Harry Potter and Future's Past

Starts out the day after the Battle of Hogwarts. Harry and Hermione meet the Goddess of Love, and she offers to let them go back in time. Strictly Harry and Hermione. Minor - well maybe major Ginny, Ron and Dumbledore Bashing. Soul Bond - Time Travel



37. Chapter 37

July 11th Continued

At the breakfast table a man laid down the Daily Prophet with a sigh. His face wore a tired expression as he glanced up at his wife and daughter.

"What's the matter?" His wife asked recognizing the look on her husband's face.

"It seems that Potter beat the Dark Lord again…or at least quite a few Death Eaters."

"Potter?" The daughter sneered. "This is the thing at the Ministry right?"

"No," the father said. "Yesterday; the Prophet is saying Potter and his mudblood girlfriend killed or incapacitated over a dozen Death Eaters when they attacked a muggle hospital."

"Lies," The girl snorted dismissively. "Ministry is just exaggerating the story and trying to make their Hero look even better."

"Possibly," Her father sighed again, "but I don't think so. The Ministry was lambasted for their incompetence in the same story."

"So?" His wife replied. "Why are you concerned? You're not a Death Eater."

"Though it's true I'm not marked, there are links between my accounts and the accounts of Death Eaters," The man explained. "If the stories are true and Potter does take down the Dark Lord, it's very likely the Ministry will move against those who have supported him."

"You don't actually think they'll move against you?" His wife replied suddenly paling.

The father looked away for a short time before meeting his wife's eyes. "I think it very likely. I think we're looking at the possibility of losing everything."

"We should leave then," His wife said. "We can go to the continent. We have friends there."

"And if the Dark Lord wins?" The father asked. "We would be hunted down and killed for losing faith in him."

"We can take our money and..and…"

"And what?" The husband asked wearily. "Even if we could hide our fortunes, everyone knows we have it. Besides, there are rumors that Madam Bones has been negotiating with the Goblins. More than likely she's trying to cut off funding for the Dark Lord or possibly wanting to seize vaults. If I were to start taking all of our galleons out of our vaults and the Goblins tell her...it would definitely make us look guilty. I prefer to wait to lose our galleons instead of just handing it over now."

"What can we do?" The wife asked.

"I don't know," The husband admitted.

The daughter went to bed that night with her thoughts in turmoil. She couldn't imagine her family losing its money; of her losing the comforts and finery she had come to expect in her life; but she also knew her father was right. If the Dark Lord was defeated they could possibly lose everything. "But that is unlikely," She told herself but an uneasy feeling crept into her gut as she tried unsuccessfully to fall asleep. She spent most of the night tossing and turning but finally drifted off to sleep only to be awakened a short time later from a nightmare; one she'd had a few times before. This time though, the nightmare gave seed to an idea. Her Slytherin mind, disgusted as it was by the thought of what she would have to do; knew it was the only possible way to save her family's fortune. She knew that the only way to save her family was to sacrifice her own future. She knew if she became romantically involved with someone from a 'light' family, she could work through them to save her family fortune. The only issue would be if the Dark Lord won, then she might be seen as a traitor. That's why there was only one person, one Gryffindor she could couple with. "That way if the Dark Lord wins, I can always claim love potions again, but how do I go about seducing Ron Weasley? " Pansy Parkinson asked herself.

**** E E ****

"Yes," Madam Bones answered with a grumpy tired sigh as she forced her eyes open when her assistant entered her office. Amelia glanced at her watch and noticed she had been asleep for three hours. "Well that's two hour more than I expected to get."

"Sorry Ma'am but there is a… a Goblin here to see you," The assistant said hesitantly. "He said you would know what it's about."

"Yes," Amelia replied as she reached in her drawer for a Pepper-Up potion and downed it. "Please show him in and have the heads of Magical Transportation, Maintenance and Goblin Liaison to report here immediately. Also ask Scrimgeour to step in as well."

"Good day Madam Bones," The Goblin said when he entered her office. "My name is Bodrod," He paused to see if the head of the DMLE would react to the name. Bodrod was named after Bodrod the Bearded who led the Goblin rebellion in the seventeenth century. He was rather disappointed when Madam Bones said nothing but he continued. "I will be in charge of the Ministry entry and exit facility that was agreed upon. I am here to inform you that the facility is ready and we need to now connect your entry and exit floos to our building."

"I was hoping that's why you're here and have already summoned the people you'll be working with," Amelia replied. "Before you discuss ANYTHING with these witches and wizards, I want them to go through your detection magic. Until everyone is tested, I don't necessarily trust anyone."

"That is a very wise precaution in these times," The Goblin agreed. "Before they arrive, I do have business to discuss. Ragnok made it clear that no one was to step into the facility until the first month's expenses were paid in full."

"You can have the bill sent to me dire..." Madam Bones started but was cut off.

"Actually I have the invoice with me," Bodrod said as he pulled several sheets of parchment from an inner pocket.

Amelia took the invoice and was shocked at the final amount. She then turned her attention to the line items. "You're charging us for the refurbishment? And quite a bit to do it?"

"Ministry witches and wizards are going to be using it, aren't they?" The Goblin replied. "You asked for it to be done as quickly as possible so we cancelled contracts, paid overtime, and of course used only the highest quality materials as befitting the Ministry of Magic." The last he said in a tone that had a definite undercurrent to it.

Amelia sighed. She hated to be at the wrong end of a financial dealing with the Goblins but also knew she had to have this. Unfortunately the Goblins also knew she needed it. "Fine," She replied after reading the rest of the invoice. She turned to her assistant. "Take this down to Ministry accounting and tell them that it WILL be paid in the next half hour. Tell them if I hear a single complaint or if there is a delay they won't like it."

"Yes ma'am," The assistant replied and hurried out of the room.

The first department head to arrive was Dirk Creswell, the head of the Goblin Liaison office. "You wanted to see me Madam Bones?"

"Yes Dirk," Amelia replied. "We have some business with the Goblins and I wanted you to be present. This is Goblin Bodrod," The Goblin gave a slight nod of his head to which Creswell responded in kind.

"What business?" Dirk asked.

"It's need to know until later I'm afraid," Bones replied. "You'll understand the secrecy in a while."

"Yes ma'am."

In less than ten minutes everyone else had arrived with Scrimgeour being the last. He had had just as long of a night as Amelia had from the fallout of the previous day. Amelia introduced the Goblin but still refused to mention what he were there for. Ten minutes later, after Bodrod received confirmation that the invoice had been paid, they had flooed to an opulent room with walls and ceiling made of granite. Along both walls were dozens of fireplaces, all intricately designed of marble. At the far end of the room were two large bronze doors. Each door had two Goblins wearing the standard scarlet and gold colors of their security forces on either side. All four of them had small swords on their belt and held long, dangerous looking spears.

On either side of the room near the two larger doors were two regular size doors with windows with allowed the people on the inside to look out. On the walls hung large signs portraying various Gringott's services including:

Gringott's Vaults. Protecting your gold for over 500 years. Ask about our high security vaults for your treasures today.

Gringott's Lending service. When you need a little extra gold, we can help. Reasonable rates.

Gringott's Gambling services. Best odds, fastest payouts and completely confidential.

Gringott's Curse Breaking. If you need cursebreakers, you need Gringotts.

Gringott's Security Services. From wards to Security trolls, can you really put a price on your family's security?

"This way please," Bodrod said indicating the bronze doors.

"Amelia, what is going on?" Scrimgeour asked as he looked around in confusion and suspicion. "Where are we?"

You'll know soon enough," Amelia replied as she followed Bodrod toward the bronze door on the left. When the goblins on either side opened the doors for them, they could only see a dimly lit passageway wide enough for two to walk abreast.

"Follow me," Bodrod said as he led the Wizards and Witches through the doors. As the moved through the passageway, they noticed small alcoves cut into the stone every few feet. About halfway through the darkened hallway, they all felt a fine mist of liquid upon them. A second later one of the group slumped to the ground as the doors behind them slammed shut while Goblins armed with swords poured out of the small alcoves until they were surrounded.

"It's a goblin trap," Scrimgeour yelled as he drew his wand and leveled it at Bodrod. "Open those doors and release us or I'll…."

"STAND DOWN RUFUS!" Amelia ordered the head of the Aurors as she looked down at Megan Bradley, the head of the Magical Transportation who was staring around incoherently. "Megan?" She turned to Bodrod. "Was she imperiused?"

"Yes," Bodrod replied. "She should come around soon." He gestured to the goblins surrounding them who all sheathed their swords and moved back into the darkened alcoves.

"What is going on Madam Bones?" Rufus asked in a harsh tone. "What did the Goblins do to Madam Bradley?"

"They did what we can't do," Amelia replied. "They freed her from the imperius curse. In fact that's what this whole facility is…I negotiated with the Goblins to utilize their magic to secure the Ministry. Something in this corridor…and I have agreed that we do not need to know what…will stop both Imperius and Polyjuice. Now put away that wand and show the Goblins the respect they deserve."

Rufus' expression showed his displeasure at showing the Goblins any respect, but finally nodded as his wand disappeared back into his holster. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because I wanted everyone walking through this corridor without knowing about it," Madam Bones replied testily. "As far as I knew, you might have been imperiused yourself or impersonated with Polyjuice. By now, Megan was trying to regain her feet and Amelia offered her a hand.

"I…I…I was…" Megan started.

"I know," Amelia replied. "Do you know who did it to you?"

"I…I don't know," Madam Bradley replied in a somewhat dazed voice. "I remember my door opening which was strange but then it…there was a voice and…and…"

"Invisibility cloak most likely," Scrimgeour said.

Amelia nodded her agreement then continued to Megan. "Were you instructed to do anything? Speak to anyone?"

"I know I gave the override password to the floo system to whomever imperiused me," Megan replied and then concentrated for a few seconds. "And I was to leave a note in a certain location if it changed."

"So whoever has that password can hook any floo onto the network, block any floo and override any security we might impose?" Bones queried.

Megan Bradley could only nod.

Amelia sighed. "The password needs to be changed first thing and then…" she turned to Scrimgeour. "You can set a trap. Director Bradley can tell you where she was supposed to leave the note and you nail whoever picks it up. Make sure you bring any Aurors you use through this corridor before you trust them. There will also need to be a team of Aurors stationed here, under the Head Goblin's authority, to add to security here."

"Are you sure we can trust the Goblins?" Scrimgeour asked as he glared at Bodrod.

"We have to," Amelia replied with a wave at Megan Bradley. "Unless you have a way to detect polyjuice and Imperius. If you can't trust them or at least respect them for what they're doing, I can always find a new head of the Aurors. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes ma'am," Scrimgeour replied but the scowl was still evident on his face.

"Can we continue?" Bodrod asked and at the affirmative by Madam Bones, he waved his hand in a complicated pattern and they could hear the audible click of the doors unlocking.

When they neared the other side of the passageway, the large doors in front of them were opened by two more Goblins wearing the same scarlet and gold of Goblin security. The party stepped into another room very similar to the one they had first arrived in. Though this room was larger and had an open space further on, it had the same granite walls and ceiling as well as even more advertisements.

"As Madam Bones alluded too, we Goblins will be in charge of this Ministry entry and exit point. That area," The Bodrod stopped and pointed at the wide open area at the end of the room, "is the apparition area and these are the incoming fireplaces. All people arriving here will be required to enter the passageways to get to the fireplaces that go to the Ministry itself and when they leave it will be in reverse. They will arrive like we did earlier and must traverse to this room to leave the facilities. We have portkey and apparition prevention wards on the other room. If anyone is discovered to be an impostor or being controlled, the doors immediately lock and security can surround the person concerned."

"Dirk, I want your office to keep a peaceful coexistence between Goblins and Wizards here," Amelia said. "If any problems occur, I want to be notified immediately. This facility is critical in the fight against Voldemort and if someone screws it up," She glared at Scrimgeour and then at every other person there, "I'll be serving their testicles in the Ministry lunchroom."

"Yes ma'am," Dirk replied nervously.

"Megan," Amelia continued, "I need your office to reconfigure the travel floos for the ministry to only come to and from this location. That includes mine and the Minister's. If anyone gives you trouble, again come to me. And don't forget to change that override password and then monitor the floos for anyone who might attempt to use the old one. Also check on any additional floos added that can't be accounted for by your office."

"Of course," Megan replied. "I presume you want my staff coming through here before I notify them of the need?"

"Exactly," Amelia answered with a nod. She then turned to the Director of Magical Maintenance. "Marcus, lock down all of the street entrances. Have the recorded message tell anyone who shows up there, to come here…" She looked over at Bodrod because frankly she had no clue where 'here' was.

"A building right next to our bank in Diagon Alley." Bodrod replied. "You can't miss it."

"Also Meagan," Amelia turned back to the Director of Transportation after a nod at the Goblin, "Station several people here for the next several days to explain to people going in and out of the Ministry floos what is going on. Do NOT tell them it's protection from Imperius or Polyjuice, only say it's additional security measures being implemented in cooperation with the Goblins."

"Understood," Megan replied. "I'm just glad they are willing to help. I would hate to think I might have been responsible for an attack somewhere."

"It took some negotiating, but it worked out in the end," Amelia replied as she quietly thanked Harry Potter and his young wife for coming up with the solution. She then turned to the head of Magical Maintenance. "Your people need to know to be on the lookout for floo tampering as well as providing the Goblins with anything they need for this facility. They are NOT to try to snoop into Goblin magic. Am I clear?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Rufus, as I said, we need Aurors we can trust to work with Goblins here to add to security. Put as many as you can here today because I expect we might have several imperiused agents running around." Amelia instructed. "Anyone who is found to be imperiused or polyjuiced will be taken…." She turned to Bodrod with a questioning glance.

"Those rooms with windows on the doors are for your Aurors," The Goblin explained. There are holding cells and interview rooms in them."

"Thank you," the head of the DMLE said and then continuing with Scrimgeour. "I'll let you figure out what needs to be done, but let me know if anything significant happens or if you get intelligence of an impending attack." Amelia paused until she had everyone's attention. "This facility is critical in keeping the ministry safe. As proven by Madam Bradley, the magic is effective and absolutely necessary. Make sure you have people who can effectively and politely work with the Goblins when it comes to this facility. I am serious when I say that anyone who cocks this up will face serious repercussions. Do I make myself clear?"

When she got the required affirmation from each of the department heads, Amelia turned to Bodrod. "Please allow me to thank you and the Goblins who obviously have worked tirelessly getting this ready in such a timely manner. I truly do not want problems here so if you feel any witch or wizard is being disrespectful, then let Dirk Creswell," she nodded toward the mentioned Wizard, "or his representative know. If you still think something is amiss, then let ME know and I WILL deal with it. Now if you'll excuse me, I plan to go to St. Mungos after I collect my guards."

Amelia Bones was pleased to see Dirk Creswell and Bodrod having a polite conversation when she appeared a few minutes later with her guards. "We just might have a good chance now," She thought as she entered the floo for St. Mungos.

**** E E ****

An hour later, Amelia had seen each and every Auror who was injured and still at St. Mungos. Her last stop at the hospital was Remus Lupin's room. As she pushed the door open with a knock, she noticed Sirius Black was asleep in a chair with his head resting on the adjoining wall. Remus was sitting up with the help of numerous pillows and holding his hand while talking quietly was Nymphadora Tonks.

"Ma'am," Tonks said as she got to her feet when Amelia entered the room. "I…should have…"

Madam Bones held up her hand to stop the pink-haired Auror. "We will discuss your actions later. Right now, you are doing exactly what I need you to do. Since those Death Eaters were interested in Mr. Black and Mr. Lupin, I need you keeping an eye on both of them. Let me know if anyone suspicious appears."

"Yes ma'am."

"And how are you doing Mr. Lupin?" Amelia asked as she turned to the man in the bed.

"I've had better days," Remus replied truthfully, "but thankful to be alive."

"I wished it was my department's doing that saved you, but obviously that's not the case," Madam Bones replied truthfully. "You have a true friend there," She nodded toward the slumbering Sirius. "Along with Mr. Potter and his," Amelia realized her guards had followed her into the room, "girlfriend, Miss Granger, as well as Auror Tonks."

Remus glanced at the pink-haired Auror and smiled. "Very lucky they put up with my hardheadedness sometimes." He turned back to Madam Bones. "You mentioned something to Nymphadora…." He abruptly stopped not only because of the intense pain of his hand being crushed by Tonks, but also because he saw Madam Bone's guards. Lupin eyes moved to the guards as if asking if speaking in front of them was appropriate.

"My guards are as trustworthy anyone can be in these times," Bones replied. "I know they are not imperiused or polyjuiced, so you may speak freely."

"You mentioned a job…or something?"

"I hope you now understand that I wasn't trying to come between you and Dumbledore," Amelia replied. "I just feel that my department needs that same information. You know in the last war Voldemort had many werewolf followers and unfortunately the Ministry is going to have to presume they are doing the same unless we can find out differently."

"You think werewolves will side with the Ministry?" Remus asked with a snort.

"No, but we would like for them to stay neutral," Madam Bones replied honestly. "But that is for another time. When you're on your feet, I'd like to talk to you further."

Remus nodded.

Madam Bones turned back to Tonks, "Auror Tonks. I need you or Sirius to let Mr. Potter and his…girlfriend know I need to speak to them today. Also when you come to the Ministry, you will need to floo. The Goblin facility is operational which means external entrances are shut down. There is an apparition point, but until you have visited once, you won't know where to apparate to."

"Is it safe for Potter to floo?" Tonks asked. "We…the Order I mean, suspected there was a spy…."

"We believe we figured out who that was this morning," Madam Bones replied. "The entire Floo department is being tested now for imperiused and polyjuiced people."

*** E E ***

"We'd like to go to St. Mungo's first," Harry said when Mad-Eye Moody showed up shortly after Bill had left. He and Hermione quickly outlined what had occurred with Ginny.

"We want to speak to Arthur and Molly before we discuss the matter of Ginny with Dumbledore," Hermione explained. "Last time, he convinced them she was just an infatuated young lady. As it can now be seen with her attempt on my life, Ginny either needs help or a cell in Azkaban."

"Aye," Moody replied as his magical eye swiveled to look at Ginny Weasley who had blanched at the mention of Azkaban. "The Weasleys will probably want to see you as well about the lass. I also expect you will be summoned to the Ministry later about yesterday."

Harry glanced at Hermione and silently they hoped what they did would be seen as necessary.

Seeing the glance, Mad-eye continued. "I wouldn't worry about it. You saved quite a few lives out there yesterday including mine. We aren't going to let the Ministry screw you over."

"May I see you a moment before you leave?" Fleur asked with a knowing look at Hermione. "Moody, if you could keep an eye or two on Ginny eet would be appreciated. I just need to tell 'Ermione something before she leaves." She led the younger woman to the hall and pulled out her wand. "I presume you still want ze pain relief spell?"

"Yes please," Hermione replied.

Fleur waved her wand and Hermione felt a cool sensation settle where the pain had been. "Zere…better?"

"Much better; thank you," Hermione replied as she took a step. "Did…did it heal it? I mean can I…"

"You should still wait a couple of days," Fleur replied with a smile, "but if you find you can't stay off of 'Arry's broomstick zat long, I'll redo ze spell if eet is needed."

Hermione blushed as she replied. "I think I can hold off a couple of days."

"We'll see," Fleur said with a knowing smile. "Zere is a reason I know zat spell."

Harry and Hermione decided to visit the people in St. Mungos by least stressful to most stressful. With Mad-eye following they started out by visiting Professor McGonagall who, though looked weak, was sitting up in bed reading a book. When they knocked she turned to the door. "Well if it isn't the heroes of the day."

"How are you feeling professor?" Hermione asked.

"Thanks to you two, fairly well," Minerva replied.

"It was mostly Hermione…and Tonks," Harry said.

"And all of those Dementors just decided to leave on their own?" McGonagall asked as she raised an eyebrow. "Not to mention what I understand to be some of the best flying Sirius has ever seen?"

Harry shrugged.

"Well thank you anyway," McGonagall said. "Whether you want to admit it or not, you did save our lives."

"Not all of you," Harry replied.

"No," Minerva replied as a somber expression appeared on her face. "Hestia and Dedalus were good people and I'll miss them, but sometimes it isn't possible to save everyone. Dedalus was dead before you ever knew there was a problem and Hestia…nothing was going to save her either."

"But…" Harry started again.

"Mr. Potter," Minerva said cutting off the young man, "I'm going to give you the best advice I can as someone who lost a lot of friends in the last war. It does no good to dwell on those who are no longer with us, but to be thankful for those who still are. Of course I am not suggesting you forget about the dead, but you cannot become obsessed with them."

"Yes ma'am." Harry replied as he remembered similar words the Headmaster said when he had found Harry with the Mirror of Erised. "It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live."

"Understand though, as appreciative of my friends' and my life as I am, do not expect any favoritism in my classroom next year," McGonagall added with a hint of mirth in her eyes.

"Of course not," Hermione replied.

"Not that you need it of course," The Transfiguration Professor added. "Now how are your Runes coming along Mr. Potter?"

After a bit of small talk about Harry's progress in Runes so far, Harry and Hermione left and made their way to Lupin's room. As they neared, they could hear voices coming from the open door.

"Auror Tonks." That was definitely voice of Madam Bones. "I need you or Sirius to let Mr. Potter and his…girlfriend know I need to speak to them today. Also when you come to the Ministry, you will need to floo. The Goblin facility is up which means external entrances are shut down. There is an apparition point, but until you have visited once, you won't know where to apparate to."

"Is it safe for Potter to floo?" They heard Tonks ask. "We…the Order I mean suspected there was a spy…."

"We believe we figured out who that was this morning," Madam Bones replied. "All of the Floo department is being tested now for imperiused and polyjuiced people."

By then Harry and Hermione had entered the room. "We'll be there later Madam Bones," Harry said, "but we have to go to Hogwarts first. Professor Dumbledore wishes to speak to us."

"Is there a particular time you'd like us to come?" Hermione added.

Amelia turned to see the two teens being escorted by Mad-Eye Moody. "Thought I heard that leg of yours coming down the hall Alastor," She first said to Mad-Eye who grunted for a reply. Amelia then addressed Harry and Hermione. "I'll be in my office for the rest of the afternoon unless trouble comes up with the new Goblin entranceway."

"Goblins?" Mad-Eye said. "What's Goblins got to do with you?"

Madam Bones quickly outlined the new Ministry entry requirements. "So once I found out about their detection magic," her eyes flickered to Harry and Hermione and returned to Mad-Eye, "I was able to negotiate them protecting the Ministry from Polyjuice and Imperiused people. Already found one person imperiused this morning and I expect we'll find many more."

"Wished Albus had had something like that at Hogwarts," Mad-Eye grumbled. "Might not have spent a year in a trunk then."

"There…" Hermione started but then stopped as her lip went under her teeth, indicating she was deep in thought. "Well it should work…at least…it couldn't do anything about imperius though…" Finally she shook her head and looked up to see everyone was staring at her.

"Did you have something you wanted to share?" Madam Bones asked.

"Well…." Hermione started. "We know that the wards of Hogwarts can detect people who are polyjuiced. We also know there is someone," She glanced at Remus and then at the still sleeping Sirius, "who can actually take that information and put it on parchment for real time viewing. What if every teacher at Hogwarts had something like that to take attendance with? If the name on the parchment doesn't match the face in the seat? And then something similar for professors? I mean they have weekly meetings so…."

"We can bring it up to Dumbledore later," Harry suggested.

"And give me more details later as well," Amelia replied. "I'd like to know if we can do something like that with the Ministry Wards or will it work with temporary wards. I mean if we could erect such wards before Aurors go into a building then..."

"The two people you need to speak to are both in this room," Harry said with a chuckle. "Talk to Remus and Sirius since they are the ones who made it work at Hogwarts."

"Are you sure you want us spilling the secrets to the map?" Remus asked. A squeeze on his hand had him looking at Tonks who mouthed 'What map?'

"I don't think Madam Bones or Dumbledore will let the secret out anytime soon," Hermione said. "It's too important of a tool."

"Speaking of Dumbledore, can you tell me what happened to him yesterday?" Amelia asked. "Why he wasn't able to help?" Then her eyes widened as she remembered what Harry and Hermione had told her about Dumbledore and future. "Did he..." She made a slight motion to mimic putting on a ring.

Hermione shook her head slightly. "When we were out yesterday, Harry and I accidentally hit him with a couple of spells that required him to seek medical care."

"You two injured Dumbledore?" Bones asked incredulously. "That's a story I'm looking forward to hearing. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to return to my office. I am sure there will be issues with the entrance way and I want to be there if something does happen." She turned to the pink-haired Auror. "Tonks, I will be sending a couple of guards around later so you can get some sleep and then come see me. Mr. Lupin, we'll talk when you're better."

"And we'll be there after Dumbledore if Professor…I mean Moody can spare the additional time." Harry said. "But first…." He sighed. "We have to go speak with the Weasleys about something that happened this morning; something that might end up on your desk if Dumbledore tries to interfere again."

"Oh?" Amelia replied.

"Ginny Weasley tried to poison me at lunchtime," Hermione said. "She added hemlock to my salad."

"WHAT?" Amelia Bones replied sharply. The outburst woke Sirius up from his slumber.

"She's delusional," Hermione explained. "Since she knows about Harry and I…." Hermione glanced at the guards and a healer who had stuck her head in the door to make sure the outburst wasn't a call for help before she continued, "about that, she thinks I have to die so she can marry Harry and she was more than happy to assist."

"Shall I send Aurors to the Burrow to arrest her?"

"She's not at the Burrow right now, and not yet," Harry replied. "We want her to get help but if Arthur or Molly tries to ignore it, or if the Headmaster tries to dissuade them again, then we'll need something done. We aren't going to look over our shoulders the rest of our lives."

"We can discuss it later today then," Amelia replied.

What's going on pup?" Sirius asked. "Ginny?"

"Yes. Fleur's watching her right now and has her wand," Hermione explained.

"Was Ron involved?"

"No…in fact he was the one who warned us," Harry replied. "He didn't know what she planned, but he had seen her with Hemlock and then put together a few clues to figure out what she planned."

"If I'd known she was capable of that I'd never agreed to let them back in the house," Sirius said with a sigh.

"At least it's going to be dealt with one way or another today," Harry said.

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