Ron, Harry and me when we were headed out of the common room to go after the Stone?"


"I've got my memory of that night in the bowl," Hermione said. "I want to get you comfortable using the pensieve. Go with Harry and take a look."

In the Pensieve Harry and Neville appeared in the Gryffindor common looking at themselves as they were during their first year.

"What are you doing?" the memory Neville said as he appeared from behind an armchair, clutching Trevor the toad.

"Nothing, Neville, nothing," said memory Harry, putting something behind his back.

Neville stared at their guilty faces.

"You're going out again," he said.

"No, no, no," lied the memory Hermione. "No, we're not. Why don't you go to bed, Neville?"

Harry looked at the grandfather clock by the door.

"You can't go out," said Neville, "you'll be caught again. Gryffindor will be in even more trouble."

"You don't understand," said Harry, "this is important."

But Neville was clearly steeling himself to do something desperate. I won't let you do it," he said, hurrying to stand in front of the portrait hole. "I'll - I'll fight you!"

"Neville," Ron exploded, "get away from that hole and don't be an idiot-"

"Don't you call me an idiot!" said Neville. I don't think you should be breaking any more rules! And you were the one who told me to stand up to people!"

"Yes, but not to us," said Ron in exasperation. "Neville, you don't know what you're doing."

He took a step forward and Neville dropped Trevor the toad, who leapt out of sight.

"Go on then, try and hit me!" said Neville, raising his fists. "I'm ready!"

Harry turned to Hermione. "Do something," he said desperately.

Hermione stepped forward. "Neville," she said, "I'm really, really sorry about this."

She raised her wand. "Petrificus Totalus!" she cried, pointing it at Neville.

Neville's arms snapped to his sides. His legs sprang together. His whole body rigid, he swayed where he stood and then fell flat on his face, stiff as a board.

Harry turned to Neville, "I think it was that night, when you started becoming who you can become Neville. Is that how you remembered it?"

Neville just nodded.

When Harry and Neville exited the Pensieve, Hermione scooped out that memory and uncorked a bottle and poured another memory into the basin. "Ok this next memory is when all of us were on the Hogwarts Express at the beginning of this year."

All four of them entered the Pensieve and found themselves in a train compartment where the memory of all four of them were seated along with Ron and Ginny.

The four of them spent a considerable amount of time watching Neville and his Mimbulus mimbletonia, Luna reading her Quibbler upside down, the stinksap incident and the various other things that happened during some of the journey.

When they were once again back in the Room of Requirements, Harry asked. "Do both of you agree that is a true memory?"

"Yes, but it's strange to see yourself and not be yourself," Luna said dreamily.

Neville again nodded not understanding the purpose of what they were being shown, but not wanting to ask questions either.

Hermione and Harry showed the two of them a couple of memories of the DA meetings and another one of when Fred and George Weasley left the Castle each time confirming that they were as Neville and Luna remembered them. After they finished all of those memories Hermione held up a bottled memory and Harry saw the label.

"Think it's time," She said and Harry nodded in agreement.

"You are going to have questions after this next memory, so just wait until it's over and we'll try to explain," Harry said.

Hermione once again put the last memory back in a bottle and poured out the one she had labeled 'Getting on Thestrals'. It had been strange to her to watch Harry's memory of when that had happened. She herself couldn't see the Thestrals that evening but they were perfectly visible in Harry's memory. She wondered if she could see them now since she saw several deaths during the final battle. "Is seeing death a physical or mental requirement in seeing Thestrals?" She had pondered earlier. "This body has never seen death but my mind has."

Once again the four of them were drawn in the basin, and they found themselves in a clearing in the Forbidden Forest. Around them several Thestrals were moving around. Neville and Luna's eyes grew wider as they saw themselves scrambling onto the backs of the flying skeleton like horses. Then Luna saw herself get back off of hers and help the memory Hermione, Ron and Ginny get on their rides. When they were all seated on the Thestrals, the winged horses leapt for the air and the memory faded.

Back out of the Pensieve again, Neville protested at once, "We've never done that. I'm positive I've never been on the back of a Thestral."

"I would love to ride a Thestral," Luna said happily. "Can we go ride them now? But Neville is right, I would definitely remember riding one and I never have. So how can this be a memory?"

Harry took a deep breath before starting his explanation. "It's a memory because it did happen, it just hasn't happened yet."

"What do you mean yet?" Neville asked. "How can you have a memory of the future? Is it a vision?"

"No it's not a vision but it is our big secret, what you can't tell anyone," Hermione explained. "I know this is going to sound absolutely crazy, but Harry and I have lived two years into the future, and were given a chance to return and try to correct things that went wrong."

"Is this some kind of prank guys?" Neville asked warily, looking a little dejected. "I thought you were serious when you said you wanted to tell us a secret. I mean if you were really from the future why would you be telling Luna and me and not Professor Dumbledore or the Ministry? I mean we're just a couple of oddballs in the school."

"NO!" Harry exclaimed. "You two are not oddballs. You two are more special than you can imagine. Do you remember when we said we might know you better than you know yourselves? Let's show you a memory of two years in the future," Harry held up a vial of silver liquid, one which the label read 'Neville/Nagini'. He poured it into to the Pensieve and once again all four of them descended into the memory.

The four of them were in a memory outside of the castle surrounded by students and Death Eaters.

Voldemort stood in the middle of the scene. Someone started to charge him, a bang and a grunt of pain could be heard as Voldemort himself disarmed his assailant.

"And who is this?" he said in his soft snake's hiss. "Who has volunteered to demonstrate what happens to those who continue to fight when the battle is lost?"

Bellatrix Lestrange gave a delighted laugh.

"It is Neville Longbottom, my Lord! The boy who has been giving the Carrows so much trouble! The son of the Aurors, remember?"

"Ah, yes, I remember," said Voldemort, looking down at Neville, who was struggling back to his feet, unarmed and unprotected, standing in the no-man's-land between the survivors and the Death Eaters. "But you are a pureblood, aren't you, my brave boy?" Voldemort asked Neville, who stood facing him, his empty hands curled in fists.

"So what if I am?" said Neville loudly.

"You show spirit and bravery, and you come of noble stock. You will make a very valuable Death Eater. We need your kind, Neville Longbottom."

"I'll join you when hell freezes over," said Neville. "Dumbledore's Army!" he shouted, and there was an answering cheer from the crowd, whom Voldemort's Silencing Charms seemed unable to hold.

"Very well," said Voldemort in a silky voice that proclaimed more danger than the most powerful curse. "If that is your choice, Longbottom, we revert to the original plan. On your head," he said quietly, "be it."

Voldemort made a movement with his wand and a few seconds later the Sorting Hat came flying out of one of the broken windows of the castle and landed in his hand. He shook the mildewed object by its pointed end.

"There will be no more sortings at Hogwarts School," said Voldemort. "There will be no more Houses. The emblem, shield and colors of my noble ancestor, Salazar Slytherin, will suffice everyone. Won't they, Neville Longbottom?"

He pointed his wand at Neville, who grew rigid and still, then forced the hat onto Neville's head, so that it slipped down below his eyes. There were movements from the watching crowd in front of the castle, and as one, the Death Eaters raised their wands, holding the fighters of Hogwarts at bay.

"Neville here is now going to demonstrate what happens to anyone foolish enough to continue to oppose me," said Voldemort, and with a flick of his wand, he caused the Sorting Hat to burst into flames.

A giant came lumbering into the memory yelling for 'HAGGER' and at the distraction the memory Neville moved, In one swift, fluid motion, Neville broke free of the Body-Bind Curse upon him; the flaming hat fell off him and he drew from its depths a ruby hilted silver sword. He swung it as hard as he could. The slash of the blade connected with the snake that was near Voldemort and the head spun into the air.

And the memory ended.

Back out of the pensieve, Harry looked at Neville who was white as a ghost. "You confronted Voldemort face to face Neville. You stood up to him and by cutting that snake's head off you allowed me to kill him. Don't ever say you're not a great wizard Neville, or that you don't think you have the courage. When it matters, you have it all."

Everyone in the Room of Requirement was looking at Neville. Luna's eyes were wide as if seeing an entirely different person standing beside her.

"That sword you used? That's the Sword of Gryffindor," Harry explained. "Dumbledore said only a true Gryffindor can pull it from the hat in time of need."

Neville had a contemplative look on his face for a few seconds before looking back at Harry. "So Voldemort won?" He asked. "And that's why you're back?"

"So you believe us now?" Hermione asked and when Neville sheepishly nodded, she continued. "Good. We'll answer a lot of questions soon, but I want to show Luna a memory before we do. Hermione bottle the memory of Neville and poured out one from a vial labeled, 'Luna/final battle'.

The memory was from Hermione as she, Luna and Ginny fought with several Death Eaters before finally they were battling Bellatrix Lestrange. Together they dodge and hexed, holding their own against the deranged witch who was casting killing curses at them. The memory ended with Molly Weasley finishing off the psychotic Death Eater.

When it was over and they were back out of the Pensieve, Hermione looked at Luna. "That happened after what you saw Neville do. You fought by my side at that battle and you also helped us fight in another one that happened very soon from now. The memory you just saw was the final battle here at Hogwarts, you did that after you had been captured by Death Eaters and held for months."

Now all eyes were on Luna who seemed to be lost in thought. She then pulled her wand out from behind her ear and looked at it. "My wand was different. Why?"

"The Death Eaters took yours from you when they captured you," Hermione explained. "You spent a lot of time taking care Mr. Ollivander who had been captured as well. After you were rescued, he made you a new one."

"That was nice of him, but why did the Death Eaters capture me?"

"Your father was quite outspoken in the Quibbler in supporting Undesirable Number One, which is the moniker the Voldemort Ministry had given Harry," Hermione answered. "Your home was mostly destroyed when Death Eaters attacked it."

"Not going to tell her about her father trying to turn us in?"

"It wouldn't do any good and she loves her father," Hermione replied to her husband and then she continued to both Neville and Luna, "We are trying to avoid all that happened before. A lot of good people including students here at school lost their lives because one man could not let go of his secrets."

"Who?" Neville asked.

"Dumbledore," Harry replied. "He knew the secret to killing Voldemort but didn't tell anyone until he was dying himself," At the look on Luna and Neville's faces, "Dumbledore died at the end of next year because of something he did stupidly in the next couple of months," Harry looked at Hermione, "We hope we can prevent it this time, only because Voldemort is scared of him. Once Dumbledore died, Voldemort took over the Wizarding World. But back to what he did wrong. Even when he decided to tell someone, he told me the secret and then he told me I could only to tell Hermione and Ron. Once he had died, we trusted him, thought he knew best. We turned away help because of his instructions. Yes we finally succeeded but only because of sheer luck. We did kill Voldemort, but at the cost of too many good people deaths, deaths I lay at the feet of Dumbledore."

"But Voldemort was dead and so was Bellatrix," Neville argued.

"And so were a lot of muggleborn witches and wizard along with some of our friends," Harry explained. "Do you remember Professor Lupin?"

"Of course."

"He was always very nice to me," Luna added.

"He died defending this school along with his wife. Their newborn son was left an orphan," Harry explained. "Umbridge went back to the Ministry and under Voldemort's rule she was in charge of persecuting muggleborns. They were accused of stealing their magic from purebloods. Many of them were sentenced to Azkaban or were kissed by Dementors only for being muggleborn."

"That's outrageous," Neville said. "What are you going to do about Umbridge?"

"What can we do?" Hermione asked. "She hasn't done anything yet. Not in this timeline."

Neville looked at them with a look that belonged on the Neville two years in the future instead of the current one. "If she is the cause of someone's death in the future and you did nothing to prevent it now, would you be able to live with yourself?"

Harry looked sharply at Hermione, "Is it that simple? He's right you know."

"I…I know," Hermione hesitantly agreed. "But that means it's across the board, all the Death Eaters in two weeks. Can we do that?"

"Just remember that it was the threat from them that caused you to modify your parent's memories and send them away."

"I know but can we do it and live with ourselves? We'll have to discuss this later but for now let's get back to Neville and Luna," Hermione replied and Harry nodded.

Neville and Luna watch the two Potters stare at each other for a minute before Harry turned to them "I think we agree with you Neville, but it's something we have to think about. Now are you two interested in helping us fight Voldemort here and now and end this a lot earlier than before? We can't tell too many people our own secret, but we refuse to do like Dumbledore and not ask for any help. As we told you earlier, we trust you and truly hope you'll help us."

"I'm in Harry," Neville said without any hesitation.

"I would love to help," Luna said.

Hermione smiled at Harry before turning back to their friends. "Good. Now we have one more memory we want to show you this evening," She said, "You saw the memory of us getting on the Thestrals. That happened two weeks in the future when Harry was lured into a trap by Voldemort. All the people you saw in the memory joined us that night. We ended up fighting twelve Death Eaters."

"And Neville, you'll see who was by my side the whole time," Harry said. "You ended up with a broken wand and a broken nose, but you were still fighting almost to the end."

"There is one last thing you will hear constantly in this memory," Hermione added. "The name Sirius Black."

"You mean Stubby Boardman?" Luna asked excitedly. "You know him?"

"What's he got to do with it?" Neville asked. "Is he one of the Death Eaters?"

"Neville, no he is not a Death Eater and he has a lot to do with it. Luna, Sirius Black has no clue who Stubby Boardman is, but it is not him," Harry said. "Look, I know what the papers all said, but here's the truth. Sirius Black is not a murderer, he didn't betray my parents and...and he's in fact my Godfather," Sadness settled into Harry's eyes as he continued. "Yes my Godfather. Last time, Voldemort tricked me into believing he'd captured Sirius. I led all of you into a trap because you believed in me. As I said, we ended up fighting twelve Death Eaters. Sirius and several other people came to our rescue, but in doing so he got killed in the battle. I...I lost my Godfather because I was making another mistake Dumbledore made; I wouldn't listen to other people, because I thought I knew what was right. Hermione told me it was most likely a trap, but I didn't listen. That will not happen this time," He looked over at Hermione and nodded.

"We are going to show you Harry's memory because I was injured before it was over," Hermione explained as she scooped out the last memory and poured in one labeled, "Ministry."

It was sometime later when they re-emerged from the pensieve. Neville and Luna both looked a little shaken. It was Neville who collected himself first. "Can I ask a quick question?"

"Anything Neville," Hermione said.

"What about Ron and Ginny?" He asked. "In the memory they seem to be your friends, but if you just came back why do they seem to be your enemies now? What did they do in the future?"

"Do we tell them?" Harry asked Hermione.

"They still haven't asked the big question yet, how?" Hermione replied. "And this is directly related. Do we tell them about us being married?"

"If we're going to be a team, they are going to have the map on occasions and it will come out," Harry replied.

"True. Okay, we tell them everything."

"We found out they manipulated us next year into liking them more than friends," Harry explained. "Through those manipulations Ginny made me believe I wanted to be her boyfriend, and Ron did the same to Hermione. The morning after the final battle we were actually going to start dating the two of them, that is until Hermione convinced me to," Harry looked at his soul mate, "kiss her. It was our first kiss and sealed what we later discovered to be our soul bond. After that happened, we met a true Deity, the Goddess of Love."

"Miranda?" Luna asked happily. "You met Miranda? I would love to meet her someday."

"How?" Hermione asked looking incredulously at the blonde Ravenclaw. "How did you know her real name?"

"Doesn't everyone?" Luna asked unperturbed.

"No," Hermione replied shaking her head in amazement, "Yes we met Miranda. She's the one who told us what Ron and Ginny had done. She is also the one who made us soul mates meaning that Harry and I have been destined to be together even before we were born."

"Soul mates?" Luna said dreamily. "That sounds wonderful. Do we all have soul mates? What does it mean to be soul mates?"

"I don't think everyone has a soul mate, but I didn't ask her," Hermione replied. "It means that Harry and I are connected in our love and our souls. In fact we found out that it means we are considered married in the Wizarding world. I am Mrs. Harry Potter."

"Ginny isn't going to like that," Luna said. "She expects to be Mrs. Harry Potter."

"So we have found out, including the depths she will go to try to make it happen," Hermione said. "Harry is my soul mate and my husband. She can't interfere now but I will defend our marriage. We need you to keep that a secret as well. We aren't telling anyone yet."

"I won't tell anyone," Luna replied.

"I won't either," Neville said.

"Thanks guys, but that is why we no longer want to be close to Ron and Ginny," Harry said. "What they did, or are going to try to do, hurt us," Harry looked at Neville, "Neville, I know you went with Ginny to the Yule Ball, are you comfortable with what we are telling you?"

"She spent the whole evening wanting to talk about you mate," Neville said with a shrug, "or complaining about me stepping on her feet."

"If you still want to be their friends," Harry said. "We'll understand."

"I'll always have your back Harry, even if it has to be against her or Ron," Neville replied.

"I know it Neville," Harry replied.

"We have other memories we want to show you two, but it's getting late tonight," Hermione said as she looked at her watch. "It's already past curfew and we still have studying we need to do. As we go on, we will show you more of what we are trying to avoid and then we hope you can help us figure out what to do next."

"Past curfew?" Neville asked nervously. "Are we going to get in trouble with Umbridge?"

Harry looked down at the Marauder's map. There was a dot with Draco Malfoy under it waiting outside the door of the Room of Requirement.

"Not this time Neville," Harry said as he slapped the other boy's back. "In the future you made this room your base of attacks against the Death Eaters who were teaching here. You learned some very important tricks it can do. Like this," Harry turned and concentrated on a wall, "I wish there was a passageway to right outside the Ravenclaw common room," In a few seconds a door appeared in the wall. "There, Luna I think you will find that door will lead you to close to your common room," Harry looked again at the map and made sure there was no one near there. Luna opened the door and then she looked back with a smile. "Thanks Harry, Hermione, I'll see you two at breakfast?"

"Of course Luna. Have a great night," Hermione replied. Luna's smile widened and she turned and skipped through the doorway. Harry watched the map and saw after a few seconds the dot of Luna Lovegood appear near Ravenclaw tower.

"This room is amazing Harry," Neville said.

"It was you who figured it out. Now we need to get to the Gryffindor Tower," Harry said. "Why don't you give it a go Neville? Get us to safety."

Neville looked hesitantly around him then he thought of himself facing Voldemort, he looked down at the map for a spot in the tower that did not have anyone currently located in it. Using the voice he had heard himself use two years in the future, he said "I wish for a passageway to the fifth year boys room in Gryffindor Tower" and almost instantly the door appeared.

"Good job Neville," Harry said, "Now let's get a move on before someone does show up there."

"Did you see the look in both of their eyes?" Harry asked Hermione as they walked through the corridor with Neville leading the way.

"The look of confidence? Yes, and I am glad we told them. Tomorrow we need to continue, maybe the prophecy. Do we tell them about the Horcruxes?"

"Let's not give them a name, but the general idea," Harry replied. "If someone does peek in their minds, as long as they aren't thinking about Horcruxes, it might be fine. Over the summer we should have them work on Occlumency if they can."

"Know anyone who can teach them?"

"I don't think it will be Snape," Harry mentally smirked.

"They might know more about it than we do. They are both from pureblood families," Hermione replied. "Maybe they can just ask about it."

*This sign does exist. I own one because I am married to my best friend.

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